How Do We Know That Baby Identifies as Human? Maybe He’s Really an Adult Hippo.

By John Zmirak Published on August 12, 2017

An August 7 LifeSiteNews article offers us the latest example of moral zombies walking the earth, coming towards us hungrily and screaming “Brains! Brains!” Clare Chretien writes of

Trystan Reese, who identifies as a man and is married to a gay man. Thus, Reese and her husband Biff Chaplow consider themselves “accidentally gay parents” (Biff considers himself more of the family mom, though.)

Articles about Reese say she was “assigned female sex at birth”… and then go on to “assign” her new baby a sex: male. 

Transgender man gives birth to a boy, read a CNN headlineTransgender man gives birth to baby boy, The Washington Post announced

If biological sex is totally irrelevant and gender is simply determined by one’s feelings, then why are Reese and Chaplow assuming their baby’s gender?

Chretien makes an excellent point. How heteronormative is it for these parents to look at the child’s penis and just assign him a gender! They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

How Do We Know It’s Human or a Baby?

But the scandal goes deeper. How do they know that the child identifies as a human?  Or as a baby, not an adult? We have an academic now insisting on his right to identify as a hippo. We have a grown dad  deciding to identify as a six-year-old girl. How do these parents know their child isn’t in fact (that is, in zir mind) a grown up lesbian hippo? Isn’t that just speciesism and ageism rearing their heads? Inquiring minds want to know.

Parents in Canada now have to fear they’ll lose custody of their kids if they don’t encourage “transgender” fantasies. But kids live in fantasy worlds half the time. What’s more, most fantasies fade. The American College of Pediatricians points out:

According to the DSM-V, as many as 98% of gender confused boys and 88% of gender confused girls eventually accept their biological sex after naturally passing through puberty.

So again, let me ask the journos who wrote up all those puff-pieces about a “man” giving birth to a boy: What if that child sometimes identifies as a dog? If he crawls around going, “Woof! Woof!” and poops in the house. Why should the parents try to convince him otherwise? How long before Canada insists that they feed him Alpo and let him lift his leg on fire hydrants? If not, why not, exactly?

Your Vulcan Logic Is Useless Here

Such conservative counterarguments are fun to make. They’re logically sound. And pertinent. But they never seem to work.  They result, at best, in liberal handwaving. At worst? They will get you “doxxed,” shunned, or fired.

Ever wonder why that is?

The way the left operates today is clear: They sniff out the grievance of some infinitesimally tiny group. Say, men or women who feel convinced that they’re “transgender.” Or coddled rich kids who aren’t male or white at an Ivy League school. They’re offended by a statue of Shakespeare. Or a Halloween costume. Or some Muslim economic migrant who claims that his support of sharia totalitarianism is protected by the U.S. First Amendment. Even though he’s living in Qatar.

Too many of us let our hearts overpower our heads. We want to help this person, whom a highly-trained writer or activist has carefully packaged for us — omitting the voice of skeptics.

The smarter leftists know that by championing these “victims,” they’re also promoting something else. Namely, highly dubious moral principles, which could and would lead to even crazier outcomes. If you gave us those principles baldly, most people would reject them. So their advocates wrap them in “human interest” sob stories that disarm our rational defenses. Too many of us let our hearts overpower our heads. We want to help this person, whom a highly-trained writer or activist has carefully packaged for us — omitting the voice of skeptics.

Those skeptics (people like Stream writers) point out the logically obvious: “If you accept that principle in this case, which seems really sympathetic, you’ll be sorry. It will get applied down the road by leftists in power in the following ugly ways. …” Then we show the real, alarming implications. For instance, we show that there’s no logical difference between claiming you’re a different sex than your genitals tell you and … insisting that you’re 30 years younger or older than your body seems to think. Or a foot taller. Or even a different species.

Security Will Escort You Out of the Culture

Do liberals take such objections seriously?

Of course not. They wave them off as “alarmist.” They call us “insensitive” or “heartless” for even bringing them up. The public, untrained in logic, goes on to side with the “victim.” And that crackpot principle gets established as law, or policy. Or else as the “decent” position that every “good person” should take. That is, if he wants to work in this country, for instance at someplace like Google or Firefox — hint, hint.

Then suddenly people stop making counterarguments. They just accept as mainstream a principle which even liberals would have admitted was crazy in 2005. A new “consensus” emerges. Some Jesuit or seeker church pastor finds a way to justify it from Scripture. Rinse and repeat.

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  • Mensa Member

    >> If biological sex is totally irrelevant and gender is simply determined by one’s feelings,

    I don’t know anyone who says that biological sex is totally irrelevant.

    I do know people who say that genitals are one element of biological sex that determines gender identity.

    And they say that genitals are a very important determinant! Just not the only one.

    There is also hormones. Very important, too.

    Perhaps the most important biological determinant is the brain.

    Experts also confirm what is just common sense — there are also non-biological determinants of gender.

    • Patmos

      To those who don’t know, Mensa Member is a fake Christian and a troll.

      • Mensa Member

        So, have you completely abandoned any attempt at discussion?

        I assure everybody here that I’m a devout Christian and I sincerely believe what I write.

        • Since the Truth is not evident in your writing, how are we to confirm you claims to belonging, as a slave, to Jesus Christ, the Lord?

          We are told to test such claims against the witness of the output of a claimant’s life as well as how faithfully those things they espouse comport with the teachings of Scripture.

          Sorry to say, Mensa, you do not pass such a test. Perhaps you will in some future time, but not now.

          • john appleseed

            Since the topic is how one identifies, it’s telling that he wants the world to know that he’s intelligent enough to be a member of Mensa.
            But some of the most intelligent people in history have been absolute fools.
            Wisdom is far better than intelligence.
            Mensa Member, you desperately need to acquire some wisdom.

          • Dean Bruckner

            He previously stated he’s not actually a Mensa member.

        • Andrew Mason

          What do you mean by devout Christian? Just as a boy can now claim to be a girl, and insist on that claim being respected in some places, nothing prevents a non-Christian from claiming to be a Christian and insisting their non-Christian viewpoint is the Christian viewpoint.

    • Kevin Carr

      Planned Parenthood just said “your genitals don’t determine your gender”. Question, if that is true, then why do Trans set out to alter them? How do you know what is a girl or boy?

    • “There are also non-biological determinants of gender identity.”

      Sure. And for some people, those non-biological determinants override every other factor. In those cases, biological sex is totally irrelevant and gender is determined by feelings. Just as the article said.

  • Dean Bruckner

    Hey John, what kind of car do you drive? I might want to identify as you!

    • Zmirak

      Its name is Uber, for there are many of them….

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    Has Mr Zmirak stumbled upon a subtle strategy designed to socially reengineer society ?
    Word has it that that iconic purple dinosaur “Barney” is making a comeback. The popular TV shows creator Sheryl Leach , mother of attempted murderer Patrick Leach may have been heard to say, “the time for genus fluidity is upon us”- “Anthropomorphic creatures like purple dinosaurs & fashionably attired girly hippos have much in common. – It should be obvious that our nations children, dissatisfied w/commonplace gender fluidity claims are ready for something a bit more novel. Lets move beyond mere genitalia & recapture the spirit of the prime directive ” – “to go boldly where no man has gone before”. Ms Leach may also have been heard to say.”Well, if gender fluidity has taught us anything,” Ms Leach it is reported may also have stated, ” it has taught us that reality is no longer that significant a cultural force in shaping the future of our most precious resource. Ratings “. Seems to me the left owes “Barney” a debt of gratitude. Won’t be long before purple dinosaurs & girly hippos chanting ” I love you – You love me – We’re a happy family.. ‘ as they march thru DC & line up at the voting polls ….

  • Billy Chickens

    Then there’s the case of Vinny Ohh.

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