HGTV is Clearly Aligned With the LGBT Movement. But it’s Sticking With the Gaineses

The Build Series present Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines to discuss their new book The Magnolia Story at AOL HQ on October 19, 2016 in New York City.

By Dustin Siggins Published on December 5, 2016

As everyone knows, on Tuesday, Buzzfeed launched a hit job against Chip and Joanna Gaines, hosts of the ratings bonanza show “Fixer Upper.” The couple’s crime is in attending a church that opposes redefining marriage and considers homosexual relationships sinful. Even worse, they didn’t respond to Buzzfeed’s request for comment about their views on same-sex sexual relationships, and the show hasn’t had a same-sex couple on it!

While a handful of outlets (perhaps most prominently, Jezebel and Cosmopolitan) and Buzzfeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith supported the piece, and the “reporter” who wrote the article awkwardly defended her work, condemnation of the cheap shot was widespread. From Catholics to Evangelicals, and gay activist liberals to libertarians, Buzzfeed was slammed for creating a controversy to attack one of America’s most popular couples.

HGTV is hardly a defender of socially conservative values anyway. Breitbart noted that two of the network’s other shows, “Property Brothers” and “House Hunters,” have featured gay couples. Furthermore, HGTV was the network from which the Benham Brothers were evicted in 2014 after Right Wing Watch discovered they were active in supporting pro-life and pro-family values. (The Benhams’ show was to be called “Flip it Forward,” in which the real estate entrepreneurs would help couples in debt flip homes to pay off their debts.)

As if it needed to, HGTV told Huffington Post on Thursday, “We don’t discriminate against members of the LGBT community in any of our shows. HGTV is proud to have a crystal clear, consistent record of including people from all walks of life in its series.”

Despite this generally pro-LGBT corporate position, and its cowardice regarding the Benhams, HGTV appears to be sticking with the Gaineses:

There are a few lessons here for social conservatives and our ideological opponents at Buzzfeed and elsewhere:

1. Economics is king on TV. Phil Robertson is still at A&E because his family brings the network lots of money. Likewise, the Duggars weathered several similar controversies before being sidelined due to Josh Duggar’s past sexual problems.

2. Social conservative Christians really are under attack. Though it was certainly Buzzfeed’s right (as a private publication) to publish this drivel, the fact that they did so — and got some public support for it — is just the latest example. 

3. “Professional” liberals really are quite disconnected from mainstream America. Most people simply don’t care whether the Gaineses’ church teaches for or against abortion, for or against marriage, and so on. They just want to watch a show they really like.

4. Related to Point 3 — many liberals not only don’t care about the activist Left, but also recognize their own movement has gone too far.

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  • Christian Cowboy

    Don’t like what’s on TV – change the channel!

    I do!

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    The proponents of the type of thought that propels this propensity for intolerance in the name of inclusion, so called, are the modern day pharisees Jesus had such little tolerance for. Yeah, The Master at Gods bidding was intolerant. No one w/any biblical understanding should be surprised by these accusations of ( perceived ) guilt by association against those whose “religious” beliefs challenge the self righteous sentiment of these zealots . White washed sepulchers was what Jesus called them exposing their hypocrisy. This kind of bias will cease only when the originator of this kind of strategy ceases his unseen but not unnoticed behind the scenes efforts of influence & subterfuge. In other words not any time soon or at least not while there still exists a righteous remnant on this planet…. Oh, & Mr .Siggins got it right, the one thing corporate entities have a hard time discounting, are their pocketbooks.

    • clearlyseen

      It will not end until Jesus returns after the Tribulation (Matt 24:29-31).

  • Hmmm…

    The title: This speaks to their having provided visible fruit and a quality witness over time
    We do need to believe for God to undertake on our behalf on things like this.

  • Morrie Chamberlain

    In Waco Texas where Chip and Joanna do their business there probably is not a huge number of gay couples needing their services. It is the home of Baylor University after all. But what if a gay couple did present themselves would Chip and Joanna feel the obligation to showcase them on their TV show? I would think they might choose them if the couple met the same criteria as straight couples. If they were obnoxious they might not b chosen. This is my guess.

    The reason HGTV is sticking with the Gaines is because of ratings. The reasons the ratings are high are because of Joanna’s sense of decorating, Chip’s construction knowledge and his great sense of humor, their wonderful relationship, and finally the beautiful family that is the product of this wonderful marriage. If you are like me you believe that the marriage between two baptized Christians is a sacramental marriage where God supplies the graces needed to form a loving and fecund relationship. The marriage is a sign of God’s love for us. It is up to the couple to accept these graces and God’s love for them.

  • Jay Ramsey

    I’d worked up a fairly cognizant reply as to whether being a public icon opens one up to public scrutiny or not, until I read these replies. Jesus tap-dancing Christ people. Don’t hem and haw over semantics, just leave the gays alone.

  • Jen Haggerty

    Why does anyone care what their views are. It’s no one’s business just as it’s no one’s business who is gay and who isn’t. Funny how the LGBT crowd doesn’t want views pushed on them but they can try to force their views on others. Why can’t everyone just stay out of each other’s business?

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