When it Comes to Guns, The Left Fails at Logic

Here we are again.

By Liberty McArtor Published on November 9, 2017

Here we are again. Another horrific mass shooting. Another opportunity for the Left to prove how woefully ignorant they are — or choose to be — on the topic of firearms.

Late Show host Stephen Colbert on Monday night was a perfect example. His three minute monologue was heartfelt and no doubt well-meaning. But its logic left a hole wide enough for the entire gun control lobby to walk through shoulder-to-shoulder.

Guns Are Literally Tigers

In his spiel, Colbert compared guns to tigers, as Slate highlighted: “Stephen Colbert on Mass Shootings: ‘If Your Village Had a Tiger Eating People Every Day, You Wouldn’t Do Nothing’.”

According to Colbert, if this tiger scenario happened in your village, “you would move the village. You would build a fence. Or you would kill the tiger.”

So guns are tigers now? With functioning brains? Driven by savage instinct? Eating people at will whenever they get hungry? As crazy as that sounds, it’s not far from how the left views guns. After all, right after every mass shooting, they target the gun itself, rather than the person who used it.

We seem to have forgotten that just last week, an ISIS-inspired terrorist drove a pick-up truck through a crowd of people in New York City, killing eight.

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In a way, Colbert’s right. We would kill the tiger. Because it’s not much use pulling out his claws if he still has his teeth, or knocking out his teeth if he still has his claws. Heck, even the tiger’s tongue can rip the skin off its prey.

The problem isn’t the claws or the teeth. It’s the animal using them.

“A Vicious Cycle” Indeed

But the most ludicrous part of Colbert’s monologue had to be this moment:

I actually think there are some people out there, some truly evil people out there, who want you to feel powerless, just for a buck. Because if you feel powerless enough, you know what might make you feel more powerful? Going to buy a gun. It’s a vicious cycle.

Really, Mr. Colbert? The very people who want Americans to feel powerless want to then make them powerful by putting a gun in their hands?

This logic proves once again that when it comes to gun violence, the left wants to blame everyone and everything but the actual criminal. Gun rights activists and organizations like the NRA don’t want you to feel powerless just so you’ll purchase a firearm. They want you to be empowered — for your own safety.

You know who does want you to feel powerless? Criminals. Because the burglar who breaks into your home feels powerful. The kidnapper threatening you with a knife feels powerful. The mass shooter spraying bullets feels powerful. The moment you pull out your own weapon, the burglars scat. The would-be kidnapper relents (see here also). The mass shooter high tails it to his truck and speeds away.

Seems the only vicious cycle here is fear-mongering and misplaced blame after every mass shooting.

The Left Wants Policies That Will Do Nothing

Colbert’s chief complaint Monday was that after mass shootings, “nothing gets done.” But that’s only because Democrats mean one thing with their calls to “do something”: more gun control that won’t work.

The arguments have been rehashed many times and are easy to find. For instance, the Australia gun buy-back program wouldn’t be practical for the U.S. because of the sheer number of guns already here. (Over 300 million, in case you were wondering.)

As Colbert acknowledged, Devin Kelley, the man who killed 26 people in Sutherland Springs, wasn’t supposed to be able to purchase a gun because of past domestic violence. But “he could,” Colbert explains — not because the Air Force failed to report his crimes to the NCIS, which is the real problem. But because guns are “on the market.”

The left must stop spreading fear and outright lies regarding guns and law-abiding gun owners.

But we already know the majority of criminals who use guns obtain them illegally. What do you think will happen to the 300+ million guns in America once they become illegal to own? The government isn’t competent enough to take them all (and would the left really want them to? Colbert and his kind compare the current administration to Hitler, even ISIS). So where will those guns end up? On the market. The black market.

Colbert also admits that most people killed by gun violence in America each year do not die in mass shootings. And as statistician Leah Libresco recently wrote for The Washington Post, those victims — people who commit suicide, die from street or gang violence, or women in abusive relationships — wouldn’t be helped by gun control measures pushed by the left.

Colbert did say one thing I agree with: “I don’t know what to do, but I know that hopelessness is not the answer. You cannot give up in the face of evil.”

He’s right. Hopelessness is not the answer. But before we can do anything to make a dent in the evil around us, whether that evil comes from a terrorist with a truck or a deranged citizen with an AR-15, we have to use logic.

Alas, when it comes to guns, much of the left has abandoned logic.

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  • jgmusgrove

    Maybe Mr. Colbert would approve of banning pickup trucks, or at least rented pickup trucks.

  • Ken Abbott

    It doesn’t have to be logical or rational, Liberty. It’s all about the feelz.

    • Kathryn Rose MacDonald

      Yup. That’s the it of it. It is argument based solely on emotion.

      Don’t get me wrong, we need the feelz. Feelz are important. We need logic and common sense. Thinks are important. We must learn to balance the feelz with the thinks. As a society, we aren’t doing to terribly well at the whole balancing thing………..on ANY side of the political divides.

  • Conservator

    Logic and rational thought are not high on the list of the “progressive left” because they believe in winning and imposing their system on the rest of us. For them it is all about the narrative – hang the truth, it just gets in the way of their agenda. “Progressives” are actually regressive in that they want to take us back to the days of a Leninist/Stalinist “utopia” i.e. communism. Problem is that system has never worked and has always led to centralized power and control which begets corruption and enslavement of the population by an elite power group (see Venezuela and Cuba). They have been working hard for years in the United States to eliminate our Constitution which was written to put the power of government in the hands of those governed and not the Monarchy or the wealthy elite. That brings us to gun control which is a “progressive” goal. Make no mistake – no matter what they say; their ultimate goal is total government control so the “intellectual and wealthy elite” can then impose their utopian system on the rest of us. The general populace having access to the means to resist them is a huge problem so gun ownership must be eliminated for them to take control. Whatever argument will achieve their goal is good as far as they are concerned. Logic and rational discussion is an impediment and must be shouted down. Oh, and folks like Colbert are described by the communists as “useful idiots” because they are not smart enough to understand what is happening and the power brokers can use them to disseminate their propaganda.

  • ncsugrant

    “His three minute monologue was heartfelt and no doubt well-meaning.”
    I know it is just a figure of speech, but I challenge whether Mr. Colbert is indeed well-meaning.
    He is plenty of things (vulgar, profane, belittling, arrogant, …) but he is also fairly intelligent. He knows his proposals would not work, and will not become law. His main objective is to try to blame conservatives for anything he can contrive.
    Mr. Colbert and his progressive media friends do not want to solve problems, they want to empower progressive politicians. They think the best way to do this is to destroy anyone who is not signed on to their agenda.

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