Does Jesus Want Georgetown to Side With Pagan Persecutors of the Church? Ask Fr. James Martin.

Healy Hall, Georgetown University

By John Zmirak Published on October 21, 2017

What would we think of an historically black college that promoted racism? That suppressed student civil rights organizations? What if the school were doing that in the 1930s, when civil rights causes were widely unpopular? When the law was often perverted to prosecute their advocates?

We would accuse that school’s leaders of selling out. Of betraying its founding mission. Of placating an immoral culture. Now imagine if it were the first historically black college in the country, and one of the most prestigious.

Why that would be quite a scandal. Wouldn’t it?

Something quite parallel might be happening right now. At Georgetown University. It’s the first Catholic college in the United States. It’s run by the once-elite Society of Jesus (the Jesuits). We will soon find out if the school is so intolerant of the church’s teaching on marriage, that it’s willing to ban student groups that support it.

Catholic News Agency reports:

A pro-marriage student group at Georgetown University is in danger of being defunded and barred from campus facilities, after fellow students have petitioned that it be recognized as a “hate group.”

The Hoya, Georgetown’s student newspaper, reported on Oct. 20 that Love Saxa, a student organization promoting Catholic doctrine regarding marriage, will undergo a Student Activities Commission hearing on Oct. 23, to defend itself against charges that the group fosters hatred and intolerance. The hearing is a response to a petition filed by a student-senator in the Georgetown University Student Association, and supported by leaders of gay pride student organizations at Georgetown.

Lova Saxa’s student-president Amelia Irvine told CNA, “I believe that Love Saxa has the right to exist, especially at a Catholic school. We exist to promote healthy, loving relationships at Georgetown.”

In a Sept. 6 column in The Hoya, Irvine wrote that “we believe that marriage is a conjugal union on every level – emotional, spiritual, physical and mental – directed toward caring for biological children. To us, marriage is much more than commitment of love between two consenting adults.”

Leaders of gay pride student organizations at Georgetown denounced this language as “homophobic,” and claimed it violated university standards.  

The university’s Student Organization Standards state that: “Groups will not be eligible for access to benefits if their purpose or activities … foster hatred or intolerance of others because of their race, nationality, gender, religion, or sexual preferences.” Love Saxa is accused of fostering hatred and intolerance, because of its support for Catholic teaching regarding marriage.

In an Oct. 20 editorial, The Hoya’s editorial board advocated for Love Saxa’s defunding. The editorial board wrote that Love Saxa fosters intolerance by “actively advocating a limited definition of marriage that would concretely take rights away from the LGBTQ community.”

Everything Is “Racist”

Since the narrowly decided Supreme Court decision Obergefell v. Hodge, LGBT advocates have moved quickly. They’ve worked to equate support for traditional marriage with white racism. You see, the Supreme Court has declared same-sex marriage a fundamental right. One that flows from human dignity. So those who oppose it even for religious reasons are enemies of equality. Just like the Klan.

Supreme Court dissenters such as Chief Justice John Roberts warned us. They were right. LGBT activists are threatening religious liberty. We have seen state governments prosecute florists, bakers, and wedding planners for declining to take part in such weddings.

In a widely publicized column in September, Rev. Martin called those who criticize his LGBT advocacy the “Catholic alt-right.” So he lumped the likes of St. John Paul II and Benedict XVI with torch-wielding racists like Richard Spencer.

Within Christian churches, LGBT advocates try to leverage the vast power of official government legal doctrine. How? To condemn orthodox believers as “bigots.” Remember the universal teaching of almost every Christian church circa 2000 or so? It is now a “hate” stance. A number of liberal Protestant churches have embraced same-sex unions. And LGBT activists in Catholic churches have tried aggressively to link those who oppose them to disgraced white racist views.

Punch a Faithful Christian

And one of the loudest is Rev. James Martin. He’s a Vatican advisor. A member of the same Jesuit order that runs Georgetown University. In a widely publicized column in September, Martin referred to those who criticize his LGBT advocacy as the “Catholic alt-right.” So he lumped the likes of St. John Paul II and Benedict XVI with torch-wielding racists like Richard Spencer. This at a time when universities are muffling the free speech of students. When schools ban or hecklers silence visiting lecturers. When Antifa thugs openly call on their members to “punch” those they consider “Nazis.”

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But maybe we shouldn’t be shocked that a Jesuit university seems poised to join in Caesar’s persecution of the church. At least if Rev. Martin is any gauge of the Jesuit order. Read his interview with the official Jesuit magazine America. He talked about the Martin Scorcese film Silence which he advised and promoted. It tells the fact-based, tragic story of some Jesuit missionaries in 17th century Japan. These men buckled under torture and renounced Christianity. To spare their skins, they publicly abused icons of Christ. They accepted positions with the pagan government. These priests broke their vows by marrying. They adopted Buddhism. Some actually helped the intolerant pagans hunt down more Christians for persecution.

Is Jesus Asking You to Persecute Christians?

But Fr. Martin told America magazine that the priests depicted in the film acted correctly. In fact, they were following what Jesus Christ asked of them.

You might think I’m twisting the priest’s words. But here they are, in context:

Only in the end, after several searing experiences that include his own physical suffering and witnessing the torture and execution of others, after long periods of agonizing prayer and, in particular, after hearing the voice of Christ in his prayer, does Father Rodrigues apostatize.

He apostatized not simply because he wished to save the lives of the Japanese Christians, but because this is what Christ asked him to do in prayer. Contrary to what some Christian critics have concluded, it is hardly a glorification of apostasy.

Confusing as it seems to some Christian viewers, Christ requests this contradictory act from his priest. It makes little sense to anyone, least of all to Father Rodrigues, who has assiduously resisted it for himself. Yet he does it. Because Jesus has asked him to. [emphasis added]

Silencing Believers?

Do the Jesuits at Georgetown think that Jesus is asking them to do this? To renounce the Church’s timeless teaching on marriage and sexuality? To go a step further and help our pagan state punish and (ahem) silence believers? Does Rev. Martin think that he and his fellow liberal Jesuits are secret moral heroes? That Jesus wants them to side with billion-dollar corporations and viciously anti-Christian pressure groups and the U.S. federal government? Against Catholic college students?James Martin

Does Fr. Martin support the free speech of faithful Catholics even at a Jesuit university? Will he say so, publicly. Does Georgetown want to continue as a Catholic university in any sense whatsoever? If it does, then it must rein in its student government and support this student group.

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  • Patmos

    This guy Martin is a genuine scumbag, and that’s putting it nicely.

  • Mary Arangua

    Put a man and a man or a woman and a woman together, well, those relationships are pieces of cake. Put a man and a woman together and for that you need an institution!

    Ask a plumber what the wedding of pipes means? Union of opposites, right? If your plumber doesn’t know that–fire the guy.

    It’s not gay marriage. It’s gay pairage.

    • Arnold Kropp

      “Wedding of pipes”? Interesting concept. Try putting 2 pipes with similar ends together in a union that will hold together without leaks, without falling apart.

  • Elizabeth Litts

    More signs of the Last days. Less and less ‘tolerance’ for sound doctrine and the truth.

  • Aliquantillus

    This the world upside down, and it is perhaps time for the Catholics at Georgetown to leave, Nothing will help against this moral corruption supported by the Jesuits. There’s only one lesson to learn from this, which is that political “tolerance” of homosexualism is wrong. For homosexual pressure groups are the most intolerant pressure groups that exist today. Any state or country which supports the promotion of homosexualism signs its own death penalty, because freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association and freedom of the press are simply gone whenever and wherever pro-homosexualist propaganda gets the upper hand. It is the oldest political lesson of the world, the story of the city of Sodom, which didn’t tolerate any person that wasn’t prepared to go along with their perversions, and threatened Lot and his angelic visitors. Be warned: Homosexualism is incompatible with democracy.

  • This same priest also recently stated that the Syro-Phoenician woman (with the demonized daughter) in the gospels wisely lifted Jesus out of His racism.

    Methinks your church is in a lot of trouble.

  • tz1

    Back in 1983, there was the Bob Jones University decision. They were against miscegany, so the chaste walks at sunset were not to be mixed, but the Supemes said IRS public policy overrides any consideration so 501c3 can be denied to anyone they don’t feel good about allowing it for.

    Maybe that is what is going on. I remember the decision and how horrified I was an wondered what the church would do when “public policy” included LGBT issues.

    I guess we see now.

    We’ve expanded taxation and spending so you are in serious hurt if you don’t go along (if it affected 0.01% of cashflow they wouldn’t care), meanwhile the wall of separation gets pushed farther each day so things that were the Church’s domain have been lost to the State. Comply or die!

    How much would be done if no agency could be called Catholic if it accepted federal funds or a 501c3 designation? Perhaps much less, but it would be the right things.

  • Kathy

    Why not just denounce any denomination that preaches any form of heresy? If you fight against it and nothing changes, there are churches, colleges, etc. that strictly adhere to Biblical teachings and principles. They are becoming few and far between, but are worth searching for.

    • Maria Gabriela Salvarrey Rodri

      Better few and faithful than so many who only do harm, and spread corruption.

      • Kathy

        Absolutely!. Unfortunately, more people than not just blindly follow their “leaders” and/or the masses and don’t discern for themselves.

  • Jude MacAbaech

    Georgetown proved it was a den of iniquity back in 2009 when it bestowed honors upon o’bummer and covered all religious symbols so as to not offend the divisive one. It also gave us Sandy Fluck. You remember the Georgetown coed who could not afford the price of the numerous condoms needed to satiate her insatiable lust for certain male appendages. Wanted taxpayers to buy them for her. The book and movie called “The Exorcist” supposedly took place at Georgetown. It did not. It was based on events that occurred at the old Alexian Brothers Hospital in St. Louis, Mo. However, satan is not bound by geographical constraints. It now appears that when he was booted out of Alexian, he was warmly welcomed by Swampland University.

    • Kelly B

      …not to mention all that money they accepted by a known islamic terrorist (but I repeat myself) and named a study center after him. I was HORRIFIED to see his name as I had to walk by it regularlyl..

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    So why should the Catholic church be exempt from the harvest off the seed of the irreligious & idolatrous sowers of sacrilege amongst their ranks ?! The Protestant arm of the church has been reaping that harvest now in no small measure for decades. Sure, heresy in various incarnations have been no stranger to most every expression of the faith from before Paul addressed his concerns to some among his flock. Yeah, it’s problematic. Sure theres no shortage of conflict & divisiveness oozing out from among the disenfranchised like puss from a festering wound from which the enemy of our souls can contaminate those insecure in their faith. It’s not an easy thing to watch institutions w/a heritage of consecration to those objectives the Lord has commissioned for them to fulfill being violated by “strangers” to those very foundations. Yet, there is coming a time when the Master will be separating the sheep from the goats , as it were. Thankfully the sheep hear the voice of their “Good Shephard”. The goats never have …..

    • Howard Rosenbaum

      Just an addendum – sometimes sheep find themselves acting like goats.
      The Shepard knows the sheep of His flock …

    • Kelly B

      100% right on!

  • pearl87 ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    Perhaps in Francischurch, God also “asks” that we molest children, steal, murder, and bear false witness. It is exactly as Prof. Seifert said on the publication of AL – if there is a God given law that God Himself asks us to break, then that is the end of the very concept of law. And that is what’s at the heart of all this hand wringing. Does God care for men, guide men, and show us the path of truth? Or does God whisper “follow your conscience” and leave us to sin and presume on His mercy? I know what I believe, however much these heretics scream otherwise. Those who counsel silence rather than declaring the Truth are cowards at best, demons at worst.

  • cestusdei

    Fr. Martin supports speech that agrees with him and nothing else.

    • Kelly B

      So he’s a typical liberal…

  • Maria Gabriela Salvarrey Rodri

    The idea that Jesus would or could ask us to apostatise is diabolical, purely diabolical. This Fr. Martin is pure venom for the soul. He must be stopped from continuing to poison vulnerable souls.

  • Kelly B

    Wow – as a Georgetown Alum – I’m HORRIFIED by this! GU has always been (relatively) conservative, and I never thought I’d see this happening. They won’t get another dime from me – ever.

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