Why I Agreed to Serve on Donald Trump’s Evangelical Council

In this video screengrab, Donald Trump speaks with evangelical leaders during a closed-door meeting on Tuesday, June 21, 2016.

By James Robison Published on June 23, 2016

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump announced on Tuesday the creation of an executive council of evangelical leaders to advise him on topics of concern to the faith community and all those who understand the foundation essential for freedom. After much prayer, I accepted an invitation to be part of that group. Understandably some people I love and respect have questioned why I made this decision. Please permit me to address their concerns.

First, I want to underscore that I am not endorsing Mr. Trump or any political candidate. I have made it very clear for my entire 55-year ministry: I do not endorse candidates. I endorse and share with everyone the principles of faith and freedom. Any candidate, including many who ran this year, heard me begin my conversation with them with the words, “I do not endorse candidates or political parties. I share biblical truth and principles essential to the freedom our founders and the Constitution provided to the American people.” They knew my counsel always came without an endorsement. I will gladly counsel Hillary Clinton or any other national candidate willing to hear me.

Second, when I have met with Mr. Trump, it wasn’t a meaningless photo opp. There were no pictures and it wasn’t wasted time. I encouraged him, while assuring him of our love for him and his family, and concern for America’s future. But I also spoke bluntly and forcefully about where I’m convinced he needs to make essential changes in his approach and rhetoric while gaining the wisdom that comes from above to become the effective leader necessary to correct our nation’s dangerous course.

Third, I am compelled to do so by many examples in the Bible. Whether it was Joseph counseling Pharaoh, Daniel counseling Nebuchadnezzar, Nathan calling King David to account, Samuel speaking prophetically to King Saul, the Apostle Paul in chains before King Agrippa, or countless other biblical instances. God calls his followers as ambassadors for Christ to engage, at times personally and directly, with secular leaders — including the godly, the wicked and others who may or may not find their way to the heart of their Creator.

Will Trump take to heart and benefit from the counsel that I and other Christian leaders offer him? Or at the end of the day will he be satisfied attempting to use us to try and score points with evangelical voters? Only God knows. But for my part, I am going to faithfully proclaim biblical truth, knowing it is my duty to speak truth in love to him and others at every opportunity.

In April I met privately with Mr. Trump because Dr. Ben Carson had encouraged him to do so. At that time and this week in two meetings on Tuesday in New York City with evangelical leaders, I heard and witnessed what may be a miraculous start in the opportunity to impact someone with the truth of God delivered in love and patience. With as much sensitivity as possible, I have sought to deliver the counsel of Joseph, Daniel, the Old Testament prophets and the lessons of the New Testament with Mr. Trump, which is also the desire of others on the council.

In New York Tuesday, I met first with Mr. Trump and a small group of leaders he refers to as an advisory council. Then we went to meet with nearly 1,000 evangelical leaders. We heard Mr. Trump respond to important issues, including the need to protect religious freedom. I sat there while black, white and Latino pastors shared with him their concerns, including the pressing need for Trump to build bridges and not just walls. I totally agree.

I am personally convinced Mr. Trump has opened the door to hear from God and His Word through Christians and church leaders who love him, his family, and this country and want the best for every American. He says boldly, “I want to make America great again,” to which I responded personally and forcefully to him, “Only God and ‘We the people’ can make America great again!” In no way did he push back, and with all my heart I pray we can have a leader that will point us to that reality.

At the close of that larger gathering, I shared with those attending and prayed. I told these church leaders that I believe Donald Trump is attracted to the compassionate, courageous Jesus he has seen in some Christians. I’m praying he will see Jesus high and lifted up in His body, the church, and that the church will become the shining city set on a hill Jesus referenced — one that “cannot be hidden” — because we have joined together in oneness with the Father and supernatural unity with one another.

Now, don’t mistake unity for sameness. Faithful Christians will continue to differ on many things, including on how we should respond to our political choices this November. But my prayer is that this diversity and these differences will not degenerate into discord and broken relationships. Our next president is for a few short years. Our King and church family is forever.

May we truly become the body of Christ, connected to one another, fulfilling our distinctive roles, submitted totally to the head, Jesus Christ. And in the mean time, I will go on sharing Jesus, His wisdom and the enduring principles of freedom to anyone who will hear me.

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  • Liz Litts

    even though i still do not like mr trump, i am encouraged that he seems to want to surround himself with wise and godly men

  • Al

    I still don’t trust The Donald, but I do trust your judgment, James, as the godly man you are.

  • Diane

    Thank you so very much for your words of encouragement to us about Mr. Trump. I trust your judgement about the man. There is NO way any Christian can vote for Hillary. Please do NOT sit this election out my dear friends in Christ. Mr. Trump with the help of Godly pastors like James and others will lead us in the Godly direction To Make America Great for all of US.

    • RustySkywater

      I am a Christian who is definitely voting for Hillary Clinton.

      • Lucky for you RustySkywater, that salvation is not dependent upon voting for the pro-life candidate.

      • MinorityStress

        If she is a Christian, Satan is a Christian.

  • Plaza Liz

    Beautifully said, and confirms what I’ve been feeling in my spirit. I believe Mr. Trump is open to Jesus and people who are surrendered to Jesus. He’s had some people close to him for several years who are praying for him and sharing the love of Jesus, people he genuinely cares about. I started supporting Trump when Dr. Carson withdrew and publicly endorsed him. Mr. Trump has met his match in you dear Pastor James. No one better suited to counsel him and I am beyond grateful. Our country would suffer beyond description if Hillary Clinton won the election. There is hope with Donald Trump. Thank you, thank you. As always you, your beautiful wife and ministry are in our prayers.

    • davidrev17

      But my dear sister, if Mrs. Clinton wins this upcoming election – our duties remain the same to the King of Kings, because the Word of God is not environmentally sensitive.

      And this simply means WE have Kingdom business alone as our primary responsibility (for “our citizenship is in heaven”); nor should we be petitioning “Caesar” to provide Constitutional protection, or political asylum for WE believers in America – thus attempting to remove the very “yoke” (i.e., persecution, isolation, suffering, sacrificial loss, hatred, rejection, death etc.) of which our Master has sovereignly placed upon ALL of His children, throughout “our temporary sojourn” here in these fallen-physical bodies.

      Why in heaven’s name, do we professing Christians, in what’s now “post-Christian America,” continually demand (through the political process) to be accepted by this world-system, or more accurately – to compromisingly acquire “a seat at this world’s table”?? We’re “not of this world,” dear sister; and the Lord Jesus makes that case crystal-clear in the John 15:18-16:4 passage.

      Perhaps you might ask yourself why it is, that the “professing” Body of Messiah Yeshua/Jesus in this country, has become virtually indistinguishable from “this world” for several decades now, through its hellishly “leavening” influence. We’re supposed to be the “salt and light” in this country; however, we’ve allowed the “world” to render our influence seemingly null-and-void here – yet the Church, for the most part, appears to be totally oblivious to this tragically devastating spiritual condition.

      It’s a biblical fact that it’s OUR fault this country has become post-Christian America, primarily through our wholesale cowardice, and self-obsessed pursuit of the American Dream. The child of God simply “cannot serve two masters!” (1 Peter 4:17-18; 2 Chronicles 7:14)


      • Diane

        Well Rev. David, with all due respect, I am praying that America awakens from its slumber and votes for Mr. Trump. God Bless America! God Bless Mr. Trump

        • davidrev17

          Diane, maybe you should’ve actually read my post, because you’d have quickly recognized that its content was directly centered upon the so-called Christians IN America, of whom comprise the biblically identified “Body of Christ” – and not the U.S. itself.

          And our pluralistically pithy “national battle-cry,” of God Bless America, carries little, if any significance any longer; due to the fact that the obvious questions of whose God?, what God?, or just what is this God’s name anyway? are generally met with a blank-stare – because in a pluralistic society, or country, ALL God’s are equally imaginary, thus non-existent?? Many blessings extended to you & yours!

          (BTW: The “rev” in davidrev17, stands for the Book of Revelation; the “1” indicates chapter one in the same Book, and the “7” is for verse seven, in chapter one.)

      • Plaza Liz

        Respectfully, there was not one thing in my brief comment that warranted your response. I’d say it came out of thin air, but something else is going on here for you to jump to such outlandish conclusions. What I tend to believe is that it spewed from an underlying misogynistic resentment combined with skewed beliefs regarding Christians being involved in politics. Yes, Christians have dropped the ball, and a big part of it is mistakenly believing we shouldn’t be involved in what goes on around us. What utter nonsense.

        We’re not of the world, but we’re certainly in it, with very clear commands to be good stewards with what we’re entrusted, to seek wise counsel, pray for wisdom and discernment, to be salt and light and so much more. Yes we need revival in the Church, but while diligently seeking to be more like Jesus and praying for renewal in our own lives as well as within the Body of Christ, we’re not sitting on an island but living our lives, serving in the community, being neighbors and doing business all over the world with a plethora of professionals who are not Christians. We all have expectations from our attorneys, CPAs, teachers, school boards, mayors, employees, etc. We do our research, consider recommendations and choose accordingly. If they don’t deliver, we fire them, don’t vote for them or patronize their business. It doesn’t change who we are, what we believe or how we live our lives.

        • davidrev17

          Liz, thank you for the very curious compliment, i.e., “underlying misogynistic resentment.” Great stuff…nice touch! And the substance of your reply was even more peculiar, given your current eruption to “Susan Marie” just above, of which included a great deal of the same observations I’d made to you. Hmmm…

          Anyway, if you have the time, please locate (and listen very carefully) to the (’93) 3-or-4-part penetrating, and critically relevant sermon-series called, “A Radical Alternative to Political Activism,” by pastor/Bible scholar, Dr. John MacArthur; that is, if the Word of God still retains a prominent place in your heart & life? Have a very blessed day!

          • Plaza Liz

            You’ve just made my point. Misogyny a compliment? Hmm is right. What on earth gave you any idea that I am a political activist? Concerned citizen yes, but more importantly a passionate follower of Jesus Christ trying to be obedient to the very best of my ability, often failing miserably. Your first comments were made without any inclination of who I am, or my faith and walk. I made a very brief comment to express my appreciation to Rev. Robison, and you blasted me with remarks that had no bearing on my comment. Why wouldn’t the word of God have a prominent place in my heart? Why would you ask such a question of someone you don’t know? Self-righteousness is most concerning, yes? Perhaps the greatest hindrance to intimacy with the Father. Of course the word of God has prominence in my life. But as important as it is to have my mind renewed by the word of God and to have it hidden in my heart, it’s of greater importance that the Word of God has me. God bless you. I wish you all the best.

  • Cory Roberts

    Great article, in agreement.

  • riw777

    I will still not vote for Trump in this election — or any other — no matter who he “gathers around him.” He has a long history of using people of good will to his own ends, and of pretending to do one thing while he is actually doing another.

    Just like it’s time for Christians to leave the public schools, it’s also time for Christians to leave the “two parties,” and support someone who doesn’t make racist comments, threaten people who don’t agree, and turn against those who support him when he thinks it will make him a “winner.” Will we learn the lesson of the NRA, or not?

    Trump is no better than Clinton, in the end — and might, in fact, be worse.

    • Please quote any racist comment made by Trump. Not a comment regarding ethnicity but race.

      • Angel

        Race=biological; ethinicity=cultural (very rough definition)
        Donald Trump: ‘I’ll look Syrian children in the face and say they can’t come’
        I guess these comment there was one purely of self-preservation and uttered with the utmost resepect towards these children’s nationality, country and cultural heritage, which has been largely destroyed.

        And his bragging about building a wall between the US and Mexico? Clearly he is only concerned about too much of Mexican culture entering the Unites States and how it, for example, has changed US American cuisine and how millions of children have been brought up bilingually.

        • Still waiting for the racist comment.

    • Sruss745

      There is NO WAY that Trump would even come close to the corruption that has defined Hillary Clinton’s life and career.

  • Diane

    Why Christians cannot vote for Clinton: Hillary will appoint Liberal Court Judges, the Constitution will be doomed, Abortion up until the moment of birth, Supports Planned Parenthood and the selling of baby parts, Continued lies (that list goes on and on), Hillary defended a child rapist, Hillary will expand the refugee program, Hillary will continue and expand Obama’s liberal agenda, Hillary will have a single payer health care system and we will wait months for simple tests, Emailgate, Benghazi, Travelgate, Chinagate, Whitewater, Vince Foster, Enabler, Hillary has no real accomplishments as a Senator, Hillary is corrupt, Clinton wants the 2,000 year history of Christianity to change to accommodate the liberal agenda and Christians must deny their faith, Hillary said “I think Sharia Law will be a powerful new direction of freedom & democracy for the women of Libya” REALLY? Christian Brothers & Sisters – PLEASE read about and understand Sharia Law! Hillary is for TPP and that means MORE American Jobs lost! REALLY? You really want to vote for Hillary?

  • cpickerel

    We must remain a faithful witness to the truths of our faith. Thank you for taking on that roll. You and people like yourself, like Franklin Graham, must be a voice of peace and sanity in an otherwise chaotic arena. Thank You!

  • fourscores

    Well said James…God Bless You with the wisdom from above as these opportunities arise to speak the Word of God to our nation’s leaders. I am glad you do not endorse any candidate in particular. Candidates in both parties need to respected and to have an opportunity to receive instruction in righteousness. The contentious political demon is working an evil work in American Government. It spews evil accusations against an opponent in a perverse and malicious way and causes instability. God bless each and every soul in a position of authority to receive and walk in the wisdom from above that yields the peaceable fruits of righteousness.

  • SJPublius

    James: I will pray that God gives you the words and that He gives Donald the Grace for a conversion of his heart. May the Spirit guide you to speak Truth. And may He give Donald ears to hear.

  • Angel

    May God protect you, Mr Robison, you and your fellow advisors.
    I may not be American, but this is worrisome. As a Christian leader you bear a responsibility for your flock.
    Voting for any head of state -for a Christian at least- is always a choice between the lesser of two or more evils. The message this delivers to Christians is that they should vote for Trump. Whether your actions are politcally motivated or not. Whether you vocally endorse one or the other side or not. Actions speak very loudly, too.

  • Thank you Brother James for your love for our Nation and your forthright Godly counsel to all who will hear what the Spirit of God has placed on your heart. Keep Sowin’ the good seed my brother, as we work the field together for His Glory! Blessings!

  • Praise God!

  • Susan Marie

    As you can see my by icon, I am not a Trump supporter. I have never been one and I never will be one. As a Christian, I find it difficult (read; impossible) to compromise my morals and values to give my vote to a man like Donald Trump. No, I don’t believe he is racist. However, he is too many other things, things which go against my faith…on every level. This is a man who employs strippers at his casinos. This is a man who has and is profiteering on the promotion of sin. This is a man who is an self-admitted adulterer. Multiple times. This is a man who during the primary engaged in character assignation based on lies. This man has subjected us to inappropriate and perverse disclosers regarding his views on his daughter, Ivanka. This is the man who says he is against illegal immigrants taking American jobs but was caught employing cheap, and illegal, labor from Poland to build Trump Tower. No, I am not without sin. But I am not running for the highest office where moral and ethical integrity are imperative. I am also repentant, and unlike Mr. Trump, I have and continue to bend my knee and ask forgiveness for my failings. Shame on all the “Evangelicals” who through their support and endorsements, are holding up a completely unrepentant, lying, immoral man as a man fit to be president. Our Christian Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves.

    • Plaza Liz

      Do you honestly believe our forefathers are just now rolling over in their graves? Or that Donald Trump is morally inferior to most of the presidents who have served over the last 100 years? Absolutely not. You do understand that everything going on is a direct overflow of the chaos in the Body of Christ, right?

      I don’t know anyone who is supporting Trump because he’s a Christian, let alone an exemplary one. He’s been enormously successful and has basic common sense for management. Hillary Clinton has numerous disastrous failures and has been under investigation for multiple crimes. If she were anyone else other than a Clinton, she would most likely be serving time right now.

      We are not anointing a king or prophet. Hypothetically speaking we are searching for a “CEO”. Voters are the “board of directors and shareholders” for USA, Inc., a flailing “enterprise” founded on principles that provide protection and prosperity when honored, chaos and destruction when they’re not. We have the resume of two candidates. Only one of those two is even close to being qualified and shown willingness to listen and surround himself with wise counsel.

      It seems hypocritical to use the argument that it’s unChristian to vote for Donald Trump when there is a huge mass of dysfunction hiding under the surface of the Church’s polished facade. We tsk-tsk other Christians and the state of our nation while sitting for hours in front of the television, sipping “heart-healthy” glasses of red wine, the Ashley Madison scandal still on the horizon. The Church as a whole doesn’t give close to 10% in tithes while maxing out credit cards on every activity or materialistic possession the world declares fashionable. We spend billions in the participation and observation of sports without blinking an eye and inwardly groan when the collection plate is passed a second time for a missionary’s emergency need.

      • Susan Marie

        Plaza Liz, my point is that Donald Trump is immoral and unethical. He lies. Constantly and therefore cannot be trusted. As this is a religious-oriented website, my comment was directed in some amount to his un-Christianess. I find it laughable that the writer of the article and other “Evangelical” leaders give this man such a pass. Nothing Donald Trump does suggests in anyway that he is a Christian and his acts definitely don’t. If a person does have moral integrity or character in his/her personal life, what makes you think they will act with integrity and morals in the White House.

        Trump and Hillary are two of the same.

        • Sruss745

          I don’t see where Donald Trump is a liar. I have followed him for years and it’s not there.

        • Vicki Clark

          Don’t see anyone “giving this man a pass” or judging him in any fashion. Instead, the author and others have an opportunity to counsel him – at his request- a huge opportunity for influence. They have already spoken pointed things concerning areas of weakness. If we turn up our noses at unbelievers, how can we reach them? It carries the risk of being judged by other Christians who do not understand, but it takes courage to answer the call. Billy Graham was there for various presidents, none of which were perfect specimens we may wish for.

          God has used secular and even evil kings like Cyrus and others to effect his purposes. He will use skill and ability despite the person’s lack of relationship with him. We will not have all-Christian rule until the Millennium of Christ. Until then He works through the flawed. Jimmy Carter was an admitted Christian, but very unskilled and ineffective in governing. His tenure was not blessed or a blessing by any stretch.

        • JLP

          Post truth politics may explain those behaviors.

    • Rocky Miller

      So your alternative is to vote for a disciple of Saul Alinsky, a woman, who has demonized women who were sexually abused by her husband, a person whose entire life is riddled with crime, deceit, lies and corruption; a woman, who in the furtherest reaches of her mind has never once given credence to Jesus Christ and who likely is not even a theist. You will vote for someone, who endorses a platform that is pro-abortion, pro-LGBTQ, anti-Israel and that supports internationalism to the point of sacrificing American sovereignty in opposition to God’s establishment of human governments, the divinely sanctioned form of governing until He sets up His kingdom at the end of this age; someone, who sees the U.S. Constitution as an impediment to her agenda of blending America into a weakened state, whose future is dependent upon the decisions of political bodies such as the United Nations. You would choose her for no other reason than it makes you feel better about yourself (‘thank you Lord that I am not as other men’). Susan, you need to think through your choices and consider that at least there is ‘a claim’ that Trump very well may be changing in a direction you and I can agree is good. And if not that, think of this: at least he is open to the possibility of being influenced by men such as Robinson — and he is NOT influenced but the likes of Huma Abedin, the Islamic (Iranian) apologist, who has more influence over Hillary Clinton than any other person (except, perhaps, for those to whom she sold her soul for silver through the guise of the Clinton Global Initiative). Do you for one minute think Hillary is open to moving away from her core beliefs because an Evangelical Council advised her to do so? If you do then you have not been paying attention or you are incapable of thinking clearly. And if your reply is, “I’ll not vote” or “I’ll write in the name of someone I agree with more fully,” then I will say to you, “you are a fool.” A non-vote for Trump at this point in this election cycle, in whatever form in may take, is a vote for someone many times worse.” Idealism is great, but be advised: there are worse sins than hiring strippers! It is far worse to turn our country into a weakened form of the E.U., which the U.K. has seen fit to abandon. It is far worse to turn the future of the Supreme Court over to a woman who hates everything I love, and it is far worse to give assent to a world view that in almost every way is contrary to the Word of God. Trump’s sins are personal and certainly violate some of the things we hold dear; Hillary’s, on the other hand, violate the core principles that God has set forth for the operation of our nation and therefore are far worse. I am reminded of the quote sometimes attributed to Martin Luther: “I would rather be governed by a competent Turk than by a foolish Christian” (the origin of the quote is disputed). Whoever may have said it, it is true. Hillary Clinton – on her best day – is at best ‘an INcompetent Turk.’ At least there is a chance that Trump may be influenced in part by the Evangelical Council. Am I happy with my choices this election year: absolutely not. But neither am I foolish enough to re-elect the Clinton Crime Family as co-presidents of the United States of America. Susan, please think about it.

      • Susan Marie

        Hi Rocky,
        I agree with you on all of those awful facts about Hillary. But how awful is it to know that until very recently, Donald Trump supported, socialized, and praised that very person? Does someone change their beliefs overnight? Can the leopard truly change it’s spots? I don’t think so and nothing Trump has done or said has given me the inkling of hope that he has. I am tired of the GOP trotting out the worst candidates and people saying “Well, it’s the lesser of two evils”. The lesser of two evils is still evil. I respect your opinion on Trump. You are certainly welcome to vote for the man. I can’t. I am willing to put it in God’s hands and let it play out. Besides, do you really think that one person in the White House will be able to take down the infrastructure the left has positioned in every agency of the government? 95% of the IRS donates to the Democratic party! The “Republican” Party has had control of the House and the Senate and Obama still moves his agenda forward with little slowing.

        I will admit, I stopped listening to Trump some time ago but can you give me an instance of where he has used a reference to the Constitution as a basis for one of his policies? He has never read it. He uses his opinions to form his policies and that is why they shift constantly. He promises to surround himself with smart people to guide him in office. What does that mean? You know, I despise Hillary. She is evil as that is how I see the Communist Party. But at least I know who she is and how she will act. Trump is a shapeshifter, nebulous and unpin-able. Basing policy on opinion will also make him a tyrant. A king.

        No, I do not want any part of this man. At the risk of sounding like Dr. Seuss, I do not like him, do not trust him. He has not earned my vote. But clearly, he has yours and some others. I do not think my single vote matters and neither should you. I will stand for my beliefs, my values and not compromise. No candidate is perfect, that I will grant you. However, when one has so many moral failings, lack of character and a history of supporting the left, it is too much. I hope you can bring yourself to respect my opinion instead of peer-pressuring me into compliance. Btw, I have been voting since I was 18. I voted for Reagan. It breaks my heart to miss this one but I feel I have no choice. I wish you well my friend.

        • Rocky Miller

          Susan, the funny thing (if we can use that term) about our conversation is this: I suspect you and I agree on 95% of our core beliefs. I am an Evangelical Christian, in fact, a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, one of the most conservative institutions in the country. And I do not disagree with much you have said about Trump. For the record, I preferred Rick Santorum, which should sum up for you the kind of candidate I wish we had. As for the GOP establishment, you and I agree: they have given us poor choices for President for many cycles now. I can’t even say to you with any degree of honesty that I “support” Trump. He was my last choice for the GOP nominee. I started this election cycle supporting Ben Carson. I sent money to his campaign early on in the primaries. However, it became apparent to me he was not ready for the presidency and I switched my support to Ted Cruz. (As a point of explanation – because I said earlier that I preferred Rick Santorum – that is true but I knew he didn’t have a prayer of winning and by the time I was able to vote, he was out.) Anyway, I was pulling for Cruz — but his campaign tactics in Iowa ‘contra Ben Carson’ gave me pause. Then I saw more evidence of dishonesty, perhaps not from Cruz personally, but from his PAC’s in New Hampshire, so I began considering Marco Rubio — until his great meltdown in the debates — (I’m sure you know that to which I refer). So back to Cruz it was — then there was that faked picture his campaign published in South Carolina of Rubio shaking Obama’s hand, which of course turned out to have been Photoshopped. Three blatant dishonest campaign tactics — I turned to my wife and said, “I can’t vote for the man even though ideologically I agree with him.” She said, “I can’t either.” So the big decision was —Who then? By this time the establishment GOP was beginning to spend millions of dollars (some of which I had contributed to them) running anti-Trump ads in Florida. I gave the money intending it be used to defeat Hillary Clinton but instead, they were spending my money trying to defeat a man the people of the country seemed to favor: Donald Trump. This just seemed bad to me and because of this, my thinking went in this direction: ‘If the GOP is going to spend money pushing back against so many voters who are voting for Trump — (though perhaps not a majority) — should Trump win the primaries and yet be displaced by the actions of bureaucrats in the GOP — our party is going to implode and we will lose the White House, the Senate and maybe even the House and we may never win another election. That is what drove me to conclude that I had no choice but to ‘hope’ Trump would win the 1237 and hopefully tie the hands of the GOP elites.’ (I’m still not sure there is not going to be a disaster at the convention.) I don’t like Trump and the idea of voting for him is painful — but God help us if Hillary gets to appoint three or four Supreme Court Justices! That is where I am right now — I am voting in November because there is a chance — a chance — we can salvage the Supreme Court — rather than a certainty that Hillary will destroy it. Surely Susan you can see that a Hillary win is the end of our country. It is that simple. She wins the White House and the Supreme Court is owned by the left and our freedoms are gone — forever. We will never survive a Hillary Clinton Presidency primarily because of the impact it will have on the Supreme Court. I don’t know of you have kids — I have two kids and four grandchildren — I don’t want them to be victims of the Secular- Progressive agenda the court will impose on them if Hillary is elected. A Trump vote hurts — but good men like Tony Evans and James Robison agree — it is not a good choice but it is the only choice. Trump at his worst doesn’t come close to the disaster Hillary will bring on the country if she is elected. I wish you well – RSM

    • JRRad

      What happened to “Jesus, friend of sinners”; in your life?

      • Susan Marie

        There is a big difference in loving the sinner but rebuking the sin. I am sure God loves Donald Trump…I am told to love Donald Trump but are we to embrace his sin? Are we to glorify his rebelling? I have pulled myself back out of politics. Clearly it is a dirty business full of dirty people. I look forward to a different world full of righteousness and peace.

  • Deacon Keith Fournier

    Thank you James, for your courage, counsel, conviction and genuine faith.
    Deacon Keith Fournier

  • Sruss745

    I am thrilled to know that you are on this board! There are some good people there and I thank God that this man has the wisdom to assemble you for wisdom and guidance. I am praying hard for our country and for Donald Trump and his advisors!

  • Debbie

    Thank you for being bold for Jesus and I pray we all God’s people stand together and Pray, spend private time with God and walk in love as pleasing unto The Lord, being ready for His return. And while we are readying ourselves, that we are active participants/voters, citizens, neighbors- letting God’s Light shine thru us, that the world come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

  • Bonnie Hilton

    Thank you James Robison for continuing to be a leader in the evangelical community!!! I have sat under your ministry from, books, sermons and television ministry for the last thirty year, you have been the same throughout!!! I pray that our God will use you and others as instruments to lead this nation back to Him. You are right, only by the spirit of God will this nation be great again!!!!! Praying for revival in the United States of America!!!!!!

    • Mike Huck

      James Robison grabbed my pus*y

  • Maria Diggi

    Dear Sir:
    You have mentioned Joseph. Daniel and Paul among other men of faith, who spoke the truth to Kings, even when the possibility of endangering themselves was apparent. Please don’t tell him that greed is “legitimate self interest”. As you did over the Day Star broadcast.
    I have always wondered why you preferred to please your rich greedy supporters, rather than the words of Christ spoken against greed. You shouldn’t be concerned about what people may say, make sure you quote the teaching of Christ as they are.
    I really appreciate the humanitarian work you do, but your involvement in politics worries me. Remember Christ never condemned the Roman rulers not unnecessarily promoted their rule. He only reinforced that man responsibility to pay taxes. Give what is God’s ( the spiritual life of people) to God! And what is the President’s (the rule of law) to the President. I remember you using you TV program criticizing Obama, instead reinforcing the teaching of Christ for which the faithful are contributing money to the ministry that you publicize.
    Thank you Sir.

  • Linda B

    I am just so sorrowful today. Some of the Christian leaders who I have respected and listened to for a long time are speaking / aligning themselves in ways that I no longer recognize them. Today, i’m even questioning everything I’ve ever heard from them. I’ve been in my “prayer closet” all day wondering exactly what has happened? I feel so wounded. Weeks after the election, I just feel dirty…soiled. As a survivor of sexual abuse and a woman-of-color, I cannot fathom that no one has stood out against the way this man spoke of other human beings. “You know them by their fruit”. That’s what I was always told. Yet so many Christians have denied the “fruit” this man has borne over decades and even while running for office in lieu of…of..WHAT? If you asked 10 women whether they were ever groped by a male in authority in any job or on the subway, I’m sure that 8-9 of them would say yes. Women dressed appropriately. Women just doing their jobs. Women not asking for anything but to do their job and go home. Yet Christians are running to this man to lift him up to the highest office in the land? And if he does make moves in office to get the Supreme Court to reverse Roe vs. Wade…is it worth trading that for the carte blanche to molest every woman (alive and yet-to-be-born)? To malign any human being (Muslim, agnostic, atheist) who might possibly accept Jesus as we do what Jesus said and perform the ministry of reconciliation given to us through the grace we received through Christ’s sacrifice? Trade one sin for another and look to one man to “make America great again”? Only One can make America great again, if that is His goal. But His goal is that all men, women, and children are reconciled to Him. That is OUR job. Not the job of the President of the United States. From what I can see, it’s time to ditch the political hobnobbing and get on our knees. It’s time to talk to God and learn how to talk to others so we can go OUT into the highways and byways rather than sit in our comfortable chairs, waiting for non-believers to come into our “safe places”. I mourn, mourn, mourn that we are not the salt of the earth…but sour lemons, biting nettle, and bitter fruit to those who need a the Balm of Gilead.

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Paula White-Cain
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