James Robison and Mat Staver Discuss Trump’s Accomplishments

President Donald Trump listens to a question during an interview with The Associated Press in the Oval Office of the White House, Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2018, in Washington.

By James Robison Published on October 18, 2018

Stream publisher James Robison recently spoke with Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel, about their reluctance to support then-candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 election campaign and how they’ve been pleasantly surprised with his accomplishments since taking office.

James: Mat, at the Awakening Conference in March 2016, which Liberty Counsel hosted, God gave me a very strong message. I immediately realized it was the message most of us did not want to hear, including me, but I was confident it was from the Lord and that I must share it. To briefly sum it up, I proclaimed in reference to the presidential campaign, “I don’t think we’re going to get our champion (the choice of most Evangelicals) — I think we’re going to get the people’s champion.”

I shared that we must respond to the people’s choice by moving with unconditional love and unwavering truth. I knew we must reach out in love, speaking truth to their champion. As difficult as it was for any of us to accept, there was little doubt the people’s champion would prove to be Donald Trump.

At that time, none of us were for candidate Trump. There were plenty of Christian candidates we had known for a long time that we hoped would win the election. What was your feeling at that time?

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Mat: On that Friday evening in 2016, during a dinner meeting with ministry leaders and conference speakers, you asked to share. It became apparent what you were saying had a prophetic ring to it. One leader immediately began to record it on his cell phone. There were many seeking the presidential nomination who were respected and preferred by those attending and leading the Awakening Conference. You reminded us God may be doing something in His infinite wisdom, and we needed to be open to that.

The next day you basically delivered the same message to the entire crowd of several thousand. At that time, most in attendance were Ted Cruz supporters. There was an apparent attitude shift, indicating that perhaps candidate Trump could be God’s chosen person.

As we look back at your message and now the accomplishments of President Trump and this administration, it has been a real blessing from God. Obviously, God knew what He was doing. It boggles your mind when you observe what has happened in the last 20 months.

Trump’s Accomplishments

James: One of the things that came out of the March 2016 meeting was a caution not to be over-reactionary and to faithfully pray for one another. I did feel like even while there were those who didn’t agree, there was a willingness to pray. Amazingly, at the suggestion of Dr. Ben Carson, candidate Trump began to meet privately with me. He openly and graciously received me, and it was very obvious he was hearing and cared deeply about the concerns of Christians and faith leaders. I shared boldly and forcefully with unconditional love.

Actions always speak louder than any words, and we are witnessing positive results. One of the things that thrills me, Mat, is how you have developed a Power Point presentation highlighting many of the accomplishments we have witnessed. I believe they are all answers to prayer and it’s a part of the healing of our nation. It’s amazing to watch.

You and I want all Christians to understand it’s imperative that we continue praying for our president and all in authority while trusting God for continued change.

Mat: I definitely agree. This Power Point I created is just a sample of positive change. I have created a nine-page document with even more information. I think it’s important for people to look back and recognize all that’s been accomplished in the last 20 months. It is a divine miracle!


James Robison also spoke with Dr. Michael Brown recently to discuss his new book, Donald Trump is Not My Savior. You can watch the videos of their conversation at the #TrumpIsNotMySavior series page.

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  • David N. Gray

    The summary on slide 13 presents an interesting pattern. Except for the desire to protect unborn children, these points are all about bolstering institutions which already have considerable power. (Slide 8 counts supporting discrimination against homosexuals and transsexuals as part of “religious liberty”, so that doesn’t seem to mean liberty for everyone. Slides 11 and 12 claim economic improvements, although that isn’t reflected in the summary on slide 13.)

    Consider some characteristics which are not listed:

    * least pro-individual rights
    * least pro-consumer protection
    * least pro-environmental protection
    * least pro-free press
    * least pro-civility

    So this appears to be a conservative agenda in the sense of protecting the power, privilege and wealth of those who already have them. While that may be a defensible political policy, it doesn’t seem to come from a perspective inspired by a vision of God’s kingdom. When the Old Testament prophets pronounced God’s judgement on Israel, the most common recurring theme was how are the widows and orphans being treated? In other words, is there justice and mercy for those who don’t have the power to defend themselves?

    So you can say that you like what Trump is doing, but I’m not persuaded that this represents God’s plan.

    • Aloha12

      Even if the only point was protecting unborn children, that would be should be enough to secure your vote for Trump in 2020. Remember, Democrats are for the wholesale slaughter of pre born infants which of course disqualifies any moral person from even considering voting for them.

      • David N. Gray

        There are a couple of debatable points there, but I don’t think it would be fruitful to get into them here. To stay on topic, I’ll just point out that I used the word “desire” because nothing has actually changed yet regarding the legal status of abortion. Yes, Trump appointed judges who might someday have occasion to reverse Roe-vs-Wade, but any Republican president would have done that, so I don’t see that counting as a reason to specifically need Trump.

        • Aloha12

          A candidate such as John Kasich would not have nominated someone approved of by the Federalist Society and some of the others like Jeb! would most likely abandoned Kavanaugh early in the process. Trump displayed remarkable loyalty with Judge Kavanaugh. In addition, his 80+ judges he’s appointed have been stellar.

          I don’t know if you’re a believer or not, but it’s clear to me and many other believers that DT is God’s answer to prayer for us. I say that as someone that supported Cruz to the bitter end and only decided to vote for Trump in Sept. of 16. I’m sure glad I did and now love the man and realize that he was the only GOP candidate that could have won(no others could have gotten the typical non voter and independent to vote GOP).

  • sc_cannon

    Trump has marshalled the forces of spiritual morality and God’s good graces is what blesses this country as Trump has said on many occasions. The fight in the Supreme Court over the confirmation of Cavanaugh was basically a political battle about the legitimacy of Abortion and homosexuality. The Dems know that it was the court and not the voters that legitimized those evils and are afraid that reality will be restored and those errors in interpretation will be corrected.

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