Is Jack Chick Running the Catholic Church?

By John Zmirak Published on May 23, 2018

By now you’ve likely read the reports that Pope Francis told a gay man that God made him that way, and doesn’t mind his orientation. The Stream published a characteristically thoughtful and cautious column by Joseph Sciambra on it. (A convert back to Christianity after years spent in the gay lifestyle, Sciambra is one of the most important and brave apostles today. Follow his blog. Also see The Stream contributor Robert Oscar Lopez’s reflections.)

Reading the Papal Auspices

Given the track record of dubious, partial, or garbled papal statements, and reports on the same, there seem to be three logical possibilities here:

a) The pope never said it. The young man who reported it, Juan Carlos Cruz, was lying, perhaps to get revenge on the Church. He’d entered a charismatic Catholic movement, whose leader turned out to be a sociopathic sex abuser, left in place for years by bishops. Or the reporter for the respected Spanish newspaper, El Pais, was making it up, risking his career.

b) The pope said it. He will stand behind it, and the Church will soon see a change in its Catechism or policies to reflect this belief. That will challenge the teaching of 2,000 (really 6,000) years. It will further erode the confidence of faithful Catholics in this papacy.

c) The pope said it as a trial balloon, behind the veil of plausible deniability, to see how Catholics react. If we raise too much of a ruckus, some bland denial will appear from an obscure Vatican office. That will be enough to smooth the feathers of those desperate to believe the best of Francis. Meanwhile, the radicals pushing for Rome to go Mainline Protestant will feel empowered and hopeful.

So far the discussion of this latest papal hoax/bombshell/trial balloon among Catholics has ranged from a) through c). Find some evidence for c) in this latest photo from a gay rights parade in Rome.

The Jack Chick Hypothesis

But I have a fourth possibility. I admit that it’s unlikely. But I just can’t rule it out, so I’d like to share it here. (Consider this a trial balloon. Press me too hard on it, and I’ll arrange for the Vatican Press Office to deny I really wrote it.)

d) Harshly anti-Catholic tract author Jack Chick has seized control of the Church from beyond the grave. He is directing papal statements, actions, and appointments — and influencing many local bishops as well.

As I said, it’s an outlier theory. But consider some recent events:

  • A posh, campy gala at New York’s Met Museum, which borrowed sacred vestments from the Vatican itself. Blessed chasubles that saints such as John Paul II wore while celebrating Mass thus “blessed” an event where half-clad actresses dressed up as bishops. And the guests were serenaded by the Sistine Chapel Boys choir. Papal communications advisor Fr. James Martin, SJ, boasted that an onlooker had praised his “sexy priest” costume.
  • The pope’s point man for Catholic social teaching has cited Communist China as a better model of living out that teaching than the U.S.
  • Pope Francis’ statements on divorce and remarriage manufactured a crisis of doctrine and practice inside the Church. Now cross the Elbe River from Germany into Poland, and the rules for who may receive Holy Communion are starkly different. Isn’t “communion” supposed to include doctrinal unity?

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The “Perfect” Anti-Catholic Anecdote

But this latest event is the one that really has Jack Chick’s inkstained fingerprints all over it. Let’s say you believed that the Catholic priesthood was really a neo-pagan invention. An institution that allowed legions of homosexuals to hide behind a gauzy veil of “celibacy.” Even in some places a conspiracy to provide those gay men with helpless young victims.

Leave aside the total lack of scientific evidence that homosexuality is inborn. We know in at least this case that it isn’t true. A young man whose sexual impulses were probably normal, but unformed and plastic, saw them stamped by the act of a predator. A priest

Then you couldn’t do better than this. A young man on fire for Christ joins a vital movement of faithful Catholics in Chile. He devotes himself to it, and sees its founder, Rev. Fernando Karadima, as a true apostle of Jesus. Maybe a living saint.

Karadima molests him. No doubt he smoothed the path and squelched the guilt with the kind of sacrilegious sophistries used by other abusers. (Fr. Marcial Maciel, founder of the Legionaries of Christ, told teen boys that he had a medical condition, and papal permission to “relieve his symptoms” this way.)

Thanks to a sexual experience at a formative age, the young man labels himself as “gay.” As Joseph Sciambra points out, this is very common. He noted: “In a highly significant study, 46% of the homosexual men in contrast to 7% of the heterosexual men reported homosexual molestation.” One might see molestation as a mode by which some homosexuals reproduce — well, not themselves, but their tragic “orientation.”

Next step: The pope botches the handling of the Karadima scandal, appointing as bishop a man who helped cover it up. He insults the victims of the abuse, and denies knowing their stories. This despite a personal letter to Francis from one victim which Cardinal O’Malley of Boston swore he’d delivered to the Vatican.

Thanks to a sexual experience at a formative age, the young man labels himself as “gay.”

Doing damage control, Pope Francis changes course, and compels every bishop in Chile to submit his resignation. That will give Francis a “clean slate,” if he wants it, to remake the Church in that country. Francis then meets with abuse victims, and tells Mr. Cruz that “God made him gay.”

Father James “Sexy Priest” Martin, SJ Weighs In

Leave aside the total lack of scientific evidence that homosexuality is inborn. We know in at least this case that it isn’t true. A young man whose sexual impulses were probably normal, but unformed and plastic, saw them stamped by the act of a predator. A priest. Who likely told him, as part of excusing this act of statutory rape, that God makes people gay. And now the victim hears it again, but from the pope.

And Father James “Sexy Priest” Martin, still a Vatican communications advisor, lights up social media trumpeting this statement by the pope.

If Jack Chick isn’t in charge, I’d like a better explanation.

I ask all your prayers for the poor young man whose repeated victimization by father figures, priests meant to stand in the “person of Christ,” is now international news.

And if you’re looking for a hot new investment, I’ve got one word for you: “Millstones.” There’s a great future in millstones.

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  • Libertybelle

    Great article!! Please keep investigating the church. You may help to keep it from the death communists have been enacting upon it for decades. I like how you think.

  • missy white

    Celibacy is never commanded in the Bible. It’s a “requirement” invented by the Catholic Church when they realized that their priests might marry, have children, and (God forbid!) leave an inheritance to their children of money or goods that would NOT go to the church.

    • Actually, yes it is. It is commanded for EVERYONE that is not married to a member of the opposite sex.

      • The_Bustle_in_Your_Hedgerow

        “Celibacy” refers to the unmarried state, not to sexual continence.

        • Andrew Mason

          Actually celibacy can mean both refraining from marriage, or refraining from sexual relations. Similarly chastity can mean purity, or refraining from sexual relations.

        • It actually refers to BOTH. Look it up, like I just did. Besides, if it does not refer to sexual behavior, then why does the Bible very clearly state that sex with anyone you are not married to is adultery (which is a violation of the ten commandments)?

          • ArthurMcGowan

            “Celibacy” refers to being unmarried.

            Naturally, since modern dictioniaries are “descriptive” and not “prescriptive,” they will REPORT the incorrect use of the term “celibacy” as one of its meanings, simply because the incorrect usage is common.

          • People redefine things to their own wishes on a constant basis, as is happening in this thread. If you want to determine what the authors of the Bible meant by a particular term, you need to get the context both from the society THEY were in (not you) and from what else is written in the Bible. Sex outside of heterosexual marriage between one man and one woman IS A SIN for ANYONE, not just priests.

    • Keyser Soze

      Please take your anti-Catholic trollery elsewhere.

      • Vincent J.

        You can’t deal with what she said, so you label her an anti-catholic troll. That’s not a helpful way to debate.

    • ArthurMcGowan

      Continence (“celibacy” is being unmarried) is mandated many times in the Old Testament. The men at the base of Mount Sinai. Moses himself after Sinai. Some of the prophets. Continence of those in Orders was practiced from apostolic times. It has to do primarily with the fact that a priest and deacon touch the Eucharist, not property and inheritance.

  • I think C, or a variation thereof. This Pope appears to love splitting/separating doctrine and practice. Officially things stay the same, but with his “wink and a nod” everything downstream “evolves.”

  • Patmos

    Bigger question to me is: Is there a connection between this very clear attempt to celebrate the LGBT abomination in the Catholic Church, and the abuse scandal? Because if the Catholic Church can get people to believe that one perversion is of God, maybe they can push for another?

    Sounds absurd I know, but when you see such a relative indifference to child abuse it makes you wonder.

  • Bonshika Jackson

    There’s literally nothing in the victim’s testimony to support the assumption that he was heterosexual until his molestation by Karadima. That’s #FakeNews on Zmirak’s part.

    • Zmirak

      He was a young teen, likely with fluid or undefined sexuality. Our only evidence of his sexuality is post-molestation. If you want to read homosexual desires onto him, perhaps you think he was “asking for it.” Blame the victim, whatever it takes, to support your perverse agenda.

      • Hoyos

        Just remember, it’s possible to be straight for the wrong reasons (social pressure, attempting to be “normal”, etc.), but no one is ever gay for the wrong reasons. Somehow.

      • Vincent J.

        I don’t believe in “fluid or undefined sexuality.” If one’s penis becomes aroused for naked women, then one is heterosexual. It’s automatic. The body tells you which way you lean.

        If you find yourself attracted to members of the same sex, then you need to abstain and seek counseling. That’s the cross which God has given you just as God has allowed some to lean toward drug abuse, alcoholism, thrill seeking, irresponsibility toward one’s family, etc. We all have challenges which we are expected to overcome with God’s help.

      • Bonshika Jackson

        This must be why no one takes you seriously as a Catholic intellectual. Your assumption that this man was a normal heterosexual prior to his being molested is conjecture unsupported by any evidence — indeed, an instance of saying “whatever it takes” to support an agenda — as is your claim that I am “blaming” the young homosexual for being molested.

    • Zmirak

      Given that 98% of unmolested men are straight, the odds are very, very good.

  • Vincent J.

    I think your metaphor is a wee bit off. I don’t believe that Jack Chick would cause these things to happen if he were in charge. I believe that he’d have been delighted to report these things in a series of new tracts. That’s not the same as being in charge.

  • Gail Finke

    This is pretty funny considering that someone on a long Facebook discussion I participated in today referenced your graphic novel-style “Grand Inquistor” book as a heretical attempt to change the Catholic Church. So… maybe you are the new Jack Chick!

    • Zmirak

      The visual styles are not entirely dissimilar!

  • A geographical nitpick: The Elbe is entirely in Germany (except for the small part in the Czech Republic), and much of Germany, including Berlin, is east of it. You mean the Oder.

    • Zmirak

      Yep, sorry. Should have checked. My memory of maps is garbled by wargames with 1939 borders!

  • Dynomom53

    I don’t know who Jack Chick is unfortunately. But I do think this article is well written. Someone might want to fill me in please.

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