James Robison Shares a Message for the Church Regarding Freedom on the Mark Davis Radio Show

Stream founder and publisher James Robison, left, and radio host Mark Davis, right.

By The Stream Published on December 7, 2019

Stream founder and publisher James Robison shared a powerful message on The Mark Davis Show this morning that no freedom loving American will want to miss.

James shared that the Father’s heart is “to bless the nations of the world. He wants to accomplish His will.” And He wants to use the Church, the body of Christ, to do it.

“Every time you hear something come out consistent with the will of the Father, for the family to bless them, and to bless others through them, you’re hearing the truth,” James said. “And please hear this: you will never help the poor by confiscating the money of some people and then utilizing it to keep those people dependent upon you.”

And God said to everyone in His family, “I have left you here as stewards, as overseers of everything I have entrusted to your watch care.” And let’s get this settled: Pharaoh has no money. Caesar has no money that they didn’t take from the people. The federal government has no money. It’s not the government’s money to decide what they do with it. It’s the people’s money. And God said, “I want my people to oversee what’s done with that money.”

“These people right now that are trying to take over the future of this country have lost their minds. They not only do the evil things. They are giving hardy approval to them. They want you to vote for them. And they are against everything God is for.”

James said that right now, “The sacred is being trampled under the feet of men. Everything that is right and meaningful and precious is being trampled under the feet of men because the salt — those of us who know the truth, those of us who know this Father, have lost our positive effect.”

“It is time for you to stand up,” James says. “Quit beating people up with the Word of God and hold it up real high, as a beacon of hope and a standard and say, ‘Don’t ever move God’s standard to accommodate your failures, your weakness, or your choices, however lousy they may be or however good you think they are. If they’re not in line with God’s Word, you’re going to be given over to reprobate thinking, where you can’t even determine right from wrong.’”

“[God] didn’t leave us here to get us out of here,” James said. “He wanted us to make a Kingdom impact right now, right here, right this moment.”

Please listen to the rest of this powerful message and share it with your friends and family.

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