Dear Feminists: Hillary Didn’t Save You

Feminists didn't need Hillary to instigate a major cultural conversation, even change.

Right now, we're experiencing a major cultural moment. A feminist moment, if you will. That moment is #MeToo.

By Liberty McArtor Published on November 15, 2017

The Handmaids’ Tale. Worse than Saudi Arabia. Decades back in time. 

These are all things America became after Donald Trump was elected President, according to mainstream feminists.

By mainstream feminists, I mean the ladies who mourned Hillary Clinton’s loss like the death of their own mother. Like Katy Perry, who wrote this worshipful ode to Hillary the “Phoenix” and her fire-lighting powers. The women who dramatically changed their hair as one does after an ugly break up. Or gave up dating because Trump won.

We’d been told Hillary would ring in a new era of women’s empowerment. Under women-molesting Trump and his slithering, sexist, dines-only-with-his-wife sidekick Mike Pence, women would get beaten into the dark ages of rampant misogyny. 

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But they were wrong. 

A Feminist Moment in Trump’s America

Right now, we’re experiencing a major cultural moment. A feminist moment, if you will. That moment is #MeToo.

#MeToo’s arm is long and indiscriminate. It’s come for liberals like Mark Halperin and Republicans like Roy Moore. It’s even, in a surprising but long overdue twist, come for Bill Clinton

The former president accused of rape and impeached for lying about sexual impropriety has long scampered freely behind feminism’s petticoats. To conservatives, it was obvious and despicable. Just as it was obvious and despicable that Hillary campaigned on female empowerment while shoving his accusers aside. Most despicable was that her worshipers allowed it.

But not today. Today, American men and women are examining whether their own conduct — including who they voted for (or defended in an op-ed) — is up to par. 

Costs and Benefits of #MeToo

Of course, there are dangers with #MeToo. Some will undoubtedly latch onto the movement’s coattails for attention. Some will use it to smear good men. But many are not out to smear or get attention. They’ve been actively avoiding attention. But as the New York Times wrote last month, “Harvey Weinstein’s Fall Open[ed] the Floodgates in Hollywood.”

Were Madame President perched comfortably in the White House, mainstream feminists might not even be angry enough for #MeToo.

And not just Hollywood. Now, more and more women — and plenty of men, too — are gaining the courage to come forward with stories of how they were abused. Serial predators who roamed free for too long are facing justice. Hopefully future victims will be emboldened to speak up sooner. Hopefully their would-be assailants will think twice.

Things aren’t perfect. There are still swaths of people who refuse to believe anything bad about their hero. No matter how many women come forward. No matter how credible their claims. But in a big way, people are listening as women say, en masse, “Me, too.” 

If She’d Won

Trust me, I’m not lauding the greater motives of whatever-wave-this-is-feminism. Most of modern, mainstream feminism is a crock.

My point is that feminists didn’t need Hillary to instigate a major cultural conversation, even change. They’ll never concede this, though, because they put their hope in that one woman. Moreover, in one idea: that a female in the White House would be the pinnacle of female equality. That feminism would arrive as soon as soon as a woman took the helm.

Imagine if Hillary had won. The Weinsteins, Spaceys, Halperins and Louis C.K.s would not have quit their nasty habits. They’d still be celebrities at Democratic fund-raisers, posing for pictures with the new feminist president herself. Everything Hillary did “for women,” like push abortion and contraception, wouldn’t stop them from abusing women.

Were Madame President perched comfortably in the White House, mainstream feminists might not even be angry enough for #MeToo. They might be too busy toasting to her long and happy reign to deal with the real problems that persisted despite her ascendance. 

They sure as heck wouldn’t have the gall to admit their failure in the Bubba department.

Will feminists like Katy Perry argue that Hillary inspired them to make change? Sure. And in a way, that may be partly true. But when it comes down to who’s doing the changing, it isn’t Hillary and it isn’t the White House. It’s a few women who finally had the courage to come forward, and a few million others who joined them.

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  • GPS Daddy

    Liberty, this is off topic for this article, but I wanted to be sure someone at The Stream knows about this. Do you know who Dr Leaf is? She is a Christian brain researcher. Her website is dr leaf dot com. She is saying there is significant evidence that there is a high correlation between mass shootings and the use of psychedelic prescription drugs. Not illegal drugs but prescription drugs. Is it possible that all the shootings we have seen might be linked back to the drug industry? (Note: not that the drug industry is purposely doing this but that the drugs are really not safe.)

    • LYoung

      Murder comes from hatred and evil within. – Jesus

    • Rachel Schaeffer Lang

      Psychotropic, not psychedelic.

  • Vince

    I love Margaret Thatcher’s line: “I owe nothing to feminism.”

    Thatcher did not achieve greatness by being married to Denis Thatcher. She did it on her own. She is the polar opposite of that Clinton woman.

    • Hmmm…

      I’ve often thought of Mrs. Thatcher in relation to HRC, the former actually performing in the arena with excellence and genuine accomplishment and dedicated service. The latter is a sad contrast, much paled by comparison.

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    Well, seems like the “MeToo”s” are coming out of the woodwork. This is a cultural phenomena . One which as Ms McArtor suggests can be both positive & not so positive.
    The Hillary parade ( or charade ) rode on the coattails of the “womans empowerment” trend.
    Feminists happily embraced this iconic character of dubious feminist credentials as their own. Hillary of course cheerfully obliged, accepting their invitation to be their spokeswoman & anticipated POTUS in waiting. Like a serpent stalking its prey, this “snake in the grass” slithered her way up to the lowest hanging branch , from which her commanding view of the “movement” was assured. Then along came Trump ..!
    Fueled w/new ambitions, the Trump hating crowd had found their cause celeb. ( Sort of like whats happening w/that “southern gentleman” Judge at the moment ) So, now that Ms Clinton is losing supporters almost as quickly as rats fleeing that proverbial sinking ship, her status w/the pussycat hat wearing crowd is showing signs of weakening . Sure, there will be a wax effigy of this “glass ceiling” breaking heroine in the ” museum of feminism” some day.
    Speaking of some day , let us hope that the rise & fall of this maternal figurehead of disingenuous feminist fantasies will finally be the featured “felon of the year” winner in some future stammering Maxine awards event ….!

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