Is God Capturing the Heart of Donald Trump?

In this Oct. 5, 2016 file photo, pastors from the Las Vegas area pray with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during a visit to the International Church of Las Vegas, and International Christian Academy, in Las Vegas.

By James Robison Published on January 3, 2017

When I walked in Mr. Trump’s office in April 2016 at his invitation, I knew I had been sent by God. I went with confidence in the Lord, trusting that He would speak through me. I was impressed to ask Mr. Trump’s second son, Eric, to join us for the first few minutes. I felt he would want to say some things about his father, and I would say some things about the need for a fatherless nation to have a father. The interaction was gratifying — more than I could have hoped.

Eric said, “I have a great father.” I said, “Let’s join in prayer and hope that he will learn what it is to be a wise father figure to a fatherless nation.” Eric agreed, and I don’t think we’ve ever stopped agreeing in our hearts and in prayer that President-elect Trump can actually become that kind of example.

I believe Donald Trump is diligently seeking to heed what every American must know: America cannot be great without God.

Not many thought what is happening with Mr. Trump would have been likely, perhaps even possible, and certainly not probable. As I look in from the outside, and also from the inside as a result of the journey I’ve had in interaction and prayer with Mr. Trump, I sense that he is being captured by the heart of our Father.

I think many of his decisions may even surprise him — not that he lacks a brilliant mind, tremendous insight and ability to make a deal. This is beyond that. In my opinion, Mr. Trump is receiving wisdom only God can provide. The Lord freely offers it to anyone willing to hear, seek and heed. I think Mr. Trump is hearing, and I believe he is diligently seeking to heed what every American must know: America cannot be great without God.

The Great Shepherd in Stormy Times

I believe God is seeking to impart to President-elect Trump, Vice President-elect Pence and every prospective cabinet member the very heart of the ultimate Father and the Great Shepherd. Our Lord made it clear that when we allow Him to become our Shepherd, we need not want. He is our source. However needy we may be, He is the solution and He will often use compassion-filled people to meet our needs. But we will never, never become dependent on a source other than God our Father and Shepherd.

When we understand the freedom the Shepherd offers, we refuse to become pawns to any power-broker, power source or political party; for the Shepherd, who loves us with the love of the Father, will lead us in green pastures, not barren deserts. He will meet our needs. He will give us opportunity and productivity. He will lead us beside water made calm by His Spirit.

“We’re going to keep surrounding you with prayer, love and all the help we can give you,” I said the morning after the election. He responded, “Surround me. Don’t let me ever forget! Surround me!”

The raging storms of terrorist activity and continual threats to freedom can be miraculously calmed. The enemy will not cease to scheme, plot and attack, but when we move into the presence of overwhelming peace that only God can offer, there will be supernatural calmness and security. We will find our souls being restored, just as Betty’s and mine are being restored now.

Four years ago, just three days after Christmas and three days before the new year, we lost our baby girl, Robin — our miracle baby. That beautiful baby we did not expect and was so difficult to carry to term came into this world to sow seeds of life for the next 40 years that will reap eternal dividends. When we think of our precious daughter, our Lord restores our soul. He binds up our broken heart. Yes, it is still broken, and He is still binding it with His love and peace. We will depend on that from now until we see our beautiful daughter in His presence when we enter forever the house of the Lord. And we will say with her, “I was glad when they said, ‘Let us go into the house of the Lord.’”

I can promise you that God our Father and Shepherd wants to restore the soul of every person reading these words and every broken heart in this nation. He will lead us not in paths of religious pretense and the “traditions of men taught as the commands of God” but rather in His righteousness, and He will do it for His name’s sake, for His glory — and He will be exalted.

“Surround Me”

I want to be honest with you. I think the leadership we have chosen in our nation wants that deep in their hearts. They may not say it the way we as Christians would want to hear it, but I believe it is the longing of their hearts. Yes, I believe it is the longing of President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Pence. I believe Mr. Trump wants for you something so far beyond what he can give you that he knows it must come from above. The morning after the election, I talked to him by phone. “We’re going to keep surrounding you with prayer, love and all the help we can give you,” I said. He responded, “Surround me. Don’t let me ever forget! Surround me!”

I’m saying to every person who knows how to pray, who knows God as Father, and who has experienced the watch-care of the Great Shepherd, please pray for our nation’s leadership and all they appoint, for they will be under fierce assault.

You can rest assured there will be a non-stop, all-out attack on every decision Mr. Trump makes. Some will be as fierce and potentially damaging as the father of lies, the enemy of truth and wisdom, can bring to pass. You will see venomous hatred spewing from expected and unexpected sources.

The poisoned darts will also be aimed at those he appoints. I’ll be sharing in another column their willingness to wear the bull’s-eye on their backs and sacrifice for their country, knowing the cost for taking this journey with President-elect Trump.

Our experience with our daughter confirms that even when we “walk through the valley of the shadow death,” we “fear no evil” because He is with us. As the passage says, “His rod and His staff comfort us.” That means we receive His correction and direction through the rod and the staff of the loving Shepherd. He will, in fact, “prepare a table before us in the presence of all our enemies and anoint our heads” with the oil of His love, compassion and mercy. We will be able to say we are witnesses of the fact that “goodness and mercy” indeed follows us all the days of our lives and throughout eternity. And we know that we “will dwell in the house of the Lord forever,” beginning now, as we choose to live in His shelter.

This is the heart of the Father and the heart of our Shepherd. I believe it’s what the people who voted for correction, hope and change in our nation desire — whether they’ve confessed the Lord or not. How I pray that all will come to know Him and experience Him with all the evidence of His grace and glory. I believe the desire of our Father and Shepherd is the desire of the leadership we have chosen in our nation. We must pray for that because if that is not their desire, it must become their desire. Our desire must be His desire.

We Can Make a Kingdom Imprint

Let me sum it up. Although I was not initially a Donald Trump fan or supporter, God sent me to him. The love God has given me for him is totally supernatural. Although he might not put it in these terms, I believe Mr. Trump wants what our Father in heaven wants for all people: God’s best for you and every American. I think he knows that if we receive God’s best, we are in fact going to be a blessing and an inspiration to the nations of the world, and we will be a beacon of hope and freedom until Christ comes. We can make a kingdom imprint in today’s very sick world.

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  • galatians328

    WHATEVER we believe about this we know with CERTAINTY:

    Matthew 7:15-20 (NRSV)
    15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. 16 You will know them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thorns, or figs from thistles? 17 In the same way, every good tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Thus you will know them by their fruits.

    And what is that fruit:

    Matthew 25:37-40 (NRSV)
    37 Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when was it that we saw you hungry and gave you food, or thirsty and gave you something to drink? 38 And when was it that we saw you a stranger and welcomed you, or naked and gave you clothing? 39 And when was it that we saw you sick or in prison and visited you?’ 40 And the king will answer them, ‘Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.’

    James, Jesus brother wrote about that fruit:

    James 3:16-18 (NRSV)
    16 For where there is envy and selfish ambition, there will also be disorder and wickedness of every kind. 17 But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without a trace of partiality or hypocrisy. 18 And a harvest of righteousness is sown in peace for those who make peace.

    SO CLEARLY we will know by Mr Trump’s ‘fruit’:

    are the hungry fed? are the unclothed and homeless clothed and housed? are those subjected to injustice visited, supported, and given justice?

    are acts of government pure and ethical? are acts of government all aimed at achieving peaceableness? are acts of government ‘without a trace of partiality or hypocrisy’?

    It should be easily apparent whether – or not – Mr Trump’s fruits are these fruits that the Lord and the Lord’s brother told us to look for! EASY TO SEE! No ambiguity at all! PLAIN AND SIMPLE TO SEE!

    WHAT will we see?

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    Yes, I also was not a big fan of Mr. Trump during the primary. During the debates I was understandably hoping for a good performance by this now “great white hope” for the restoration of our founders values in the face of seemingly unbeatable odds & unacceptable moral bankruptcy promoted by his opposition. Interestingly I had this impression that this election would not escape God’s attention nor His hand upon those who would provide an escape from what the mainstream media posited was inevitable. A conversation I had w/a French national who surprisingly was pro trump, or perhaps more anti Clinton concluded w/his appraisal that my prognostication was wrong & that Mr.Trump would not find the support he would need to overturn the perceived odds. Happily his prediction proved mistaken & since that time almost every example of PEOTUS Trump commitment to his “Make America Great Again”, a reference I believe to the Reagan years & not a reference to racial divides, has been accompanied w/that same sense that God in some fashion is not removed from the equation. Reading Mr. Robinson’s commentary only serves to affirm that sentiment.

  • Lidia Botanov

    I present Russian-American population and i WILL and i AM supporting our rulers and principalities based on the word of God (not how they act). I was and will continue to pray for the supernatural wisdom, supernatural guidance, supernatural protection for our president Donald Trump, for his beautiful wife, for his sons and daughters and i will seek Lord’s guidance about how I CAN BECOME a better citizen and in knowing HIS /God’s commandments and His ways – i will always bless my/our country in my prayers and actions.

    • Ann Sewell

      ❤this post Lydia!

  • I feel, and see signs, that the nation is beginning to heal already. The opposition will be fierce, because its evil stronghold on the nation is at stake. Once the minorities see that Trump’s policies are actually helping them, they will abandon the political power structures that have kept them in bondage for decades. When that happens, true national unity will occur, and there will be little we can’t accomplish.

    We need to pray for continued boldness for Mr. Trump, and for the safety and emotional support of him and his family. I believe the prayers of the saints are being answered, and now is an open door for the church to boldly live out the Gospel.

    • Gary

      Sorry to throw a bucket of water on your optimism, but the USA will never be united again. Only people who believe the same things can be united, and that will never happen as long as the US is a country.

  • Paul

    Thanks for this article James. I love how God works. A windy night here now woke me and I’m reading this and in prayer for our nation.

  • Gary

    Huh? I think there are some differences between what I believe, and what Robison believes.

    Trump has nominated a man for Sec. of State who endorses homosexuality. That would be a disqualification for me. And I think it would for any Christian.

    • Nels

      God only uses sinners to accomplish His purposes. Trump is admirably qualified to be used by God, as was Moses, Nebuchadnezzar, an Egyptian Pharaoh, and so on. Take your stupid purity spirals elsewhere.

      • Gary

        If I understood you, you are saying I am wrong to try to adhere to a Biblical moral standard, and support others who do. Do you have any proof that is what God wants me to do? If it’s just your opinion, it won’t carry much weight.

        • Nels

          When God is at work, you need to make sure God is doing it right. Don’t let God fail to uphold your standards.

          • Gary

            I don’t have my own standards. God defines morality, not me.

          • Nels

            How odd, then, that you are criticizing God for not doing things your way.

            God put Trump in place. God knows Trump, and knows what he will do. I don’t know whether God is using Trump the way He used Pharaoh, or the way He used Moses, but He is at work, and using Trump to do His work.

        • Royce E. Van Blaricome

          Time to ignore the wolves, false prophets, apostates, and disobedient/rebellious who follow the god of their own making.

          Those with discernment who are looking to do God’s will understood exactly what you’re saying. Those others are often quick, as you can see, to make excuses for and try to explain away or distract/deceive.

      • Ann Sewell

        I love what you just said but no need for the “stupid” word. Let this be a discussion platform where we can respectfully communicate. Let us be an example of respectful communication and loving persuasion. It is a huge need at this hour

    • Ann Sewell

      There is no perfect Administration, just because there are no perfect people. But again, God can use people backgrounds and sinful Life 2 promote his purposes. Try to imagine how it could be a good thing. God is powerful and can use anyone he chooses for any purpose. But again, we are not voting for church leaders to represent Jesus. It would be nice but our nation’s leader is one who we voted based on a platform to our values righteousness and goodness as well as protection and fair treatment of citizens. This has been accomplished as I believe a great work of God through our prayers. Things don’t have to be perfect to be good

      • Royce E. Van Blaricome

        “It would be nice but our nation’s leader is one who we voted based on a platform to our values righteousness and goodness as well as protection and fair treatment of citizens.

        Thank you. At least your willing to admit that. Too bad you didn’t vote according to God’s values, God’s righteousness, God’s goodness, His protection and His fair treatment of citizens of His Kingdom. At least we’ve got that straight and can all understand where your priorities are.

        “This has been accomplished as I believe a great work of God through our prayers.”

        Believe what you want but you won’t back that up with Scripture. Not only does God not listen to the prayers of the disobedient but he’s not there just to bow to your every whim and fancy to lift up an ungodly leader.

        God has made clear in His Word who a Christian should vote for and what the qualifications are that one must hold in order to do so. Voting for Trump did NOT do that.

        God has also made it abundantly clear that “the People” many times made themselves kings unto themselves that were ungodly and the consequences of that choice is also abundantly clear.

  • Christian Cowboy

    I will continue to pray for President Trump as I pray for President Obama. There are no lost causes for God – He will hear our prayers. It is when we throw up our hands and say – all is lost – that is when God will take His hand off of this country.
    Thank you James for being faithful and obedient.

    • Ann Sewell


  • Greg Dalton

    Good word. Our prayers will be President Trump and for all those in authority.
    “I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them. Pray this way for kings and all who are in authority so that we can live peaceful and quiet lives marked by godliness and dignity. This is good and pleases God our Savior, who wants everyone to be saved and to understand the truth.” 1 Timothy 2: 1-4.

    “The king’s heart is like a stream of water directed by the Lord; he guides it wherever he pleases.” Proverbs 21:1
    May God be merciful to us and guide and direct our leaders to accomplish His perfect will! May God’s will be done though God’s power for God’s glory!

    • Ann Sewell

      Wonderful! Thank you for posting those scriptures. I tend to assume people know them and I refer to them with that assumption but people do need to hear it straight up. Thank you again.

    • Royce E. Van Blaricome

      Look at Ann’s comment below to get a sense of the danger you have just done by misusing God’s Word. She takes something like Prov. 21:1 and runs with it instead of even looking at the context and taking it within the totality of God’s Word. One MUST look at Proverbs for what they are and not build doctrine exclusively around a particular verse. For instance, have you considered at all how Proverbs 21:1 fits in with Hosea 8:4 and Jeremiah 7:31, 19:5, and 32:35?

  • Elise Buckley

    This article is credible because the author is credible. As it does most likely for so
    many others, it touches me deeply in my heart of hearts. I too was not initially for Mr.
    Trump being elected president, but Holy Spirit has given me such a deep
    love and fierce heart of protection for him and his administration, that
    I know that in itself is supernatural. As Believers in Christ Jesus, we
    MUST not, we CANNOT let up in our intercession and warfare for
    President Trump, VP Pence and their whole administration. For the first
    time in a long while, I feel like the President will have the backs of
    Americans, not to stab them in the back but to do the very best he can for each
    individual to protect them and to bring back respect for and blessing to this nation again.

    • Royce E. Van Blaricome

      For a better look at Robison’s “credibility”, ya might wanna checkout my comments above. His “credibility” from a Biblical POV is severely lacking.

      • Elise Buckley

        “Flowers don’t bloom where no seeds have been planted.”

        • Royce E. Van Blaricome

          There are flowers even on a bull thistle and poison ivy.

          That said, your “touches me deeply in my heart of hearts… but Holy Spirit has given me such a deep love and fierce heart of protection for him and his administration, that I know that in itself is supernatural”; is another example of what’s wrong with the perceived Church today. It’s all based on emotion.

          I’m not saying that emotions should be completely discounted but they must ALWAYS be filtered thru God’s Word. We are told to “test the spirits”.

          I’m also not saying that the Holy Spirit hasn’t given you a special desire to lift Trump up in prayer in ways that many others may not. But I am saying ya better be real careful with that! It would be a dangerous thing to find yourself defending a wrong-doing of Trump and justify it by saying your protecting him outta a “deep love and fierce heart” given to you by the Holy Spirit.

          That may well be “supernatural” but in no way whatsoever be from God. Your whole post makes your claims suspect because it lacks a Kingdom perspective and is much more in line with the mistaken notion of American Cultural Christianity.

          Here’s a newsflash for you and many others: God is not about putting people in positions of leadership who’ll have the “backs of Americans”. There is NOT one shred of Scripture that points to America being any kind of a favored nation in God’s eyes. No, God is about putting people in positions of leadership who will obey Him and do His will. Period.

          • Elise Buckley

            Stop writing to me please. Now.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            Ok. I understand the Truth hurts sometimes, that people like to create a god in their own image so they can see what they wanna see and hear what they wanna hear according to their own ways and their own world, don’t like it when the light is shown into the error of their ways, don’t wanna be challenged to actually have to backup what they say they believe and why, and tell other members of the Body they’re supposed to be a part of to get lost whenever challenged to do so by another member of that Body.

            God has something to say about that too.

          • faithntrust

            Quoting you: “No, God is about putting people in positions of leadership who will obey Him and do His will. Period.” Do you mean 100% of the time? Can you quote passages from the Bible where that proves God got 100% obedience/His will from ‘His leaders’? The only one that I am aware of that God got complete obedience was from Jesus Christ.

          • David

            What about Enoch?

          • faithntrust

            Please finish your thought.

          • David

            God lifted Enoch into heaven, both body and soul, even before Jesus died on the cross to forgive our sins. Since Enoch did not need any forgiveness, logically he must have had no sins, and therefore must have given God total and full obedience.

          • faithntrust

            David, you are probably right. That crossed my mind when you responded with the one word ‘Enoch’. I would need to go back & study the passages on Enoch. [Tomorrow] Thanks!

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            I never said anything about a godly leader being sinless and 100% obedience. God has laid out in His Word what the qualifications are for Leaders that Christians can vote for and do so in faith.

          • faithntrust

            That was what you have implied by what I quoted of your statement.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            No, that is what you perceived. A clear violation of John 7:24. I “implied” exactly what I said. No more. No less.

  • Deacon Keith Fournier

    Thank you James, for writing this article.

    I share your perspective on what has happened in this amazing moment in our Nation. Thank you for your always writing and speaking out of that big, honest, tender, genuine Christian heart. Thank you for your passionate love for the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Thank you for following the Holy Spirit in reaching out to Mr. Trump. Thank you for sharing such a gut honest real Christian witness, including sharing the pain, borne of love, associated with your beloved Robin.

    Thank you for boldly reaching across the divisions in the broken Body of Christ, knowing that these divisions are NOT the plan of a a loving Father. You have changed my life. You have changed the lives of many.

    I am honored to know you, to serve the same Father, Son and Holy Spirit with you, and to join with you for a Great Awakening, in both Church and Nation, in this new missionary age.

    Jesus Christ is Lord,

    Your Catholic Christian Deacon, friend and brother in the Lord.

    Deacon Keith Fournier

  • mlynn

    I truly believe so. I believe that God made it possible for change of leadership. Not because we deserved better but because through God’s mercy and grace, He granted us another chance to repent. Be a fisherman for His kingdom for He does not want to see anyone to be parish. He granted us another chance. So, I will earnestly pray for our President Elect Trump. for God’s wisdom and guidance upon him and his administration.

    • Royce E. Van Blaricome

      What does Trump becoming POTUS have anything to do with our having a chance to repent????????? Or being fishermen for His Kingdom? Answer: NOTHING!!! Moreover, God’s Word and the Gospel have always flourished the most during times of persecution and tribulation.

      Granted us another chance for what? To be nice, comfy, well-off, citizens of this kingdom?

    • JRRad

      You are dead on. Jesus’ (full of Grace &a Truth) poured out that Grace upon the Cross and thereby Graced the entire world.

      The Holy Spirit (The Spirit of Grace) has been pouring out Grace throughout the entire Earth from then until the present day.

      Please allow me to encourage you to study “in that day” from a sentence search in an exhaustive electronic concordance. You will be amazed.

      What I’m getting at is that America (& the whole earth) is entering into a time when The Father’s Grace is being revealed in the entire world as a Testimony to the Risen Lord Jesus!

      Such exciting and perilous times just ahead. It seems the “birth pangs” are beginning as God has set the time when He will show Himself in the sight of all the Nations of the earth….and then…..?

  • faithntrust

    We have one more hurdle before we are on the winning side: the swearing in. I did not realize I was holding my breath concerning the outcome of the electorate votes until it was final. Then I realized we had one more hurdle. The adversary has been throwing everything it can to overcome D Trump becoming the 45th POTUS. I believe! I have faith! I trust God. We are seeing a might move of God!

    • Royce E. Van Blaricome

      You’re not seeing any such thing and if you knew what the Bible actually said you’d know that. Is it gonna be a mighty move of God when the Anti-Christ gets put in charge too?

      PLEASE stop the nonsense and READ YOUR BIBLE!!

      • faithntrust

        God intervened in the moves of the anti-christ. You are misinterpreting your bible. Our free society would have been sacrificed at the hands of Hilary Clinton. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

        • Royce E. Van Blaricome

          EXACTLY how am I misinterpreting my Bible??

          The very fact that you were “holding your breath” shows where your faith is. You say you have faith and you trust God but then are holding your breath. For what? The adversary to throw something else? Some faith and trust in God that is!!

          Moreover, it’s not only Unbiblical to say that Satan is throwing everything he has at Trump to keep him from being POTUS but it’s nonsensical. Trump belong to Satan. Why would Satan try to defeat himself???? Duh! And THAT is Biblical. See Eph. 2:1-4.

          You just keep focusing on your free society and hold your breath over whether it will be sacrificed. I’ll do what Christ says in Matt. 6:33-34 and focus on the real society that matters. His Kingdom!

  • Jim

    Mr. Robison has misinterpreted what God is saying.

  • Linda

    I believe the Lord is sifting Christians, and the wheat from the chaff. I fear that Mr. Trump is not the real deal and that he and his followers are now a cult. It pains me to say so, but I believe even Dr. Ben Carson and James Robison have been blinded. Other leaders,have not – Beth Moore for example. Donald Trump is not a Godly man. Don’t try to spin it like he is.

    • bdj

      Linda, it seems to me that it is your fear speaking. Followers of Christ are called to pray for all those in authority not to execute judgement over them. if you remember the scripture it was Satan who wanted to sift people like wheat but hey if your faith says that is what the Lord is doing then I suppose if you consider yourself a Christian that you mean it would start with you. Personally, I would rather be pruned as the scripture talks about to be able to produce more fruit. bottom line is, anyone can condemn, why not pray that for that leader, specially the president to have wisdom on what to do. I have never seen the kind of attack that I’ve seen on this guy. half the country has already condemned him and hopes his fails. stop trying to call your comment some sharp insight and discernment.

      • Linda

        Taking offence at any question or criticism of the leader is one warning sign of a cult. Donald Trump exhibits not one fruit of the Spirit. He is not a Godly man and Christians should stop attempting to prove he is. I’m not allowed to state the obvious?

        • bdj

          your missing my point. I don’t know Mr. Trump except what I’ve seen on news stories and neither do you. I’m not defending his past actions. I wanted Ted Cruz but that just wasn’t going to happen. I’m just saying, if you believe the primary role of a follower of Christ, it’s to do good to everyone. I’m praying for President-elect Trump to do what is right and to have wisdom on what to do. On this whole argument on whether Donald trump is a christian. He’s not a leader of the Church so I’m not submitting to his leadership as a spiritual leader. I hope that he will have faith in Christ but more importantly to carry out right and wise decisions in the role that he has for the next 4 years. going around condemning him, does nothing but add to the wave of accusations hitting him and his team on a daily basis. and by the way, who has the name that means accuser? my advise, get out of that snake pit.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            “I wanted Ted Cruz but that just wasn’t going to happen”

            That’s what MANY were saying about Trump. All the way right up to the point where one state after another went Red.

            That said, who you wanted is irrelevant. Whether or not Cruz could’ve or would’ve won is irrelevant.

            The ONLY thing relevant is whether one obeyed God or went with what they wanted. If you knew what the primary role of a follower of Christ is you would know that.

            “who has the name that means accuser? my advise, get out of that snake pit.”

            THAT is what Jesus would call a Giant Sequoia Tree sticking outta your eye socket.

            My advice: Get outta the snake pit. (And I CAN say that because I’m not the one telling people not to judge and to disobey Christ.)

          • Marge Terrell

            Did you pray about your choice of Ted Cruz. You may need to be thanking God that Cruz is not our President! Read my comment to you above. Evidently you did not check Cruz out before choosing him as your candidate!

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            Evidently you don’t know what you’re talking about! Where’s your evidence that I didn’t check Cruz out before choosing him as my candidate??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            The FACT is you’d be WRONG! I most certainly did. In fact, I actually talked personally with the man I ultimately voted for as President. Did you??

            For the record, I not only did that for POTUS but for almost every other candidate I voted for all the way down to local. AND I didn’t stop there. I researched, looked at their records and other stuff.

            Did you go to that level? If you didn’t then you need to back up and think before you speak again and most certainly look at what “evidence” you put your judgments on!!!!!!!!!!!

            Last, for the record, I didn’t find any other comment to me above so I looked at your profile for it. It’s not there either. But there is plenty else you’ve commented on that speaks volumes.

            So I’ll leave it there except to say ya might wanna look into God’s Word a bit. If ya do, ya might just see he don’t cotton to gossip, bearing false witness, and bringing false accusations against His Children.

          • Marge Terrell

            The Stream. Please approve my Reply to Royce E. Van Blaricome, as he has accused me of bearing false witness and bringing false accusations against God’s Children, which I can prove I am Not by my Comment below! Thanks! I did not do these things Cruz did. If you need proof check it out!

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            I don’t know what “these things” are that you refer to that Cruz supposedly did but my comment on gossip, bearing false witness, and bringing false accusations was a statement of general fact according to Scripture.

            That said, since you accused me of accusing you, which I didn’t actually mention, I will now. You did accuse me by your “Evidently” of not checking Cruz out before choosing him as my candidate and I in fact did. So you DID bear false witness against me.

        • BlueLucy

          Well I do know Mr. Trump from witnesses in our South Florida area. Mr. Trump is generous and kind. He may have been a little rough around the edges but he has acknowledged Jesus, goes to church, and most importantly, is furthering our “agenda.” Not sure what your problem is.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            For the love of God! Why do folks persist in publicly showing their Biblical ignorance?

            I can go to McDonald’s every Sunday, even read their menu everyday, call myself a Big Mac – and that ain’t gonna make me one!!

            Do you even know what church Trump “goes to”? The last couple of times it’s been a PCUSA church. Might wanna do a little study on that!

            God allowed Trump on more than one occasion to show his
            “Christianity” so His People would see. Those with eyes to see did. Those with their “agendas” rather than confessing and repenting of their idolatry scrambled to make excuses for Trump with stuff like, “Well, he’s a baby Christian.”

            There’s NO doubt in my mind what your problem is. And that’s probably why you can’t see what Linda’s problem is. Because she’s spot on and you’re deceived. Evidenced by your “he has acknowledged Jesus”.

            Hope you get saved before it’s too late. And here’s a clue for you: You can ‘acknowledge’ Jesus until the cows come home and that won’t save you one bit.

      • Royce E. Van Blaricome

        “stop trying to call your comment some sharp insight and discernment.”

        Practice what you preach and stop twisting Scripture and speaking falsely for God while you’re at it. God does not take kindly to that.

      • stan schmunk

        Did you honor, respect and pray for Obama?

    • Cindra Simpson

      We are all sinners! Does he not deserve a chance. If you truly care about your own salvation you will open your eyes & know you have no right judging & find hope in knowing nothing is out of the Lords reach! Or maybe you would like a pres that lies, cheats, worships Lucifer, sacrifices & eats babies! God Bless…

      • Linda

        Ugh. That widespread “judging” argument that Trump followers use is such a copout. When you cast a vote in an election you are judging. Judgement under direction of the Holy Spirit is discernment. Noticing that someone does not display a single Godly attribute, when many are trying hard to prove he does, is not judging. Go ahead and support Trump for his carnal attributes such as deal-making skill, connecting with people through Twitter, he’s the lesser of two evils, etc. But please do not attempt to say he is a Godly choice. It’s embarrassing.

        • Royce E. Van Blaricome

          The much too often regurgitated “judge not” is more than a copout. It’s a neon sign flashing that the person is Biblically ignorant. And you’re right, it is embarrassing when folks twist God’s Word while professing to be a Christian. In fact, it’s shameful.

        • JRRad

          Please. Be “embarrassed” more. Donald J Trump was chosen by The Almighty God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob from before the beginning of time, raised up and educated, experienced everything he’s experienced, and became the POTUS….ACCORDING TO THE WILL OF GOD for a time such as this!

          He will become the greatest US President and an incredibly humble & otherwise fruitful Christian, led by the Spirit of God to affect massive change not only in the USA, the CHURCH, but also in the entire world. And I say, Amen & Amen!

      • Royce E. Van Blaricome

        Sorry to hear you say that. Obviously you are a deceived person who either is a Poser and not truly saved or severely lacking in discipleship and knowledge in the Word of God.

        First, Christians are NOT Sinners. They are Saints! New Creations in Christ. Born Again. Alive in Christ and NOT spiritually-dead. Children of the Most High God and NOT children of wrath. Co-heirs with Jesus Christ and NOT sons of disobedience who follow the course of Satan. Christians are all those things and more – who sometimes sin. There IS a difference and you need to get that straight.

        Secondly, if you truly care about your own salvation you would know that it is NOT you who opens your eyes. It is the Holy Spirit when you surrender to Him instead of walking in the Flesh.

        Third, if you truly care about your own salvation you will kick off the shoes of a false prophetess that you have stepped into by instructing others to disobey God. Not only does a Christian have the “right” to judge, they have the DUTY to judge! Christ has commanded His followers TO judge!!

        As of right now we have a soon-to-be President that lies, cheats, and worships Lucifer. Whether he sacrifices and eats babies is yet to be seen.

        • Cindra Simpson

          Ur out of your mind & certainly not living under the grace of the Lord, it will be you who is held accountable for being so self absorbed…

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            How do you feel about being an abomination to the Lord? “He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous, both of them alike are an abomination to the Lord” (Proverbs 17:15).

            I suggest you take that seriously, confess, and repent from your sin. Have you NO fear of the Lord at all? While you’re at it, read a little bit of 1st John 3 and what Jesus says in Matt. 18 about comments like yours.

            Then you might study a little bit about how God feels about and deals with those who make false accusations against His children and bear false witness against His servants.

            Oh and for sure study up on what God does to those who think they have and can exercise His attribute of Omniscience which He retains for Himself.

            Then I’d suggest you read Matt. 7:21-23 because you’re standing in line.

            Everything I said is true and you obviously have NO idea what the grace of the Lord is. I can back up EVERY single claim I made with God’s Word. You, on the other hand, offered NONE.
            You accuse me of being self absorbed? NOT ONE WORD of anything I said was about myself. Further evidence that you are of your father, Satan, who is the father of all lies and you are doing your father’s bidding.

          • Cindra Simpson

            So Royce are you still a mental midget or just a special person that is not a sinner because you claim to be a Christian but just sin sometimes as your words claim! So how’s that Hillary thing working out for you by now? Guess you being holier than all others didn’t help much. Hope you have discovered the error of your ways or maybe you just get by with a bit of spirit cooking. I have forgiven you for your nasty attitude toward humanity & remembered you in prayer hoping your hateful attitude has changed & maybe you have acquired the ability of rebuking your own demons or just melted in your own stew, so sad & ashamed you must be…Semper Fi…

    • David Haley

      I agree, there is no reason to believe he has ever repented, and he certainly hasn’t turned from his wicked ways.

    • Diane Rinaldi

      I beg to differ, Linda. I think that if a Christian did NOT vote for Trump, who (though you find him distasteful) stands on the biblical side of abortion, Israel, established borders, religious freedom for Christians, etc. – but rather buried their talent (vote), or worse voted for Hillary, THAT is the sifting. Trump is like Cyrus – God will use him to re-establish some righteousness so the gospel may continue to go forth from a blessed land. In my humble opinion, you are seeing this wrongly.

      • Royce E. Van Blaricome

        Rather than being on the Biblical side of abortion, Israel, established borders, religious freedom for Christians, etc. – it would’ve been better to be on God’s side having obeyed Him in His Word. Perhaps you should memorize Matt. 6:33-34.

        Obeying God is NOT burying one’s talent. Twist not Scripture lest you be like Satan. Better study that proverb so you don’t do it again.

        The lie of “Trump is like Cyrus” has been refuted well by several. Not hard to find if one wants to know the truth. I’ll just say here that Michael Brown wrote one good response to that. I think it was Albert Mohler or Russell Moore who wrote another.

        Moreover, the Gospel has continued and even flourished MOST when there was persecution and tribulation. God doesn’t need “some righteousness” from a “blessed land” to put forth the Gospel. All He needs are faithful and obedient People to keep their eyes on the Kingdom instead of this world and do what He says to do.

        So, it is you who are seeing this wrongly. And that’s not my opinion but straight from the Word of God,.

      • Linda

        Yes, Linda. We voted on platform ~ the platform that most closely lined up with God’s word ~ not for perfect people. That was the most important decision we had to make. Think Supreme Court! That one issue alone is huge!

    • Ann Sewell

      I agree Diane. I am troubled that SO many are so quick to believe the negative about DT but so slow to believe the good. Can we not see his actions of repentance and humility? Are we so SELF righteous that we can’t believe someone can grow and change to now believe abortion is actually wrong when at 1 time they did not believe this? Or that talking and acting inappropriately and disrespectfully about women is something that is unloving and disrespectful to them? Are we always so super spiritual that WE never said anything or did things things turned out to be amoral? I’ve changed a lot. Donald Trump can change a lot and I believe he continues to grow. I’m very encouraged by his spiritual growth. That picture is evidence that he is willing to be taught and led and protected by people of great faith. He is growing in his faith no doubt about it, why not pray for him to continue? And why not believe that he has grown? And that he wants to continue to grow? He is humble by this new responsibility, he is grateful and he has the power to tell the truth no matter who disagrees with him! He has intentions of doing the right thing in all circumstances and he is depending on prayer support just like Moses did with Aaron and Miriam to hold his arms up! I’m so thankful he is in that position! Everyone should read Isaiah chapter 45. God uses whoever he wants to for his purposes. I think it’s amazing I believe God answered the prayers of many and he will continue to because he is faithful ! We all have a responsibility to lead righteous lives that affect change around us. But mostly he wants us to leave loving lives that spread who he is to the surrounding Nations and people. That has not changed since the beginning! Don’t think that his daughter Ivanka does not have a great influence on him through her great faith and belief in Jehovah God! Her husband has the great respect of Donald. These are Orthodox Jews! They are willing to be radical in their faith as they understand God. I have great hope for their faith as well that they will grow to accept the Messiah! Why shouldn’t I? Why can’t I? Am I afraid of disappointment? We do not live in fear we have been given a spirit of power love and sound mind! Go with it! And by the way, about the Colt idea, accepting and submitting to leadership of a man does not mean he replaces God in our hearts. God expects us to submit to our leaders in everything that is right. He expects us to pray for our leaders as well. Let’s do it! Believe that God can do great things yet his purposes are always for our Eternal Redemption not that we’re comfortable so much on this Earth although he has always been known to bless us on the earth as we have faith in him. However persecutions were also promised. Donald is willing to face great persecution to do what he believes is right for the people of this country that he now leads. It has been a long time since we’ve seen a man with such great courage and strength. He is in my opinion, the best person for such a time as this.

      • Royce E. Van Blaricome

        “SELF righteous” just like “Holier than thou” – the oh so often touted regurgitated mantra against someone by those who wish to cling to their sin.

        So now let’s look at some truths:

        1) Trump is NOT “Pro-life”. At the very most he wants the decision to go back to the States. He just appointed his SoS which is someone who donated to Planned Parenthood.

        2) Look at all the disparaging comments Trump made about women DURING his campaign. That’s NOT the distant past.

        3) It’s just like Satan to make the false comparison between a Believer and Unbeliever with the lie and fiery dart of “Are we always so super spiritual that WE never said anything or did things things turned out to be amoral?”

        4) You say, “I’m very encouraged by his spiritual growth. That picture is evidence that he is willing to be taught and led and protected by people of great faith. He is growing in his faith no doubt about it” and I say there is PLENTY of doubt and PLENTY of evidence that Trump is NOT a Believer.

        I’ll just end with this because after reading this there is no reason to address anything else you said…

        “He has intentions of doing the right thing in all circumstances and he is depending on prayer support just like Moses did with Aaron and Miriam to hold his arms up! ”

        NEWSFLASH: There is NO doubt in my mind that God has NOT seen fit to share His Omniscience with YOU!! The very fact that you can make such a claim puts you in the shoes of a false prophetess who has climbed up on the thrown of God and deceived to the point where you think you can actually know something that only God can know!!!

        And, just in case anyone else reads this, further evidence that Ann is a false prophetess and has NO clue who the real God is can be seen with this comment:

        “Don’t think that his daughter Ivanka does not have a great influence on him through her great faith and belief in Jehovah God! ”

        Ivanka has “converted” to Judaism. Not sure what she supposedly “converted” from but going into a false religion that denies Christ is NOT a “great faith” nor is it a true belief in “Jehovah God”!!!

        Ann puts exclamation points behind “Orthodox Jews” as if that’s some great and wonderful thing. God says they are His enemies and are headed for eternal torment in the Lake of Fire. And that’s a great thing?

        I don’t think so!!

      • Linda

        Self-righteous, yes. I am surprised by all the self-righteous Christians here. God did not make any mistakes when he chose all the people in the Bible that He used for His glory. Why is it any different from appointing Donald Trump? If one thinks back over the past two years and the impossible odds against Trump to win the presidency, one would have to come to the conclusion that something supernatural was taking place. What about his running mate, Mike Pence? Could we have hoped for a better Vice president than he? Seems that Christians have been blinded by piousness.

    • Royce E. Van Blaricome

      Well said. I don’t know about the “cult” part but I agree with the premise of what you’re saying.

      Both Carson and Robison have showed themselves for who they are. See my comments above. Robison makes several comments in just the first couple of paragraphs that outright contradict God in His Word.

      God is applying pressure and sifting the wheat from the chaff. Never before have we seen, like we saw in this last election, a clearer picture of who had their eyes on the Kingdom and those who didn’t. Those who live by faith and those who live by fear. Those who sought to save their life and those who were willing to lose it. Those who sought to keep their comforts and those who sought to keep their eternal rewards. Those who worshipped at the altar of the idol of America and those who worshipped at the throne of God.

  • David Haley

    I can only relate what I see to the Word, who is Jesus. Of course I would believe his transformation if I saw repentance or evidence of study of God’s Word. Did you know he admires Vladimir Putin, a known spy and murderer? I understand foolishness woth new Christians. I was a fool even after I gave my life to Jesus, but I did repent for my sins and I didn’t tolerate evil people.

    • pistolpacking_grandmaUSAUSAUSA

      A lot of people have more respect for Putin than obama, he may be a dictator, but he is a leader as much as it pains me to say it.
      And I can’t believe Christians judging others like this! IT hurts me to see that!

      • Royce E. Van Blaricome

        Sorry to see that Christians who follow and obey Jesus Christ hurts you. Perhaps you should get to know the real Jesus or maybe just familiarize yourself with His commands.

        Wrt your comment, you might start with John 7:24.

      • stan schmunk

        And that’s a fatal mistake.

    • Ann Sewell

      We don’t know if he is a Christian or not but it is becoming obvious that he is asking for prayers and accountability to not forget God’s purpose and powerful role for him to play. And look who he seeks council from? And Trump was misquoted again and misunderstood about his “respect” for Putin. He simply acknowledges the man’s significance in his place on the world’s stage. They are two who are cut in many respects from the same cloth. They are both dominant personalities, pretty much fearless, alpha type men. He respects his enemy actually and without that respect Trump would be out witted from the outset. He is treating Putin just the way he needs to for setting the stage for the best possible chance for cooperation or peace through strength and mutual respect. Jesus went home with Zaccheus remember? Zach was deeply hated by his contemporaries because he was rich through evil swindling of his own people (the Jews) for the revenue of the Oppressive Roman govt. Jesus saw Zaccheus through the eyes of faith and looked at his heart that was ready to drop it all and follow him. I don’t know where Trump is at but people close to him are all saying great things about his heart and the humility he is displaying. I like to look at it this way: It is direction not perfection. I am excited about the direction he appears to be going.

      • stan schmunk

        You have really been deceived. We DO know that Trump’s NOT a Christian. He said that he’d never asked God to forgive him for anything. And he worships Mammon which comes directly from Satan’s dark heart. Ezekiel 28

        • JRRad

          Did you ask forgiveness from God before you asked forgiveness from God? You’re conclusion is based on something Trump said a year ago. Unless you are God or have accurately heard different since then, your judgement is flawed, unfair, and unreasonable. Sheesh…

          • stan schmunk

            And when have you heard that he DID ask God for forgiveness? I’m going by his last public statement on the matter. What are you relying on?

  • Emily Strader

    I believe God’s hand is guiding Trump. God chooses people who do not confess him as Lord and Savior to do his will. Christians wanted to turn America back to the right, so millions prayed to send us a president that wanted that also.
    Trump wants the right things for us. Whether he turns his heart to Jesus as Savior, or not, makes no difference, God will lead him, give him great wisdom to accomplies what Christians ask God to do.

    • Royce E. Van Blaricome

      You may believe that but Eph. 2:1-4 says otherwise. More like God is using Trump’s disobedience and rebellion to bring about His Plan.

      You may be right about Christians wanting to turn America back to the right but I think it’s more like Posers professing to be Christian wanted to turn America back to the Right. I’m not sure what you mean by “right’ but I’m talking about the opposite of the Liberal Left.

      And, if that’s the case, I can most certainly assure you that is NOT what God wanted. The “Right’ is an idol and God hates idolatry.

      Why would Trump want the “right things” for “us”? Who’s “us”? If it’s “Christians”, please explain why a son of disobedience and child of wrath who follows the course of this world and Satan would want to do “right” for us??

      And you’ve got things WAY backwards! God does not cater and bow to the whims and fancies of what Christians ask Him to do! Geeeeesh!!!! For God’s sake, how could any Christian say that??????? Do you NOT see how WRONG that statement is??

      THAT statement is exactly what’s wrong with the Church today!!! Christians are FOLLOWERS of Christ. NOT folks who direct God what to do!!

      • faithntrust

        Man overboard!

        • Royce E. Van Blaricome

          What? Are you suggesting that anything I said above is not true?

          “Wise men speak because they have something to say, fools speak because they have to say something” – Plato

          • faithntrust

            Quoting you, “And you’ve got things WAY backwards! God does not cater and bow to the whims and fancies of what Christians ask Him to do! Geeeeesh!!!! For God’s sake, how could any Christian say that??????? Do you NOT see how WRONG that statement is??”

            What do you do with Daniel 9 [in this context] 16-19 in light of the verse that says, ‘If my people will humble themselves…”? which I believe to be as applicable today as it was in the Old Testament. God answers the prayers of His people.

            There is truth in what you say; you have just gone OVERBOARD!.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            What do I do with Daniel 9:16-19? I take it for exactly what it says. Same with 2Chr. 7:14. And there is NOTHING in either one of those passages that indicates God bows to the whims and fancies of people who are looking for their political desires to be accomplished. NOTHING!! Quite the opposite, those two passages show what prayer should be.

            That’s like praying to God for your favorite football team to win. Ever think about how many on the opposition are praying too? Do ya really think God is sitting up there counting to see who has the most prayers lifted up? Or who’s praying more passionately than the other?

            Evidently you don’t understand prayer and, while I will admit there is some mystery to prayer, it is abundantly clear that you have completely missed what the two passages you referenced actually state. You might wanna look into a little study called “Praying As Jesus Prayed”.

            Now, you say there is truth in what I say but I’ve gone “OVERBOARD”. So again, I ask you to provide exactly how. And be specific.

            You have just made an accusation against me. Show exactly how or stand guilty of being a false accuser and bringing false witness against me.

          • faithntrust

            You just cleared up the misunderstanding. As God’s people we are not praying for a specific politics, we are praying for our nation to be returned to it’s beginning foundation. A nation that the God of Israel remain the God of the USA.

            Royce, you are focused on a person while the Christians you are debating with are praying for a moral nation! God’s people became traumatized when they realized how far into immorality this nation had become.

            I do believe that God is answering the prayers of His people. Against all odds, He has prevailed because nothing is impossible with God.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            From your last statement, I’d say there is still very much a misunderstanding. I would hope to God that His People are NOT praying for “our nation to be returned to it’s beginning foundation”. THAT would be a prayer that is specifically AGAINST the will of God. Once again proving exactly what I originally said to Emily.

            You are absolutely correct in that I am focused on a person although it’s not the person who likely mean but rather the Person of Jesus Christ. While you’re praying for the USA to become a “moral nation” – which it never has been – I’ll be praying as Jesus taught us to pray and I’ll be seeking His Kingdom FIRST as Jesus told us to.

            You can believe whatever you want but there is NOTHING in Scripture to support your belief. Quite to the contrary, there is plenty in Scripture to show that Trump is not the man of God that so many are trying to make him out to be, that Trump was not qualified according to God’s Word for a Christian to support him, and that Trump is following Satan and the course of this World which makes him an enemy of God.

            You say God is answering the prayers of His people and I say which one’s would that be? Those, like you, who agree with your way of seeing things or those like me who are looking at things from the way God has said them in His Word?

            Trump prevailing had nothing to do with it being “against all odds”. Not even close. When the Democrats put up a lying, corrupt, and even further Left candidate than BHO, there never has been or possibly could have been a better time for Trump to win. With the Dems having destroyed this country in the last 8yrs, destroyed the Military, redefined Marriage, and the reality of having one’s 16yo daughter being required to shower with some dude, the chances of a Trump victory were ever bit as good as anyone’s.

            All that said, God’s Word is clear in numerous places (see my references to Jeremiah and Hosea above) that God wasn’t answering people’s prayers who were against His will but rather the People were getting what they asked for by doing their will instead of God’s will. And that has ALWAYS wound up with them regretting it.

            We’ve already seen Gen. Mattis at his confirmation hearing state that he doesn’t plan to do anything to roll back BHO’s Homosexual and Transgender policies in the Military. Sen. Sessions said so much as well during his confirmation hearing with regard to SSM and other Trans policies. So much for Trump and his appointees! And it wouldn’t surprise me if we don’t see Trump defund Planned Parenthood either.

            But I have no doubt there will be those like you who will find some way to excuse him and still lift him up as the savior of the nation.

            All that said, you failed to come back and give me the specifics on just how I went “OVERBOARD”. You made the accusation. Do you intend to back it up or confess it should not have been said?

          • faithntrust

            I took the time to read the scriptures you put forth in answers to others. They were obscure to contradictory. I guess you will have to go verse by verse/passage by passage & clarify its meaning to you so we all can understand where you are coming from.

            It seems to me you are still focused on DJ Trump instead of the God of Israel/Jesus Christ. Instead of trying to be understanding, you are being hostile. I am trying to understand where you are coming from since we seem to be at such odds when we could be trying to reach a common goal.

            There can be unity in a common goal – it does not require agreeing on ‘everything’. Sometimes you just have to agree to disagree. When I pray to God for our Nation I am praying for God’s blessings on the USA. Otherwise, I am ready to go in the rapture & believe I am in a win-win situation!

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            Exactly what Scriptures were obscure and, more importantly, contradictory? To accuse me of using Scriptures in a contradictory way is to say I’ve used God’s own very Word to contradict Himself which would make me a false prophet.

            So, be specific, and provide the evidence your your accusation!!

            And now you make another accusation. Exactly how am I being “hostile”? By simply requiring you to either provide the evidence for you accusation or stand guilty of being a false accuser of the Brethren? STOP avoiding the question. YOU stated that I was “OVERBOARD”. And I have said you either have to back that up or stand as a false accuser of the brethren. And you continue to refuse to address your accusation. Rather, you employ the typical diversionary tactic of making another false accusation by characterizing me in a manner that isn’t true. It’s the same tactic from Satan that the Homosexuals use when you tell them the Truth and get the “you’re so hurtful and hateful and are such a bigot”. Same exact thing.

            As for praying for God’s blessings on the USA, once again, that is misguided and misdirected. God’s Word makes it very clear what happens to a land that rejects Him and endorses Evil.

            The USA has made the sacrificing of children at the altar of Self the “Law of the Land” since 1973. Ya might wanna look at what God had to say about those who sacrificed their children in the fire to Molech.

            The USA on June 26th, 2015 made SSM the “Law of the Land” and BHO flooded (pun intended) the White House in the Rainbow colors of God. Openly mocking God and taking a symbol of God’s promise to never again destroy Mankind by water and turning it into a celebration of perversion and Abomination. God says the Land itself will spew out its inhabitants for that stuff.

            And now we are dealing with the whole Transgender farce and even parents trying to marry their children and being sexually engaged with them!

            The USA is under the Judgment of God and God will do what He has said He will. And yet you pray for Him to bless us?

            “You ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss, that you may spend it on your pleasures.” (James 4:3) Asking God to bless America so that one can continue to live in comfort and the pleasures of this world isn’t what God intends for His People to be praying.

            You say, “I am trying to understand where you are coming from since we seem to be at such odds when we could be trying to reach a common goal.” And I say that is because we do NOT have a common goal. You’ve stated what your goal is. For God to bless this country and for this country to go back to what it once was.

            My goal is the same as Jesus’ goal. For God to be glorified and for His Kingdom to be first.

            His Kingdom, the one that I am a citizen of, is a far cry different than the kingdom of the USA. If that makes me “hostile” in your eyes so be it. I will leave it to Christ on the day you stand before Him to give an answer for that. Suffice it for now to say you’ve made 3 false accusations in just this one discussion against a Child of God. If that’s not practicing iniquity, it’s surely being awful close to it. Might wanna check out Matt. 7:21-23 and see what Jesus says to them who call Him “Lord” to His face and do that.

          • faithntrust

            typical Baptist!

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            Where did your “typical Baptist!” comment go? Did you realize that your faux omniscience failed you again and actually hear the Holy Spirit tell you that was sin? I sincerely hope so because that would be a good sign. It would have also been bearing false witness again and a continuation of practicing the same in as the times before. Perhaps Matt. 7:21-23 has opened your eyes?

            This is serious business lady. It has Eternal consequences. It’s no game. Have you done as 2nd Cor. 13:5 says? Do you not know that the vast majority of those who profess to be Christian are not? That is exactly what Christ is saying in Matt. 7:13-23.

            You various comments in these posts leave a lot of doubt as to where you stand with Christ. I would suggest you not sluff this off. I would also suggest you find a good Bible-believing, Bible-teaching church where you can submit to godly men as your leaders, (as commanded to do so) and be properly discipled. They may be able to even point you to a good Titus 2:3-5 woman as well.

            For the record, I am not a Baptist and I don’t follow any denomination. I am a follower to the Lord Jesus Christ.

            That is not to say I am disrespecting, demeaning, belittling, or in any way speaking negatively toward any denomination that hasn’t gone apostate as some have in the last few years.

    • Linda

      Yes, I agree, Emily. We see this all throughout the Bible, how God used of flawed people of varying degrees for His Glory. One in particular, Cyrus the king, who was not a godly man, Isaiah 45, but was used by God.

    • JRRad

      Not to criticize them, but can you see any of the other Republican Candidates (Christian or not) with the strength to stand up to all the adversity coming against Donald Trump? I can’t, but we can be sure if they were in the lead, they would have gotten the same abuse….and would fold!

      • David

        The abuse of being lightly criticized and childishly throwing a tantrum afterwards?

        I think any other Republican would probably look a tiny bit less like a raging Hypocrite that, after 8 years of questioning the presidents legitimacy based on a fake story he made up, Trump is having his legitimacy questioned because of something actually real that he did.

    • David

      So the millions more who prayed to send America to the left, they should be ignored?

      • Emily Strader

        I can’t answer for God.

        • David

          Yeah, but you can stop blaming everything on God when bad things happen. Omnipotence does not mean that every single thing is directly because of God. Sometimes, awful things happen, like the Spanish inquisition, the rise of Hitler, and the Trump presidency, and it’s all our fault because we have free will

  • Brian Mikos

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. I an a sinner and I am a Christian; wretched man that I am. God uses who he wills for His purposes. He knows the hairs on my head and has numbered them. Do not presume to know His purpose but pray for His will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Is Trump a baby Christian? I don’t know. Is Trump part of Gods’ plan?
    Yes. What is important is that we keep our hearts, minds and prayers on Heavenly things. God will lets us know when He needs our help and shows us what to do. Till then He commands us to be faithful and in Prayer.

    • Royce E. Van Blaricome

      Twist not Scripture lest you be like Satan. You just did with the “let he who is without sin…” what Satan did when he quoted Scripture to Jesus.

      John MacArthur, in his blog entitled “Why Does Sola Scriptura Matter” said, “Nothing is more offensive to the Author of Scripture than to disregard, deny, or distort the truth He has revealed (Revelation 22:18–19). To mishandle the Word of God is to misrepresent the One who wrote it. To reject its claims is to call Him a liar. To ignore its message is to snub that which the Holy Spirit inspired.”

      I suggest you find a good Bible-believing, Bible-teaching church where you can submit to godly men as your leaders, (as commanded to do so) and be properly discipled.

      While you’re at it I suggest you also do a little study on what God has to say about those who speak falsely for Him and use His Word to falsely teach others and lead them into disobedience. Here’s a hint: The penalty for a false prophet was death and they only got to be wrong one time! Satan quoted Scripture to Jesus and all with the same goals.

      • Brian Mikos

        You are a legalistic that tries to prove how smart they are and inhibit people from expressing themselves. You have no understanding of people and enjoy showing them up when they speak from the heart and by the Holy Spirit. If you cannot comment without interrupting then sit yourself down and seek God and his Wholly Spirit for guidance. I have read some of your other comments and they hold true to my premise. If you can find it in your heart to encourage fellow Christians than maybe Gods’ will can flourish and we can walk with Love as we were commissioned to do.

        • Royce E. Van Blaricome

          You are a false accuser and your faux omniscience fails you miserably.

          Talk about playing God! How wonderful it must be to have had God share His omniscience with you so that you can tell the world all about someone whom you’ve never net and NOT be able to back one word of it up with Scripture.

          The fact is God has not shared His omniscience with you and He knows I’m NOT legalistic! Neither do I enjoy showing others up when they speak from the heart. Nor do I enjoy “showing them up” when they speak from their wicked Jer. 17:9 heart that doesn’t come anywhere’s close to the Holy Spirit’s guidance just as you have done numerous times here.

          “Legalist” is the oh so often label folks use who like to throw Obedience out the window. I suggested you get into a good Bible-believing church and submit to leaders who can properly disciple you and you throw back Legalist! That speaks volumes. Too bad you rejected that. They might’ve been able to teach you what true “Love” is because you obviously have no clue.

          So you go right on practicing lawlessness and making false accusations again children of God and see how that works for ya,. Take that to church with you along with Matt. 5:23-24 when you offer up your sacrifice of praise and see what God does with that.

          Meh? I’ll continue to obey Titus 1:9.

          • Brian Mikos

            Your reply just validated my statement. You love to judge and criticize and inhibit speech and fellowship and you do not have Love for others.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            No, but you just validated mine. Especially my last paragraph. Like I said, I’ll continue to obey Titus 1:9 and other passages as well along the same lines.

            You just keep practicing keep right on walking in your sin and practicing lawlessness.

            And talking about “Love” while you do. SMH…

          • Brian Mikos

            judge not less you be judged

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            Thank you for continuing to show yourself a Poser or such an infantile Christian that hasn’t learned yet to keep their mouth shut when they don’t know what they’re saying. And most certainly one who has no fear of God for you just twisted Scripture again!!

            You spout off at the mouth with perhaps the most misused and falsely quoted verse in all of Scripture. First of all, and most seriously, your exhortation is an encouragement for others to disobey Christ!! And you call yourself a Christian! John 7:24 is a COMMAND from Christ to His followers TO judge!!

            Moreover, if you actually had any knowledge and understanding of the Bible, or had even taken the time to look at the verse before falsely quoting as false prophets do, you would have seen that Matt. 7:1 is NOT a command to not judge. All you had to do was read the next 4 verses. John 7:24 is the COMMAND to judge and Matt. 7:1-5 is the HOW to obey that command.

            So thank you for once again showing yourself to be who are are and for totally discrediting yourself AND for being another great example of what is wrong with “Christianity” in the World today.

    • JRRad

      Good word son!

    • David

      I mean, not to Godwin, but The Pharaoh, Nero, and Herod were all a part of God’s plan. That didn’t mean things weren’t horrific for the people forced to live under those monsters.

  • I believe that Scripture commands me to honor and pray for my leaders and I will do my best to honor and pray for Mr. Trump.

    However, I’m not going to believe that he truly desires to follow God based on the testimony of this author but will evaluate him based on he conducts himself before the people he is responsible to lead. Does he uphold basic justice? Does he lead with dignity? Is he prideful and arrogant or humble? Is he divisive or does he seek reconciliation? What is his concern for the poor and the vulnerable? Will he be a servant leader or will he pursue policies that only serve his own interests? Will he speak truth or will he lie? Will he act wisely or foolishly? God has already laid out what a good leader looks like. Let’s evaluate him on what is known.

    • Royce E. Van Blaricome

      I echo your comments. I would only add that I’m not going to believe that he truly desires to follow God based on the testimony of this author but MORE SO because God says the opposite. See Eph. 2:1-4. THAT is who God says Trump is following!!

      It’s pretty sad that neither Robison nor Resurgent sees and understands that.

      I agree, I will pray for him as God calls me to and we should judge him on what is known. Of course, if that had been done before the election he would not be POTUS today.

      • Linda

        I’m glad I’m not the only Christian with such serious questions about how Trump ended up where he is now. You are right, if proper judgement had been applied in the primaries, the GOP would not have nominated him. That is exactly where it went off the rails, with 16 other candidates, many of whom had admirable track records you could actually know about, yet Trump was chosen? There is plenty of material from the last one year alone in which to register grave concerns about him. Refusal to release tax returns. The admiration of Putin and the likeliness that Russia has bank-rolled his building projects after all his bankruptcies when he couldn’t get American loans. Look up what the brilliant Russian chess player Gary Kasparov has to say about him. The GOP could have pulled the plug on his nomination, but they didn’t. God has been good to allow me to discern His hand versus our enemies hand in the many years I’ve been following Jesus. I am attempting to be careful, and I don’t go around talking about it much, but I am seeing the pieces of the end-times puzzle falling into place, and so far I believe Trump is being mightily used of the devil to prepare the way for the final showdown. I still check the news every morning hoping to hear that Ben Carson or Mike Pence (men who are likely true Christians) have come to their senses and run for the hills. I’d love to hear a news conference from Trump one day where he stands up and says he has given his life to Jesus and is sorry for his sins. Until he makes that public profession and repents, it’s no use trying to patch together this and that in an attempt to label him Godly. Maybe Republicans need to repent for nominating him and allow God to make the change. Maybe he will step down and let Mike Pence will be the President. That would work. Also, it’s kind of a minor point but it galls me how people think his kids are so great, so he must be a good father. These are the people who tell me not to judge, yet they make a judgement that the kids are great because they get all dressed up and stand united beside their father. They have mothers who raised them and we don’t know much about their character. I do know that in order to convert to Judaism, Ivanka is saying Jesus is not the Son of God, not Lord. So there’s that. I hope the Jewish connection in the family results in good things for Israel, but I’m not convinced yet since there is someone the Bible talks about who poses as a good world leader and a friend to the Jews at first, then cruelly breaks his promises to them after three and a half years. We shall see. Jesus is the answer for the world today. And Donald Trump does not personally model Jesus in any way, shape or form.

        • Royce E. Van Blaricome

          Just to be clear, I’m not saying that the GOP would not have nominated Trump if proper judgment had been made. The GOP is likely made up of mostly heathen and the spiritually-dead. But I am saying that no Christian exercising proper judgment and voting as a citizen of the Kingdom in obedience and faith would not have. And I based that on the Word and on the innumerable comments made by those professing to be Christian and why they were voting for him. (i.e. “lesser of two evils” – where’s that in Scripture? If we don’t do something then (fill in the blank) is going to happen – when did God share His omniscience with anyone? If we don’t vote for Trump we’re gonna lose this country – where’s their citizenship? I’m afraid that – Christians don’t live in a spirit of fear but in power, love, and a sound mind. etc.)

          You’re right about the other candidates thing. Cruz for example had a proven record of being a devout Christian with many fruits AND a strong Constitutional Conservative but the reply from many who professed to be Christian was “he can’t win”. Since when did God tell His People to take His place and decide such matters and to vote for just winners? Using their reasoning they would vote for the False Prophet instead of the Anti-Christ. Now ain’t that just being a Christ follower?

          I don’t know about Trump’s being used in a mighty way to bring about the End Times but I do know he’s being used by Satan because God says so – Eph. 2:1-4. And all this is playing to the End Times which it looks very much like we are in based on the descriptions given in Scripture.

          The only other thing I’ll say is you’re spot on about Ivanka and I don’t know if it was on here or someplace else but somebody heralded her conversion to Judaism as a wonderful thing because she’s now an Orthodox Jew. As if there’s something grand in that! That alone should speak volumes.

    • David

      ” Does he uphold basic justice? Does he lead with dignity? Is he prideful and arrogant or humble? Is he divisive or does he seek reconciliation? What is his concern for the poor and the vulnerable? Will he be a servant leader or will he pursue policies that only serve his own interests? Will he speak truth or will he lie? Will he act wisely or foolishly?”

      We already know the answer to every one of these questions and Trump fails all of them. Especially humility, Trump is the living embodiment of arrogance and pride. Any man who yells that he alone can fix things, is in total prideful love with himself.

  • Royce E. Van Blaricome

    “and I don’t think we’ve ever stopped agreeing in our hearts and in prayer that President-elect Trump can actually become that kind of example.”

    So is Robison saying that Eric Trump is a Believer? Where’s any evidence for that? If not, the Robison must explain how a Jeremiah 17:9 heart and an Ezekiel 36:26 heart can be in agreement with one another.

    “I sense that he is being captured by the heart of our Father.”

    Huh? Where’s that in Scripture? “Is being”? This guy is a “pastor”? A “religious ‘leader'”? I know he’s some kind of “big-name” evangelist or something but where’s his theology??

    “Mr. Trump is receiving wisdom only God can provide. The Lord freely offers it to anyone willing to hear, seek and heed.”

    The Bible says just the opposite. Do a word search on “wisdom” and look at Psalms and Romans 3 about who seeks God.

    That’s it. Don’t need to read any further. This guy is off. Way off! Sad to see Resurgent publish such an article. Doesn’t speak well of either of your theologies.

    • JClarke

      You know this is The Stream, right? I don’t know where you got the idea you were on “Resurgent”.

      • Royce E. Van Blaricome

        No, I don’t think I voted for any of them. Maybe Dole but that was probably in my BC days.

        Thanks for correcting me on which site I’m on! Oops! I get both and got them confused. My mistake, obviously! I fixed that.

    • JClarke

      Quick question. Did you vote for Dole, McCain, and Romney in past (1996, 2008, 2012 respectively) election cycles?

  • Royce E. Van Blaricome

    “Look for his growth and I believe you will see it. You want him to come to a saving faith right?”

    You don’t even see the contradiction in that do you? Geeesh!!! Here’s a little clue. Spiritually-dead, sons of disobedience and children of wrath who follow after the course of this world and Satan do NOT “grow in the Lord”!!!!!!!!!

    For cryin’ out loud, get at least a basic, fundamental understanding of Theology 101.

    I suggest you find a good Bible-believing, Bible-teaching church where you can submit to godly men as your leaders, (as commanded to do so) and be properly discipled. They may be able to even point you to a good Titus 2:3-5 woman as well.

    In the mean time, until you do, just try exercising 1st Tim. 2:11-12.

    • Ann Sewell

      Your apparently harsh insulting attitude troubles me. How does one repent and change if they don’t need to? Some of Trump’s sins have been made known in a viral way. But you do not seem to see his change of direction. Others who know him well are talking about it. Allow it to be possible that he is coming to faith and maybe even has already chosen to follow and be a disciple of Jesus by making him Lord and master. Do you know? God does know and I feel no need to have to know since God does. I just try to look at people no longer from a worldly point of view. 2 Cor. 5:14-16 (The message version is quite refreshing to read)

      • Royce E. Van Blaricome

        Too bad your violating the clear command by Jesus in John 7:24 doesn’t trouble you near as much. Not to mention your clear contradiction in one short paragraph. Your comments show that you are troubled by quite a bit. Perhaps you should focus a bit more on what is truly “troubling” to God.

        Once again, instead of taking the rebuke to heart you continue to put forth Unbiblical mumbo-jumbo that simply shows everyone who knows God’s Word how little Theology you actually have.

        So, siince you’re not looking at people from a godly, Biblical POV and you choose not to look at people thru a worldly POV, I guess that only leaves one POV.

        And that would make sense. Which is why my above suggestions still stand.

  • pastor Howard

    Gods word does not tell us that true change or healing will come to a nation because of its leader. True change comes only when we as Christians live this verse, can you finish it, ” when my people who are called……..” , most Christians only live part of this. sadly I see little humility in these posts mostly arrogance and pride.

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    Seems like some among us are really having a tough time in light of, by some measure, the near miraculous outcome of this election. That in itself should lay down some foundation for an appraisal of the incoming administration removed from overzealous biblical exegetics. Those who question the authenticity of the election results, though they be sincere, seem to do so out more out of a dedication to an ideology they presume upon in times like these , than upon an actual understanding of what this great nation of ours has just been spared from. Much has been written on that last point , so I’ll spare the details. So whether ones objection to what has transpired is predicated upon a left leaning political persuasion lacking moral objectivity or a right leaning religiosity grounded firmly in the letter of the word of God but absent from much of the spirit of that same word, they both amount to about the same thing. Hardness of heart. There are those who take it upon themselves to critique the character of God ordained leadership. Those like Mr. Robinson who have stood the test of time in their affirmation of that very call of God upon their lives. Look we will never, all off us who have a share in the family of God, come together 100% on almost anything other than the most foundational tenants of the faith & even then … Let us strive towards an affirmation of what the Spirit is saying – you know, the those who have ears to hear “thing” the master so arduously promoted. Until then at the very least I would encourage the self identified antagonists of this intervention in the political scheme of things to chill. Theres a fresh wind blowing – can you feel it ..?!

    • Royce E. Van Blaricome

      “or a right leaning religiosity grounded firmly in the letter of the word of God but absent from much of the spirit of that same word”

      If Christians had followed both the letter and the spirit of the Word of God they never would’ve voted for Trump. And for you to say that Trump was “ordained leadership” that fits with the character of God only goes to show you know neither the letter or the spirit of the Word and most certainly NOT the character of God. The ONLY time God has ever put or allowed a wicked leader to be in place over His People is to bring judgment!

      Pretty said to see those who profess to be slaves to The Master and encourage others to ignore His commands and His Word.

      Oh yeah, I can feel your fresh new wind and it brings quite the chill.

      • Diane Rinaldi

        oh yeah and I can feel YOUR Christian love, Royce – the letter killeth, but the Spirit giveth life. Pharisees followed the “letter” and entirely missed the Son of God, Himself! You can sound and look holy and righteous and entirely miss the will of God because of legalism. I see it completely differently, as God will use a donkey if necessary – King Cyrus is a great human example. Even Nebuchednezzar is a good example of ungodly leadership being used to bring about God’s will. Not, mind you, that I doubt Donald Trump has had a recent change of heart. I believe he could have given his life to Christ as this process has unfolded. You, as far as I’m concerned, are the one showing a lack of spiritual insight because you can’t look up from the law into the grace of God.

        • Royce E. Van Blaricome

          Thanks for showing a great example of what’s wrong with the perceived Church today. First, “Love” is NOT a feeling.

          Second, twist not Scripture lest you be like Satan. Your referencing God’s Word and twisting it to put forth your own argument instead of using it as intended is not something God takes lightly.

          Third, the bringing up of Pharisees and Legalism is a worn and tired tactic of The Enemy and those who have a skewed vision of who the real Jesus is and the holiness of God. The Holy Spirit spends ever bit as much time, if not more, dealing with those who pervert Love and Grace thru their license to sin as He does on Legalism.

          As I said before, Dr. Michael Brown and others have already written terrific articles that address the Cyrus and Nebuchadnezzar issues. You’re wrong. You can see it anyway you like but that don’t make it right. Just makes you stiff-necked.

          And, as far as me taking your concern, you can keep it. I don’t. Rather I’ll leave you with the word of Jesus Himself since you’re so focused on looking up from the Law and at Grace. See Matt. 7:21-23 and what Christ Himself has to say about that. Don’t miss that these are folks who call Jesus “Lord” to His face!! And then there’s what Jesus Himself says in Matt. 5:17-19. And finally, what the Holy Spirit says in Rom. 3:31, 6:15, 7:7 and Gal. 3:21 and look at those verses in context!!

          Then come on back and tell me more about looking up from the law into grace.

        • JRRad

          Amen sister. I believe it was somewhere in March or April of 2016 when James was still very skeptical of Trump; that I was given a “Word” (published here) that Donald Trump was indeed God’s King Cyrus, would become POTUS, and that Christian America would be given a temporary reprieve. I continue to hold and experience this happening all around me to this day.

          My sense is that regardless of the timeframe, whether 4 or 8 years, we must use this “reprieve” to truly press in, grow up, and express the freedom of the Kingdom to develop deep relationships in the Body of Christ, as well as for Evangelism.

          May God bless you, in the knowledge of Him for great fruitfulness!

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    Wow, that was quick – but why am I not surprised? Please review your reply. The “ordained leadership ” you referenced from my comments was referring to Mr. Robinson. Therefore your judgement upon my credibility in these matters is perhaps a bit hasty. Possibly you presume to much on matters of which you have a nominal acquaintance.

    • Royce E. Van Blaricome

      I take it that was meant for me since I referenced your “ordained leadership”. My “judgment” was based on what you wrote. Perhaps you should’ve been more clear but nevertheless I don’t see how Mr. Robison fits with “ordained leadership” either. Especially given his comments in the article and the lack of Biblical substantiation and contradiction contained in them.

      As for the quickness of my reply, I have no idea why you’d not be surprised but I sense that was supposed to be some kind of a fiery dart so I just swatted it down. Perhaps you might try actually dealing with the statements made rather than empty ad hominem.

  • Bryan

    It seems like the majority of the detractors to this article basically say that Trump is immoral, adulterer, idolater, etc. and therefore should not have been considered as a nominee much less as a presidential candidate by any “true” Christian. While that’s fine, it conveniently doesn’t deal with the other fact of the matter, namely, what should a “true” Christian have done?
    Should they have abstained from voting? They would have stayed pure in the sense that they didn’t vote for either immoral candidate but then also would have little real say in the process of American politics for the next two to four years because they refused to participate. Our government is setup to be by the people. Since we are part of “the People”, we are called to participate in our own governance. And since we are to obey our earthly governments so long as they are not directing us to disobey God, I don’t think we can refuse to participate and still consider ourselves to be following God’s direction in that area.
    Should they have voted third party? There was no rally cry from the “true” Christians to any one candidate. This is obvious since the only third party candidates of note on election day were Mr. Johnson and Ms. Stein who collected a total of ~7% of the popular vote and no electoral votes. Even if the 5-25% of the voting population that are “true” Christians had rallied to one candidate, that would not have changed the fact that either Ms. Clinton or Mr. Trump would be elected anyway.
    Maybe Trump should not have been nominated by the GOP, but he was. And then he went on to win the general election. Whether God chooses to to judge us by him or bless us by him, the article is about continuing to pray for him and pray that any good characteristics about him are enhanced and his trend to evil is diminished, just as we should do for any leader.

    • Royce E. Van Blaricome

      “They would have stayed pure in the sense that they didn’t vote for either immoral candidate but then also would have little real say in the process of American politics for the next two to four years because they refused to participate.”

      And there you have the crux of the matter in a nutshell. Stay pure or be involved in American politics. One only has to look at WWJD to see which choice a Christian should make.

      That said, that supposition is actually lie just like many others that were put forth during the election cycle about what Christians could or should do. One didn’t have to abstain. One could’ve voted for a man that God says in His Word was qualified to be a Government Leader.

      • Bryan

        I challenge you to put forth a name that meets the criteria that you’ve offered, Royce. I’ve noticed that you’ve made similar comments but you’ve never offered a name. When you do offer a name, let us know if you voted for this person please.
        Also, my second point shows what would happen if such a person was voted for by the “true” Christians. Namely, that person would not be President and it may not have changed the outcome of the election.
        Finally, if you read this far (because based on your comment it doesn’t seem that you read my entire previous comment), I offered two questions, which are the only two other options from voting for the two primary candidates. And I offered counterpoints to both. I did not lie as you suggest. You should beware of making false accusations.

        • Royce E. Van Blaricome

          No need to challenge. Just ask. Ted Cruz was one that met the Biblical qualifications. I thought I’d already said that somewhere on here. And no, I didn’t vote for him because he dropped out. I voted for Darrell Castle after talking with him on the phone and verifying what I thought I gleaned from the information on their website.

          To your second point, the answer is easily and should be obvious to any true Christian but sadly you don’t see it. The answer is: One remains FAITHFUL AND OBEDIENT with their eyes focused on Christ & His Kingdom and not this world – just as Christ said to do.

          Btw, before you decided to go commenting on things and “basing them” on some appearance you’ve gotten, you might wanna read John 7:24 and see what Jesus has to say about that. Here’s a hint: You just sinned and came close to making a false accusation.

          I did not make a false accusation. You did lie and I specified how. And you just did it again. YOU are NOT God and YOU can NOT say what the future would hold.

          Which is, btw, sin and continuing to do so is “practicing sin” so you might wanna take a little look at Matt. 7:21-23 while you’re in the Bible looking up John 7:24. Then, since you’re at it, checkout James 4:4 and see what God has to say about your POV.

          Here’s a simple test that you may wanna employ the next time you’re tempted to vote for the lesser of two evils: Read Matt. 6:33-34 and then ask yourself if your vote is in conformity and obedience to those verses and Christ’s will.

          • Bryan

            Since we’re quoting various pieces of scripture try 1 Corinthians 13:1-3.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            So that’s your reply to my Scripture references and showing where you sinned against Almighty God? Really? That would suggest you really don’t know what “Love” is.

  • D Stanley

    Yes! So many of my Christian friends and family tell me that we must keep praying for Trump and his team. God is merciful and the battle is spiritual Thank you prayer warriors! Pray and rejoice in GOD’S miracles

  • Frank J Amedia

    Beloved brothers and sisters: Please allow me to shed some Insight into James heart in his assessment of President – elect Trump. In March, 2016, attended a large forum of faith leaders assembled by the Family Research Council from around the nation in Orlando. At that time, I was practically a lone voice in the body of Christ that had received a prophetic word that Donald Trump would be the nominee. In this assemblage of over 700 leaders, almost all were unanimously united for another candidate who was a professed Christian and who had been widely endorsed by the evangelicals. I was surprised when James took the podium and then released a prophetic admonition to this crowd of zealous “other supporters” and “anti trumpers” essentially advising them that he was discerning that Donald Trump just might be the man who wins this nomination. He called the group to have open hearts, open minds, and to consider that Mr. Trump and his family just might be on a “collision course” with the soverign God of Israel and that the grace and love of Jesus Christ just might be the rudder navigating this man to do His will. He was not received very warmly. Immediately after, he and I spoke off stage – it was the first time that we met. He asked me how I thought his remarks were received. I replied: ” It was like you threw a wet towel on a fire”. I thanked him for his courage, and I affirmed to him that he indeed heard from the Lord and shared that I had received the Word of the Lord back in July 2015 about Trumps impending victory. He and I both agreed that we were not asserting political choices, nor that this would be our logic, but instead that the Lord was moving, that we must be open minded to hear and obey, and that the grace and love of the Lord is an Almighty force with supernatural power that far exceeds the limited capacity of our own notions of righteousness. I told him I woudl pass on his bold stand in this unlikely forum to the campaign and so I did.

    Just as James has reported, I too have had personal moments with President elect Trump: ( you tube video of me praying and declaring over he and Governor Pence in Cleveland Ohio in October, in Cleveland and Youngstown in March to open rallys), in his office with him privately as I embraced him, and also with Eric. I prophesied to Mr. Trump that he woudl win the nomination adn that if he would humble himself,e himself before God, that he would be the president of the United States. I witnessed James emerg in April, 2016 with an indisputable anointing of favor and wisdom for such a time as this to be a voice of a Christian father into the hearts of Donald and Eric. Eric told me personally how touched and moved he was with James and how he and his father were appreciative of his commmitment to be a friend adn confident.

    I have no doubt that Mr Trump was appointed by God for such a time as this, not as a Messianic deliverer, but instead with a breaker anointing, to make a way. It is our responsibility to walk into the voids that are opened up in our nation, to take dominion where light can now pour into what were tightly sealed caves of darkness of progressive liberalism, mockery of God, and to fight back the diabolical assault on the Judaea Christian faiths that nearly brought this nation to an irrecoverable level of moral depravity. God truly does raise up kings and remove kings, God truly does reign sovereign, God heard our cries, and God has used men to tear down the walls that had shut us up. God is for real in this election and in our nation. His hand is upon Donald Trump. James is for real , and God’s hand is on him also. And we must unite with a Kingdom mentality that stops the bickering and resists the tendency to be double minded, and to pray, fast and decree the will of God even as we support our leadership. We who wear the mantels of Christians , should covet the John 17 bond of being one, adn in this unity of purpose we can once again make our’s a genuine nation under God !

    Thank you James for being our friend, and for being a father who is willing in these times. !

    Frank Amedia

    • Royce E. Van Blaricome

      Baloney. God does not contradict Himself.

    • stan schmunk

      You’ve been duped and so has James. TYrump is going to be the Father to a fatherless nation?

    • 6Proverbs16

      Respectfully, be advised. God’s Word is not your property.

      This surely you know, as we know, but it is easy to forget, especially when anyone accumulates power and structures of power about them, because structures of power are easily corrupted by un-Godly prejudices. Those with power and in control of structure of power tend to want to maintain power and justify structures of power. Jesus of Nazareth frequently prophesied against these un-Godly tendencies of power and structures of power.

      Many in the household of faith have strong faith and hear from God as we have no power to wield and no structures of power to maintain.

      Many others of us knew – in the power of the Holy Spirit – that Mr Trump would win before the Election Day concluded. And we have heard from God through meditation upon God’s Word in Biblical scriptures in the power of the Holy Spirit. Thereby we know for what God prepared this ‘kairos’- this ‘moment of God’.

      We agree with the call for unity that we have heard from Pastor Robison and others including thyself. We love God’s Word altogether and love God’s Word in John 17 that you cite:
      Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth. 18 As you have sent me into the world, so I have sent them into the world. 19 And for their sakes I sanctify myself, so that they also may be sanctified in truth.
      20 “I ask not only on behalf of these, but also on behalf of those who will believe in me through their word, 21 that they may all be one

      We advise you in the power of the Holy Spirit to aim for the unity that God declares is unity in this scripture and NOT the false unity that may appear to you – and others – out of prejudices of power and structure of power.

      The unity that God declare is unity of ‘holiness of truth’. What is that truth?: God God-self calls all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ into a holy ‘one-ness’ for the purposes of God’s love:
      25 “Righteous Father, the world does not know you, but I know you; and these know that you have sent me. 26 I made your name known to them, and I will make it known, so that the love with which you have loved me may be in them, and I in them.”

      Our unity is through truth we know from God working out the lovely/loving purposes of God.

      God guided us directly to come to The Stream to speak truth in love that God’s people in this American land – and all lands where Christians dwell and work – must NOW in this kairos – end every bit and piece of White Supremacy and the legacies of White Supremacy. We have described this call from God many times and many ways. The great resistance at The Stream betrays the deeply rooted and pervasive power of this great Satanic idolatry. White Supremacy ideas and values infected the founding of our America and continue to thrive today. By and large The Stream has not heard and not responded. We advise here directly:

      Our unity is through truth we know from God working out the lovely/loving purposes of God. In this ‘moment of God’ God’s people must end every bit and piece of White Supremacy and the legacies of White Supremacy.

If the Foundations are Destroyed, What Can the Righteous Do?
David Kyle Foster
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