How Do Christians Fight a Multifront Battle the Right Way?

By The Stream Published on April 22, 2024

During a teaching segment on a recent episode of LIFE Today, James and Betty Robison discussed the fact that our nation is currently in a state we’ve never seen before. The spiritual forces of darkness are coming at us from every angle — the family, our children’s sexual identity, the economy, and more. As Betty said, the evil is obvious and unrepentant. It’s pushy right now. Standing aside and doing nothing is not an option.

How do we fight back — the right way?

“You have an opportunity as God’s child to stand strong and let God work through you,” said Betty. “We’re all different, with different callings — but we can all work together for His purpose. It’s not someone else’s job — it’s God’s children’s turn to step up and be the example He created you to be.”

James has created guides to help our nation return to sanity, stability, and peace. One is Fight the Good Fight — a book co-written with Jay Richards (Regnery, 2024) to lay out the biblical foundations of the solutions for each of those problems our nation is facing. The other is The Stream, which delivers daily news and commentary from a biblical perspective to help readers understand the issues we’re facing and how we might best approach them.

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