Imprison Steve Bannon Until the Election Is Over? Legal Scapegoat Sidney Powell Speaks Out

By John Zmirak Published on June 10, 2024

Patriots will remember Sidney Powell from the effort to “Stop the Steal” in 2020. Thanks to the unprecedented legal persecution unleashed on her since then by the Biden regime, multiple state governments, and lawless bar associations, Powell has been preoccupied. But the pending imprisonment of Steve Bannon led her to speak up via an interview with The Stream.

The Stream: Thank you for taking time out from your own fight against leftist lawfare, which has targeted you more than almost anyone else in our country. The Stream documented your fight in our five-part series, “The Hunting of Sidney Powell.”

On the 80th anniversary of D-Day, we saw the latest ratcheting up of authoritarian tactics by the Biden regime: Steve Bannon, former White House strategist for President Donald Trump, was sentenced to prison for the entire run-up to the 2024 election. Are there any legal merits to Bannon’s conviction?

Sidney Powell: The Bannon and Peter Navarro prosecutions and imprisonments are a complete travesty of justice and prove yet again we have separate standards for Republicans and Democrats. Obama-era Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress, but faced no prosecution. Dianne Feinstein hosted a Chinese spy for years, yet word is not even he was prosecuted. Adam Schiff has regularly leaked information that is important to national security. Democrats are free to commit myriad crimes while conservatives are persecuted. They put us in the Conviction Machine and turn it on.

Bannon had no criminal intent. This is “deja vu all over again.” (See the Arthur Andersen decision.) If Bannon were a Democrat, he would not have been prosecuted, or convicted, or sentenced to prison. Remember Kevin Clinesmith, the FBI agent who flat-out obstructed justice by falsifying evidence? No jail time. Bannon was relying on his lawyer and the venerable institution of executive privilege.

TS: The origin of this conviction is the January 6 Committee. Was that properly and legally constituted in accordance with House rules? Was it in any sense a search for the truth? Or was it something else?

SP: The J6 Commission was neither properly constituted nor a search for truth. It was another angle of lawfare used to add to the extraordinary expense and hassle of countless people. I testified for six hours, happy to tell them what I knew, and all they used was a clip of me holding up a Dr. Pepper to make fun of me. I thought it was both hilarious that the committee focused on that and pitiful that they ignored the massive evidence of fraud in the election. I think we provided them about 60,000 pages. All President Trump wanted was to find out the truth.

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TS: Can you comment on the political tactic of “anarcho-tyranny” and explain how it’s central to the leftist playbook today? What kind of threat does it pose to our justice system, and even civil peace in America?

SP: We are experiencing anarcho-tyranny, which is antithetical to the rule of law. We watch the evil and the guilty protected by our government, while the innocent are persecuted. The First Amendment right to petition our government and seek redress of grievances in our courts is the last peaceful way to resolve our disputes. We risk people resorting to violence as their last means of being heard when our institutions fail any pretense of fundamental fairness. The Leftists in power believe #WeThePeople are stupid. Election 2024 must prove them wrong.

Countless Legal Errors Infect It

TS: What’s your comment on the Trump conviction? Do you think he will end up having to campaign from a jail cell, like Lech Walesa in Communist Poland? How would that play out politically?

SP: The Trump conviction in New York cannot stand in a real court of law. It was yet another manufactured prosecution and obviously done with direct influence from the puppet Biden regime. It’s lawfare at its worst. It made a mockery of what used to be the most revered justice system in the world. The judge may try to imprison Trump, but if any appellate courts wants to have any credibility or respect again, they must stay that order and reverse the case on appeal for the countless legal errors that infect it. It has all backfired on the Left. The mask they’ve managed to keep over their evil for decades is gone. The American people know now there is nothing they won’t do to maintain power. Trump terrifies them on every level.

TS: Why do you think the Biden machine is resorting to such blatant, Honduras-in-the-1950s-style tactics? It has all our media behind it, and the same election theft mechanisms that delivered it the White House in 2020.

The puppet regime of O’Biden — installed by every means of election fraud imaginable and more — is absolutely desperate. Their “intel community” and global operatives know the American people have caught on to their massive fraud and rank abuses of power. Biden is an international embarrassment. They see the outpouring of support for Trump — at rallies, in the polls, by financial contributions — and everything they do to Trump causes more people to support him. The jig is up.

We Must Win So Big They Can’t Steal It

TS: When you wrote Licensed to Lie about prosecutorial misconduct on the federal level, did you ever dream that things would get this bad?

SP: I knew the FBI and DOJ were grossly abusing their power and the law. As I’ve watched each member of the corrupt prosecutorial cabal from the Enron Task Force promoted to the highest halls of government under Bush (Matthew Friedrich), Obama (Andrew Weissmann, Kathryn Reummler, Leslie Caldwell), and now Biden (Lisa Monaco), it’s incontrovertible that there is a uniparty. Obama and Biden exponentially escalated the abuses of power, law, and process. We must turn this country around right now by electing Trump again. We’re approaching a 1776 moment. We must restore the Republic. Everyone must find a way to work to help secure this election for liberty.

Trump won by a landslide in 2020. He’s going to win by more this time. The bigger the margin of victory, the more difficult to rig. Get the vote out. Every Christian in this country must vote.

If you would like to support Sidney Powell in her efforts, visit the website of her organization, Defending the Republic.


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream and author or coauthor of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. His newest book is No Second Amendment, No First.

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