Hey, January 6 Committee: The Real Insurrection Happened November 3. But You Knew That

By Albin Sadar Published on June 22, 2022

Did you ever wonder why something so obvious can be missed by so many people? Can it be that our intelligence gets in the way of our reasoning? If we overthink a situation, can we miss what’s staring us right in the face?

Occam’s Razor tells us that the simplest solution is most likely the correct one. In other words, if we complicate what’s on the surface plain-as-day, we will most likely come up with the wrong view of it.

Take the events of January 6, 2021 in Washington, D.C. Why were over 100,000 patriots in our Capitol on that particular day? Were they there to “stop democracy”? Or were they there to peacefully show their displeasure over what had become obvious over the two months since the 2020 presidential election?

Days of Fabricating Ballots

The rally was centered around a simple concept displayed on many of the signs: “Stop the Steal.” What the crowd was demanding was an examination of the overwhelming evidence of what common sense told clear-headed people was obvious: Donald Trump defeated Joe Biden in the 2020 election. However, it took no less than three days of fabricating and counting votes in six swing states to make it appear that Biden had squeaked out a victory over Trump.

The movie 2000 Mules demonstrates with unassailable clear-eyed video and geo-tracking evidence how one facet of the steal was accomplished. Even without this behind-the-scenes revelation, an overwhelming mass of facts tell us the same story. The Left and their Democrat and Republican enablers (also known as the Uniparty), would never have allowed Donald Trump and his Deplorables the opportunity to steer this country on a further course to “greatness” for another four years. The fix was in.

A Stalinist Show Trial

ost Americans are painfully aware that the January 6 Committee has absolutely no interest in the truth or the facts of what happened at the Capitol that day. Many on the committee already know exactly what happened. Why? Because they were involved in orchestrating it to some degree. Start with Nancy Pelosi’s rejection of Trump’s offer of National Guard troops despite intel warnings of trouble … and the history of ANTIFA attacking Trump supporters during and after previous MAGA-related events. The committee’s job at this juncture is to shoe-horn the select and/or doctored video and partisan testimony into their preconceived narrative.

Let’s fantasize. What if the January 6 Committee were honestly interested in getting to the bottom of an actual insurrection, albeit bloodless and under-the-radar? If that were the case, I’d like to offer just a few common sense, obvious observations pointing to the stolen presidential election of 2020.

The Facts

  • In the weeks leading into the election, Trump crisscrossed America, drawing tens and hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic supporters at each stop to hear his uplifting and encouraging message. Voter enthusiasm for President Trump was, to put it mildly, through the roof. Joe Biden appeared sporadically from his bunker in front of perhaps a dozen people, some press, separated by twelve-feet-in-diameter circles. The boredom was almost palpable.
  • Twenty years earlier, in the presidential election of 2000, “hanging chads” in the Florida count became the issue delaying the outcome of Gore-versus-Bush. Every person in America, whether on the left, the right, or in the middle, demanded scrutiny of each ballot to determine a fair, transparent, and legitimate outcome.
  • In 2020, six states halted vote-counting within an hour of each other and subsequently took three days to tally boxes full of ballots from who-knows-where. Concerned citizens were told not only to shut up about demanding recounts, but labeled as “conspiracy theorists” to be canceled. The mantra got trotted out, claiming 2020 as “the most secure election in American history.” Would anyone with nothing to hide worry about some scrutiny? If Biden really had wanted to unify the country, wouldn’t it have been in his own interest to ease concerns?
  • We have learned since the inauguration on January 20, 2021, that the Biden administration has harbored nothing but ill-will towards more than half the country that’s unhappy with its policies. The current administration has even used the FBI to dish out punishment to anyone deemed an adversary. (Ask parents questioning left-wing school boards. Ask Project Veritas, which had legal possession of Ashley Biden’s dairy).
  • Are we to believe that leftists who follow an unethical, Stalinist, Progressive playbook would do everything and anything except steal an election to seize and control power? Is the only thing sacred to them the will of “We the People”? Would they have allowed Donald Trump to continue in office based on the whims of the Deplorables? Or is it more likely that nothing as important as absolute power is left to chance?
  • The movie Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America’s Elections was released in March of 2020. It was produced by a group concerned that Donald Trump’s team was going to jigger electronic voting machines to assure he won a second term in office. Kamala Harris testifies in the movie that this vote-tampering was a very real possibility. Others suggest that the tampering occurred previously in 2016 when Russia hacked our electronic voting system to assure that their man Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton. However, in the five years of excruciating and intensive investigation into the connection between Trump and Russia, not once did the investigators look into vote-machine manipulation. Could it be that they knew in advance that if they had, they’d show America that the tampering occurred to manipulate votes for Clinton, not Trump?
  • Time magazine released an article soon after the election titled, “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election.” It stated the need to interfere with the election results to “save Democracy.” The Left told Americans outright “Yes, we did it, but it was for your own good.” And we’re now supposed to thank them, shut up, and move on.

Why Were Fox and the Rest of the Right Silent?

One of the biggest questions that now remains is this: Why haven’t supposedly Right-leaning news outlets covered even a hint of the “mostly peaceful insurrection” of November 3? The Salem Media Group is one of the only news organizations unafraid to speak truth to power. But, what’s restraining the rest, networks like Fox News?

Could it be that many who know or at least strongly suspect the truth are afraid what the revelation will do to this country? Are they fearful of riots in the street and a physical (rather than ideological) civil war? (Remember how businesses in Washington, DC boarded up before the election fearing the Leftist backlash of a Trump re-election?)

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But what if the opposite had happened? What if it were proven unequivocally that Trump’s team had snatched the election from Joe Biden? Would the Left have reacted with, “Aw, shucks, we’ll get ’em next time. November 2022 is right around the corner!” Or would they have dispatched their jackbooted thugs from Antifa and BLM?

It seems that the question of a “November 3 Insurrection” deserves its own committee hearing.

I wonder if the prediction of a “red wave” for the coming mid-terms, barring voting shenanigans, will put a decent number of Republicans into the seat of power. If so, will those newly-elected representatives subsequently have the “stones” necessary to get to the bottom of the biggest and most consequential news story of our lifetime?

Time, and the upcoming election, will tell.


Albin Sadar is the producer of “The Eric Metaxas Show,” heard daily coast to coast on over 300 radio stations on the Salem Radio Network.

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