‘Human Dignity’: A Bible Scrap, Used as a Pagan Spell

By John Zmirak Published on October 4, 2019

Yesterday I ruefully reflected that most of my worst fears are coming true. The rich, powerful, vindictive and media-savvy LGBT lobby is throwing its weight around. It’s trying to force Christian schools to hire public sinners engaged in public scandals. Namely, those legally committed to the deadly sin of Sodom, by the words of a same-sex “marriage.”

Humans, Dignified? Which Ones Did You Have in Mind?

But even bullies usually have a cover story. If bystanders believe them, they’re more likely to get away with their thuggishness.

And that’s the problem. The story these people are selling proves persuasive to far too many shallowly educated members of our self-designated elites. That fact became clear in a recent case in Britain, that of disability assessor Dr. David Mackereth. He lost his job of 26 years with that country’s National Health Service. Why? For refusing to use “transgender” language, and call a man “Ms.” The Christian Post reports on the case:

A Christian physician in Britain who lost his job after he said he would refuse to call a bearded man who is six feet tall “madam” has warned that his case indicates Christians could be on “the verge of committing a hate crime for simply using the wrong pronoun.”

The doctor had appealed his termination, citing religious freedom. He said:

“This case is all about whether I am legally clear to say — on the grounds of my religious conscience — No, I can’t call you ‘she’ or ‘he,’ not because I want to hurt you or don’t accept you, but because my Christian convictions simply won’t allow me to do that.”

What’s really telling here? It’s the cover story justifying this exercise of raw power.

However, the government agency contends that his faith-based views are not compatible with “human dignity” as set forth in current law, specifically the 2010 Equality Act, according to the BBC.

What About Simian Dignity?

There you go. “Human dignity.” You see there a scrap of Christian anthropology (ripped out of a Bible later tossed on the bonfire) getting used as a Voodoo incantation. Don’t fool yourself by thinking it a real belief. No, instead think of a magic spell, as meaningless as “Abracadabra!”

The spell’s cast by atheists, Darwinists, climate fanatics who want to stop people from having children, and other pagans with no shred of an argument in favor of humans actually having any dignity. Can you imagine a troop of chimps treading carefully to avoid offending the simian dignity of a low-status male? Or dolphins debating whether or not a fertile female had consented?

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Of course not. Low-status male chimps don’t get to mate. Ever. Dolphins might look really cute, but they’re prone to gang rape, if we want to apply human categories to what they do.

Everything the left demands, from income equality to free health care, from open borders to elaborate respect for sexual misfits like drag queens and plush-costumed “furries,” is based on a lie. Namely, the fairy tale that the random outcome of meaningless mutations could have any dignity in the first place. They believe that we’re trousered apes, a cosmic fluke, a freak of biochemistry.

But suddenly, when it suits them, we all deserve “human dignity.” Is that just a tactic? I really don’t think so.

The God-shaped hole in the human soul turns out to be deep and real. Secularists will plug it however they can. And they remain deeply attached to certain elements of the Jewish-Christian worldview. (For instance, its insistence on racial equality and respect for the weak.)

Like sad, spoiled children, they want the icing, but not the cake. So they’re filling their plates with icing, and pretending that it’s cake. And if you don’t go along with them? They throw a tantrum. And try to get you fired, even prosecuted.

Deny, Demand Answers, Be the Skeptic

Don’t give in to tantrums. When you face arguments from “human dignity,” deny that it exists. Force the person you’re speaking with to prove its existence, based on his own premises, not ones he stole from the Church. Turn the tables and play the skeptic. Demand that he prove why we should reject racism, sexism, transphobia, or whatever other shibboleth he has lifted from Christianity. He won’t be able to.

Then remind him where his treasured (if bloated and distended) values came from in the first place. To put it more pithily, maybe say this: “Look, you can either be a precious irreplaceable snowflake whose dignity and feelings we all have to respect, or a cosmic accident descended by sheer chance from apes and slugs. But you have to pick one. You can’t be both.”


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream, and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration.

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