Joe Biden’s Love of the Big Lie

Demonizing those who voted against him. Silent as speech is crushed. Does he really sound like someone secure in having won a legitimate victory?

By Al Perrotta Published on January 11, 2021

It’s odd to be called a Nazi when you’re the one forced to wear the star.

The last few days have been quite bizarre. The Charlottesville Lie on Steroids.

The Charlottesville Lie

You remember the Charlottesville Lie. After the riots there in 2017, President Trump called Nazis and White Nationalists “very fine people.” Except he did no such thing. In fact, he did the opposite. He expressly condemned them and specifically excluded them by name from his remarks.

Unlike Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. They have long refused to condemn Antifa and BLM Inc., by name, regardless of the destruction, how many federal buildings are burned, or police stations torched with cops locked inside.

And yet the media and their Democratic co-conspirators reported the lie, repeated the lie, turned the lie into cultural gospel. Even as folks like PragerU exposed the lie, still they kept it up. See, “Trump Loves Nazis” was a “narrative.” And narrative trumps truth. “Snake News,” I like to say. It produces “misinformation deliberately designed to deceive, distort or destroy.” That’s how a Trump-hating anti-semite could shoot up a synagogue and Trump could get blamed. 

Do you know who kicked off his campaign, and spent his campaign, including his convention speech repeating the Charlottesville Lie? Joe Biden. About the most heinous lie you can say about somebody — you support Nazis — and he did it. Knowing it was a lie. And what is Mr. “I will be the president of all Americans” Unity doing now?

Doing it again. Times Ten.

Biden’s Vicious Slur

Joe Biden is now comparing Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley to Nazis — for doing their constitutionally prescribed duty of challenging electors. That’s it. For doing the exact same thing Democrats have done every time this century a Republican has been elected. Including four years ago.

Biden is using the loaded Nazi term “The Big Lie” to describe the charge that the 2020 election was rigged. (While fighting tooth and nail all efforts to show it wasn’t.) Rather than follow Trump’s lead to calm tensions and get about the business of the American people, he is implying Trump and his 75 million voters are Nazis and white nationalists and racists and insurrectionists.

“The Big Lie” here is not questioning the veracity of the election results. There are irregularities a mile deep and unanswered questions a mile high. Trump, Cruz, Hawley — and I guarantee a vast majority of Trump voters — are simply saying, “Have proper forensic audits and signature checks, take seriously the sworn testimony of witnesses, assure us it is all legit.” Give the election the same treatment that a questionable call or a touchdown in the final two minutes gets in the NFL. 

And this is compared to “The Big Lie” that the Jews were responsible for Germany’s post-World War One problems?

The Capitol Lie

No, “The Capitol Lie” — I don’t want to say “Big Lie” out of respect —is an echo of the Charlottesville Lie. That Trump called for an insurrection and is personally responsible for what happened. Never mind that he called for a “peaceful and patriotic” protest. (Compare that to CHAZ declaring itself an independent country with Democrats’ tacit approval. Or Maxine Waters talking about getting in people’s faces. Or Harris’ encouragement of more protests. Or AOC urging progressives just last month to protest in Pelosi’s office. Or Chuck Schumer warning Trump Supreme Court justices they would pay if they didn’t obey. Hmmm … maybe they heeded the warning?)

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Never mind Donald Trump wanted National Guard troops on the Mall in advance of the rally to help provide security for the Capitol. Yet DC’s Mayor Bowser rejected Federal help. Why? Surely, it’s just a coincidence she immediately used the Capitol incident to push for DC statehood. And of course, this is the same woman who renamed a plaza near the White House after BLM, after BLM, Inc and their Antifa armies tried breaching the White House, injured scores of federal officers, burned and wrecked and defaced and looted the Nation’s Capital, and burned the church of the presidents. Yet, nobody’s calling for her resignation. Nobody’s calling her an insurrectionist.

Never mind Donald Trump vowed to prosecute the rioters. Unlike Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, he’s not bailing out rioters.

And what has been the result of “The Capitol Lie”? The sudden, sickening, assault on Trump and all his supporters. Funny how when we said electing Joe Biden would result in an assault on our freedoms we were called “conspiracy theorists.” We are proven right and now we’re called terrorists and Nazis. 

And Biden is Silent

And where is Joe Biden? He is dead silent as his friends at Twitter and throughout Big Tech and Big Business declare war on anyone and anything connected to Trump. I say friends, but with several Twitter and Facebook hotshots literally working in the Biden transition the more accurate term is “employees and partners.” Dead silent as anything resembling a “loyal opposition” is wiped off the digital map. 

Take the social media silencing of the President of the United States. After he’s committed to a smooth and peaceful transition. The peaceful transition he was denied, by the way. 

Take the tens of thousands of average loyal, patriotic citizens, like my wife, who suddenly find themselves suspended from Twitter. Twitter had no problem keeping up a radical Islamic beheading video she came across and reported. A video calling for more beheadings.

Take Facebook wiping out Brendan Straka and #WalkAway? All he and his organization do is talk to people and convince them there’s a better way than the Democratic party. Isn’t that the very definition of the American political ideal? “Our ideas work better than their ideas”? Isn’t what’s being done to Straka suffocating the breath of democracy? 

Yet, Joe Biden is dead silent as democracy is dashed to death on the rocks like an unwanted child in the days before Christ.

Except for demonizing half of a country he is set to lead.

The Demonizer

Are these the actions of a President-elect of the United States who believes he comfortably and historically won a free and fair election? Answer: No, sir. It is not. 

Are these the words and deeds of a man who wants to bring true healing and unity to a fractured land and be a president for every American? Answer: No, sir. It is not. Not by a long shot. 

Does it echo more the actions of a Banana Republic wanna-be who gained victory by trickery and wants to consolidate power and quash dissent? Answer: Yes, sir. Yes, indeed.

Thomas Jefferson said famously, “For I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

Perhaps now we know why Joe Biden was silent as Jefferson’s statue and legacy were toppled.


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream and co-author, with @JZmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl on Twitter and Parler and Gab. At least as long as we’re allowed to express our opinions on such sites. 

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