On Immigration, The New York Times’ Bias Is So Extreme, it Generates #FakeNews

By John Zmirak & Al Perrotta Published on June 13, 2018

The New York Times’ coverage of the crucial House negotiations on immigration lives up to all our worst expectations. It’s so tendentious that it reads like a smudgy blue mimeograph of a radical leftist newsletter from 1977. The paper is simply shameless. It calls conservatives “hard-line,” but never applies any such language to the left. No Republican is “liberal.” If he votes with the left he is “moderate.” Apparently, a “far-left” position on immigration is simply … impossible. For the Times it cannot exist.

With all that in mind, let’s look at the substance of the crucial issues that face our elected representatives. Whose job, it’s good to remember, is to make and uphold our laws. And look out for American citizens’ interests.

Our Laws Turned into a Welcome Mat

Right now there’s a free-for-all in Congress over what to offer “DREAMERs” and DACA recipients. And whether Americans will get anything whatsoever in return. Or will we offer yet another no-strings amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, thus inviting in millions more? Will we remind the 147 million would-be immigrants who told Gallup they want to come to America that our laws are just a welcome mat, on which they can wipe their feet?

A “clean” bill offering amnesty, which liberal Republicans back along with leftist Democrats, would give away the following:

  • Eventual citizenship and the right to vote to more than 1.7 million illegal immigrants, whose parents smuggled them in as children.
  • The right to sponsor those parents as citizens themselves.
  • Those parents, once they are citizens, the right to import their parents or siblings.
  • Each of those imports the right to do the same, ad infinitum.

Now we hear many heart-wrenching stories of children whose parents broke our laws to bring them in here. President Trump offered a very generous compromise earlier this year. It would have offered them amnesty, but them alone. It would have ended the crackpot, nepotistic scheme of Chain Migration. PIG Immigration

Such so-called “family reunification” accounts for 68% of legal migrants to the U.S. Not highly skilled workers, or brilliant entrepreneurs. Just somebody’s brother. And often that somebody himself came here illegally. That’s a great way to fill up our cities with high school dropouts who don’t speak English. But it’s no way to run a country.

My Offer Is: Nothing

Those who support a “clean” amnesty reject any of the reasonable reforms that would make the next amnesty (and the next, and the next) unnecessary. They won’t support any bill that trades this massive compromise of U.S. law for the most basic national security and law enforcement measures that would let us control our border:

  • Building a wall.
  • Making E-Verify mandatory, so that illegal workers are flagged immediately when employees try to hire them.
  • Tracking and removing the millions who come here as “tourists” or “students,” then never leave. (That’s how the key 9/11 hijackers remained here long enough to finish their flight training.)
  • Replacing Chain Migration as the source of new Americans with a merit-based system like Canada’s or Australia’s.
  • Cutting the numbers of low-skill migrants who come to compete with poor Americans for our shrinking number of low-skill jobs.
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For the New York Times, it’s “moderate” to demand a mass amnesty, while refusing to plug the gaping holes in our system. It’s “hardline” to expect something in return for this enormous concession. Apparently Bill Clinton, Barbara Jordan, and Harry Reid were all “far-right” when they demanded respect for America’s immigration laws. A “far-left” position doesn’t even exist, nor even a “liberal” one. It’s “moderate” to make extraordinary demands, while brazenly refusing to compromise. In fact, the “moderate” position amounts to the one gangster Michael Corleone took in Godfather II, when dealing with a corrupt senator seeking bribes [WARNING: profanity]:


Expect a better deal than that for America? Then you’re “hard-line.” No wonder people keep talking about FakeNews.

In our The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration, we decode this kind of tendentious rhetoric, compile the shocking statistics, and expose who benefits from our corrupt and lawless immigration status quo. Some benefactor ought to buy a copy for every member of Congress. And maybe for every member of the White House Press Corps.

It’s an education they can’t refuse. 

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