How Neuroscience Explains Sex Abuse and Vindicates … Prayer and Fasting

By John Gravino Published on September 12, 2018

It’s been a very busy summer, hasn’t it? Newspapers reported that Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity was once again verified by another utterly incomprehensible intergalactic test or other. I think everyone would agree that the very definition of insanity would be for a scientist to respond to this news by saying, “Well that does it. I’m not going to listen to Einstein anymore.”

Yet that is exactly how people are acting. But not about Einstein. I’m talking about the Catholic Church. You see, the Church had one of its own theories put to the test, and those results also came back this summer. And like Einstein, the Church passed with flying colors. But with this, huge difference. Unlike Einstein, the Church never gets any credit. People continue to behave as if the Church knows nothing about sex and human nature. But the priest scandal proves that it does.

St. Peter tells us to “abstain from the passions of the flesh that wage war against the soul” (1 Pt. 2:11). But will anybody listen? No. Somehow, too many inside and outside the Church think that cocaine-fueled orgies are a good way to form young men and priests. But the apostles knew better.

In the Epistle to Galatians, St. Paul teaches that asceticism is an essential dimension of the spiritual life, and thus also essential to the cultivation of the spiritual qualities of the human soul. In almost clinical fashion, St. Paul enumerates these spiritual qualities, or “fruits,” as the apostle calls them. One of these is self-control, which means that Paul is telling us that we need to practice self-denial to control our desires and passions.

The Apostolic Brain

Scientists confirmed this Biblical teaching when they discovered the dopamine reward system of the brain. It turns out that the indulgence of our desires stimulates the release of dopamine, a neurochemical associated with increased motivation and desire. Take eating for example. The more we eat, the more dopamine the brain releases, the stronger our desires for eating become. And obviously, as our desires increase in strength, they become more difficult to control:


This same process applies to a host of human behaviors including shopping and gambling. And sex.

Slavery to Sin

Now ask yourself this question. What could possibly explain why a man highly respected in society with everything to lose would engage in the most despicable and grotesque of crimes? If found out he will forever be hated and rejected by everyone. He will go to jail for a very long time where the inmates are known to mete out justice to perpetrators of child abuse. The personal risk is so high that anyone would be crazy to take such a risk. In researching my book, I discovered that sexual abusers are truly out of their minds. Their desires are completely out of control, and this is what drives them to their evil and irrational crimes.

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The American bishops were made aware of the compulsive nature of sexual abuse back in 1985 when the Rev. Thomas Doyle sent them his well researched report which describes the irrational and compulsive dimension of sexual abuse (emphasis added):

We are dealing with compulsive habits which the priest may temporarily suspend in the face of legal or canonical pressure, but not in all instances. There are many examples wherein sexual abuse took place very soon after the confrontation between the priest and his Ordinary [bishop] had taken place. The priest must clearly be seen as one suffering from a psychiatric disorder that is beyond his ability to control. (Garry Wills from Papal Sin, p. 182)

Research on the dopamine reward system tells us to look for signs of overindulgence to account for the loss of rational self-control in sexual abusers. And a common denominator in practically every case of sexual predation is the consumption of pornography. This is true of the abuse committed inside the Church as well as outside. It is a universal law of sexual abuse as dependable as the law of gravity: catch a predator and you also catch a giant cache of porn.

This sordid story out of Chicago is a timely case in point.

Got Celibacy?

Thus the real story of the sexual abuse epidemic in the Church is that it’s got nothing to do with celibacy. Which any logical person should have understood since the overwhelming majority of perpetrators are not celibate priests. As I explain here, less than a tenth of a percent of all abuse cases in the United States came from priests, according to the numbers in the John Jay Report.

If you want to identify a common cause of sexual abuse inside and outside the Church, look no further than the sexual revolution.

In fact, the discipline of celibacy explains why the incidence of abuse by priests is significantly lower than what is found in the general male population: celibacy actually works to cool down the dopamine centers of the brain, and this is instrumental to fostering rational control of the passions. Thus celibacy and self-denial are not the problem here; on the contrary, the practice of asceticism is the time-honored, Biblical solution to sexual abuse and all other sins of excess. This apostolic wisdom is now being confirmed by neuroscience.

A Gospel of Male Spiritual Health

And what that Christian wisdom teaches is that the sexual revolution was catastrophic for male sexual and psychological health. Yes, it is true that most of the abuse cases inside the Church were homosexual in nature. But outside the Church is a far different story, with most of the victims being female.

If you want to identify a common cause of sexual abuse inside and outside the Church, look no further than this. Inside the Church, 100% of the perpetrators were male. And outside the Church, it is close to 100%. Yes, some are gay. Some are straight. Some tall, some short… But the one thing nearly all sexual predators have in common is that they are male.

Men are visual creatures. They like sex too much. And they are aggressive. The permissiveness of the sexual revolution was gasoline on the fire that is male sexuality. This is what the Bible teaches. It is what Humanae Vitae teaches. It is what John Paul II’s Theology of the Body teaches. And it is what neuroscientific research on the dopamine reward system now confirms.

Immoral Landscape

Flat-Earther Freudians

But because the mainstream media has not caught up to current scientific research, they continue to view all things sexual from a now discredited Freudian perspective.

These evangelists for the sexual revolution mistakenly blame Christian sexual ethics for the scandal and praise the gospel of sexual license as the solution to sexual abuse. But neuroscience shows us that that makes as much sense as recommending smoking to cure lung cancer.

God is Not Mocked

As gobsmackingly ignorant as the world is about the priest scandal, about human sexuality, and about human nature, these prophets of pleasure have nonetheless succeeded in converting multitudes to their gospel of self-indulgence. So successful, in fact, that they have even convinced the ruling party of the Catholic Church to abandon the word of God.

But John Paul predicted that science would one day vindicate sacred scripture. As I showed in my book, that day has already arrived. How foolish of Church hierarchs and activists like Fr. James Martin and company to cross swords with St. Paul. Paul warned us that “God is not mocked,” that a life of self-absorption will “reap a harvest of corruption” (Gal. 6:7–8).




It’s time to remove these lotus eaters from the Church hierarchy. They have made of it a den of thieves — of pederasts and pornographers, orgiasts and cokeheads. If we have any concern at all for the welfare of children we will do this.

If we have any concern for the welfare of our children, this unpopular fact must squarely be faced: The world was a safer place for our kids when it was more Christian.

What I have sketched here is a rough blueprint for a new evangelization. Its central message is this: The Gospel teaches truths that no one can afford to ignore. The consequences to our children and to our future are just too grave.


John Gravino is author of The Immoral Landscape of the New Atheism.

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  • Paul

    “It’s time to remove these lotus eaters from the Church hierarchy. They have made of it a den of thieves — of pederasts and pornographers, orgiasts and cokeheads. If we have any concern at all for the welfare of children we will do this.”

    Who is the “we” that will do this?

    • Sane people raising their sons to be Priests.

      • Jim

        You mean pedophiles.

        • This attempt for you to cover for sodomites seems personal for you.

          • Jim

            You’re part of the group

    • Ken Abbott

      It would have to be an entity with the requisite authority to clean house. Short of the immediate return of our Lord with his whip-cord, I suppose an ecumenical council would suffice. Problem is, a large number of the lotus eaters would be among the participants.

      • Paul

        Yes that is a problem. I’m not Catholic so I keep asking that type of question hoping someday to get a different answer but it all seems to come down to the same situation. All the bleating of sheep to clean things up has no power and is easily ignored.

      • I think if we dig into Church history, we may find surprising answers and precedents.

        • Ken Abbott

          Conciliarism was the proposed solution to the western church’s troubles in the 14th and 15th centuries, but the movement was undercut by the papacy’s desire to retain superior authority.

    • I’m thinking about writing an article on this.

  • St. Benedict’s Thistle

    Thank you for this well reasoned article!

  • swordfish

    The author of this article claims that the Catholic Church child abuse scandal is caused not by Catholicism but by the far worse problem of Human Nature. He says that:

    “less than a tenth of a percent of all abuse cases in the United States came from priests”

    But look at the numbers: The population of the US is 325 million, and there are 45,580 priests in the US, so they represent 1 in 7,145 of the population. If “a tenth of a percent”, or 1 in 1,000 abuse cases are perpetrated by priests, that means they’re about 7 times more likely than an average person to be a child abuser, at least according to this simple analysis. Even if we exclude women from these figures, priests are still 3.5 times more likely than average men to be child abusers.

    • Up_Words

      Good point:
      “Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscience seared with a hot iron, forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from foods which God created to be received
      with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth.” (1 Timothy 4:1-3)
      — Mr. Gravino hits two out of two, in his article. No wonder they argue against the ultimate authority of Scripture . . . .

    • Good points. I would first respond that, technically, my primary concern is not to defend priests, but to defend the priesthood—the celibate priesthood. It could very well turn out that the priests we’ve been turning out the past few decades really are worse, on average, than the typical American Joe off the streets. This would not change the fact that scientific research supports the Biblical/apostolic claim that asceticism promotes self-control. Thus, traditional Christian doctrine is vindicated even if American priests are not. The moral of the story would then be that priests need to get back to the Bible and orthodoxy.

      The point I make in my book about priests doing better than the average male came from the John Jay report which shows that 4% of priests over a 53-year period were accused of abuse (not convicted.) (The percentage of priests convicted tells us nothing since there was so much covering up going on.) Experts in the field estimate that the percentage of the male population that has committed sexual abuse is 10%.

      • Keep in mind, swordfish is a known subversive and nowhere in his post did he show his math.

      • swordfish

        “This would not change the fact that scientific research supports the Biblical/apostolic claim that asceticism promotes self-control.”

        Asceticism is defined as: “severe self-discipline and avoiding of all forms of indulgence, typically for religious reasons”, so this Biblical claim really reduces to “self-control promotes self-control. I don’t think Christianity has any kind of trademark on self-control.

        Also, perhaps off-topic, but what the science here is claiming is that our will can be controlled by our brain chemistry, which contradicts the Christian conception of Free Will.

        • When I say that “asceticism promotes self-control,” am I really asserting a tautology as Swordfish claims? No. Permit me to translate my statement into concrete terms. Dieting/fasting is an example of an ascetical practice. If I were to ask whether dieting promotes self-control, I would not be asserting a tautology. I would essentially be asking whether dieting gets easier or more difficult over time—clearly an empirical question, not a tautology at all. If dieting does in fact get easier over time, then this would be an example of an ascetical practice promoting self-control

          • swordfish

            A claim can be a tautology and still true. However, I doubt that dieting gets easier over time or the majority of diets wouldn’t fail.

    • No, satanist, Priests are least likely to do this kind of thing. Teachers/policemen most likely.

      It would help if you knew math, but that doesn’t serve your cause. Garbage in, garbage out.

      The problem is sodomites, which must groom the young to recruit as they do not occur in nature. There is nothing to do with Children in this scandal, the scandal was about sodomites and young men.

      The Church rejects sodomy as the second sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance, it is. sodomites cannot be licitly ordained, nor they can be Catholic at all.

      So tell me, what is intrinsic to the Church that you speak of here?

      • Jim

        You have no proof of anything. Laughable

        • So you are once more hoping that sticking your head in the sand will absolve you

          • Jim

            You’re the one who needs absolution

    • Ray

      Church leadership 7 times more corrupt than the world? Not such a good witness is it…or maybe it is. They’ve been doing church all wrong, right?

    • One more point about your numbers. They describe the situation TODAY. However, the abuse stats that I mention go back to 1950s. This is significant because U.S. population was half what it is today and there were 50% more priests back then. Using those numbers, priests account for roughly .08% of the male population. Which means that, when the abuse crisis was at its worst, the incidence of priestly abuse roughly matched their representation in the population—making them no worse or better than the average Joe.

      But if we want a current picture, we will find that priestly abuse is way down, while sex abuse continues to rise. Today , priests are doing much better than the average Joe. Church orthodoxy has a proven method for improving human behavior. The world does not.

      • swordfish

        You’ve now used additional figures, and qualifications to your original claim, which now applies to the 1950s, to show that:

        “when the abuse crisis was at its worst, the incidence of priestly abuse roughly matched their representation in the population—making them no worse or better than the average Joe.”

        And your conclusion is:

        “Church orthodoxy has a proven method for improving human behavior. The world does not.”

        If that’s the case, I’m wondering why after 1,950 years, the sexual behaviour of Catholic Priests was “no better or worse than the average Joe”? Is it unreasonable of me to expect a “proven method” to have pulled far ahead of average behaviour after 1,950 years?

        If behaviour has improved since the 1950s (something you haven’t established, by the way) then that must be down to external pressure from secular authorities and the human nature of “average Joe”.

  • Lisa

    Pornography and the sexual revolution certainly did damage to our culture’s attitude about sex.

    I wonder if a religious revival could return America to sanity. The pendulum certainly can’t swing any further left… Maybe we could tag along on Trump’s MAGA to make sex good again.

    • No, make sex rightly ordered: in marriage and for procreation.

      That would mean going against the protestant values that inspired the “sexual revolution” in the first place.

      • Kathy

        Agreed on your first point, but please get your facts straight…there are liberal protestants and conservative ones, just as there are liberals and conservatives in your church. The conservatives did not “inspire the sexual revolution”.

        • No, there are only Catholics. The very idea of “personal interpretation” ultimately caused it. If you can pretend scripture is whatever you say it is, why pay attention to it at all?

          • Kathy

            Okay, what would you say about the many Catholics I know who have used contraception, lived together outside of marriage or had sex before it, and about a self-proclaimed “devout Catholic” relative who had an abortion and recently died of alcoholism? How are they Catholics if they paid no attention to Scripture or the church’s teachings?

            They are nominal Catholics, just as there are nominal Protestants who aren’t very concerned with what Scripture teaches…they are just going through the motions of their “religion”. I can vouch for that since I was once there.

          • your heresy is the cause of it as I said above.

            calumniating or detracting will not help you

          • Kathy

            Because you could not answer that question, I am a heretic. Makes sense….

          • No, the prot heresy is a heresy.

          • Kathy

            Do you realize what you are saying is that these Catholics are so weak in their faith and beliefs that they fell for the influence of this “heresy” you claim? Are they so feeble because the church has not stressed the importance of God’s Word and instead focus on rituals and man-devised tradition?

            The lifelong Catholic husband of the recently deceased woman I mentioned thought Ecclesiastes was “some Greek guy” when a church official suggested a reading from that book during the funeral. My point concerning nominal “Christians” in all faith traditions.

          • Yes, the weak naturally fall into any of the government worshipping religions: prot heresy, liberalism, socialism, communism, etc. you being an unfortunate example, lashing out.

            The prot heresy is the direct progenitor to liberalism and communism. Also, heresies are not “traditions.”

            The Church was created by God at Pentecost and heads up the Church. There is no weakness in the Church and the weak cannot last in the Church.

            communist leader gramsci said that removing transcendent language would make the weak into communists. Some are more old fashioned and go for the older grandfather of communism instead.

          • Kathy

            You said, “No, there are only Catholics”, as if all were exactly alike. That is very obviously not the case as I pointed out above, as it is not with all Protestants, Jews, or those of any other religion…there are the devout and there are the wishy-washy.

            A heartfelt devotion to our King Jesus Christ is what truly matters, not a commitment instead to a particular sect or denomination. Our focus must always be on God and what pleases Him. If our focus is on our church instead, it is Satan’s means of distraction away from a devotion to the only One who truly deserves it.

          • Only Catholics are valid. As I must have said, heresies and those that fall for them are irrelevant.

            your focus is solely on your ego, specifically your ego you believe is equitable to God, and the benefits you ridiculously attribute to your delusion in “personal interpretation.”

            There is only one way to salvation, it is not through your ego.

          • As Kathy said, a heartfelt devotion to King Jesus Christ is what truly matters. That you think this is egotism says much for you and for Catholicism.

          • That I know what you are really selling is petty emotionalism disguising pure evil?

          • Kathy

            Interesting….devotion to Jesus Christ is “pure evil”. Do you know what the greatest commandment is? Seriously, when it’s your turn to stand before God, what will you plead on your behalf?

          • Passing off ego-worship and gnosticism as devotion to God is blasphemous, so that is evil. Attempting to them damn me by your ego because I called out a heresy for what it is, is also not good for you.

            I don’t need to plead anything. This world is torn apart by heresy passing itself off as Faith as well as recovering from a 100 year reign of the devil. Actually standing up against evil, no matter how milquetoast that evil is, is required of me.

          • Kathy

            Greatest commandment: Matthew 22:34-36 “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind”. I said devotion to Jesus (as per this commandment) is all that really matters and that is ego-worship? I’m accused of “selling petty emotionalism disguising pure evil” for obeying this commandment. Please tell me you’re joking.

            I asked you a very plain and simple question, but instead of an honest answer, I am accused of damning you for asking. Did you feel condemned just pondering it, so you put that off on me? It’s a question I can easily answer, why is it so hard for you? .

          • Of which you reject God for the sake of your ego. How do you do it? you declare God as equitable to your ego, and then do whatever your ego wants and claim that it was ordained by God. Sometimes you take a quote from scripture and then claim it means whatever you want it to mean.

            This satanic heresy is the progenitor to freemasonry, liberalism, communism, modernism, post-modernism, americanism, and just about every evil that popped up in the past 500 years. The ONLY difference is that while you use the Bible and God as a pretense for your evil, they dropped the pretense and just do whatever their ego wants.

            Just look how you were salivating with blood in your mouth at the idea of damning two Catholics (one of alcoholism, the other who knows what else), no doubt in the hopes that pointing this out will allow you to “gnosis” yourself above the Church. No, God is at the head of the Church. Actual God Himself, not your ego projection.

            Moreso, attacking and attempting to defame those two poor people will not make you virtutuous, in fact what you have done in that process were multiple mortal sins.

          • I wrote a much larger reply, but then I realized that nothing in your message addressed what I told you. Not feeling like rebuking dead air, I will make something more compact that you will have much trouble getting away with dodging.

            The topic is not your “devotion to Jesus” the topic is your ego worship. If you had any actual devotion to Jesus, that would be what I am talking about; but since you don’t there is nothing to mention about it. you can quote about how important devotion to Jesus is, but that is not what you are doing (just what you call what you are doing).

            That you call it devotion is meaningless. The claim is meaningless. The label is meaningless, what matters is your intentions and your actions: both of which scream ego-worship.

            The fact that you try to assert yourself so desperately over two Catholics and then over me, incurring multiple mortal sins in the process, tells me that you will attack anyone and anything if it calls out what you are instead of what you claim to be.

          • Kathy

            Consistent demeaning name-calling of the people on here you don’t agree with is an attack. Consistent belittling usage of your term “prot heresy” is asserting yourself and your religion over us. Yet, I am called out for asking a simple question and replying to “my heresy” being blamed as the cause of Catholics going astray.

            Considering that behavior, we have been much kinder than you deserve. I’ve known many Catholics my whole life and never met one like you. Certainly would have left that church much sooner if I did, but it had nothing to do with the people anyway,

            I asked you the most important question there is for all people to answer. I shared my answer and you don’t seem to agree, but you are very hesitant to share yours. Instead, I am shot down and told I am “incurring multiple mortal sins” for inquiring.

          • Who is this “we?” The “royal we” as if you are the spokesperson of some mob that seeks to silence me because the truth hurt your ego, or is it “we” in the sense that demons always refer to themselves in the plural? Clearly you speak from an assumed position of power, one you think is assured to silence me and assured to make your shame go away because of it. you don’t want anything getting in the way of the “church” of your ego, especially not a member of the Church of God Himself.

            The prot heresy is a heresy. your ego does not affect the Church God established and runs. The prot heresy is also the progenitor of the malaise, ignorance, and unrest that has turned the west into the last days of ancient Rome and ancient Greece.

            you left the Church you culturally (but not in any substantive way) pretended to belong to because of shame over sin. This is self-evident by your attempt to assert how much holier you are than four separate Catholics.

            I am the real thing unhindered by the lack of transcendent language that turns the weak of the west into communists. Of course you would have left earlier if the Church has remained as infiltrated as it was when you grew up.

            The mortal sins you are incurring are calumny and despair, for your attempt to defame four Catholics by projecting your own sickness onto them. Also, the mortal sin of gossip.

            What you incur by implying I am damned is another mortal sin, but you claim that is the case because I am challenging your “devotion to Jesus.”

            What I actually challenge is what I have been clearly saying: that you equate your ego to God. I attack this egocentrism, and you then say “HOW DARE YOU ATTACK MY DEVOTION TO JESUS.” I never even mentioned your devotion to Jesus, as the only devotion I see in your messages is to your ego.

            Equating your ego to God is the sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance of blamsphemy as well as the capital sin of pride.

          • Kathy

            ykcpeggy said exactly what I had been thinking, but wondered if it was too far-tetched. She is the first Catholic I have seen on here defending the integrity of your church by questioning your disturbing comments and demeanor. Finally…..

            Tired of the the endless false accusations and going off on tangents, even though you surmised that I stopped the last dialogue because I could no longer stand up to you.

            For your own sake, consider why you don’t want to answer the question, even if it’s just in your own mind. If you can’t answer it, I would think your church teachings at least could. Or not?

          • Defending the integrity of the Church by attacking me? I don’t think you have the sharpest grasp of the situation, though I already knew you were self-interested. That user you mention reminds me of the protestant-allied nobles that claimed the monks as Jasna Gora should have been ashamed for taking up arms to defend the Icon of the Black Madonna against the swedes.

            I have answered your blasphemous question multiple times now. One must always reject and rebuke evil. Rejecting and rebuking you claiming your ego to be God is one of the most pure forms of evil.

            I have rejected your egoism, and then you claim I am attacking your “devotion to Jesus.” I never even mentioned the words devotion or Jesus in relation to your problem.

            It seems you think you can just reject what I say and hope for a different answer by asking again.

          • Kathy

            All I saw was you don’t have to plead anything, I guess meaning that just claiming the label of Roman Catholicism is all there is. So be it.

            That’s the perfect name, always “the POT calling the kettle black”. You don’t even seem to realize that you accuse others of exactly what you do and in the way you come across, obviously not just to me. I’m done wasting my time.

          • Try reading my messages.

          • Kathy

            Oh, I have, and they are peppered with character assassinations and name-calling, which is the epitome of pride and “ego worship”. That’s okay, I know plenty of Catholics and MANY former ones in my church and in the Messianic synagogue who I can have a civil discussion with.

          • No, that would be assuming your ego and God are equitable, which is blasphemy. It is the mortal sin of despair to try to project your sickness to try to absolve you.

            Would you know a real Catholic? Would an egoist surround themselves with people who challenge their delusions? Would anyone surround you when you treat people who tell you the unvarnished truth in such a hostile way as if threatening assassinations should any one question you?

            you said you would have left the Church because of me, so clearly you don’t. Clearly you only deal with yes men.

            To that I give you Venerable Fulton Sheen:

            If some of us who are blessed with its sacred privileges believed the same things about the Church that her slanderers believe, if we knew her only through the words of traitors or third‐rate lies of dishonest historians, if we understood her only through those who were never cradled in her sacred associations, we would perhaps hate the Church just as much as they do. The bitterest enemies of the Church, those who accuse her of being unpatriotic, as Christ was accused of being before Pilate; of being unworldly, as Christ was accused of being before Herod; of being too dogmatic, as Christ was accused of being before Caiaphas; or being too undogmatic, as Christ was accused of being Annas; of being possessed by the devil, as Christ was accused of being before the Pharisees — these do not really hate the Church. They cannot hate the Church any more than they can hate Christ; they hate only that which they mistakenly believe to be the Catholic Church, and their hate is but their vain attempt to ignore. Charity, then, must be shown to persons, and particularly to those outside the fold who by charity must be led back, that there may be one fold and one Shepherd.

          • Kathy

            The VENERABLE FS…should I get down on my knees and bow down to ask his forgiveness? He is a mere man. Satan is clearly working through you, but his mission is for naught. I am all the stronger now in my true faith through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps one day you will understand and be lifted from the darkness you seem to be living in, which I lived in until just 6 years ago and didn’t even know it. I prayed for you last night, Nigel.

          • Sheen has confirmed miracles, making him a Saint. The only reason he has not been officially declared is due to Cardinal dolan not wanting to be upstaged.

            That you capitalize the name of the devil is something that annoys me, that you accuse me of being an servant of the devil is pure evil. What did I do that causes you to claim I serve the devil? That I am Catholic and am calling out your ego worship that you blasphemously claim is worship of God.

            Now you confirm what I said and claim that the Holy Spirit is now somewhere between a pet of yours and a projection of your ego. you remind me of a woman from a month ago that has a similar feeling of self-apotheosis as you and bullied her husband out of the Church.

            So 6 years ago you somehow figured out the magical superpower of making God your servant? Or was it that the devil whispered into your ear the same thing he told Eve?

          • Kathy

            Knew you would not understand. What happened to the disciples the day of Pentecost or to Paul on the road to Damascus? Sure you know the stories…they were supernaturally transformed and given new hearts. I fell in love with my Savior and He is the One that did the work in me.

            It happens to the present day, much to my own surprise, John 3:5-8 “Truly, truly I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. Do not marvel that I said to you “you must be born again.” The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear it’s sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit”

            I used to think “born again” was some weird fundamentalist concoction, so it obviously was not something I was seeking and did not understand it either at the time. I do now and I am far from the only one.

            You just accused someone in another article of serving their “dark master”, as you’ve done many times before. Yet, I am “pure evil for accusing you of being a servant of the devil”. For the record, that is the very first time I said anything of the sort. Please heed the impressions other people are getting from your posting as well…it’s not just me.

          • So you were either consecrated as one of the first Bishops of the Church after already being an adopted brother of Christ, or you were adopted by Christ and consecrated as one of the first Bishops of the Church simultaneously?

            Did this ascendancy you claim for a yourself come immediately after practicing the occult (yoga, mindfulness, trancendental meditation, reiki, etc) or after an abortion?

            Do you black out on occasion or feel immense pain around Sacred objects?

            Does it seem like you can see things that aren’t there or “predict” things?

          • Kathy

            That was all pretty funny. Sorry to disappoint you, but I NEVER did any of those things or experienced any of the others. I’ll refrain from any comments concerning the “sacred” objects.

            I’ll ask you, do you think Jesus had no idea what He was talking about in John 3, that you know better than that? If you believe Him, do you think it was meant for only a select few “special” clergy? Seems so. YOU are included as well, don’t sell yourself short by thinking ANYONE else is more loved by God than you are.

          • So Sacred objects do bother you?

            Stop blaspheming.

          • Kathy

            Actually, yes, seeing people worshiping, revering, venerating, bowing down to, etc. idols in the form of man-made objects or even other humans as part of any religious observance is very disturbing.

            Anything that takes the focus off of God…we must deal with and fight against the many worldly idols of our hearts if they are placed before God or interfere with our communion with Him. Even more difficult to do when our own churches encourage or require that we add even more idols to the mix.

            Remember, God said He is a jealous God…makes absolutely no sense that He would require us to do anything that would interfere and come between Him and us.

          • So you are an iconoclast? Who burned Churches and art because it threatened their government and self-focused ascendency?

          • Kathy

            Am not condoning what they did, but could it possibly be that these people actually revered God’s Word over these objects and realized that God detests idolatry and graven images? Like others have suggested, you may want to actually read your bible.

            Is that the art that depicts Christ as a sickly, pasty white European still hanging on a cross? He was a middle eastern Jew who is now very much alive! Are those the ornate, over-the-top churches paid for by peasants threatened with extended stays in “purgatory” if they didn’t pay up? Can’t recall Jesus ever mentioning such a place, but what the heck, keeps our people in line.

            Keep elevating the distractions of your church over the Father and you will discover how much that actually pleases Him. You may want to rethink that when you decide to stop running and holding onto the great distance you have put between you. Very sad….

          • Churches and Icons point to something greater than you and outside you. This is poison to the government and ego-centered eschaton you push to lull people into compliance to the prince of this world.

            luther rewrote the 10 commandments of his heresy, two reasons why: one because every other word out of his mouth took the Lord’s name in vain, two because looking outside oneself is dangerous to the government rule that luther was paid to promote.

            Purgatory is mentioned in the last 6 books of the OT which discuss the coming of the Church, the Sacraments, Purgatory to burn away sins so that any willing could enter Heaven, and even Eucharistic Adoration.

            Christ is God, not a “Jew.” Semites are historically light skinned with red or blonde hair and blue or green eyes. The Cross represents the greatest happiness achievable.

            The Church was created by God and is headed by God. If God preferred the company of government worshiping pagans pretending to be heretics, then why did He always help the Church win in impossible odds against those like you?

          • Kathy

            You didn’t seem very sure that God would “prefer your company” since you refused to give a clear answer to my question. I took that as an ” I don’t know”.

            If you insist on adhering to yet another OT Pharisee-like hierarchy (whom Jesus continually chastised) in order to keep as far away from personal contact with your Creator as possible (the reason He wanted us to call Him Father), nobody can help you. You must have a “thirst” for HIM, as Jesus said, and surrendering to Him is how it works. I guess that would be heretical in your book, though.

            BTW, in order to access or communicate with any of your loved ones, must you use a go-between of any kind in order to do so? Why would a loving God require that we do that?

          • The Church is the perfection of Isreal. It has the structure that God Himself ordained as it is designed to reunite humanity since the fall.

          • Kathy

            Did you know that the Jewish and Gentile believers were never supposed to be separated? We were to be in communion as one in the Body of Christ. It was the RCC that chose to distance themselves as much as possible and form a new religion. I learned that while attending the Messianic synagogue and given a 70-page historical timeline of their history. They would strongly dispute your claim of your church being the “perfection of Israel”.

          • The Old Covenent was fulfilled by the Crucifixion and Resurrection. The Church is the New and Eternal Covenant, Bride of Christ, Body of Christ, and Perfection of Isreal.

            God created the Church, abolished the Old Covenant by fulfilling it, and then perfected Isreal into its true form.

            The sect you swear your oath to was formed by the pharisees to reconsolidate power into a racial and governmental group posing. This happened after 60% of all the Isrealis converted to the Church and ceasar destroyed the temple to get back at Christians.

            you will believe anything that goes against the Church and God as He actually is, and you don’t care one bit about the truth. Please stop spitting on the cross by not understanding what the Crucifixion achieved.

          • Kathy

            Yes, all true believers in all Christian faith traditions, those that are born again as Jesus said we must be to enter His Kingdom, are the Bride of Christ. Yes again, God created the church consisting of all born again.Jewish and Gentile believers. Remember, Jesus came for the Jew FIRST, then the Gentile. I don’t have a problem at all with that, why do you?

            I believe that Christ’s final sacrifice on the cross for our sins was completely sufficient. To insist anything but our love, gratitude and obedience through our faith and trust in Him and His suffering alone is needed is “spitting on the cross”. To think we need to add anything to His sacrifice is saying it was not ENOUGH and we sinful humans must attempt to fill in the gaps. I know very well what the crucifixion achieved, but Catholics don’t seem to as I just explained.

          • There is only one Church and One True Faith. The Bride of Christ is the Church that you blaspheme against, not some collective ego of heretics.

            The Old Covenant is totally fulfilled, and the Crucifixion paid for the debt of Adam not your debt. Taking forgiveness for granted tot he point you assume it is automatically given is such a dire form of blasphemy it actually prevents you from being forgiven.

          • Kathy

            So, you don’t believe the crucifixion had anything to do with forgiveness of your sins? Seriously, do you ever reference your Bible?

            I thought your infant water baptism covered original sin (Adam).

          • It did not, it was exclusively to pay the debt of Adam. you have to confess your own sins Sacramentally to deal with them. This is not the original sin, this is Adam’s sin that passes on from father to child.

            Baptism is a Major Exorcism, gives you a Guardian Angel, and lessens the effect of original sin.

          • Kathy

            We could go on and on. Time and space is certainly limited. I consider myself an orthodox Biblical Christian. This is not my church’s statement of faith, but we would agree with it. If you are interested, just access gotquestions (dot) org and type “Statement of Faith” in the box, Think it may clear up some misconceptions you have.

            If you wish, you could also type Catholic questions in the box. There are a myriad of Q & A’s concerning the differences in the Biblical Christian beliefs and the RCC ones with many references of Scripture and why we disagree. Just click on the topic that interests you. Just a suggestion…not sure exactly where you get your info concerning our beliefs, but they are not all correct, like your thinking we don’t believe in the deity of Christ.

            I know most of yours after attending the church at least 28 years, raising our sons there and then researching your beliefs and practices, mostly after leaving the church. I need to get back to my life…just wasting way too much time on this site. Taking a break from the stress, but I do enjoy the challenge. I felt much better just praying on your behalf anyway.

          • you disagree about anything that points outside of you or to the transcendent.

            Do I need to pray to have curses sent back to where they came?

          • Kathy

            Was thinking of the perfect song that explains “born again”. Most are very familiar with “Amazing Grace”. I knew it, but the words/meaning did not at all resonate with me until just 6 years ago. I can now say it does.

            Had no idea I was actually rebelling against God and siding with our adversary all those years. That is, until the Spirit (born of the Spirit) moved in my life and I was convicted to repent (a gut-wrenching experience) and surrender to Him. My ego was shattered at that point, so I would argue against the ego-worshiper label.

            God opened my eyes and heart to Him and I’ve been a committed follower of Jesus Christ ever since. All that He accomplished is glaringly evident to me, not so much before. There is no object I need to point to Him, aside from His Word in the Bible.

            So much for taking a break. Not sure what you mean by “curses being sent back”, but my prayers are for God to work in you as well. I realized it requires a surrender on our part, to quit fighting His control over our lives. How freeing that really is!

          • It resonates with you, because you were desperate to get out of your sin and Confession would mean admitting fault. Therefore you think you were consecrated as your own church. Oy vey.

            Psychologically this is called narcissism: self-hatred mixed with an overinflated sense of self leads to feelings of superiority equal to the self-hatred. Spiritually this is called the mortal sin of despair, and it is an advanced stage of the capital sin of pride.

            your ego was only turned into something monstrous and your narcissism led you to falling for the devil telling you that up is down and down is up, Woe be to you.

            As for the horrifying thing you are telling me: you pray to the same demons that convinced you your ego is divinized and you are asking them to come and attack me so that I lose my Faith. That is exactly what a curse is: asking demons you are communing with demons to attack someone.

            I wish I could go through life without people regularly trying to curse me. Ok. Any Catholics reading this, follow along after making the Sign of the Cross:
            In the name of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. I ask that all curses be returned back to whence they came; especially those against me and anyone “kathy” has attempted them against knowingly or unknowingly. May those sending these curses find conversion or may they find the demons they send and worship returned to hell so they may never curse anyone again.

            Crux sacra sit mihi lux
            Non draco sit mihi dux
            Sunt mala quae libas
            Ipse venana bibas
            Vade retro satana
            Nunquam suade mihi vana

            As for you, I am done with you. At least you are telling me what you are doing so I know what to pray to protect myself.

          • Kathy

            Wow, the RCC teachings are even worse than I thought. Learn more disturbing things every day. At first, I could not believe what I was reading, but should really not be surprised. Hope you don’t sing that song in your church since you seem to think it’s demonic… the man who wrote it was not a Catholic.

            Please share your post with all of the Protestants on this website…they will appreciate it. You may just save them from their satanist ways. I’ll be waiting…

          • Yes, we are against your blasphemous self-apotheosis, also against you putting curses on other people.

            Unfortunately that blasphemous crap is sung in the pseudo-protestant no masses.

          • Kathy

            Oh, and you may want to correct Jesus when He said “you must be born again to enter My Kingdom”. Don’t forget the other writers of Scripture that reference the Spirit living or indwelling a person as a result of that new birth. Please read your Bible (maybe that’s demonic to you) and don’t rely solely on everything your church teaches you. Do yourself a favor, a very big one at that.

          • you are trying to make that mean your ego consecrated you as a Church unto yourself.

          • Kathy

            Meant to ask if you think God broke His promises and His covenant with the Jewish people? If so, would Christians have to be concerned He would break His promises and covenant with us? God’s Word NEVER returns void, He does not go back on His promises.

          • Christ perfectly fulfilled everything about the Old Covenant. It is done.

            The New & Eternal Covenant is the Church, which is the perfection of Isreal.

          • Kathy

            Yes, all was perfectly fulfilled in Christ, and yes, who IS God. You seem to think I don’t believe that and forgot to correct you. (You have many misconceptions about me) He was an observant Jew here on earth, so I say He was Jewish. All Jews who believe that Yeshua is their promised Messiah are fully included in His Body.

            “Perfectly” fulfilled, but I don’t get the impression from the RCC that they believe that. Like I said, it seems they attempt to “fill in the gaps” they perceive to be there by adding man-devised rules in the form of tradition for the people to observe just as the Pharisee’s did. The cross was really not enough, you must still do this and that and the other.

            Mark 7:6-9 And He said to them “Well did Isaiah prophesy of you hypocrites, as it is written, “This people honor me with their lips, but their HEART is far from me; in vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.” “You leave the commandment of God and hold to the tradition of men.”

          • No, they are as any other to be converted. Trying to remake God in your image is not working.

            The traditions of the Church are given by God through revelation.

          • Kathy

            Seems the Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and yes, even the Protestants, are still around as well. Your claim that your church survived against the odds is totally irrelevant, obviously.

          • None have them have faced what the Church has faced; nor could they survive it as they don’t have the direct protection of God. The Church also allows everyone to flourish.

            That the Church has survived unscathed proves the Church is exactly as God promised it would be.

          • Kathy

            Worse than the Holocaust?

          • More Catholics were killed by hitler there. Catholics were the only meaningful opposition to his regime.

          • ykcpeggy

            Nigelteapot, I have seen your comments on other Catholic sites. I can no longer ignore what is glaringly obvious. Your comments rarely have anything to do with the topic of the article. Instead, you spend your time trying to pick fights with the other commenters.

            You are what gives Catholics a bad name. Personally, I think you’re a troll, whose intention is to make Catholics look bad. You do not act Christ like by any stretch of the imagination.

            If you actually are Catholic….it is in name only. Just because you stand in a garage, it doesn’t make you a car.

            At any rate, I will offer a decade of my Rosary up for you today.

          • Because I defend the truth instead of lay down and try to sacrifice the Church as a meal to the tiger in the hopes it eats me last? As Don Juan of Austria said at Lepanto “there is no room in Heaven for cowards.”

            Appeasement is worthless, and I attack the evil spirit of the matter. As Venerable Fulton Sheen would say, never pay attention to what someone says only to why they say it.

            If you are confused with any of my reasoning or what I mention, please feel free to ask so I can explain the deep thought I put behind every word.

          • Kathy

            I really must clarify what I wrote below for you and for others that may be reading my last post and getting the wrong impression. My answer to the question I posed to you is that I CANNOT keep that commandment perfectly, nor any of God’s commandments. I can only stand before God solely dependent on my faith and full trust in Jesus Christ and HIS righteousness, not mine.

          • Two replies to the same message and you have yet to address what I have said in either one.

            The only righteousness you stand for is that of your self. It is from this self-righteousness that you have condemned all of 4 people to show just how much better you are.

            I am not saying devotion to Jesus is wrong, why would I ever say that? I am saying that ego worship is wrong, and that ego worship disguised under the label of “devotion to Jesus” is the sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance of blamsphemy (it is).

          • Kathy

            You claim all the non-Catholic posters on here are ego worshippers, not just myself. You are on a predominately Protestant website, founded by a Protestant. Why don’t you write to him directly and warn him that he must renounce his evil gnostic ways? Isn’t that why you are on here, to point out the error of our ways?

            Who am I accountable to, you or God? Seems you think it’s you. Funny that you make all these accusations about all of the non-Catholics on here (evil, gnostic, heretics, blasphemers, ego worshippers) , even the ones that have attempted to share the good news of the gospel with you. Yet, how dare I point out random people no one on this website has ever met.

            To mention the Catholics was solely in response to your claim that “only Catholics are valid”, which seems to justify ANYONE who identifies as Catholic, even if they all they do is appear in church every week. I know plenty of Protestants I could have mentioned, and even admitted I was once one of those lukewarm ones. Admitting that must be my ego talking, right?

            Can you relate to my answer to the question I asked you at all? Or, would you say something else?

          • I don’t care who owns it, I have no interest in meeting them. That my “kind is not welcome around here” is doubtful though.

            Yes, how dare you try to assert yourself over others to show how self-righteous you are, thank God you are not like the publican. I believe I have explained that in detail.

            It does justify anyone who is Catholic, no need to “identify” with anything. One either is Catholic or they aren’t.

            your question was very self-righteously asking me what I will plead before God, the crime: me calling out your egoism as egoism instead of the terminology you give it. As I said:

            I don’t need to plead anything. This world is torn apart by heresy passing itself off as Faith as well as recovering from a 100 year reign of the devil. Actually standing up against evil, no matter how milquetoast that evil is, is required of me.

          • Strangely enough, the Protestant “heresy” lead to the freest nation the world has ever seen. Not bad for a people who were supposedly worshiping government.

            What you say is unfounded and is directly contradicted by history as well by the testimony of the Holy Spirit.

          • Free in what sense? To corporate overlords or from tyranny? Do you have any idea just how botched the us actually is? Not to mention it is the source of modern totalitarianism.

            And I see you are using the prot blasphemy of claiming your ego is the Holy Spirit.

          • LOL. So a Protestant understanding of Scripture is what makes Catholics abandon Catholic teaching? That’s some crazy stuff right there. Yes, I realize that later you try to say that “personal interpretation” = Protestantism, but that too is ahistorical.

            Go learn something about the Reformation. The people that headed it up weren’t interested in making the Scripture say whatever they wanted. They were concerned — no, obsessed — with understanding the true meaning of it.

          • No, it makes people weak, and weak people become communist.

            If that was the case, then why did they abandon the actual meaning of scripture to pretend it self-justified their egos.

      • The sexual revolution has nothing to do with Protestant values. Maybe it’s time for you to admit that the people who founded and championed the sexual revolution weren’t Christian in any way, shape, or form. Maybe it’s time you honestly look at some of these people — Kinsey, Flynt, Heffner, and so on. Let’s talk specifics. Let’s talk about the people responsible. What did they believe and what did they do?

        • They were communists, the prot heresy being the progenitors of that movement.

  • Ray

    So will the Catholic church reform or not? Will they simply have a good remedy on paper only, or will it be preached from the pulpits, practiced among the congregants, and will they have classes on how the work of reconciliation by the gospel of Christ can be done, such that nobody will ever abuse anyone again, because somebody will be speaking with the offender, maybe by 2 or by 3? Or, with the Catholic church be doing business as usual, again?

  • Don Spilman

    The day will soon arrive when the true believers in the Christ will be gone, and those left will have a great brief window of opportunity and impetus to bring many into the Kingdom.

    • Fuzzy Ashkenazim

      Are you of Jewish descent too, Don?

      • Don Spilman

        There is a possibility Fuzzy, I have never pursued the possibility I do know of a Szpilman Jewish name. I think it would be great to discover, but for me the most important is having my name in the lambs book of life.

        • Fuzzy Ashkenazim

          Amen, Don. I appreciate what you contribute to the online community and you are a huge blessing to the Jewish people.

  • Kathleen Hahn

    Thank you, John. This is a superb article. I will be sharing this with many people here at the Chancery and beyond. I had the good fortune of hearing you on Spirit Catholic Radio this morning.

  • John Gravino wrote an article

    “Jesus Praised Celibacy! Are You Smarter Than Jesus?” that I liked I wish he included an explanation of 1 Tim 4:3 Protestants use that against Catholics all the time in regards to priestly celibacy and abstinence from meat on fridays

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