God is Real. God Loves You: Actor Chris Pratt Shares ‘9 Rules’ During His MTV Generation Award Acceptance Speech

By Nancy Flory Published on June 19, 2018

“God is real. God loves you.” Not what you expect to hear at the MTV awards. But  Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom star Chris Pratt said it when he won MTV’s Generation Award Monday night.

Never afraid to share his faith, Pratt provided a list of “9 Rules from Chris Pratt, Generation Award Winner.” He addressed it to the young people in the audience.

To the Next Generation

“I’m going to cut to the chase and I am going to speak to you, the next generation. I accept the responsibility as your elder. So, listen up.”

“You have a soul. Be careful with it,” he told the crowd. “God is real. God loves you. God wants the best for you. Believe that. I do.”

He finished his speech by saying that, “Nobody’s perfect. People are going to tell you you’re perfect just the way you are. You’re not. You’re imperfect. You always will be, but there is a powerful source that designed you that way and if you’re willing to accept that, you will have grace. And grace is a gift. And like the freedom that we enjoy in this country, that grace was paid for with somebody else’s blood. Do not forget it. Don’t take it for granted. God bless you.”

Tweeting Prayers

It wasn’t the first time Pratt talked about his faith publicly. In February, he tweeted that he was praying for Clerks director Kevin Smith. Smith had a massive heart attack and was in the hospital. Pratt tweeted, “Kevin we don’t know each other too good but I have loved you since Clerks and I’m praying my a** off for you cause I believe in the healing power of prayer. Can you please pray with me people!?”

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After a Twitter backlash from those who say that “thoughts and prayers” are ineffective, Pratt’s Guardian of the Galaxy director James Gunn tweeted his support. He read the tweet and “made the mistake of reading the comments,” he said.

Many “go off on Chris for saying he’d pray. I think people misunderstand the backlash against ‘thoughts & prayers.’ There is nothing wrong with sending someone positive thoughts & prayers. But when this is coupled with inaction when action will benefit the situation, it’s empty.”

Gunn added that no one expected Pratt to either do heart surgery or pay for Smith’s hospital bills. “So I think his prayers are appreciated, and about all he can do.”

Watch Pratt’s acceptance speech for MTV’s Generation Award (Warning: brief coarse language):

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