Stream Splashes: July 14-20 in Review

By The Stream Published on July 21, 2019

Every week, The Stream rounds up some highlights from the recent news. We call these our “splashes”: everything from insightful commentary on the week’s big events to small inspiring stories you may have missed.


Conservative critics are right. President Trump squandered a great political moment. On a weekend when Democrats in Congress were calling each other racists, he issued a Tweet that united them. As the Jacobins chased the Girondists with paring knives, Trump bumbled in like the exiled Louis XVIII with a weak landing in Brittany. That brought the revolutionaries together again. It reminded them who they hate.

So now instead of letting black congressmen trade charges of racism with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s apparently Communist chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti, we’re quarreling over … Trump’s Tweets.

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President Trump, and those of us supporting him, regularly deal with outrageous insults from the Left and the media. (I know — what’s the difference?) Even some on the establishment Right chime in: Trump’s literally crazy. And racist. As well as stupid. Those who voted for him? White supremacists, fools, and of course, deplorables.

But on July 11, 2019, at a White House ceremony no less, the slurs got kicked up a notch. Brian Karem, a journalist who works for both CNN and Playboy, brayed that conservatives present in the Rose Garden were “eager for demonic possession.”

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The world recently learned that the American Psychological Association promotes “polyamory,” “swinging,” and “relationship anarchy.” Their experts say it’s healthy and ethical. They’re crazy.

Leftists who run our nation’s public schools love to hide behind the skirts of the APA when it comes to crazy Sex Ed. So in a recent column I wondered how long it would take for them to push polyamory on the pubertal.

Then I learned they already do.

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The College Fix is reporting on Steven Jacobs’ five years of “agony” researching biologists’ opinion on when human life begins. The problem: The faculty at his institution knew the answer already, and it didn’t support their pro-abortion politics. So they fought back. Hard.

Obviously the question of life’s beginnings matters in the abortion debate. Ideally biologists’ opinions would be based in science, not politics. And Jacobs found out that they were.

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