Hope for the Lost: Show Them God is Relevant

By Sean Dunn Published on July 25, 2021

“There is a church on every corner, a Christian radio station on every dial and a Christian bookstore in every town.” Although he said it over a decade ago, this is the perception of a European as he examined the state of Christianity in America. “If someone wants to have a God conversation or to explore Jesus, they know where to go.”

This conversation left me frustrated because the perception that lost people know they are lost and they know how to be found isn’t accurate. Many people in our nation are in survival mode, not seeking mode. They are trying to get by, not trying to get to Heaven. And, unless we (Christ-followers who love Jesus and are convinced that He is the one and only Way) take it to them, they may never hear the message that can transform their lives and secure their eternity.

We cannot sit in our churches hoping that they come find us when they are struggling day to day, silently hoping that we come find them.

Show Them God is Relevant

Studies show that the majority of people in the U.S. still believe that God is a real being and not just a concept. Therefore, our job as Christ-followers is not to convince them that He is real. It is to remind them that He is relevant.

That is the strategy we utilize every day at Groundwire, and people are responding. Last year alone, over 116,000 — mostly from the Millennial and Z Generations — placed their faith in Christ. We are on track to double that number this year. How? By leveraging the very technology most industries use to promote other agendas or push products.

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We use the same kind of algorithms that flood your Facebook page with shoe ads if you chat with a friend online about your new Nikes. We do this to communicate the Gospel in a relevant and authentic way.

There are many ways to share the Gospel. Whether witnessing to neighbors, sharing with co-workers, influencing family, communicating to a crowd or utilizing technology, there are keys we can lean into in order to make the message of the Gospel clearly heard.

There Is a Right Way

We have been given a mandate to point to Jesus as the Way, the Truth and the Life. But for it to be considered by those we are sharing it with, we must share the right message, for the right reasons, with a commitment to continue.

  • The Right Message: Many focus on the things that are not central to the Gospel message (hypocrisy, politics, emotions), but it is important that we keep the central message at the center. What Jesus did on the cross and what He offers to those who trust in Him is the message.
  • For the Right Reason: As aspiring evangelists, people who long for God to use us to bring His transformational message to people, we must ensure our heart is right. We must not allow our motive to be selfish. We don’t pursue the lost because we want a great story to tell, or because we are trying to impress God or others. We long to share Jesus with people because we understand it is God’s desire. He wants all men to come to a knowledge of the truth and come to salvation.  
  • With Perseverance: It might not end the way you want it to, but keep your eyes open for opportunities to share Jesus. Don’t beat them up with the truth, and don’t preach in your relationships but continue to remind them. “I am praying for you.” “God adores you.” “Don’t forget to ask Him for wisdom.” “Jesus died so you could know Him personally.” These are all statements that will linger with them and perhaps open up more conversation with you.

Don’t forget, Scripture teaches that if we don’t give up we will see the harvest that God longs to bring us (Galatians 6:9). The Gospel message is the most powerful, profound and meaningful that has ever been shared. It is at the core of Scripture, and it is the hope for humanity.


Sean Dunn is founder and president of Groundwire, a global ministry with the mission to lead every youth and young adult into a personal relationship with Jesus by leveraging current media channels to connect with them wherever they are. For more information, visit www.groundwire.net

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