Harvard Tries to Shield Students From Conservative News Sites They Label ‘Fake’ or ‘Biased’

By Nancy Flory Published on March 13, 2017

For a prestigious ivy-league school with Christian roots, Harvard is shrugging off its original identity as quickly as its motto changed from “Truth for Christ and Church” (Veritas pro Christo et Ecclesia) to just “Truth” (Veritas). But even that’s in question these days.

The Harvard Library recently posted a list of ways to avoid “Fake News, Misinformation, and Propaganda” and attached a list of suspect websites, but there’s just one problem: some of the news sites they reference are conservative — many of them are quite reputable, which leads some to speculate that Harvard wants to keep students liberal.

In addition to common-sense warnings, such as keeping an eye out for sloppy or unprofessional design, the library suggests that, if you are in doubt about whether a news site is real or fake, “Ask a Librarian.” As helpful as that may sound, librarians are not news analysts. Their job is to help students locate information — not discern good from bad or even fake from real.

Thomas Lifson, Harvard alum, faculty member and officer had this to say:

I am sorry, but this is dangerous nonsense. I was grateful for the help that the staffs of several Harvard libraries (there are dozens of libraries at Harvard) gave me in my years there. They knew what their collections contained and how to get a hold of even the most obscure items. But they always knew they were in a service role, not in the role of determining what sources I should rely on. That was my job!

Lifson went on to say that it’s just one more example of liberal activists trying to keep young minds from being exposed to anything but the liberal agenda. The youth of Harvard are not to be trusted to make up their minds about what is accurate news reporting, he said. “Harvard librarians … find certain viewpoints dangerous, and want to make sure that youngsters are warned away from viewpoints dissenting from liberal orthodoxy.”

The full list rates 916 websites, labeling reputable sites like Breakpoint.org, Breitbart.org, Lifesitenews.com, the Blaze.com and many others as “biased,” “clickbait” or “unreliable.” 

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