Helpless No More: Join the War Against Child Sex Trafficking

You can be the muscle behind the boots that kick down the doors.

By Al Perrotta Published on September 5, 2019

“This is so horrible. I wish I could help. I feel so helpless.”

How often have you felt this when reading stories about child sex trafficking? I know I did. And I know the stories never stop.

Whether at the ritzy digs of Jeffrey Epstein or the darkest corners of the globe, along the mountain roads of Nepal, the dirty streets of Taiwan, or along our own I-20, the horror goes on day-after-day. Sometimes the guilty are high-profile, like Epstein. Or social media star Liliana del Carmen Campos Puello, accused of forcing underage girls to work in an international sex trafficking ring. Nicknamed “La Madame,” she is charged with luring 250 minors to Cartagena in one year alone. Like Epstein, her high-profile clientele was said to include politicians, celebrities … even policemen.

Most often the child sex traffickers operate in the shadows. For example, Central American and Mexican drug cartels operate a billion dollar sex trafficking trade across our southern border. How infuriating that so many in government seem disinterested in shutting down the trade, in effect allowing children to be treated as sex toys.

We Are Not Helpless

Stories of sex trafficking have always shaken me. But I didn’t know how to stop it. Judging from the comments found in articles about child sex trafficking case, I’m not alone in feeling angry and helpless.

But: We. Are. Not. Helpless!

The Stream’s parent organization, LIFE Outreach, International, operates Rescue LIFE. As the below video depicts, Rescue LIFE has been saving girls for over ten years now — overseas and on our own shores. Snatching children from the most depraved of abuses. You might not know how to stop child sex trafficking. The Rescue LIFE team says, bluntly, “We know how. Our partners all over the world are reaching these girls.”

Read those words again, “We know how.” Rescue LIFE is getting it done. By guile. By prayer. By force. By the grace of God. By the support of people like you. And we can rescue more and more girls with you joining the fight. It’s that simple. You have the power to free children from sexual slavery.


Be the Hope

You can be the muscle behind the hammers that break off the locks and the boots that kick down the doors. You can move the arms that hold these girls tight, that wipe away the tears. You. Because you are not helpless. And you have the heart to help.

LIFE Outreach has four main missions: Water for Life, Christmas Shoes, Mission Feeding and Rescue Life. We at The Stream support our brothers and sisters in all these. However, for The Stream, Rescue LIFE falls right onto our battlefield. Stopping the trafficking coyotes, protecting the border, law-and-order, politics, justice, corruption, exposing evil, shining a light into dark places. Bringing Christ to corners that know only hopelessness, holding the powerful to account, and most profound of all, protecting the least among us.

Help Us Rescue Life2

The Stream’s Facebook page has nearly half a million followers. Can you imagine what this army of 500,000 could do in this battle? How many girls can you and I save? Girls like the Nepalese child saved just a few steps away from slavery last month.

And how many of those girls will turn around and help others escape? (We have that amazing story next time.)

We are not helpless. We can be the hope.

Please enlist today, Streamers. Let’s do this.

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