Jesus is the One True King!

His Kingdom is in us and we are to be people of the Kingdom.

By James Robison Published on December 27, 2019

“I think one of the saddest things I witness is Christian people wanting to get out of here,” James Robison, founder of The Stream, said in a Facebook post Thursday. “We have not been left here to get out of here. We have been left here on a divine assignment as Kingdom builders to be overseers of everything God put under our watchcare. And we need to be excited about it!”

James goes on to say Christians have been left here to impact everything related to life and godliness. How? By living in the power of the Spirit, being overflowed with His Spirit of love, joy, peace and patience, and the ability to endure the challenges.

“What we see around us is disturbing,” James said. “We who know Christ have the answer and we are to have an effect on everything.”



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