The Handmaid’s Tale is Hate Speech

The new series from Hulu paints pro-lifers and Christians as sex-obsessed fascists

By John Zmirak Published on April 27, 2017

If you’re like me, you already realized that Hulu is kind of a waste of money and canceled it. The technical glitches alone make it more work to watch a recent episode of The Blacklist than to simply go sit down and write your own.

In an effort to show its relevance and compete with Netflix, Hulu has made a bold move: It took The Handmaid’s Tale, a crackpot feminist meltdown by Canadian typist Margaret Atwood, and made it into a series. Yes, it had already been made into a boring, implausible movie.

Yes, I’ve read it.

No, it’s not remotely credible or compelling.

No, it’s not “suddenly relevant” thanks to the election of Donald Trump. In fact, it wasn’t relevant when Atwood banged it out either. It was simply her shrill, nasty and paranoid reaction to us stupid Yanks electing Ronald Reagan. Now that we’ve gone and elected Donald Trump, it was clearly time to reboot it.

I can’t improve on what Heather Wilhelm wrote over at National Review, explaining just how ludicrous the story is as a critique of orthodox Christianity. Or any form of Christianity that has ever existed anywhere outside of tiny cult compounds.

Please, please go read her column. She points out, truthfully, that there really are large parts of the world where women are enslaved by religious zealots and turned into sexual servants and broodmares. They just aren’t Christian parts of the world.

They belong to … that other religion which we’re not supposed to mention except when we’re trying to get people like Wilhelm fired for criticizing it. HINT: It rhymes with “lip balm.” And there’s no way that Margaret Atwood wants to cop to Lipbalmophobia.

The Totalitarian, Hateful Pro-Life Movement

What drove Atwood to write The Handmaid’s Tale was her outrage and horror at the rise of the pro-life movement. In fact, the novel is nothing more than a paranoid pro-choice tract. Essentially, Atwood’s story shows you what happens when the government tries to protect unborn children:

  1. First, riots in the streets, as the Christian dictators crack down on feminists, nuns, and … Baptists. (Don’t sweat the details here.)
  2. Then some weird plague of infertility afflicts most Christian women, which leads the theocratic heretics running the country to …
  3. Round up all the fertile women and make them breeding slaves to the haughty, sterile Christian wives. These wealthy, manicured Bible-thumpers play along and actively take part as …
  4. Their husbands inseminate the fertile women, to breed the next generation of Christian fascists.

This summary makes you wonder not merely whether Atwood has ever met any Christians. Has she ever met any women?

Just Take Your Xanax

The book really is that foolish. It’s the kind of nightmarish scenario that an unbalanced college girl would tell her therapist, just before he wrote her a prescription for Xanax. So of course it’s on college readings lists around the world. It’s important to screw up young women in the formative years, make them phobic of men and children. That’s part of feminism’s master plan to reduce the birth rate to zero and turn our planet over to the dolphins. But now we’re getting into my own dystopian novel, which remains unwritten. For now …

Comforting the Comfortable, Afflicting the Afflicted

It’s so cheap and easy for academic feminists to fling this wretched book at their students. It doesn’t challenge any group that’s privileged or powerful. In fact, it feeds hateful stereotypes that the wealthy and influential like to spread about a weaker group. In that way, it’s a lot like the infamous Russian forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The Russian secret police helped create and distribute that vile book, which claimed to reveal the “secret agenda” of Jews. Their goal, like the Christians’ in The Handmaid’s Tale, was power. They wished to disrupt and destroy other groups to cement their control of society. (No surprise, Hitler reprinted the book and gave it out for free, as Islamists do today throughout the Muslim world.)

Now it was patently absurd to suggest that Jews really ran Europe, or Russia, in 1910. In fact, they suffered various degrees of rank discrimination. Despite a few wealthy donors like the Rothschilds, they were very, very far from exercising dictatorial power — as far as conservative Christians are today, in fact. Nor did Jews have any such ambition. Nor do Christians today. That means that The Protocols were not a legitimate dystopia or satire, but a piece of hate propaganda.

And so is The Handmaid’s Tale.       

If you want to read works of fantasy with real political bite, which actually skewer the powerful and expose disturbing trends, here’s a list I drew up here last year. One thing I can promise you: None of these books will end up as a miniseries on Hulu. 

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  • Jean Shea

    Normally, I find the Stream refreshing, but this commentary/review worked up the sludge that tends to collect at the bottom. “The Handmaid’s Tale” is obviously an extreme and distorted view of Christianity. However, if Zmirak is permitted to call Margaret Atwood a typist, then that makes him one as well. Unless he’s one of those writers who actually have “typists” render his work onto paper or digital form.
    There is a disturbing tendency among Christian denominations and sects to organize themselves along a hierarchy depicted in “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Their practices may not be as extreme. The work is fiction and thus exaggerated for effect. There is a prevailing tendency regarding gender roles among Christians (as well as Muslims and Jews, I might add) that achieves a condescending regard of women by evoking their “ennobled” status, which has had the result of devaluing them.
    When attitudes of a group become institutional thought they become liberating or dangerous, but usually the latter. Denominations, sects, cults operate in degrees of groupthink and as such are the reason why so many people are fleeing organized Christianity.
    The one thing I know is that people are people and prone to foibles in thinking that lead to dangerous institutional thought. It really doesn’t matter whether it is under the banner of Christianity or another religion or no religion. It is why we are constantly reminded to trust God and lean not on our own understanding. That can include systems of belief or worship.
    I didn’t like “The Handmand’s Tale” as a literary work, but elevate the criticism, Zmirak. Ms. Atwood is more than a typist. She is a talented writer, that doesn’t her work is, by definition, akin to Shakespeare. A modicum of respect would be appreciated.
    The 1980 movie was enough for me. I’m not even remotely tempted to even watch the trailer of this series, with or without the benefit of Zmirak’s review. But I see no reason to cast aspersions on a wide berth of people, professions and services. It reminded me that sometimes the secular society does a better job of taking the high road.

    • Patmos

      “The work is fiction and thus exaggerated for effect.”

      If all Atwood can come up with is cheapshots based on ignorance and vague generalities, then “typist” is a kind way to describe her, because she’s more accurately lower than that.

    • Zmirak

      Most ingenious defense of the Protocols I’ve ever read.

      • Karen

        Do you or do you not believe that women should focus our lives exclusively on domesticity and children?

    • True.

  • Linda Jane

    As a Canadian I have the following observations to offer Americans such as this author. Then tell me who has something to learn from whom:

    Having just come from visiting my mother in hospital, and taking her for an X-ray, I thought of how we will never get a hospital bill or even know how much all her care costs. This, while Americans are fighting tooth-and-nail to avoid paying for health insurance. In Canada we pay a bit of extra income tax and then every single resident gets top quality medical care from conception to death. No questions asked. Never a bill to pay. We are happy to do it. I’ve paid taxes for 40 years and have only availed myself of an annual checkup and two childbirths, and I don’t begrudge my fellow citizens who have perhaps needed millions of dollars of medical care to save their lives. It all balances out.

    Next, while I was downtown I noticed a class of high school students visiting our Parliament Buildings. They were from a neighbouring province. These students were very happy and came in many skin colours. I thought how our largest Ontario school board has had to cancel all schools trips to American destinations. For example, perhaps in prior years that class would have visited New York City or Washington instead of Canada’s capital. Not anymore. Canadians who are the slightest shade of brown or whose names are not English have such a high probability of trouble at the US border that we no longer want to go. A 21 year old girl – born in Canada and holding a Canadian passport – was prevented entry while her two friends were waved through. She is slightly brown skinned and her last name is not Smith or Jones. The three friends were travelling from Toronto to Miami for a wedding. She was never told why she wasn’t allowed in.

    Thirdly, very few Canadians own guns, and no Canadian carries a gun in public, except for law enforcement. Our violent crime is low, lower than comparable US cities. Just this week an American brought a gun in his knapsack into our CN Tower in Toronto. This is terrifying to a Canadian. We don’t want to be near guns. Don’t bring them here.

    Thank you.

    • Patmos

      “Then tell me who has something to learn from whom”

      Okay, you have to learn how to post comments relevant to the topic at hand, something you could learn from… I don’t know, maybe reading the article and responding to the points it makes, rather than drifting off into your own internal dialogue.

      • Linda Jane

        No preaching is worse than a self-righteous American such as the author of the article. You have much to learn from the countries and people you look down upon, but you prefer the sound of your own voices.

        • Billy Chickens

          I love the sound of John Zmirak’s voice. He’s fabulous. And has a great wit. You, Linda Jane, need to look around…er…Canada is it?…(because I really haven’t read anything you said except this criticism of John)…so anyway…look around Canada? while you can before Islam takes over Candisthan (sounds like a yeast infection of some sort) and you’re locked up tight in your house by a husband who won’t let you or his other wives drive because his religion won’t let women drive. Think about it. It might clear your brain a bit.

          • Linda Jane

            Our Prime Ministers have been and continue to be Catholic, with Stephen Harper being a devout member of the Christian and Missionary Alliance church. No fear here.

          • Billy Chickens

            You poor naive person. Evil is always to be feared but these days no one thinks Islam is evil especially Pope Francis, who’s on his way to Egypt to make nice with Islam. If beheading, stoning women, female genital mutilation, forcing people to convert, polygamy, running crowds of people over with trucks, stabbing people on subways, running into skyscrapers and killing 3500 people, beating women, honor killings, kidnapping Christian school girls and so on is not evil then OK. Islam can have Canada and you with it since not to defend against evil is to be swallowed up by it.

          • Linda Jane

            The Bible instructs believers not to fear, the Lord said “let not your hearts be troubled, believe in God, believe also in Me”. Love, joy, peace and patience mark the lives of Christians. Of course I loathe militant Islam and terrorism, and other liars, and I support all kinds of ministries that send the love of Jesus throughout the world. But I have no fear because I know who wins the final battle. Terrorists and Islam do not threaten my salvation.

          • Billy Chickens

            You misunderstand. I’m not talking about your salvation. I’m talking about life here and now on earth. Do you want to go naively into the dark night of Islam? Seems so. And it says in the Bible that we are supposed to be innocent as doves and wise as serpents, i.e., not to be naive about evil. Terrorists and Islam may not threaten your salvation, unless of course they force you to convert and they’re very good at that. Along with love, joy, peace and patience are courage, prudence, wisdom, fortitude and using our brains to recognize evil when we see it. Remember, we can’t deal with the devil and win, but that’s what you are doing and you will lose that battle.

          • Linda Jane

            Our Canadian wisdom kept us out of the Iraq war, while we were not afraid to shed Canadian blood and lose young lives in Afghanistan and while preparing to fight in other terrorist strongholds. We aren’t giving in to terrorism here by any means. Our Parliament Buildings are inscribed with Psalm 72:8 “He shall have dominion from sea to sea and from the river to the ends of the earth”.

          • Just to be clear. This column did not bash Canada. It criticized one Canadian writer, who bashed the U.S. and Christians. No need for a border war.

          • Billy Chickens

            Yes, well, you’ll do quite well with your head in the sand when your Muslim husband takes you and his other wives back to Saudi Arabia.

          • Linda Jane

            Americans are such a fearful and hateful people. Btw, my husband is Catholic and would never set foot in the Middle East.

        • Linda, I hope you know you are so lucky to not live in a country where the word of God is being spoken to so many heterosexuals. Because they feel his love and grace (and this mind you comes from a book written over 2000 years ago, and still used to run this country). Now how do I know that you ask…well I am a gay man in South Dakota where I’m told I cannot marry a man because it cause those catholics such distress to god (yes he must be one busy god telling his word and distress to so many heteros in this country, letting them interpret to make them feel comfortable. Amazing those are the ones saying my lifestyle i lead is my choice. No not saying, telling me. Never actually asking me, just going off by the whay the thought makes them feel and using god and the bible as the law. The Catholic Religion has mastered the art of discrimination so well, those ignorant men are still able to tell me I cannot express the love I have for the one person I was lucky enough to have met that feels the same for me. Love is a rare thing and should be celebrated 2 human beings find it within each other. Sounds normal to me but those in Washington DC and all over this country are so distressed that I love another man, it just cannot and will not happen for me. No American should believe that we are any better than any other country because we continue to backwards rather than forward. Slavery, Woman’s rights, Slavery…religion runs this country with ignorant men leading the way. We are the Human race, all of us and we will be extinct because of religion, keeping heads down to read the good word rather than looking up and working as a race to ensure our survival. Mother Nature can only warn us so much and she’s getting tired of it!

          • Micha_Elyi

            Whether or not you’re homosexual, Jashiz, as a man you cannot marry a man because marriage is between a man and a woman. Don’t blame religion, blame nature.

            Ahh, but you blame “religion” because the rational people oppose your attempts to pervert the meanings of words and pass off counterfeit marriages as the real thing.

          • Nature huh? I’m a gay man that has lived 43 years and seen a lot as a christian boy so please don’t assume you know a single thing about me. At this point, I just feel sad for people like yourself. I have no respect for ignorant people like you, and i ain’t wasting my time on you sad people. Good luck to you and your marriage!

          • Christian Michael Mengeu

            why is marriage between a man and a woman? Because you said so…, because your book said so? By the definition of the laws of the land marriage is between a man and a woman, man and a man and a woman and a woman.

          • What makes you think that the Atheists are better, after all both the soviet union and People’s republic of China where Atheist countries and they killed thier gays (cause almost everyone but the Christians kills your kind automatically), raped their women (and the women of nations conquered cause almost everyone but the Christians does that when at war), polluted the land regularly (still are in China) dooming many to slow deaths, set up kill quotas to kill even more people (something that only Atheists would cause they fear an unscientific 19th century prediction which was championed by a commie sci-fi writer from that era), all this has caused both countries to have severe depopulation which they may never recover from fully (Russia might now, but china won’t, which is bad for them cause the world is full of people like the ISIS just looking for new under populated lands to colonize),

            Oh and by the way the only thing between that horrible mess and our country is not the economic laws/policies (we have all the commie economic garbage), but the Christians you are complaining about.

            You, my little perverse friend would be extinct if not for the Christians. also you need ask yourself do really love that man, are you willing to die for him, or is it just friendship with benefits or even worse just lust.

          • lol, that made absolutely no sense, how old are you? Your the problem, knowing nothing about me, who I am, and just by reading that response you have shown us all not only do you not know a thing about me or “my kind” (gotta good kick out of that one). I know nothing about you other than that you are what is holding us back as a human species. And that’s all I need to say. Things WILL change and you will have to deal with a Woman as President and the fact its time for Women to show what they can do, and with us Gay men being able to see that potential they are showing you straight, lustful thinking men (I use that term LOOSELY), you ain’t gonna hold us all back!

          • If by holding you back you mean keeping the progressives form the destroying Western civilization and the human race and yourselves, than yes I suppose “my kind” are doing that and I have no qualms with a woman being president so long as she is Republican.

            Also its sad that you don’t read the real history of persecution of homosexuality, let me give you the jest of it: in modern Christian nations we merely disprove cause we are fairly sure that homosexuality is a chose (homosexuality has been around since forever, if it were genetic it would have died out by now), in modern Atheist countries they kill Homosexuals cause they think it is genetic and therefor a defect.

            As to knowing you, your right I can’t know you from 1 or 2 posts, but based on it I can give a few guesses about you. I would say you probably hate your parents on some level (I could be wrong on that), probably they didn’t answer your questions about God (if you had any) perhaps even punished you for asking which is why you are an Atheist. You probably had a hard childhood in a public school with few to no friends until you met a group of Homosexuals who took you under their wing, and I would say that is the real reason your gay now you would of course disagree cause clearly you where different from the other kids, which you where, but not due to being gay, its because you where smarter than the other kids, which is also why you gave a juvenile response to my earlier post. But then again that is all guess.

            Now Jashizi, lets get to the important part of this discussion. You should know by now that love isn’t about sex (straight or otherwise). It is about being welling to sacrifice yourself fully for a person you care for, that is love, So again are you willing to die for this man you claim to love, perhaps more importantly is he willing to die for you.

          • Carole

            Why would you ask him a question like that? Do you ask the same question of your straight friends?

          • To who asked me. First I off yes I would asked them “my straight friends” that (even if my friends were space frogs, I would ask them that), because I would want them to ask me that about any of my “romantic” relationships (if I ever have any). second I am a blonde blue eye straight male, always have been and proud of it (Take that SJWs).

          • Carole

            I know what “agape” means, you condescending SOB.

          • Shaquille Harvey

            What slavery ?
            Yet it was christians that help abolish slavery
            The bible was not written 2000 years ago
            What backwards?
            Tired of what ?
            Catholics running what ?

          • Really? Lol, keep showin us that ignorance.

          • Shaquille Harvey

            What ignorance please explain ?

    • ImaginaryDomain

      Hi Linda, thanks for posting. Here’s a few thoughts:

      1) socialized medicine as you have in Canada might work for a country of less than 30 million, with a few major caveats. The first is that Canada rarely invents new drugs and procedures. That yolk has fallen overwhelmingly on the US. We don’t mind inventing for the rest of the world, just recognize that there is a HUGE cost associated with every new development. In fact, for every 1 drug that makes it through a phase 3/4 clinical trial, there are at least 20 others that have failed. Each failure is an enormous cost (10-50 million), but in our capitalists society we encourage failure to promote success. So, you’re very welcome that in all likelihood the next procedure that you get for “free” was developed here in the US and at tremendous cost. Finally on this point, again, what may work for 30 million people does not scale to almost 400 million people. The truth is that Canada does and will deny coverage for the very high risk pool – for example, denying procedures (other than palliative) for dying cancer patients, etc. It is the only way that such a system can possibly work. It doesn’t all just magically “balance out.” That’s economics 101.

      2) I’m am thrilled that officials at the Canadian-US border are scrutinizing who enters our country. Also, your use of the term “trouble” is not defined. “Trouble” as in they need to prove who they are and why they are entering? Or “trouble” as in someone threatens/beats them? I would lay money that it’s the former kind of trouble, and thank God for that. We are pretty sick and tired of our borders being abused. If you’re such a snowflake that you can’t withstand a few questions at our border, perhaps you should rethink your travel plans.

      3) Canada isn’t the US when it comes to guns. A bit of history here. Yamamoto was terribly afraid of a US invasion during WW2. Know why? He knew that there was no way he could shore up against an entire country of individual gun owners. One thing I know is that any foreign invader will have a hell of time taking over this country – thanks to all of us gun owners.

      • Linda Jane

        Trouble at the border means unexpectedly being denied entry for no reason other than ones skin is a shade of brown or ones name is not English. Such as the example I gave. And please note that health care involves much more than pharmaceutical research. Canadians are continually developing and advancing all kinds of health-improving and life-sustaining recommendations, products, therapies and services. Bit of history for you – Canadians were fighting Hitler in Europe for 4 years before the US deigned to take action.

        • Charlie Sutton

          Your mom did not have stage 3 or 4 cancer, but easily treatable cancer. Read what she wrote.

          • Linda Jane

            And how many 90+ year old Americans get top level nursing home care with all the nursing and medical care they need. They aggressively treated her life-threatening sepsis at 93 with a week-long hospital admission and all kinds of specialist intervention. And we didn’t pay a penny.

            You don’t have a clue what you are talking about.

          • Charlie Sutton

            How do you know? I just noted the difference between what the comment to which you responded said, and then what you said. There is a huge difference between skin cancer and internal organ cancer, and the article was talking about internal organ cancer.

            I’m glad that they treated the sepsis; it’s nasty stuff – but it is also a lot more treatable than stage 4 cancer of a liver or a lung.

          • Linda Jane

            If she had stage 4 cancer it would be treated. If they wanted to get rid of her and get her out of the medical system they had their chance when she was septic at 93. Americans lull themselves into superiority complexes by making assumptions and believing lies about other countries with better governments and better social networks. You just can’t bring yourselves to admit your country is not the best place to live on earth. Your citizens are not truly free while worrying about paying medical treatments for themselves or their children. Where a problem childbirth can bankrupt a family. It must be terrible. I can’t imagine what that feels like.

        • Resister

          Another socialist telling everyone how great it is to pay for other people’s responsibilities! It’s always nice to have someone telling everyone else what they should do with their labor!

          This is about you!

          “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

          ― C.S. Lewis

      • Charlie Sutton

        “Yoke,” not “yolk.” Otherwise, excellent points.

        • ImaginaryDomain

          Ahhh…my wife usually picks up on my many mispellings/wrong words. Your/you’re, its/it’s. Yolk/yoke. Anyway, thanks!

      • Micha_Elyi

        Canada’s scheme provides the finest healthcare the 1970s can offer.
        21st century medicine, not so much.

        • Linda Jane

          Ya keep telling yourself that buddy, as our citizens retire comfortably on Canada pension plans and old age security, and free nursing homes if they need it later on, while the older Americans who don’t succumb to untreated illness keep working at Denny’s and Walmart into their twilight years just to pay for health care.

          Americans are as indoctrinated with propaganda as the Russians are.

        • Silviu

          But it does, propagandist. Loud minorities like you won’t be in control forever.

  • Rob Klaers

    What I find interesting is that she took something from the Bible and used it as a framework​ for her book. Something Christians themselves do in their own lives, and yet they’ll recognize it when they do it, but if another Christian does it.

  • Sounds like Rifttrax fodder.

    • Hannah

      *throws money at you* Happen please now.

      • Maybe you should write to Hulu about it, they could use a few good ideas.

  • Joseph Lukowski

    I never had a technical problem with Hulu. Content, well…another story.

  • chrisinva

    Curious that there are no movies about how Chinese Communist Apparatchiki round up pregnant women by the millions, tie them up, and send them to forced abortions because they’ve gotten pregnant again after the “permitted” birth(s) – one, or two at the most.

    Hollywood doesn’t mind sliming Catholics, but Chicoms?

    This is what Eric Voegelin calls a “forbidden question” – at the root of modern gnosticism.

    • MathairAlainn

      GREAT POINT! Unfortunately, it has always been more fun to slam Catholics.

      • spammy

        No we don’t live in China.

        • MathairAlainn

          No one said we did.

          • MathairAlainn

            Oh.. wait… I identify as a dog according to spammy so the correct response it: “Grrrr… ruff! ruff!”

          • spammy

            No, sorry I still don’t value you’re opinion, because you are a reprehensible person. Too many rights are being taken away from Americans today, especially woman. I believe/hope this movie is satire.

            Actually the term Sheeple has been used by you American hating republicans for a long time.

            Good like messing up America. You’re making it “Great” again.

          • what are you talking about, Women in America today have more rights than men do, heck the people at the fore front of the anti-abortion movement are mostly women, educate at Harvard women who decided that abortion is murder, sometimes from first hand experience, not sheeple, the only sheeple in this country are people like you who went out wearing pink hats like a bunch spoiled brats simply because you didn’t get what you wanted.

          • Carole

            Excuse me . . . did you just refer to me as “fool?” That’s a laugh, coming from a person with a mere high school education from a random Christian institution, who can neither write in proper tenses, nor punctuate, nor spell. You see how it might be problematic for us to have such men dictate the outcomes of our lives.

        • Yeah, but if you had your way America would be so like China that your point would be moot.

  • Hmmm…

    I am personally very grateful for John Zmirak, thankful to God for men of his high caliber among us at such a time as this.

    • mj

      And he’s funny, too! Bonus!

  • Karen

    So controlling Congress, the Presidency, the Supreme Court, and 30 state legislatures isn’t controlling anything?

    • MathairAlainn

      Yes..just like the democrats controlled everything during Obama’s 8 years.

      • Karen

        The Dems controlled Congress for two years. Republicans controlled the House and most state legislatures after 2010 and the House and Senate in 2014.

        You still haven’t answered my question, so I’ll make it simpler for you: do conservative Christians control the Republican Party and does the Republican Party control the federal government in 2017?

        • Micha_Elyi

          I enjoy the panic I see in the eyes of the baby-eating Left.
          They’re afraid they’ll starve.

          • Karen

            You call yourself a Christian, don’t you? If you are the contemporary church I understand why young people are leaving it in droves.

          • spammy

            Since the Right cares only about infants before they leave the womb I don’t value your opinion. You’re insulting for no reason it only proves that you know little. You should panic for your own children’s future, but you’re too busy making childish comments.

          • MathairAlainn

            There’s that inclusiveness and tolerance again… “I don’t value your opinion if it is different then mine.”

          • spammy

            No, I don’t value your opinion because it shows a total lack of any understanding,.

          • Actually, we do care about after birth as well as before, true Christian always have and always will. But you my dear friend don’t care at all about them and probably think that the world is over populated and support genocide, like all your liberal friends.

          • spammy

            Brian, the upper level republicans have done nothing but try to steal from the middle class to give bigger payouts to the rich, You are part of that middle class. Think for a second. They are trying to gut social programs. While I understand you think you are a “True” Christian Jesus would not agree. He said suffer on to me the little children. Not let’s get rid of Obama care so the rich can get a tax break. I don’t believe in your god or any god. If you believe in god you might as well believe in Santa Claus. They are so similar a thousand years from now Claus will probably be in the bible.

          • Oh, you mean the social programs that only serve to line the pockets of the bureaucrats and Democratic party leaders. Social medicine does not help anyone and kills medical research, that is why hospitals in the Netherlands kill the elderly when they break a leg. (Socialism doesn’t work in real life sweety)

            Beside mitigating non government organizations like charities and churches tend to be better organized and do a better than the gov does anyways.

            And you are right Jesus did say “suffer onto me the little children” not “Use the Medical care provided by Brian’s Tax money to pay for that abortion so you can hide your sin” which is the whole point of abortion for the majority of the women who have it.

            Also I don’t believe in your non belief since you are far to eager to argue with Christians about morality and god.

            If you were true atheist or agnostic than you would probably hide your non belief (since being public with it paints a target on your back for people like ISIS), you wouldn’t have bothered reading the news on this site, and you definitely wouldn’t have bothered commenting (making yourself look like a fool).

          • MathairAlainn

            Tolerant aren’t they? Calling people “trained dogs.” Wow. Way to be “inclusive.” They’re such snarky little hypocrites.

        • spammy

          He doesn’t understand anything. He’s a low level “Grunt” republican. His masters told him what to think on Fox. You re talking to the human equivalent of a trained dog. A “Sheeple” if you will. Say “Pro-choice” and he’ll bark.

          • Why are you on this comment board anyways, streams a Right wing Christian News site and only fools like me respond to or even read Trolls like you.

        • MathairAlainn

          Thankfully they finally do! Hopefully they won’t act like democrats.

          P.S. Thanks for dumbing it down for me. Ruff! Ruff!

        • Xerocky

          And here we are oh panic person, a year later and P.P. just got another $500,000,000.00 from the awful, Republican controlled govt.

    • Xerocky

      The Supreme Court didn’t pass Roe?

      News to me.

  • Karen

    Conservative Christians don’t want power? You all have stopped running for office and won’t be introducing abortion bans in state legislatures anymore? No one will kill thousands of pixels arguing for policies that force women to continue pregnancies they don’t want or will kill them? No one is going to spend hours suggesting that emancipated women with jobs destroyed everything good in the world? Tell me where this world is because I want to move there.

    • Why are you reading and commenting on a Right wing Christian news site. and abortion really is murder, murder by conspiracy at that, so of course we want the power to stop it, and we will keep running and running and there is nothing you can really do to stop us. now stop being a troll and do something useful with your life like digging a ditch, surely you can do that at least.

      • Karen

        I comment here because otherwise the RW commenters will never see a dissenting opinion.

        • Meh, we already hear enough “dissenting opinions” (since that is what you are calling your hypocritical drivel) in real life and from those fools society call news reporters. Stop trying to pick fights Christians, unless you are one Karen, in which case I have to ask why you have sided with murders.

    • TheKnowerseeker

      Conservative Christians indeed don’t seek power: Powermongering is antithetical to Christianity as modeled by the New Testament. However, conservative Christians will run for office to try to make a better place for everyone to live in, including one that doesn’t allow deadbeat moms to murder their unborn children. Furthermore, since pre-“emancipation” women were generally *not* used as baby machines or f***-meats at large by “the patriarchy” in the Christian western world, why would “The Handmaid’s Tale” ever come to pass if women were ever de-“emancipated”?

  • MathairAlainn

    Great article! LOVE the “lip-balm” reference!

  • This question seeks information; it is not rhetorical.

    Over the last thirty years, the political Left has regularly accused conservative Christians of wanting to establish a theocracy. Why, when it comes to Islam, does the Left show no fear that Muslims might want a theocracy?

    • I can tell you why, there are two reasons actually.

      One the Muslims are a non traditionalist minority group and therefor viewed as useful and disposable political pawn to the liberal leadership (same reason they publicly support gays, blacks, and Latinos while often undermining them in small ways at the same time) while the Christians are not (read the parties history since the civil war).

      Two, the more down to Earth reason is simply that the most vocal part of the liberal left is dominated by Atheists who hate Christians or God often for emotional and personal reasons. The two common reasons are usually either legalistic church going parents who did not answer their questions about God and would punish them for asking, or they heard that human suffer was the will of God from some fool with no understanding of God or the Bible. I know this from actually talking to Atheists and from my listening family members talk about conversations they had with Atheists and from reading short biographies of several Atheists and ex Atheists.

      • Everything you say makes sense, and I have no argument with it. In fact, I largely share this view. However, I remain puzzled about why the political Left is not genuinely afraid of Muslim pursuit of theocracy – why they consider Muslims “disposable political pawns,” to use your term. Let me explain.

        While I’d be willing to grant that those seeking a caliphate or Sharia law might be a minority of Muslims, it’s clear that the majority of Muslims are either unwilling or unable to thwart that minority. Thus this minority is not “disposable.” If you feed a gorilla when it is young and managable, it will eventually become mature, unmanagable, and dangerous. The political power of the Left can intimidate many of its minority factions, but such power will be impotent against a faction which employs physical violence with zeal once it grows large enough – especially since it is attended by the belief that death for the sake of the cause leads to greater afterlife rewards. Hence, there is no political faction in the Democratic party that is as potentially dangerous to the Democratic party as the Muslim faction is.

        As Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has told U.S. investigators, the jihadist strategy is to use the tolerance and liberal values of Western societies to gain a foothold, and then, once strong enough, attack those societies from within. I still don’t understand why liberal politicians think that domesticating a lion is no more dangerous than domesticating a lamb.

        When the Western press will publish pictures of Christ crucified in a jar of urine that offends Christians but will not publish the cartoons of Muhammed that offend Muslims I know that reporters and editors are afraid of terrorist reprisals. I just don’t understand why they don’t sustain that line of thinking so as to see how far the virulent strain of Islam,no matter how small a percentage of the total Muslim population it may currently be, will eventually take things if left unchecked.

        In other words, I get liberals’ hatred of Christianity; I don’t get their abandonment of self-preservation.

        • Xerocky

          Great response. Here’s the answer: they’re ignorant. Or at the very least the try to pretend to be. It’s not ‘cool’ to ‘hate on’ ‘brown’ people, so for them, the conversation never really takes place. Anyone wanting to show what’s happening in the Middle East and Europe just gets written off as ‘right wing’. And right wingers aint cool man!! ‘they don’t want us to party!’
          and that’s about it.

    • Xerocky

      Islam is extremely violent and the majority of the people who practice it have brown skin. So libs won’t go near it. It’s that simple. Right now Europe is being taken over by Islam. The police in England can’t break up Islamic rape gangs because they’re too frightened of being called racists. This is part of a greater, left wing, demoralization effort. They know that leftists will adhere to political correctness, and they know Islam is violent enough to actually frighten people into submission. Therefore, the left, the Soros left, is using them to do its dirty work, not unlike Hitler and the brown shirts. Hope that clears things up.

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    A “Hulu original” – theres nothing “original” in this “timely” retelling of Ms Atwoods tortured feminist fantasy narrative.
    The scurrilous implications & misconstrued accusations meant to enlighten viewers to the perils of theocratic rule in the era of Trump is hardly original. Most despots from Hitler to Khamenei have drawn upon these themes in one way or another to cement their doctrine w/in the hardened hearts of the deceived. For the left to suggest that this story is relevant to the worst fears our country faces under Trump is as inappropriate as would be The Protocols , Mr Zmirak references being published & distributed freely by say, The American Bible society or perhaps The Jewish Anti Defamation League.
    Though it seems unsurprising that the media is busy singing it’s praises – they’re apparently tone deaf – very tone deaf …

  • cestusdei

    Students should demand a safe space if this book is assigned.

  • carlmelcher

    It is sad that the over-arching Garbage Culture inflicts movies and books like this on young people. If only there were interesting, well-written novels by traditional folks that told the other side. Maybe novels that explored how 21st Century America really works… how dysfunctional it is, it’s struggles with political correctness and racial relations. If only there were novels like that. Then maybe young people would have options. Maybe we could change the culture by changing young people. Gee. If I could I write something about what it would be like for a young man from Philly, who ‘dies’ in 1966 and ‘wakes in 2015, and attempts to make his way home. All the cultural changes that we’ve had to adjust to over the last 48 years would be thrust on him almost immediately. I would give the book a title something like… Van Ripplewink: You Can’t Go Home Again. Of course, if nobody ever heard about it, it wouldn’t change a thing. The left-controlled literati would never mention it; they’d disappear it. And on the right, it’s every man for himself. Interesting post.

    • Rocky Rocketeer

      Go write a book dirtbag .. Don’t expect success though..

    • TheKnowerseeker

      There are some pretty good Christian novels like that already, but they’re not advertised outside of Christian circles or on shelves outside of Christian book stores; also, there are good conservative books written by the likes of Pat Buchanan that are not well known.

  • James

    The Gilead regime considers Catholics to be enemies of the state (for obvious reasons) and is depicted as destroying Catholic Churches.

    Think of Gilead as a Christian version of ISIS, but it need not be Christian.

    I see it as a warning about the importance of the Second Amendment, to keep dictatorships from carting off my wife and daughters, which is probably not what Atwood intended.

  • Rocky Rocketeer

    I can’t wait to stick it to you funny Christians .. Not sarcasm.

  • Carole

    Atwood based the book on a lot of different totalitarian regimes, most of which were not Christian. (Remember Pol Pot and Stalin?) She wanted to place it in the U.S. and the U.S. is predominantly Christian. One thing that critics of the book and series invariably seem to ignore is that, in this work of admittedly speculative fiction, widespread infertility and the prospect of humanity’s extinction drove this group to take over the government and institute their own form of order, not Christianity per se. The coup was facilitated by the overt misogyny of the Christian right, just as it would have been facilitated by the overt misogyny of militant Islamism. Call it hate speech if you like; that and a dollar won’t buy you a cup of coffee these days. This article amounts to little more than pearl-clutching. I find it hilarious (and condescending) that all of the books that you recommend are more than 40 years old. If you were a Catholic, you’d probably be one of those Sedevacantists.

  • Carole

    Atwood based the book on a lot of different totalitarian regimes, most of which were not Christian. (Remember Pol Pot, Stalin, and Ayatollah Khomeni?) She wanted to place it in the U.S. and the U.S. is predominantly Christian. Why? Atwood was clearly exposed to the intolerant side of Christianity during her childhood, as evidenced by her book Cat’s Eye. Perhaps she did it for economic reasons. A book about Iran or Cambodia wouldn’t sell. Atwood, incidentally, is rather a fiscal conservative.

    One thing that critics of the book and series invariably seem to ignore is that, in this work of admittedly speculative fiction, the prospect of humanity’s extinction drove a relatively small group to take over the government and institute their own form of order, not Christianity per se. The coup was facilitated by the overt misogyny of the Christian right, just as it would have been facilitated by the overt misogyny of militant Islamism. Call it hate speech if you like; that and a dollar won’t buy you a cup of coffee these days. You certainly do enough of it yourself. “Unbalanced college girls” is pretty telling.

    If you think you can write a better book, bring it on. You’ve probably been threatening to write the Great American Christian Novel for the past 35 years.

    • It has already been done fool, multiple times in fact, go read Thomas Locks “Recruits” which is the latest. There is a good number Christian Book like “A Wrinkle in Time” or Zenna Henderson’s “the People” series which are classics here in the states. The Inklings, (who are admittedly British) are the Christian writing group that made the epic fantasy genera what is today, without them there would be no George R.R. Martian.

      • Carole

        Excuse me . . . did you just refer to me as “fool?” That’s rich, coming from a person with a mere high school education from a random Christian institution, who can neither write in proper tenses, nor punctuate, nor apostrophize, nor spell. You see how it might be problematic for us to have such men dictate the outcomes of our lives. I told my husband, an ardent libertarian, that the U.S. is full of men’s rights advocates like yourself, who insist that women have more rights than men. He was in disbelief and said you consisted of “3 trolls on the internet.” And then he said . . . well, you don’t want to know what he said.

      • Carole

        Excuse me . . . did you just refer to me as “fool?” That’s rich, coming
        from a person with a mere high school education from a random Christian
        institution, who can neither write in proper tenses, nor punctuate, nor
        apostrophize, nor spell. You are too thick to see how it might be problematic for us to have such men dictate the outcomes of our lives. I told my husband, an
        ardent libertarian, that the U.S. is full of men’s rights advocates like
        yourself, who insist that women have more rights than men. He was in
        disbelief at first, and said you consisted of “3 trolls on the
        internet.” And then he said . . . well, you don’t want to know what he said.

    • TheKnowerseeker

      You ought to get out more if you think the Christian right is misogynist, maybe get to know some Baptist or Pentecostal church ladies, young and old: They’re not pushovers any more than secular women. Why do you think that is? Maybe because the New Testament of the Bible is empowering rather than debasing for women. Hm!

  • Cat Conlon

    No uterus. No opinion.

    Also, you lost all credibility and showed your sexist (and misogynistic?) streak when you used the word “shrill” to describe a woman’s opinion.

    • TheKnowerseeker

      “No uterus. No opinion.” — Really. Then you ought not to have any opinion on men since you don’t have a penis; you don’t know the “male experience”.

      “Also, you lost all credibility and showed your sexist (and misogynistic?) streak when you used the word “shrill” to describe a woman’s opinion.” — You don’t have any ground to stand on when you think that women are goddesses or she-popes whose opinions are beyond question. Go find some white knights who’ll lap up what you’re shoveling, misandrist.

    • Xerocky

      So if a woman has her ovaries removed she can stfu as well eh? Typical fascist reaction there ‘cat’. He used shrill because it’s apt. If people are calling your reaction to every conversation that happens along ‘shrill’, perhaps you should modulate the volume and pitch of your voice and choice of words to not be so.

  • Fennec

    For starters while the series is new the book is over 30 years old and the concepts in the series are from the book. And also, you have no clue as to what hate speech is. Fictionalized accounts of a dystopian future based on a theological military dictatorship is not hate speech. Sorry you’re a triggered conservative snowflake.

    • TheKnowerseeker

      The lie is that defending the lives of people in utero or requiring that people keep their sex lives (and nudity) behind closed doors and out of the public square will lead to “The Handmaid’s Tale”. But that’s what you and Atwood are selling (and smoking).

    • Xerocky

      1984 is a fictionalized account of a dystopian future, and yet more and more it rings true these days if you bother to ask any number of people. The same is being said of T.H.M.T., and to some degree that’s the point. Trump won, the show got made, and people made the connection on both sides of the political spectrum. Thus, the way the book singles out these evil Christians, while ignoring the much much much more obviously evil and real threat of Islam which is currently taking over Europe, it does qualify as hate speech. Organized Christians aren’t oppressing anyone anywhere, except perhaps a few very small and weird cults here or there. Islam oppresses billions of women, terribly …right now. Not tomorrow, not in the ‘imagine what if…’ but right now.

      • Fennec

        The show “got made” before the election. Perhaps if you watched something more than porn you’d realize that quality television with big name stars is a rather elaborate project that involves years worth of writing, conceptualization, contracts, and finally production. I suspect the editing was started long before the election. Islam is not “taking over Europe”. I travel extensively, including Europe, and can safely report that Europe has not been taken over. Organized Christians have been oppressing people for 2,000 years and if you did things like stud history you’d see that organized Christians conducted pogroms, purges, and witch hunts. Christians burnt Catholics at the stake, and vice versa. Jews, and Muslims, single women, etc… all the victims of one hunt or another. If you want to make a salient point then at least don’t make things up and arrange words in random order because you’re not fooling anyone. This advice is free, use it.

  • Silviu

    That’s because you ARE sex-obsessed fascists, you parasitic control freaks! The sooner sewage like you get stripped of all political power, the better!

    • TheKnowerseeker

      Look who’s talking, “progressive” Marxist authoritarian.

    • Sukriti Joshi

      Oh okay. I tried to ignore this hateful comment, but I can’t. And before you all get mad at me, I don’t even follow christianity. True, I was born into a Hindu family. But I don’t follow any religion. So as a neutral spectator, I want you to understand one basic fact: our religion does not define who we are. Christians Muslims Hindus Buddhists- we are all the same. So after watching the show, instead of promoting hate against any religion, why don’t we wage a war against the real issue, that is, oppression of women?

      • Silviu

        I’ll do that as soon as religion dials back on its oppression of women. By a lot.

  • Samadhi Tathagata

    I love the Handmaids Tale. I think the reason so many fundamentalist Christians and concervatives find it offensive is because it hits them where they live. Their undeniable drive to control others based on beliefs they have no right to impose on the rest of the world is being exposed in this story, and they don’t like it. Very happy this book has been turned into an excellent series!

    • TheKnowerseeker

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but the “progressive/SJW” (Cultural Marxist) crusade against all things traditional and time-tested at least rivals if not puts to shame any invasion of privacy or curtailing of freedom by fundamentalist Christians in the modern world (ever since most Christians started reading the Bible for themselves and stopped being useful idiots for atheists in robes). As the *liberal* (not “progressive”) YouTuber Sargon of Akkad likes to say, you are the latest and possibly worst “moral busybody” since the modern era.

    • Xerocky

      You must be confusing Lutherans with Muslims, again. Not that I know you’ve done it before, but because it’s so easy and safe to do that these days that nobody bothers to question it when it happens, like it is in this unwatchable series.

  • Sukriti Joshi

    This article made me laugh. I mean, the writer’s ignorance as well as her (or is the writer male, i dont know whatever) hateful words towards feminism makes it clear to me why gender inequality and discrimination is still a thing. Also, I dont understand how does this even brings up the factor of religion. I mean, are you crazy? It does not matter what religion the show portrays in bad light. What the wants to teach is that too much indulgence into religion and having blind faith can lead us all into a destructive and most horrible path. Why can we not see that? Why can’t we, just for a minute, let it not be a cause for religion but a cause for women’s rights?

    • Xerocky

      “It does not matter what religion the show portrays in bad light.”

      If in fact it truly doesn’t matter, why are the fertile in the series made to dress like Calvinist Lutheran’s and not…just wear Burka’s…like actual women who are actually oppressed in the actual world actually do …right now? The reason is because the series and the book are, as the author states, a load of paranoid nonsensical hate speech, that is yes on par with T.P.O.T.E.O.Z.

      • Sukriti Joshi

        Look, I was born into a Hindu family and I really don’t know much about Christian beliefs and practices. I have been an atheist since a long time now and don’t believe that religion matters. Maybe, the author and the show-makers portrayed some religion in a negative way. But the point here is that how do we as people react to that. Should we ignore the few wrongs and embrace the greater good? Or should we hold onto this one thing that we don’t agree with and consistently criticise the show? I believe the show tried to send a good message. Now it is entirely up to us how we percieve it. I choose to see the good in it. Also, as someone who was born into a different religion, when I watched the show, there was not a single moment when I felt bitter towards christianity or blamed any religion for the problems portrayed in the show. And I think anybody should bring this “religion” aspect into front, when it comes to this show. But again, it is all our perception that matters.

        • Xerocky

          yeah, but if the women were forced to get a dot in the middle of their forehead, some group of Hindus would have called is discrimination.

          • Sukriti Joshi

            Yes. But again, is it really the fault of religion? I don’t think so. I think that gender discrimination is prevalent in every culture and society of the world. So our fight is towards patriarchy, not towards any religion. Religion cannot hold more power than the power of love and unity. If we unite as human beings and fight against patriarchy, I don’t think there will be any religion in the world that could have the power to stop us.

      • Sukriti Joshi

        Calvinists Lutherans Muslims Hindus- we are all the same. So what does it matter?

        • Xerocky

          We’re not at all all the same though. Not at all.

        • Sukriti Joshi

          Aren’t we? From what I see, we all are anatomically and morphologically similar. In the end, we are all humans- all of us evolved from a single cell. We just have to see it that way. Our religion never defines who we are. It is not our identity. We made religion. So why does it control us? Religion was not made to promote hatred among people. How can we let faith divide us? After all, the greatest belief is that of humanity and one who follows it does not need any religion. I believe in love- love towards my species, regardless of what gender or colour or race or religion people belong to. Because, after all we are all a family- part of the magnificent species of Homo sapiens.

  • Erica L. Phillips

    We don’t need a show to paint pro-birthers and Christians in a bad light, they do that pretty well on their own. Stay mad, snowflake.

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