Stream Founder James Robison: ‘God is Speaking to Us Through These Storms’

By James Robison Published on September 9, 2017

In his latest Facebook video, Stream founder James Robison talks about Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma and what we can learn from the storms. He emphasizes the need to continue to respond like Harvey victims — helping one another in love and working together as a healthy family.

But it doesn’t stop with hurricanes, he says. The need to take care of one another and seek God’s wisdom is also crucial in the face of the potential threat from North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

James urges viewers to pray for our leaders to seek the wisdom of God and come together as a family, particularly now, as we face uncertainty from storms, political conflict and the threat of war. “He is more than ready to help us, if we will hear and heed His counsel.”

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  • michael

    He could be the devil too . The devil can do great signs and wonders. Dodson should n
    Know better

    • Pfruit

      “the devil” is a figment of your imagination.

      Join us in the real world. There’s plenty to be wary of without adding fictional monsters into the mix.

      • michael

        I was talking to religious people. Evil is real even if their no devil. And he could exist in a another universe . Sometimes it’s best to use religious terms when you talk to religious people

  • inthebellyofthebeast

    No He’s not.

  • tz1

    Ah yes, NK might nuke or EMP us. Meanwhile 3000 die each day from Abortion.
    Kim is a gnat. Planned parenthood is a Camel. Kim is a speck. PP is a plank – in the Democratic platform among other places.
    Kim Jong Un could not kill 60 Million innocents if he wanted to. We already have within our own shores and we just have looked the other way.

    • Pfruit

      Are you actually suggesting that more than 1 million abortions are performed each year in the United States?

      Are you actually that naive or does hyperbole just come naturally to you?

      • tz1

        The number may suffer from rounding but it is within a margin of error and comes from the Sanger-eugenic Guttmacher Institute.

        • Pfruit

          A 50-75% excess is not a rounding error. It’s blatant, irrational hyperbole.

          Though if you’re home-schooled, maybe you’re too ignorant to understand the significance.

          • tz1

            You are claiming only 250,000 abortions total per year? Planned Parenthood itself claims to do more abortions every year.

          • GPS Daddy

            You seem to be an atheist. If so, then why do abortions matter either way?

      • RuthER

        Of course there are 1 million a year. Praise God that it’s on the decrease as a few years ago the annual rate was 1.5 million. We wouldn’t care any less if it were “only” 1000 murders. These statistics can easily found via the abortion-friendly Guttmacher Institute.

  • RottenJohnny

    Nope, James, it’s all mother nature doing it.

    • LYoung

      “O Lord, how many are your works! In wisdom you have made them all; the earth is full of your possessions. There is the sea, great and broad…”from Psalm 104. There is no “mother nature or distant God, Johnny. His Word can calm the sea or stir it up. He is God, I pray that you meet Him in the storms of your life.

      • RottenJohnny

        Religious humor . . . ark . . . ark . . .

    • John Connor


      • GPS Daddy

        Mother nature is amazing how it fine tuned the universe for life.

  • GPS Daddy

    Your right, James, we do need to hear this message from God. We need to acknowledge the truth of His existence. We need to turn from our wicked ways. We need to love our neighbors. And we need to stand in the truth of Jesus.

    • Pfruit

      The Flying Spaghetti Monster (peace be upon his noodly appendage) protects this Earth from inclement weather and pirate attacks.

      Praise be upon his noodlyness.

      Turn away from your false gods and embrace the one true deity.

  • missy

    Good video I highly recommend others to watch. Thank you so much James for sharing your message and words of guidance, encouragement and moral support in response to the concurrent, painful and crazy events spinning almost out-of-control in our world today. So sorry to learn of the ‘heat’ you have taken in supporting POTUS Trump/DACA. Like you, I believe God is calling for the Church family to come together in unity and strength NOW to help each other get through the challenging days that lie ahead. As long as God’s light and wisdom continues to guide us, we will get through the difficulties one way or the other. Good is stronger than evil and light is stronger than darkness.

  • BibleConscious

    After what He did to Tony Perkins’s house, we can definitely see His feelings.

  • mbabbitt

    Love and and care for your neighbor. Listen and talk respectfully to each other. Seek wisdom from God in dealing with the likes of Kim Jong Un. That is the gist of James Robison’s video, Boy, that so radically threatening to the anti-religious. Might lead to a theocracy! (Sarcasm off) I once hated and feared the so-called Christian Right. But after getting to know the community I came to see that while some could be quite hysterical and hyperbolic, so many were calm, sincere and truly loving. But the media hates them and throws out the Leftist propaganda, lumping all together.

  • Pigdowndog

    Because prayer has been extremely effective in the past hasn’t it!!!

    • Pfruit

      I pray every day that a Dementor doesn’t eat my soul, and so far, the Flying Spaghetti Monster has protected me.

      There is obviously no other explanation for a Dementor not eating my soul yet.



      • Pigdowndog

        May his noodly appendages protect you forever.

        • Pfruit

          Ramen brother

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    A timely word . So sad that some folk captured by their simple minded self delusional refusal to believe in the Father of light have instead embraced in their willful ignorance
    the father of lies. To quote the Master. ” Father forgive them for they know not what they do”. In other words , they are merely pawns of a profligate foe. Their forgiveness like a gift sent from a long forgotten friend remains unclaimed. They should have left a forwarding address as they are no longer where they need to be ….

  • Amen, James! And shared.

  • PilgrimGirl

    Actually, the LORD speaks to us through His Word.

  • bbb

    The best example in Harvey’s wake of how those who love the Lord embraced the trial of the worst storm to hit America was a YouTube video of a gospel choir that started singing in the communal storm shelter.
    They sang praises of God, the joy of His creation, the magnificence of His love.
    Whether it was lighting on the camera or cell phone or it was truly God’s approval, there was an aura around the singers and all those who gathered to listen and join in the chorus.
    And Harvey turned and went back out to sea.
    How many miracles do we miss because we’d rather gripe?

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