Gov. Northam’s Racist Yearbook … and His True Sin

By Al Perrotta Published on February 2, 2019

When the photo emerged Friday of Virginia’s infanticide-supporting Governor Ralph Northam in either blackface or a Klan outfit (he didn’t clarify which was him), the first question was, “How in the world is the media going to spin this?”

CNN took the easy way. They simply misidentified Northam as a Republican.

Hardly the first time in history Republicans have been blamed for the racist sins of the Democrats.

Northam is, indeed, a Democrat. A Democrat who won office by painting his Republican opponent as a racist whose supporters were eager to run down children of color with pick-up trucks. So sue me for not finding Northam’s apology for the picture sincere.

Northam said in his apology Friday night, “I recognize that it will take time and serious effort to heal the damage this conduct has caused. I am ready to do that important work.”

Sorry. The time to do the important work was when your state was in turmoil with the Charlottesville riots. Had you been a sincerely changed man from your days in med school you would have spoken of your own transformation. You would have used your own racist past as a tool for racial reconciliation. Instead you hid your experience and exploited racial tensions. You hit your opponent with the most awful of charges … charges you yourself are guilty of. Where is your apology to Ed Gillespie?

No, you did not use and abuse the blacks of your state to pick cotton. You used them to pick up the governorship.

You Wore the BlackFace or Hood as a Badge of Honor

Let’s be clear what happened with this picture. We’re not talking about a random picture of Northam being a stupid kid with another stupid kid doing something utterly stupid and contemptible 35 years ago. A photo someone came across when cleaning their attic. We are talking about a photo that Northam himself chose out of the countless photos throughout his life to represent who he is on his medical school yearbook page. In 1984. Thirty years after Brown v. Board of Education. Twenty years after the Civil Rights Act. 16 years after Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated.

1984 — when Michael Jackson, Prince and hip-hop were not only taking over the charts but influencing everything from fashion to politics. Against the cultural backdrop of an America that was finding its integrated groove, medical student Ralph Northam chose a blackface/KKK picture to say “This is who I am.” It’s not a stupid prank. It’s a statement of defiance. He’s showing off his racism with the same pride he’s showing off his Corvette.


Before the photo story broke, The Stream’s John Zmirak published a story declaring, “Abortion in America Will End Like Slavery.” This was a followup to his brilliant article on how Northam’s abortion comments — his defense of infanticide — would be as defining and clarifying as Uncle Tom’s Cabin was about slavery. The title of the earlier article: “Would Virginia Governor Northam Have Whipped Uncle Tom to Death?” How prescient.

The unholy marriage between racism and abortion meets up perfectly in one Governor Ralph Northam. Should we be surprised that a man who paraded in blackface and/or Klan garb would welcome abortions up to the point of birth? Abortion claims, by percentage, twice as many minorities as whites. Should we be surprised Northam took in $2 million bucks from Planned Parenthood, an organization whose founder Margaret Sanger’s explicit purpose was to eradicate African-Americans?

But here’s the sad news: Kamala Harris, the NAACP and Congressional Black Caucus are calling on Northam to resign over the 35 year old photos. They should have demanded he resign because he’s okay with killing and throwing away aborted minority babies today.

Northam Will Be Forced Out

Usually, Democrats and the media protect their own. Ask Cory Booker’s accuser. Ask Keith Ellison’s. Ask Harvey Weinstein’s victims. Ask director Bryan Singer’s multitude of child sex abuse victims. Ask Beto “Fleeing the Scene of an Accident” O’Roarke. Ask big time Democratic donor Ed Buck.

But Northam won’t be protected. Yes, the Klan pictures are horrific. But it’s not the pictures that are the problem. It’s how the pictures undermine the Democrat Media Complex’s favorite issue. You can’t go around calling Trump and the Republicans racists when one of your top governors sports black face and Klan gear.

Think of all those media and celebrity figures who slanderously equate MAGA hats with Klan hoods. Here you have a Democratic leader actually in a Klan hood, or next to someone who was.

Besides that, Northam committed the real sin in Democratic politics. He told the truth about abortion. He stated in clear, graphic, medically precise terms, the Democratic party’s true new position on abortion. As John wrote, the illusion abortion is about “a woman’s health” is shattered. Democrats are claiming the right to kill children even after they leave the womb.

Exposing that truth so clearly will cost Northam his job.

How ironic that one who champions abortions up to birth will be the next victim sacrificed on the altar of Baal.

Unfortunately for Northam, I doubt he will be made “comfortable.”


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, and co-author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him @StreamingAl.

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