In Tillerson, Trump Nominates ‘Greatest Ally Liberals Have’ in the Cabinet, Says Christian Conservative Leader

By The Stream Published on December 13, 2016

“The ExxonMobil executive may be the greatest ally liberals have in the Cabinet for their abortion and LGBT agendas,” Christian conservative leader Tony Perkins said of Donald Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. He wrote on Monday before the nomination was officially made. He had been a strong Trump supporter during the election campaign.

Tillerson, the CEO of ExxonMobil, is “among the most accomplished business leaders and international deal makers in the world,” Trump said when nominating him. His career “is the embodiment of the American dream.”

The head of the Family Research Council noted in his Washington Update that Tillerson “not only led the charge to open the Boy Scouts to gay troop leaders but [his] company directly gives to Planned Parenthood.” Perkins continued:

FRC knows Tillerson all too well, having worked for years to put the brakes on his reckless agenda for a scouting organization that was already dealing with staggering numbers of sexual abuse cases. Unfortunately, the BSA, under Tillerson, ultimately caved to the pressure of the far-Left, irreparably splitting the Scouts and destroying a proud and honorable American tradition.

Tillerson served as president of the Boy Scouts from 2010 to 2011 and pushed for the acceptance of homosexual scouts and scoutmasters. However, when questioned by the Daily Caller, ExxonMobil said that it gave to Planned Parenthood through its employee matching gift and volunteer programs. The giving “does not reflect ExxonMobil’s philanthropic priorities or support for community causes.”

Support For the LBGT Agenda

Perkins also noted that while Tillerson led the ExxonMobile, its 2017 score on the homosexual lobby Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index “skyrocketed to 87 percent.” (It’s actually a score of 85 out of 100.) It had been only 40 last year.

The company had perfect scores in practices like providing medical and “soft” benefits to homosexual partners and “non-discrimination standards” for its contractors and vendors. It got good scores in prohibiting “discrimination” against homosexual and transgender people and “positively” engaging the “external LGBT community.”

However, the HRC criticized Trump for his four nominees with “troubling anti-LGBTQ records.” They are Rick Perry (Energy), Tom Price (Health and Human Services), Ben Carson (HUD) and Jeff Sessions (Attorney General). It strongly opposes vice president-elect Mike Pence.

Perkins noted that under President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, “the State Department led the global parade for the slaughter of innocent unborn children and the intimidation of nations with natural views on marriage and sexuality.” He worried that Tillerson will continue their policies.

Whether Tillerson will press these issues as secretary of state is unknown, notes Religion News Service’s David Gibson. “He would be serving at the pleasure of a president who has vowed to enshrine the social conservative agenda in his policies,” Gibson writes. However, Perkins’ opposition may “augur an unexpectedly early end to the honeymoon with evangelical Christians — Perkins was one of Trump’s most vocal supporters on the religious right during the campaign.”

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