If We Reject Trump, We May Be Inviting Persecution

When the election is Constantine vs. Diocletian, Christians don't get to stay home.

By John Zmirak Published on October 5, 2016

Should Christians get behind Donald Trump?

As I’ve demonstrated here, on every criterion of politics, it seems to me that electing Donald Trump is less dangerous to the preaching of the gospel, the safety of Christian institutions from colleges down to the family, and the lives of unborn children. We don’t have to believe the claim that he’s even a “baby Christian” to recognize that this is true. Winston Churchill wasn’t any kind of Christian, but he defended our institutions and our freedoms, and that was all we needed. It is all the church ever needs. Given our own failure to evangelize the culture, it may be more than we deserve.

But aren’t Christians all about asking God for exactly that — more than we deserve? If it sounds like I’m saying that the election of Donald Trump might be a moment of unmerited grace for the United States of America. … Yes, given the only live alternative, that is exactly what I mean.

I think that some Christian resistance to backing this candidate comes down to simple distaste  — some of it justified. This is a man with multiple divorces, a flashy and hedonistic lifestyle, a penchant for juvenile insults — the list could go on and on. It can wear down the soul just to think about it, and that’s for a simple reason: It’s gossip. The sins of other people aren’t meant to be fodder for our spiritual reflection, though the devil tells us otherwise. The flaws that matter in a political leader are those that connect to his likely performance in office, compared to the real-world alternatives. When we say we prefer the hard-drinking, foul-mouthed, racist agnostic Winston Churchill, we mean compared to Adolf Hitler. It’s nonsense to line up every leader next to Jesus or even our ideal politician. I promise you, they will all fall far short.

Besides, there’s a long history of Christians humbly setting aside their craving for a fully admirable leader, in recognition of a stark reality: In a fallen world, we are subject to violence. Those we are called to protect, from our own children to those in the wombs of desperate strangers, demand that we find a way to defend them. If we look at the sword which God has left in our path, and sniff that it isn’t shiny enough or might be caked with mud, and leave the innocents to suffer — make no mistake, we will answer for it.

Do Not Put God to the Test

The early Church is a good guide for this. For centuries, Christians had suffered hideously — being hunted like animals by the Roman secret police, then rounded up and killed in gruesome ways in the Colosseum as public entertainment. Many thousands were skinned alive, hanged, burned, or torn apart by animals, to the cheers and jeers of the crowd. Many more renounced their faith to save their lives, then eked out stolen decades haunted by guilt — to face an uncertain fate on the day of judgment. We might like to pretend that we would act like heroes or martyrs, but most people don’t. It’s our job to avoid and help others avoid occasions of sin, such as this one. Jesus himself warned us not to put the Lord our God to the test.

As Philip Jenkins documented in his powerful, tragic The Lost History of Christianity, by the year 1000 the majority of Christians on earth lived in the Middle East and Asia. Yet within 200 years those churches had virtually disappeared, ground down by persecution. All that’s left of most of them are a few scattered ruins in deserts, and scraps of bibles found in the lavatories of mosques.

It can happen here. Hillary Clinton and the worldview she represents have promised to make it happen here. What else can you make of her speech to the United Nations, where she said that for women to enjoy their fundamental rights, guaranteed by the government, Christian beliefs on abortion would have to change?



Is that any different from Diocletian decreeing that we must worship the emperor? Obama’s number two lawyer already told the Supreme Court that churches which don’t perform same-sex marriages will have to face crippling taxes. We can’t say we haven’t been warned.


When the pagan warlord Constantine came to power in 312, he rallied support from Christians by revoking their persecution. For the first time in hundreds of years, the church could operate in the open. Constantine himself remained religiously ambiguous, only accepting baptism on his deathbed — once he’d already committed the many sins he thought he would need to, to keep his throne. He saw one of his sons, Crispus, as a political rival and had him cruelly executed. He did not move to create an ideal Christian society; slavery remained perfectly legal. So did the exposure of unwanted infants. Constantine let passersby who rescued such infants claim them and sell them as slaves. The poor were taxed cruelly, and the sons of army veterans were forcibly conscripted as soldiers themselves.

Perfectionist Christians, who demanded the kingdom of heaven on earth, or felt a profound distaste for this ruthless autocrat, might have held themselves aloof and refused to work with Constantine — as one sect, the Donatists did. They scorned the prayers of “imperfect” Christians, and removed themselves to live in “pure” communities. But the vast majority of Christians, including the hundreds of bishops who had remained faithful under persecution, looked instead to Constantine with gratitude as a gift from a loving God. The early Christian poet Lactantius wrote this hymn of praise:

We should now give thanks to the Lord, Who has gathered together the flock that was devastated by ravening wolves, Who has exterminated the wild beasts which drove it from the pasture. Where is now the swarming multitude of our enemies, where the hangmen of Diocletian and Maximian? God has swept them from the earth; let us therefore celebrate His triumph with joy; let us observe the victory of the Lord with songs of praise, and honor Him with prayer day and night. …

Constantine’s Council Gave Us the Creed

The bishops were more than grateful. They were downright cooperative, allowing Constantine to summon a church council to resolve controversies over the divinity of Christ. He paid for the bishops’ travel and gave the keynote speech at the council’s opening — then used the force of law to enact its decisions. It was this council, held in Nicaea, that gave us the formula still recited by well over a billion Christians: the Nicene Creed.

Since the church is the means of salvation, its first duty, after faithfulness, is self-preservation. I cannot think of a less loving or less Christian thing to do than to willfully raise the risk of a persecution that might lead souls to hell. If we do that out of distaste, to keep our hands “clean,” or to keep up the federal funding for our favorite government program, we are failing as Christians. I for one don’t wish to hear on the Last Day these words: “I was persecuted, since you did not protect me.”


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John Zmirak is a Senior Editor at The Stream and author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism.

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  • Wayne Cook

    May be? Have you ever lived under a communist government? Our family stayed packed for a YEAR, fearful of being kicked out of a country where missionaries lives were on the chopping block! And it wasn’t Uganda or China!

  • In this world you WILL have trouble. Stop worrying how to avoid that and start seeking the Kingdom first, loving God and our fellow mankind – the ones who look like us and the ones who don’t. The ones who happen to be born here or in other places like Allepo, Mexico, or Africa. Stand up for the widow and the orphan and stop entertaining the politician. Rise up and live a life worthy of a dealth penelty or jail time. Stop worrying about what men think and start asking God what He says.

  • Glenda Cloutier

    If by rejecting Trump, Christians in fact invite persecution, maybe that’s exactly what we need to do. Trust God to handle the consequences of His people voting from the conscience He gave us, and trust Him to be with us through those consequences which arise from our obedience. Constantine may have been the first to use the cross of Christ to advance his own vainglorious lust for power and territorial control, but he won’t be the last. That by no means validates the proposition that we should support the next one who cynically appropriates the tactic. The first duty of the church after faithfulness is self-preservation? This is fear talking. God preserves His church. His people obey even in the face of persecution.

  • MerleTemple

    I’m pretty sure that my Savior won’t be arriving by Air Force One.

  • Diane Huff

    Voting for a particular candidate, against one’s conscience, for the sake of avoiding possible persecution, doesn’t sound to me like the right thing to do. Unfortunately, during the primaries, a group of Republican voters put us in this terrible position. I will be voting third party…Evan McMullin…an honorable and reasonable conservative. And I won’t need to hold my nose when my vote is cast.

    • Packer Backer

      Evan has five votes coming from our extended family.

      • Diane Huff

        That is terrific news!! He will be receiving votes from my family too…here in PA. We are happy to have such a wonderful choice in Evan!

        • Michael Clayton

          Just what we need a Mormon neocon

          • Diane Huff

            You’re seriously going to try to go THERE?! Anyone responding with intellectual honesty knows that McMullin is the better man.

          • Michael Clayton

            Like Romney?

          • Diane Huff

            Last I checked, Romney isn’t a 2016 presidential candidate.

        • DG

          Why not write-in a family member’s name?

    • Lorenz

      Evan McMullin is a bought and paid for neocon whose only purpose is to destroy the GOP and put Clinton in power. McMullen wants to overthrow Assad in Syria which will place the region in the hands of ISIS and Al Nusra who will finish the ethnic cleansing of the significant Christian minority. He also, supports same sex marriage. Oh, and your honorable and reasonable conservative supports same sex marriage. Yes, if you can stomach such a man and that voting for him will only help Clinton win then feel free to do so.

  • mattwm

    If Trump loses, we will forever be an establishment career politician country. We can forget about ever having a 3rd party president, because that’s basically what Trump is an if he can’t accomplish it, no one can. So when you vote, vote for the country, not for your own personal needs.

    • Packer Backer

      So you’re going up the country, where the water tastes like Kool Aid?

      • Michael Clayton

        Hillary needs a bagman, you interested?

  • Packer Backer

    I wonder where Satan was lurking these days, seems he’s masquerading as a Christian attempting to entice true Christians to elevate his bag man Donald “I love Mammon!” Trump.

    I should have guessed.

  • Bill610

    For me, I can’t vote fpr Trump not because of what he’s done in his personal life, but what he promises to do if elected: murder innocent people (the families of terrorists) and torture accused terrorists–kinda like what happened to Jesus when the most powerful nation on earth at that time deemed that particular Middle Easterner to be a threat to them.

    So Clinton will persecute Christians, you say, without a shred of evidence, and therefore we should vote for Trump to stop her. First, you completely fail to support your claim with so much as a single quote. But I guess we’re all supposed to just know that it’s true, since that’s been the right-wing line about Democrats since at least 1992. Then, you advocate the absolutely disgusting claim that Christians should therefore vote out of fear instead of on principle. There is no basis whatsoever for recommending this. If you don’t accept either of the major parties’ candidates, then vote for a minor party candidate whose principles you agree with. If you can’t find one, then don’t vote. There’s no biblical mandate to vote, but there is one to not support evil.

  • rdrift1879

    You can ask Athanasius whether or not the Council of Nicea and Constantine ended persecution.

    • BTP

      Seeing how the great saint did not end his life nailed to anything, eaten alive by anything, or set on fire – and how he was never forced to hold red-hot iron or have his tongue cut out or his eyes put out or his nose cut off, I suspect he would view the whole thing as progress.

  • mdavt

    And many think if Trump is elected then other classes of people might be persecuted. Like many, I see a choice between two or more ‘evils’ here and I refuse to affirmatively vote for any of them.

  • Adnnews1

    I do not have any blinders on. Trump nor Hillary is the answer. I agree that Trump is not a Christian in any real sense of the word, but I look at the alternative and cringe. I know what will happen if Hillary gets in. It will be bad. But Constantine was not the answer to the Church, he just exaterbated the problem. There were doctrines that were coming into the Church that those in the 1st and 2nd century would have considered heretical. And much, but not all of the Christians accepted these practices. I do not necessarily agree that with Trump, the Church will not suffer persecution, it may allow the Church to stay open more in the world. (However, that is not always good).

    I look at this election through the eyes of II Chr 7:14-If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. We have to pray and take our nation to the polls, otherwise we deserve the govt that we get.

    The Church does not need to be enveloped by the world, but stand out.

  • Michael Clayton

    Was George Bush a Christian when he killed innocent Iraqis under the guise of regime change? Trump might say mean things but he’s not a cold blooded murderer of innocent people. Now these people are flooding Europe and here. Hillary is a neocon too.

  • Susanne

    By some of the comments in here it looks like Donatism has made a come back. The bishops have as their idol open boarders with the road paved with aborted babies. The third party and stay at home “conscience” voters are just helping to lay the asphalt.

    • ArthurMcGowan

      It’s horrifying to read the comments from moral imbeciles who reduce everything to “purity” or “cleanliness.”

      Jesus called it “straining at gnats and swallowing camels.” Trump said something mean about Rosie O’Donnell. HORRORS!!! Hillary thinks 58 million dead babies isn’t enough. FIDDLE-DEE-DEE!

  • Captain Mann

    I don’t fear a President Hillary, but I certainly loathe it. However, it is entirely possible that she could end up leading from the middle like her husband was forced to do. In any case. I have to force myself to remember that God is in control. We win if we remember that one thing, no matter who we vote for or who wins. My personal opinion.

    • I’m glad that you understand how Bill Clinton was moderated. I’m disappointed that you imagine that it will happen again.

      Point out to me which of our current crop of Representatives has the force of character to do as Newt Gingrich did in the 1990s.

      And, yes, we should always trust God. But to quote one of His proxies from a children’s story, “Nothing ever happens the same way twice.”

  • Ed McCar

    The big red flag that I have is that Hillary’s running mate is a self proclaimed Jesuit. Everyone should be aware that Jesuits are the enforcement arm of the Catholic church. This is how the church enforces it’s edicts on the people. (ie persecutions) As we have seen in recent history, the Pope is getting more bold in becoming more inclusive. He accepts things and wants us to accept things that are biblically wrong in the notion that we should be more tolerant. The Pope (the one that wears the white robe or the Pope that everyone recognises and is referred to as the white pope) sets the tone for the church. There is another pope (the one that wears a black robe and is referred to as the black pope) is the Jesuit pope. The present Pope is Jesuit trained which means he could flip the script at any time. Doesnt anyone know what happened in the dark ages when you were persecuted or killed for not being Catholic. History does repeat itself and it could happen again. If you don’t think so think about the thousands of children who are sexually abused by the men of the church and then the church protects them by transferring them to other unsuspecting churches to prey on children again. Another fact about Jesuits is that they have been kicked out of numerous countries for infiltrating govts. So we need to be careful who we put into office.

    • Adrian M. Kleinbergen

      A Jesuit? ?!! We’re screwed now!!!

  • Lorenz

    Very good article. Although I rarely go there, I took a quick look at Mr. “Benedict Option” Rod Dreher’s blog at the AC and he is now pretty much overtly supporting Clinton. I guess he is hoping for more book sales with a Clinton victory.

  • Richard Malcolm

    There’s little doubt that a Hillary Clinton presidency represents the probability of a gradually scaling up soft persecution of traditional Christians. But I think too many of us – Mr. Zmirak included – are not taking seriously enough the possibility that a Trump presidency really could be worse (in an unwitting way). As Ross Douthat put it earlier today: “The possibility that a totally incompetent and feckless Republican President might be worse for the country *and* conservatism than 4 yrs of HRC is not an inarguable proposition. But it’s one that needs *far* more searching consideration than I’ve seen from pro-Trump writers.”

  • How utterly disappointing.

    The author, John Zmirack, is engaging in the chief activity of all those who have surrendered their integrity to support Donald Trump: generating a fantasy candidate to minimize their discomfort.

    The fact is that the persecution of the Church is rising in the culture. It’s not going to be produced by a bad President. It’s going to be produced by a bad people–the same people who produced the rancid choice of presidential candidates that we’re all facing.

    Folks: it hardly matters who gets elected President. We’re facing a corrupt nation dominated by Progressive nonsense, a worldview not all that different from the worldview that dominated eastern Europe for the last half of the 20th century. That worldview tolerates lies and hates Christianity. Trump is not going to save us from this; he’s part of it. It’s coming because the Evangelical church has failed to influence North American culture.

    Yes, we can ask for mercy. But candidly, the mercy we’re asking for turns out to be like the mercy God showed Israel after 700 years of their apostasy. Captivity in Babylon after the decimation of every city in Israel was God’s mercy. If He had shown them no mercy, we would be speaking of Jews the way we speak of Hittites, an ancient race buried in the dust.

    We’re going into captivity, folks, speaking figuratively. Don’t believe anybody who tells you otherwise.

    • Chip Crawford

      You are missing several things, but you know better too much to be bothered.

      • You should spend a few moments prayerfully examining what, precisely, you intended to accomplish by posting such a comment. If you’re capable of that sort of honest self-reflection, I don’t think you’re going to like the information it yields–but you’ll be a better man for having made the effort.

        • Chip Crawford

          It appears you are accustomed to a degree of reverence toward your opinion such that you count it definitive, even if the reverers number only one. As I am a steward of my time and of sufficient experience with life to know that trying to realign such persons as yourself with reality is an exercise in futility, I forego an attempt at same. Good day to you.

    • Ann Malley

      “…those who have surrendered their integrity to support Donald Trump.”

      Have you ever been to war?

      That said, you’re already in captivity.

    • Kate Snyder

      Excellent insight. Thank you for sharing.

  • chezami

    Ridiculous defenses of a sex predator will do far more harm to the Church than anything Caesar can do. “Do not fear him who can harm the body. Fear him who can destroy both body and soul in hell.”

    • Lorenz

      Hello Mark Shea. Are you talking about Bill Clinton with his rape of Juanita Broaddrick? His molestation of Monica Lewinsky? Paula Jones? Kathleen Wiley? etc. etc.? About how Hillary vowed to go after these women? Are you talking about how Hillary defended a man who raped a 12 year old girl (and damaged her life forever), tampered with the evidence, and then laughed how she got him off and that she does not trust polygraph tests after he passed one? No, Mark we know already know the answer. You and the seamless garment crowd are working to get Clinton in the white house again. I have to ask you, aside from Trump talking crudely (and disgustingly) but not unlike the typical speech you would here on a construction site when has be been charged or even accused of sexual predation? Please answer. Also, how would a Trump/Pence presidency be more damaging then a Clinton/Kaine presidency? Through abortion, possibly euthanasia Clinton has and will harm a lot of bodies. If I were you, with your covert support of the culture of death, I would be in much fear of him who can destroy the body and soul in hell.

      • Adrian M. Kleinbergen

        Lucky for you Bill isn’t running for president! _His_ history is irrelevant to the election.

        • Lorenz

          Adrian, Hillary is running for president and she viciously attacked and threatened these victims of Bill’s sexual predation. Her history is very relevant to the election.

          • disqus_22iqFVV4qK

            I doubt these were “victims”. They want to play that part. Just like Gennifer Flowers, who was in an affair with Bill for 15 years, is she a victim too? NO, She just didn’t get what she wanted from Bill so she sold the story to the Enquirer Magazine. I’m a woman. I don’t believe these woman today. Because they too sold their stories to Trump. They got paid to be there with Trump.

        • Hillary did not stand with Bill’s victims so shows she is not so warm and fuzzy friendly to women as she would like to be believed.

      • Nicole Muir

        Also, Hillary wants to have open borders, which will allow the rapists and murderers to come in and attack our women, but the media is not talking about that either.

    • Ann Malley

      And you’ll be judged with the same judgement you mete out, chezami. Blind and frothing at the mouth.

      What is ridiculous is to go off half cocked henny penny about the sex issue while Clinton is counting on getting your little ruffled feathers firmly in the pen.

      • Adrian M. Kleinbergen

        “Henny penny??”

      • disqus_22iqFVV4qK

        If You support Trump You are in a world of Hurt. To deny the He’s anti-Christian, Is to deny the lord Jesus as You’re savoir. Wake up Does Christ have to slap you in the face for you to understand Trump is wrong for everything.

        • Lorenz

          Check the above poster. This person has a record of pro abortion and pro planned parenthood posts and is commenting referencing Christianity and the lord. Don’t be fooled. The devil is getting panicky now as many conservative sites are starting to notice a vast increase in Clinton troll traffic.

          • Nicole Muir

            I believe we have Clinton troll traffic on this site.

    • Ann Malley

      You should fear God, friend. Your obsession w/Trump blinds you to the real threats against Church, Family, and Country.

      • Adrian M. Kleinbergen

        Trump _is_ a real threat to church, family and country!!!
        Aren’t you paying attention? ?

    • Lorenz

      Er, Mark Shea, were you not fired from the NCR for obscene behaviour along with another woman? You are a married man and you have the audacity to throw stones at others.
      It is important for faithful not to get caught up in the cult of personality with these demagogues posing as spiritual sages. A Father Maciel, a father Corapi, a Mark Shea and others like them will always lead you astray and let you down spiritually. Know them by their fruits and always put your trust in the lord. I feel sorry for these men and they definitely deserve our prayers.

  • Lureta Whitewing

    Protection of sexual predators hiding behind the curtain of christianity. Why am I not surprised.

  • Roberta Harms

    It is absolutely vital that American women send a clear, powerful and unmistakable message that Trumpish behaviour is unacceptable in high office (or anywhere else, for that matter), regardless of the party the candidate happens to belong to. “Boys will be boys” is the self-justification of rape culture. Trump is a dinosaur and it it long past time to put a stop to this.

    • Lorenz

      Roberta. Are you a Christian? Are you pro-life? I have come across other posts by you where you fantastically attack Christians and the pro life movement and are unrepentantly pro-abortion. Just another leftard troll. Yeah, you sure care about rape while you defend and ogle over rapists and rape enablers.

      • Nicole Muir

        I wonder if some of Hillary’s hired media have been stalking this site and posting comments.

    • See my comments above about how those stories are lies. Are you so ill-informed about Hillary to not know about the trail of lies and bodies behind her? A man in England who sat across from Leeds disputed that story and the butler another. Do you keep falling for that stuff? It’s as bad as the race card trash that is trotted out over and over and the simple for it.

  • Billy Chickens

    Seems some Christians want to be martyrs. They are so prudish about Donald Trump that it’s hard to believe they ever had the nerve to get married and have sex…and children. Instead of voting for Trump, they’d rather be eaten alive by wild animals, burned alive in coffins, buried alive in hot coals just so they can be persecuted and martyred and say – “Seee! We knew it would end with Christians being persecuted by Hillary/the government/Democrats! We told you so!”

    They delight in thinking how wonderful it will be to die for the Lord so they can prove just how Christian they are. Self-preservation never enters their mind since they’re too busy shouting: “Never Trump! Bring on the lions!”

    • I agree. I am glad you are a sane voice here. I think all those who want to be persecuted should go to the Middle East. The sad thing is it is probably not these ignorant voters who will be persecuted, it will probably be their children and grandchildren who will be beheaded like those in the Middle East. I hope that is strong enough to jerk them awake.

  • BTP

    It is a sin not to know who your friends are.

  • Kate Snyder

    We have already invited intense persecution because we have not rejected Donald Trump and con artists like him.

    The bishops you mentioned were compromisers, and if the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness. The Donatists had it right. Most of the professing church did *nothing* during Hitler’s rise to power, using the same argument you are floating. Very few Christians risked their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust — they turned a blind eye or actually helped the Nazis.

    You wrote: “Since the church is the means of salvation, its first duty, after faithfulness, is self-preservation. I cannot think of a less loving or less Christian thing to do than to willfully raise the risk of a persecution that might lead souls to hell.”

    The first duty of the church is to love God and follow the commandments of Jesus, then love one’s neighbor as oneself, even if it means death. Believers have failed at both by supporting an extremely dangerous misogynist demagogue such as Trump.

    We are destroying the witness of the church and leading souls to hell by endorsing him for POTUS.

    Mr. Zmirak, how do you share the gospel of Jesus Christ with Temple Taggart, Jill Harth, Jessica Leeds, Rachel Crooks, Mindy McGillivray and Natasha Stoynoff? You are leading them to hell with your weak and unbiblical defense of Mr. Trump in this piece.

    • Billy Chickens

      So then are you voting for the con artist Hillary The Baby Killer, or just not going to vote at all to make yourself feel more smug?

      Some Christians just cannot figure out how to live their life as a Christian. At all. They think they do, but spend most of their time consulting the Bible for their every move. Shall I make breakfast today? Wait – let’s look that up in the Bible. But better yet, you’d rather be killed through persecution brought about by your own naive world outlook because you believe every lie told by the mainstream media, but cannot see truth. It’s staring you in the face and you reject it. John Zmirak also writes the truth but you cannot process that in your mind as something you might want to think about more deeply.

      Oh well, bring on the lions!

    • If you read the news the media won’t report you will find out a lot of these stories are phonies, but of course the propaganda mainstream press is not telling you that. A man who sat across from Jessica Leeds recognized her picture. A retired man in England he was, and he said it was she that was flirting with Trump, not the other way around. The butler has refuted others. This is politically motivated and you are not digging deep enough to know the facts of the news. Go to Drudge Report and Infowars and other whistle-blower sites to find news the mainstream media will not report since they are bought and paid for. Go for whistle-blowers like Julian Assange and others. Don’t just be fed the carefully edited news stories. Did you know Hillary had editing rights at one news outlet? Study, study, study, your future depends on it.

  • If you reject Trump, you not only may be inviting persecution, you ARE AND WILL BE inviting persecution and it will only be a matter of time before the beheadings you see in the Mideast will be here. Donald Trump is not running to be your pastor or priest. He is a David fighting against a Goliath of a completely corrupt INTERNATIONAL political/economic/multi-national corporate system that is so corrupt and where so many people/leaders/politicians/media have dipped their hands into the stream of money and power that he alone is taking them on single-handedly, no thanks to most Christians and Catholics. You should be thanking God that someone stepped up to the plate against the murderous, treacherous liar Hillary Clinton who would overrun this country with radical Islamic terrorists as she is paid off by her handlers. I don’t have words strong enough that if you do not vote for Trump, you will be responsible for the take down of western civilization originally built on Judeo/Christian principles, that is about to be lost PERMANENTLY and there will be blood of martyrs shed again…but is that what you want for your children and grandchildren? As I have said elsewhere, if you want to be a martyr, go to the Mideast and fight radical Islamic terrorism there. Don’t invite it into the country and ask your children and grandchildren to be martyrs in your place since you were too cowardly and ill-informed to make the right choice to vote Donald Trump who is the ONE person who WILL stand against it. Even the RINOs are pathetically on the wrong side of history. One thing the Lord will never accuse me of is that I did not warn you.

  • john appleseed

    If Hillary wins, don’t blame the Christ-followers who don’t cheer for evil people like Trump.
    Primarily blame people who actually voted for Hillary.
    Secondarily, blame those who voted for easily the worst candidate in GOP primary history.
    Any of the other GOP candidates would have been better as president.
    Any of the other GOP candidates would have beaten Hillary easily.

    • Billy Chickens

      John A. – Are you still walking around planting seeds of the apple of satan? Get a life in reality. Christ-followers? Really? How is it that you know that God might not be giving us our one last hope with Donald Trump?

      Nope. I don’t buy your, “…don’t blame the Christ-followers, etc….” because people who really follow Christ have more brains than your above statement. I am so sick of self righteous evangelicals who see no farther/further – whatever – than their own inborn self righteous conscience condemning Donald Trump.

      You think you are a better person than Donald Trump? Please tell the world why. You are a perfect specimen of the human race with brains enough to run the USA? Enlighten us with your bible thumping strategies, which BTW, might be a moral background for running the world but have no hold over current agendas unless used in an adroit way….as in…how Trump operates.

      You don’t yet “get it”? Didn’t think so.

      • john appleseed

        Making fun of a username…That’s something the ever-childish Trump would do.
        The accusation of brainlessness is another Trump-sounding slam.
        Trump is incredibly evil.
        God can do whatever he wants with that wicked man, but God’s people should not be apologists for sinfulness.

        • Billy Chickens

          John Appleseed, Well, at least you didn’t make fun of my username. However, you’ve got a real bad case of Trump hate which I do consider to be non-Christian and non-thinking. Christians are called to love everyone, which means wanting what’s best for them.

      • Lorenz

        Billy, looking at other Christian related sites the vast majority of commenters are well aware of the multiple dangers coming from a Clinton presidency. Also, any real Christian would not call a man evil for his sins and not consider redemption. I have seen one self-professed Christian post that he would like to see Trump go kill himself in light of the Clinton / MSM character assassination that is currently going on. No Christian would wish that on another person. Thankfully those are in the minority. Also, there are Clinton trolls that are travelling the web posing as Christians trying to smear Trump. They have already posted on this discussion here but John Appleseed does not appear to be one of them. He looks like a rather sad and confused individual who seems to equate Trump and Clinton as being the same. Any semi-intelligent person can see how ludicrous that is. He deserves pity.

        • Billy Chickens

          Lorenz, Thank you for the info on the Clinton trolls. I’ll be more discerning before commenting.

    • Lorenz

      Let’s see, if Hillary wins blame those who voted for Hillary and also those blame those who voted for Trump. Go back to school and take a logic class.

  • DG

    Excellent article.
    Regardless of what Trump may have done years ago, none of us know the current state of his soul. And anyway, as the article says, that doesn’t matter as far as voting for him goes. What does matter is our grave moral obligation to protect our country, our families, the unborn, and the Church.

  • Greenbean950

    Fear not? We Christians fear too much and bend our knee to the local Caesar rather than to Him. Stop worrying about Caesar and get about spreading the Gospel. The Apostles didn’t need a friendly Caesar, only the Gospel.

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