Interview: Ben Carson Explains Decision to Support Trump

By James Robison Published on March 16, 2016

James Robison: Dr. Carson, we’ve been friends since we met shortly after you spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast, and you’ve been on LIFE Today more than once, and spoke at our conference. Do you see your role as an ambassador and witness for Christ as the highest calling?

Ben Carson: That is by far the highest calling. A real evangelical is someone whose life is centered on Jesus Christ and that becomes the most important thing in their life. That really helps to determine their relationship with the world and with everyone else.

JR: It really seems that it’s easy for the church to divide. Have you had some pushback from Christians who might be critical and even unkind since you decided to endorse Mr. Trump?

BC: Yes, you will always get that no matter who you would endorse. You would get that. That’s to be anticipated.

JR: I know you expressed respect for my decision not to endorse but to pray for and speak truth to all candidates who seek my advice. It’s obvious where you stand related to principles that matter, which is why you gained such respect at the National Prayer Breakfast in 2013. Right now some people are a little confused about why you decided to endorse Donald Trump. … What led to that decision?

BC: The desire to avoid a brokered convention, recognizing that if we got to a brokered convention, it is very likely that it would destroy the Republican party, but also would end up losing the presidency, and the Senate and perhaps the House as well. When I think about the future of the country and think about our children, grandchildren, and the possibilities of what would happen to them with a Supreme Court that had between 2 and 4 progressives on it, that was a thought more than I could bear.

JR: You just emphasized how a brokered convention could be damaging to the nation, and made it clear that a nanny state that people are dependent upon doesn’t help them, it actually hurts them, and so you felt having a clear winner was the best way to offset what is often described as the political left and the negative influence they have. Is that correct?

BC: I think if the will of the people is thwarted by the political establishment, it will create so much resentment and it will basically hand the election over to those who will probably ruin America for the next many generations.

JR: Do you think Mr. Trump is the man that can actually help turn the tide? Many are surprised that you would endorse a man who has seemed angry and demeaning of various individuals and many times women. There is a series of statements that he actually made toward women that are a great concern to women and voters overall. How do you handle that?

BC: Those statements concern me as well, but they don’t concern me as much as the possibility of turning the nation over to socialists who will completely destroy it. The way I look at it, even if he turns out to be a terrible president, we’re only talking four years, as opposed to multiple generations. …

Ben Carson Endorses Donald Trump Wide - 900

JR: You indicated that there are two Donald Trump’s and referenced that he was very “cerebral” when you talked to him. Is that implying that he’s not engaged when he is speaking and he’s speaking off the cuff, shooting from the hip without giving serious thought to what he is saying?

BC: Remember, he is an entertainer who has been a reality TV host and been very successful in doing that. He knows how to play to the crowd and how to play to the camera. If anybody thinks that someone who does that on television is actually demonstrating their true persona, they don’t know a lot about it.

JR: The Bible says clearly, “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” Some people see him as double minded, a loose cannon. How do you respond to that and is there anything you can do about that?

BC: You can obviously continue to work with him and talk with him about being presidential and speak to all of the people, instead of just speaking to the angry people. I believe you’re going to see that. You’ve already seen it to some degree. In the last debate he wasn’t nearly as confrontational, although he told me he was tempted to be, but he remembered about being presidential.

JR: I saw a slight change in temperament right after you were with him, but it seems as more time has passed, he has gone back to the abrasive, very confrontational Donald Trump. The Bible is very clear in saying, “The wrath of man does not work the righteousness of God.” This out of control, excessive, mismanaged government is enough to make us all justifiably angry, but anger will not correct our course. We’ve got to move past that. Would it be one of your goals to move people past that anger and teach them to channel their frustration appropriately, and do you think you’ve got the influence to do that?

BC: I would certainly hope so. I would hope that’s the reason the Lord has provided me these opportunities. When you look at Pharaoh, he probably was not the person most Christians would have chosen to be their leader, but because of the influence of Joseph, wonderful things happened in Egypt. You could say the same thing about Daniel. Nebuchadnezzar probably would not have been the person most Christians would have chosen to be their leader, and yet there was a great influence of Nebuchadnezzar with Cyrus, Belshazzar, all of them. There clearly are things that can be done through influence and we have to sometimes trust in the way the Lord sees it because His ways and our ways are very different. As it says in Isaiah 55, “His ways are much higher than our ways,” and we can’t necessarily understand them, but we must always try to do what makes sense and what is right.

JR: You and I both grew up fatherless, and in so many ways challenged, and yet we didn’t depend on others. We exercised what freedom offered, took advantage of the opportunities, and have experienced a life of blessing and the privilege of being a blessing. In our discussions, we have agreed that it’s going to take a spiritual awakening to correct our nation’s perilous course. I believe the power that leads to awakening is the same power that must transform the hearts and minds of people, including our leaders, which would apply to Donald Trump. My opinion and prayer is that he needs a very obvious transforming encounter with Christ and the supernatural power essential for an awakening. Do you believe there is a need for that in Donald Trump?

BC: I believe there is a need for that in Donald Trump and probably in all of us. I would love to see that happen.

JR: Some Christian leaders I know very well who’ve met with Mr. Trump say they believe he actually would be very teachable if the truth was delivered to him directly in love. Do you sense that?

BC: I do absolutely.

JR: I want to reemphasize along with many people who pray, I believe that’s essential and I think it really has to happen.

BC: If I didn’t think there was that possibility, I would say, “Let’s just go down with the ship,” and wouldn’t even try.

JR: Do you think that I am right by encouraging Christians who may choose to support different candidates that they must not allow the enemy to cause them to make an enemy out of a person who may see differently for the moment, but we remain a family seeking the will of God our Father and that’s really important? Just like you and me right now, you know up until the time you endorsed, I was encouraging you not to and yet I still have great love for you and I’m going to continue to pray that your influence and my influence will somehow bring to pass the will of God in Mr. Trump’s life and in other’s lives.

BC: Absolutely. It’s very important for Christians to recognize that everybody is going to come to different conclusions. I always say, if two people agree about everything, one of them is unnecessary. We’re all necessary, but we shouldn’t allow differences to divide us.

PALM BEACH, FL - MARCH 11: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (R) talks with former presidential candidate Ben Carson (L) after he received his endorsement during a press conference at the Mar-A-Lago Club on March 11, 2016 in Palm Beach, Florida.

PALM BEACH, FL – MARCH 11: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (R) talks with former presidential candidate Ben Carson (L) after he received his endorsement during a press conference at the Mar-A-Lago Club on March 11, 2016 in Palm Beach, Florida.

JR: The Bible is clear, “iron sharpens iron,” that implies friction. I see this whole process as that friction, but it seems that when friction comes Mr. Trump’s way, rather than seeking the potential honing and sharpening effect, he tries to discredit, damage and in many ways destroy anyone who disagrees with him. That concerns me deeply.

BC: It is very concerning, and you notice that was not the tack that I took, but by the same token, the tack that I took was not successful and the tack that he took, was successful for him. There is a pragmatism that goes with that. The fact of the matter is, we don’t know the end from the beginning. We think we do, but we don’t. What we have to do is go with it and trust. That’s where faith comes in. If things are not going the way we think they should go and we become disillusioned, we have to recognize that God has complete control. Frequently it’s always the darkest before dawn.

JR: Mr. Trump seems to appreciate talking about evangelicals and he’s excited about them which says to me that there’s something that attracts him and it’s bigger than the numerical value. He seems to have some respect for them and he has opened the door. I have told pastors it would not be wise to slam the door in our own face, we should be praying for him and for all candidates and speak the truth that will make a difference. Is that what you are hoping to be able to do as it relates to Mr. Trump — to really speak to him those things that he really needs to hear?

BC: I think one of the ways that you speak to people is through your life, the way you treat them, the way you talk to them, the way they see you treat others. It says in Matthews 7:20, “By their fruit you will know them.” At his press conference last Friday he said he was duly impressed by the way I responded after he attacked me. I think people do notice these things.

JR: Actions speak louder than words, and I don’t think I am exaggerating when I tell you that many real serious Christians who understand the correction necessary in our nation, are very, very concerned about the way he responds. I think in order for him to move the American people, Donald Trump is going to have to be changed in many ways in his expressions, and I feel that very deeply.

BC: I think that would be extraordinarily helpful, no question about it, in the same way, for instance, it would be very helpful for our current president to express himself in different ways. Even though we may not agree with him, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be praying for him and hoping for him and treating him in a Christian manner. That’s the thing that is probably going to attract him more than anything else; it’s not opposing him and calling him horrible names that’s going to attract him.

JR: People don’t listen to those who’ve not been convincing in the fact that they love them deeply. If you want to have an effect on someone, I believe they have to sense that love. I would suggest to all believers that if Saul of Tarsus could be transformed into the apostle Paul through a spiritual encounter, we should pray that for all of our leaders, and since Mr. Trump is one of the points of this discussion, I say we pray to that end. I think if he is not transformed by that power, he will not in fact contribute, he will add to the chaos. I think to bring it into a little more modern time, we need a transformation like Augustine experienced that the whole world cannot deny, and he was perhaps one of the greatest influencers since the New Testament day. I’d like to see that happen again!

BC: I would love to see that happen also, but I do think it’s important for people to understand that the alternative to him is going to be something that they really will not be able to stomach, them or their children or grandchildren. I think people lose sight of that.

JR: We’ve had more really qualified candidates running this year on the Republican side and many who really love God and understand His ways and could be beneficial as contributors to the future of our country. Do you agree that we’ve really had some highly qualified people running?

BC: We’ve had some terrific people, no question about it.

JR: I pray they’ll be involved in the leadership.

BC: Unfortunately, we live in a strange time. We live in what I call the “Roman Coliseum time,” where Rome was being destroyed and the people were just interested in going to the Coliseum and seeing the carnage. That’s sort of where we are as a nation right now. I’m hopeful we can get to a much better place, but we have to deal with it where we are and work very hard to make it work for us.

JR: Let’s you and I continue praying together that the Christian family, the body of Christ who should reveal the heavenly Father clearly, will not spend unnecessary time sniping one another. Although you and I disagree on the decision you made, we agree on our prayers. Do you sense that there is the appropriate love in my heart for you and the desire that we actually still seek to walk in unity? Do you sense that desire for unity?

BC: Absolutely. That is one of the things that I have been pushing lately, to help people get beyond their differences and look at the big picture. This seems to be a very difficult thing for people to do, but when their hearts are united to Christ, it becomes much easier.

JR: I refuse to cut myself off, or cut off a member of Christ’s body that may not be functioning the way I think is best. I will encourage unity and understanding, and trust God for the miraculous that we must have. Would you be comfortable expressing your heart to our Father right now as we close this time, praying what’s on your heart for Mr. Trump and for the nation?

BC: Kind Father in Heaven, we are grateful for the fact we live in a country that enjoys freedom, a country with a Constitution that you helped draft. Help us to realize that we are called the “United States of America,” not the “Divided States of America” and our strength lies in our unity. And that none of us is 100% right, but you are 100% right and that we need to do everything that we can to rely upon you, put our faith in you and to let that be the guiding light to our lives. Let that be the case with all of the leaders of our nation, help them to recognize their need for you. Help each of us recognize our need for you. Help us to be able to humble ourselves and pray, and seek your face and turn from our wicked ways so you will hear from heaven and forgive our sins and heal our land. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

JR: Thank you, Ben. I love you and Candy. Thank her for her steadfastness and know that we will continue to walk much of the time on our knees and lift up God’s truth and His Son Jesus.

Dr. Ben Carson on Life Today 2014 - 900

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  • Char B

    This interview is tremendously helpful.

  • AAACarpenter

    Awesome interview.


    There are many billionaires in the world who behave far better yet more generous. As believers, we do have
    hearts to share the gospel and bear witness to non-believers. But it is the works of Holy Spirit to touch people. We do not endorse any body for any act during the course of evangelizing whatsoever. There might be some sort of deals!

  • Joseph Clem

    I believe God can use and change a Trump, but NOT a Hillary. She is too far gone to the dark side deceiving others just like Obama did!

    • Jennefer O’Brien

      No one, as long as they have breath, are NEVER so far gone that the Lord cannot save. If you are a christian, you should never say that, you are speaking against Gods Word.

      • birch

        Proverbs 29:1

        He, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy.

        • Jennefer O’Brien

          Yes, but until they are dead, they have the opportunity to be saved if they humble themselves and turn to God for the free gift of salvation.

          • birch

            The emphasis is on the word *destroyed*! look it up in the dictionary what it means!

          • Jennefer O’Brien

            Thank you for having such a meticulous grasp of God’s Word! Sorry I missed that!

          • DA Reed Howell

            Salvation was and never will be free. Jesus gave His life that we could be free. He could have called ten thousand angels, but he chose to die that you and I could live. There’s a major difference in religion and relationship with Jesus. You see, religion is putting on a form of godliness, BUT denying the POWER THEREOF! Once we allow Jesus’ plan of salvation to become more than merely cerebral knowledge, we’ve opened our heart to receive the plan He has for our lives. Once our relationship grows from head knowledge to heart knowledge, Jesus is at this time, truly residing in our hearts. In order for Jesus to be in our hearts, he must take up residence in our bloodstream as well. Believe me friend, if Jesus is truly in our hearts His power will flow through our blood causing nothing less than a Revolution and major Spiritual Awakening in our lives. When Jesus called Lazareth from the grave, this Miracle was a two part progression. After he said, LAZARETH COME FORTH, Jesus then rebuked grave clothes from Lazareth. A person can never live a successful christian life if the grave clothes have not been shed. Also, this pathetic gospel of once saved, always saved can be disputed many times over in the word of God. If any of you would like scripture reference, I’ll be glad to provide. Also, the familiar scripture, John 3:16 is conditional. I will share only if anyone is interested, but for now, I must get prepared to share the news of Dr Ben Carson and what he, through the Resurrection Power of Jesus Christ residing within him, will accomplish for America! Wake up and listen up, folks! WINBENWIN has something to say as he speaks the very oracles of Jesus Christ!

          • Jennefer O’Brien

            As in….. free to us, we can’t work for our salvation, it is only by grace that we are saved! I pray that God uses Dr. Carson in a mighty way to be a witness and a counselor to Mr. Trump, but I still believe that endorsing such a person if you are a christian, is a mistake.

          • Cletus Aakol

            Jennifer, I could not believe any less than you do about Dr. Ben’s action. One thing that shocked me about his endorsing Trump is that he has seen, experienced, and observed that all of Trump’s actions do not agree with the Christian values which he Dr. Ben professes. Trump has slammed him, called him names, and degraded his person. Trump had messed his highly respected career and reputation as a world renowned Neurosurgeon. He has stood by Trump on the same stage as Trump insults and abuse people we all highly respected yet he decided to swept all that under the carpet and endorse him.

            I respect his personal views for supporting Donald but it was the greatest error he had made in these election season and this one act places me in great doubt about his own christian values. My personal opinion about the whole episode is that he did that to pay back what he deemed a trick by Cruz campaign against him in Iowa. Time and again, he has called Cruz out on this but he never went so aggressively after CNN who spread the false stories about “his going home.” He never went after Trump for all the insults and name calling he did against him. The stories of his youth that Trump twisted and lied about against his person are dismissed with a wave of hand. I was very disappointed that he could ignore the New York Values of Trump and endorsed him against Ted Cruz who shares the same christian values with him. It is my personal view that he is expecting an appointment fromTrump. Trump has already promised him Secretary of Education, if I read Trump statement correctly.

            My greatest concern is not about Trump, rather it is about those who profess they love God and can’t not see that our Faith is under attack, and that one more liberal Democrat president would allow the LGBT to close our churches and worship centers with their demand that forces us to compulsorily accept their values against our known Biblical values. We see as they are closing one christian business after another. Yet, we all know that Cruz has stood against the onslaughts of the liberals who want us to throw our bibles away and accept their values. He has time and again stood and fought for the constitution that the liberal president Obama has abused several times. Why can’t christians see this as an opportunity for us to unite and support Cruz who would help push back the liberal attacks for at least 8 more years?

            Why can’t christians see that Cruz with his legal experience is the most qualified person among the candidates to appoint a conservative justice to replace Justice Scalia? It is sad how Trump waved his “Magic Wang” with outright lies and swept away the spiritual sensitivities of professing christians like Dr. Ben. This is a sure ticket we are handing over to the Democrats in the person President Hilary because I can’t see myself voting for Trump who goes to campaign with a Bible, never opens it to read what it says, and puts it down and begin to lie and curse right away with the bible before him. It is sickening! No one doubts that Trump could be changed by God, but as Jennifer points out, we are not talking about salvation but the fact of one’s character at the moment of this election. If he would accept christ as his savior, it is not only when he becomes a president that he could be saved. We must not interpret the scriptures with the distorted ideas we hold in our thousand heads. Instead, we must allow the Bible to speak for itself without anyone trying to bend it to say what it does not say.

            My conclusion is that our children will reap the results of the decisions we are making today and it’s sad. God will hold each one of us responsible for the vote by which we chose our leaders. May God help us to wake up before it is too late! The Trump we know today is the one already hated by most world leaders, and he would cause “America the Beautiful” to be isolated. Surely, that is not the America Dr. Ben wants our children to inherit. Blessings as we listen to God going to the ballot boxes.

          • Jennefer O’Brien

            I agree with much of what you have said. I believe at this point, as Christians,we need to unite in prayer and also be bold but respectful in speaking up for righteousness. This seems like a spiritual blindness that has come over many believers, and sadly confusion and lack of discernment flourishes when false teaching and complacency dominates the “church” as a whole. But let’s take comfort in the fact that our trust is not in man, but in the LORD!

        • DA Reed Howell

          Who ever calls upon the name of the Lord, shall be saved! In this context, the word, SHALL means permission granted. You’re welcome

      • Templewind

        In your last comment you did the very thing you are saying should never be done. That puzzles me.

        A “reprobate mind” is in fact one whom God Himself has “given up” to commit that which is completely contrary to Him, and yet you claimed that Donald Trump is one such man. I submit that Mr. Trump is nowhere near a man with a reprobate mind.

        In fact, it appears to me the only real thing completely wrong with Donald Trump is that he’s never had a “come to Jesus” (for lack of better term) moment where the Spirit of The Living God imparts His Life within the recipient, i.e., being “born again”.

        Beyond that, it seems Ben Carson has a wonderful perspective

        • Jennefer O’Brien

          So my understanding of a reprobate mind is what everyone has unless they are born again……I know I did!
          As far as Ted Cruz goes, what horrible things are you talking about exactly? I know of instances with his volunteers and other organizations doing things “in the name of” Ted Cruz, but what personally are you accusing him of doing? Because yes, I do believe that believers are and should be held to a higher standard, but at the same time we can’t expect perfection in anyone! And keep in mind please, not everything posted on the internet is true! and just because someone calls someone else a lair that doesn’t make it true either! But we also, as believers, must show grace when maybe another believer could have handled a situation better! I think it is very telling when they do acknowledge mistakes, take responsibility, and privately and publicly apologize!
          As far as discerning “strategic opportunity”……… I have faith that God is in control of the chess game, He knows EVERY move, and He knows the EXACT moment in time when time is DONE…..and He WINS it’s over! The only job we have as believers on this earth is to follow His Word, our instruction manual, follow the path he allows us to see, and right now we have the freedom to vote, and our options are Trump or Cruz………. is it really that hard to discern which one of these two men God would have a follower of Jesus Christ vote for?

          • Templewind

            Praying….Thank you for your response. I will respond shortly. Shabbot Shalom!

          • Templewind

            A couple of weeks ago I said I would pray and get back to you.

            The only thing I would like to communicate, at this time, is the answer I received when praying about what might be wrong with Ted Cruz; since I was unable to support him. This happened more than a month ago, maybe two.

            First, let me say that normally answers come days after praying and many times I even miss recognizing them when they do come. (Just being transparent)

            With regard to this prayer, however, the answer was immediate, though the question had been in my heart from nearly the beginning of Ted’s presidential run announcement.

            I simply asked the Lord, “why do I have a check in my spirit with regard to Ted Cruz”?

            Immediately my mind went back 30 years ago when my wife and I had joined with 10 other pastors to fly from California to Louisiana for a Jimmy Swaggart pastor’s meeting. (his last conference)

            For the entire week there my wife and I came back to our hotel room after the day’s meetings and wept deeply. We had no idea why, but we knew something was wrong. Our friends didn’t get that same sense and sorta “cold-shouldered” us. Everyone was really excited about the week’s events. End of story, we came home.

            I believe it was only a couple of weeks, a month tops, before the Swaggart Ministry announced Jimmy Swaggart’s infidelity and sexual perversion. As a result of this, my wife and I ended up losing hundreds of thousands of dollars, a ministry, a home, and eventually almost everything we owned. (But that’s another story)

            The reason I’m telling you this story is because since my last comment to you the reported sexual sins of Ted Cruz have become a “national story”, and I wanted you to know that our belief that sexual perversion was a part of this story came long before the story broke.

            As a matter of fact, as soon as I got up from prayer I went to my wife and said, The Lord won’t let me support Ted because there is something sexually off about him, just like there was with Jimmy Swaggart.

            Please understand that I believe (as I said before) that each of us must do what we believe the direction of the Spirit of God is for our own lives. And that is particularly true when the natural inclinations conflict with His direction. This was the original desire of God for His Creation; that they would “hear Him and obey His Voice”.

            May The Lord continue to bless you in the knowledge of Him….Amen

          • Jennefer O’Brien

            While I don’t at all question your sincerity, I believe you are speaking from your heart. But I would caution anyone to believe in false gossip. I don’t give any validity to the “National Enquirer” anyway, let alone any accusation that has not one fact to back it up. Don’t you think if this were true at least one of these woman would have come forward? There are no names, and what, 5 pictures so blurred you could never tell who they are. Then throw in the ties with Trump and that “paper” and that gives even more reason to dismiss the story entirely. This all just emphasizes the fact that many Christians go with feelings over facts. I am not saying that as a believer God doesn’t give one discernment, but we have to balance that with facts, basically discern the discernment sometimes. God never tells us to put our brains on hold. The facts are that we have really two candidates left at this point who can win the Presidency, Trump and Cruz. Cruz has openly and strongly denied the story, he said that he has never cheated on his wife, and that he loves his wife dearly. They do appear to have a loving relationship with each other and they have two adorable little girls. Trump, on the other hand, had an affair on his first wife with Marla Maples who he married after the divorce. Trump also wrote in his book, The Art of the Deal, that he had slept with MANY married women. Not to mention also the many strip clubs in Trump branded casinos.These are facts, not gossip. Going with the facts I, as a christian, have only one choice, and that is Cruz, and actually the more I am learning about this man, what he has fought for, what his core values are, and watching how he deals with the below the belt tactics of Trump, I am really growing a great respect for Ted Cruz. So that is my opinion,take or leave it, but let’s all pray for God’s will in this election, as believers, that is one truth we can all unite behind right? May God bless you and your family!

          • Templewind

            Amen sister. And I do respect your decision re the nominee you’ve chosen. Frankly, I believe, however, the one thing which would guarantee a failure for the GOP(e)/RNC has already been destroyed; that would be a truce and agreement between the Trump & Cruz Camps.

            I would accept a ticket with either candidate on top with the option being anything from the left.

            RE: The NE article. Agreed that we not conclude without evidence. May the Lord not “lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil”.

            Blessing Sister in Christ!!

  • katalambano

    Godspeed! I see the Lord’s hand working in a big way–we need only trust Him.

  • Liz Litts

    This is a great interview –it gave me a lot of insight into why Dr. Carson chose to support Trump–I still don’t like Trump, but I think Dr Carson was right when he cited the example of Joseph and Daniel. Fawell Jr. Just compared Trump to King David–so that makes Dr. Carson Nathan I hope. We need a Nathan right now! We need not to be afraid to speak God’s truth into this country.l

  • I am pleased to read this interview. Many in the press have been saying Dr. Carson is turning on his people and he is only endorsing Mr. Trump because he was promised a job in the administration if he wins. I do believe Dr. Carson is coming along side as a Nathan…hopefully before too many more blunders.

  • Jennefer O’Brien

    I could agree with his perspective if the race was over and Trump was our only option. But the fact that he chose to endorse a person who clearly is not a christian and who clearly has a reprobate mind before even the midway point of of the primaries, I can’t understand that.At the time he endorsed, we still had three other options. As Christians, if given a choice, you pick the candidate that holds closest to Biblical views, if the choice is between a Christian and a flat out disgusting heathen, by golly, you pick the christian!
    His reasoning sounds like a christian who has fallen in love with a non-believer and they are trying SO hard to justify why it would be okay with God to marry them….. that maybe, somehow in the future, this will bring them to Christ, or somehow, God will just make it all work! They diligently seek out successful love stories of believers marrying non Christians and mentally start rationalizing how it could maybe, actually be RIGHT…… But meanwhile, EVERYONE in the “church” knows and are trying to tell them, out of love, that if you are single God’s word is VERY clear, do NOT be yoked with a non-believer!
    Our only job as Christians is to FOLLOW His Word, not try to figure out how God might use our disobedience to put a very messed up puzzle back together! I love DR. Carson as a brother in Christ, I supported him financially, and I agree, we should all be praying that Donald Trump would be born again. But God’s Word never changes, even when we try REALLY hard to skew it, we just end up deceiving ourselves! God’s Word is what we unify around, not peoples opinions! We need to trust GOD, be obedient, and pray for His will in this election!

    • KP

      One of the best comments I’ve read anywhere on this subject.

    • john

      the apostles cast lots to replace Judas’s position within the disciples. However God without the consent of the Christian chose a person that was murdering Christians to be his replacement. And through discipleship he went on to shake up the world even though in the beginning Ananias was even concerned about laying hands on him and praying for his sight to be returned. So maybe we should be willing to lay hands on him for God to give him sight also to receive him as savior and the Godly wisdom to lead this country, if he is God’s chose.

      • Jennefer O’Brien

        I think you are missing the fact that Paul was born again first, and THEN God used him mightily…… of course we all have pasts, but once we are born again through accepting Christ as our personal Savior can we then be used by God as His instruments. So unless I missed something….. Donald Trump is not a christian, in fact he has publicly stated that he has NEVER asked God for forgiveness…… and even if he says he is, like a lot of people do, but are not, you can tell by his fruit (what he says and does) that he definitely is NOT.
        Dr. Carson is not claiming that Trump is a christian either…..that is the point I was making. So unless we are God, we should not be in the business of trying to figure out who will become a christian in the future. We just need to obey His Word with what facts that are in front of us and what He allows us to see……It is this type of twisted thinking that makes my heart grieve over the state of the “church” today.

        • john

          I said maybe we should be willing if it be God’s chooses. God chose Saul of Tarsus before he was a christian on the road to Damascus at which time he believed. God took him to the desert and raised him up.

          Nebuchadnezzar, in spite of all his wickedness, was chosen by God to rule over Israel and all the earth. In the end after the fiery furnace Nebuchadnezzar was praising God with Daniel.

          Noah got drunk

          Jacob Lied to his father deceiving him in order to receive his blessing

          Moses Murdered a man

          Rahab was a prostitude

          David had an affair and plotted to have Bathsheba husband killed

          These were all people that God used and Blessed to carry out his plan. That is just a few if one was to do an intense study they would find many more instances of God using Sinners and non believers to achieve his purposes.

          And with that being said I am not judging Donald J Trump’s salvation he has said he is a Christian and there does seem to be testimony of fruit bearing where as he has been charitable to people he doesn’t know, but I am not there to witness this first hand so I leave that to God.

          (1 Sam 16:7 KJV) But the LORD said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart.
          I am not God So I cannot see his heart, so that is up to God.

          We need to prayerfully pick the person who will best suit this country as President and be open to the nudging of the Holy Spirit.

          • Jennefer O’Brien

            But that fact is Trump is not a born again believer therefore not a Christian. If God were actually using Trump as “His” man to be president, he would have been born again long ago and prepared him for this position……..but that obviously is NOT the case. The reality is, there were very many capable, some christian, candidates running that were brushed aside, including Dr. Carson, because America has turned their backs on God and they are clamoring for a human “savior” to fix our country! How anyone would ever think that Trump could be that person, I can’t even comprehend it…… But it’s not OVER yet, so right now the only choice left IS Ted Cruz, as a christian, for me…… there is NO other choice!
            I think it is dangerous and twisting God’s Word to say that sin is somehow approved by God to accomplish His will. I am seeing sometimes as Christians we assume that just because a situation happened or a person is placed in a position we say,”Gee, it must be God’s will!” Even the non believing world is saying, “It must have happened for a reason.” I hear that ALL the time now…. as if there is some divine hand in every situation attributing the responsibility on to God instead of being responsible for the choice they have made! Yeah, maybe the REASON is because you did something really dumb and selfish!
            I guess I am disheartened to see so many Christians trying to justify an action by saying that God “could” use this this way or that way. Just because God knows what is going to happen does not mean He “approves”…..we live in a fallen world and when man chooses to continue down a road of his own choices regardless of what he knows God has set to follow…..God allows it…… because he has given us free will! But that does not mean he approves it, or it is what is best for us!
            The life of a christian should be about being obedient to Gods Word, not follow our hearts, not try to deliberately break something to see if God will somehow use it, we need to stay within the guardrails that He has so lovingly placed for our safety, it is not OUR job to try and figure out the next chess move, we just obey what is obviously right, and leave the chess moves to Him.

          • Neecyj

            Jennefer O’Brien
            Thank you for your very appropriate,well said comments on this article. Your courageous stance when so many professing Christian are willing to follow the crowd is breath taking. Blessings to you!

          • Jennefer O’Brien

            That is very sweet and kind for you to say, thank you! I know I am not the only one who will and are standing strong…..and I also am very aware my strength is not my own, it most definitely comes from the LORD! In light of the times, believers must to stay close in our relationship with Jesus, discerning EVERYTHING through the lens of the clear light of Gods Word, and of course……pray, pray, pray…… right? God Bless you and your family!

    • Angelique Donsbach

      I couldn’t agree more with you Jennefer. I also believe that when God wants us to help a non-believer, He does not tell us to become partners in any kind of way. In other words, we should not have any personal benefit. We can be a friend to a non-believer, but without being personally involved. The truth is one and is not complicated. Many times people do certain things because of personal gratification, in this case power, and always try to justify their actions so that they do not feel that they were disobedient. It never works when we compromise with the devil.
      What Jennefer said was very true and opinions like that should be expected from religious leaders. God’s truth is only one and is written in the Bible.

    • Cindy Kay

      Jennefer, the only thing wrong with your argument is your premise that the other three candidates were true Christians. Cruz by his fruits does not strike me as a Christian at all. Over and over, he does underhanded things in his effort to win the nomination. Even worse is his associations with CFR members including his wife and campaign staff. His general tendency toward globalism is not the way to go. There is also a lot to question with Rubio and Kasich as well. As far as a brokered convention, in general, it doesn’t have to be bad but this year there are establishment Republicans who hope to put in someone who wasn’t even a candidate this year. This is what Dr. Carson wishes to prevent and knows that Trump is the only way to do it. Carson seems to be the only one who is thinking things through.

      • Jennefer O’Brien

        I don’t know what “underhanded things” Ted Cruz has done that would lead you to believe he is not christian, he has a long history of always fighting for and standing for christian truths and liberties. He is a solid member of his church according to his Pastor, and he came forward as a child accepting Christ as his personal Savior. There have been a couple incidents with some of his volunteers and other groups doing things, but not with Ted Cruz himself, and he cannot be held responsible for some people being stupid. He apologized after the Carson thing, and when his staffer forwarded the video of Rubio, Cruz fired him! He said that he will not allow his campaign to stoop to that level. Trump is the one who has run a downright dirty, disgusting, below the belt, campaign! I don’t think anyone could dispute that! Just because Trump calls a man with great integrity “Ly’in Ted” that doesn’t prove he is.
        Also, You are confused about CFR and this is very important….it is TRUMP is who is in bed with CFR, not Cruz! Ted Cruz calls CFR a brood of vipers, or snakes, I can’t remember the exact quote, but you can look it up. Cruz wants nothing to do with this organization and believes they are pure evil! Trump named Richard Haas, the head of CFR as someone he would look to for advise! That was done at one of the debates….please look up these things, they are very easy to find, this is such an important election, and in this day and age, no one has an excuse to be ignorant of the truth. I know it is easier to just follow the crowd, but you know what your Mom always about that….something involving a cliff? I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be harsh but I can’t let “false facts” remain unexposed.

        • Wayne Cook

          Have to agree with U Jenny. Thanks for the details. They ARE important!

  • Joseph Cristel

    ” Be angry and sin not” seems to be appropriate here. Jesus overthrew the tables of the money changers in the temple and THEN took a whip and beat them. Most of our “spiritual” leaders would have been aghast at His actions and that would have ended His chances of being the Messiah, but it was appropriate for the occasion. I don’t suspect that General George Patton with his profanity and bravado would have received Mr. Robison’s endorsement but he got God’s, including some marvelous answers to his war time prayers.
    Stop obsessing about a Trump “spiritual transformation”. You pastors need to look to your own “flocks”. Tens of millions of Evangelical didn’t vote in the last election, some because they weren’t even registered! What have YOU been doing, “spiritual” leaders?? Evidently, not much. Too busy packing your bags to go to Heaven?
    Ben seems to have a better take on the overall election than James. More pragmatic and thoughtful. .

    • Kristen P

      good points

  • Larry R. Wright

    If we are going to pray for a Saul of Tarsus type transformation to Paul the Apostle for Donald Trump, why not say the same prayer for Rothschild, Rockefeller, Netanyahu and Soros?

    • birch

      James Robison, perhaps Ben Carson too, are of the synagogue of Satan.. They do support Israel as God’s chosen people and therefore no Christians. I doubt they would dare to pray for the elite.

      • Ben Carson does not, I believe, support Israel as the chosen people. SDAs believe that Israel’s time has been fulfilled, as per the prophecies in Daniel, and that now ‘Israel’ means ‘spiritual Israel’. God made the second covenant with spiritual Israel, which includes every person on earth. The Jews also, but on an equal footing as everyone else. They are no longer “God’s chosen people”.

      • Wayne Cook

        I know both men. Neither is of Satan. And they do pray for the elite. Your skewed opinion is serously off base and totally unscriptural. When was the last time you prayed with humility?

        • birch

          So you know both men; that is nice. As long as they support the illegal israel they are NOT of God. You can take this to the bank. Robison’s TV ministry wouldn’t survive if he dared to withdraw his support for Israel, which is actually Palestine. You see the big lie hidden in that? Now tell me again how both men, or you for that matter, pray in humility to free the Palestinians from the terroristic grip of the Israelis. You are ALL such big fakes when it comes to this undemocratic and terrorist state of Israel.

          • Wayne Cook

            That anti-semtic philosophy you hold is heretical and also anti Biblical…. the Aramaic and Hebrew wording does not allow for a replacement theology, which you espouse.

            And there was no such name as Palestine…shame on you for your inimical name calling. That is also not Biblical.

          • birch

            Since you want to hold on to this lie, I am not going to waste my time with you. I told you the truth, the rest is up to you.

  • Terry Mather

    I believe we should pray for the Christians who see Donald Trump as an answer to our problems in America. Instead of making America great again we should want to turn America back to God again and then it will be great! I do not understand why we as Christians could not unite around any of the candidates who were outspoken Christians and defended their faith?

  • Babs

    Great discussion. I believe Mr. Trump is not the person he is betraying with his bullying, I don’t believe a man could be as successful in business as he has been acting that way. I pray that if he does receive the Republican nomination that he let’s us hear more on what his platform is for making American Great and that all the potential candidates STOP yelling each other and tell the American public what they plan. I will have to say I think this has been the worst debating season that we have ever seen. Praying that God’s will be done.

    • Wayne Cook

      Then you should hear the guy who just resigned from the Trump camp. Trump is a man who is possibly suffering from dementia and becoming more and more cruel to people around him as pressure and time accumulate.

      • Jennefer O’Brien

        That would make a whole lot of sense if true. I would like to research, if you don’t mind, could you post their name please & thank you!

        • Wayne Cook

          Jennifer, the reason I didn’t was because it was requested not be made public, the words were off record between three of us…notice I wrote “possible”…It was kind of shocking to me as well…go for it…there are plenty of site with info available…

  • Suzy Jones

    Wonderful discussion and in-depth. Dr Carson loves this country and should have been endorsed by more spiritual leaders. He has spoken with Trump quite a bit. I have not and I trust Dr Carsons judgment.

  • JeffOhhh

    Dr. Carson expressed his concern about a brokered convention & that that is why he endorsed Trump. Maybe it’s me but isn’t it a bit early to be concerned about that. If you have faith for a change of heart in Trump, where’s the faith to believe for a Godly man to still win the nomination?

    • DA Reed Howell

      My Lord, my God!! JeffOhhh, I love your post. Will we professing christians stretch our “NOW” faith? Your post is without a doubt the best post I’ve read on the internet about our fine Dr Ben Carson. You preach, friend!!!!

  • Terry Mather

    I think we are forgetting one thing. God can change anyone but that will not change the perception of many who are republican voters who #anyone but Trump. He is viewed as racist by many and his get even mentality will not be forgotten before the election.

  • Janet Johnson

    Don’t you see that this is the ends of time and God is in control; He will put in as president a person that will change the world back to Christianity (giving us another change of hearing the Gospel), or someone that is part of Satan’s take over of the world. I trust in Jesus. I see so many Christians supporting Trump and I am shocked.

  • DA Reed Howell

    James and Betty Robison, thanks for having our wonderful Dr Ben Carson on your show, Life Today! The interview was out of the ceiling great! I have one question though. What’s us with the shoes sitting on the table. Jesus can speak anyway He chooses. Several weeks ago as I looked at Dr Carson’s photo on my laptop, the Lord spoke, Red Sea into my spirit. All I could do was drop my head and weep. About three weeks later, our Alabama Group for WINBENWIN received a short inbox from General Major Dees. In the inbox we read, Dr Carson looked over his shoulder and saw Moses and the Red sea. We know that the word says, out of the mouth of two, a word is established. Please share with me the purpose of those shoes on your set table. I look forward to hearing from you, Betty or any staff member that can shed some light on THOSE SHOES. lol,lol. God’s large and in charge and I can’t wait for a reply. Keep up the good work. Life Today is life changing!

  • John W.

    Carson’s reasons are not good enough for me to support Trump. I don’t have any problem with a contested convention. It has happened before. It won’t be the end of the world.

    Here are the reasons I’m not supporting Trump: he’s a narcissist, a demagogue and not a conservative, which why he was a no-show at CPAC… also, he is not a Republican, which is why he has threatened and continues to threaten to go 3rd party. Furthermore, he doesn’t understand the constitution, which is why he won’t debate Cruz one-on-one. He also has very little respect for his fellow man, which is why he is so “good” with gratuitous insults… (I could go on and on.) Finally, none of his supporters have been able to give me an intelligent reason why I should support him.

    The rise of Trump tells us more about the moral collapse of the American culture and the sorry state of the U.S. education system than anything else. Donald Trump would have a very small following if we actually taught students basic U.S. civics and how to think logically. Just getting angry is not thinking at all. Anger and raw emotion, not reason, is what is fueling Trump’s campaign. That’s not only bad for the GOP, it’s bad for the USA.

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