German Jews Need to be Armed

A Jewish militia which arose in wartime Poland to resist Nazi genocide.

By John Zmirak Published on May 30, 2019

Check out this news report. It sums up almost everything wrong with post-Christian Europe. It appeared at the BBC. From the story:

The German government’s anti-Semitism commissioner has urged Jews to avoid wearing skullcaps in public.

What kind of a country would even have an anti-Semitism commissioner? The kind that prefers rhetoric to reality. One that would end up not being safe for Jews.

Felix Klein warned Jews against donning the kippa in parts of the country following a rise in anti-Semitism.

He said his opinion on the matter had “changed compared with what it used to be”.

Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin said the recommendation amounted to “an admittance that, again, Jews are not safe on German soil”.

A sharp increase in the number of anti-Semitic offences was recorded by the German government last year.

Official figures showed 1,646 hate crimes against Jews were committed in 2018 – an increase of 10% on the previous year.

Physical attacks against Jews in Germany also rose in the same period, with 62 violent incidents recorded, up from 37 in 2017.

Speaking to the Handelsblatt newspaper, Justice Minister Katarina Barley said the increase in anti-Semitic crimes was “shameful for our country”.

“I cannot recommend to Jews that they wear the skullcap at all times everywhere in Germany,” he told the Funke newspaper group.

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Don’t Talk About the Muslims

And don’t rely on the BBC. If you did, you wouldn’t know that Germany had imported a wave of anti-Semitism. Or that it came in the form of a million Muslims. These “refugees” come from countries where mosques teach believers that Jews descend from pigs and monkeys. Lands where Mein Kampf and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are popular favorites. Where public opinion normalizes the hatred of Jews. And justifies it by citing the plight of Palestinians.

The Gatestone Institute reports:

The alarming scale of anti-Semitism in Germany has been escalating with newly arrived refugees, mainly from Muslim lands, and causing the government previously to launch a desperate integration program with a warning that this kind of hatred would not be tolerated in the country.

Teachers familiar with the curriculum, however, predict a bleak future for the efforts to convince the Muslim refugees about European history of Nazi Germany: most of them are already drunk with the anti-Semitic propaganda spread across the Muslim world by Nazi-sympathizing Islamists.

The course book introduced by Federal Bureau for Immigration and Refugees (Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge, BAMF), carries a full chapter and other small sections about the Holocaust and the atrocities committed by Nazi regime against Jewish citizens of Europe.

A senior teacher for the integration course, requesting anonymity, told this author that she finds most of the Muslim participants struggling to understand the Nazi crimes, with many of them soft towards Nazis or assuming that the Jews were to be blamed for Holocaust instead of being the victims of it.

The teachers, however, always hear from some of the Muslim students that the Jews must have been responsible for being treated that way because they had opposed the Nazi regime.

Many of them believe, she said, that each and every Jew is responsible for the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Many participants in these Muslim integration courses, in fact, seem to justify the acts of Nazis by associating their own Muslim hatred against Jews concerning the Palestine issue.

The Sultan Has No Clothes

None of this merits any mention. Not by the BBC reporter. Nor the liberal Jewish spokesmen it interviewed. Instead, the story concludes:

Jewish groups have warned that a rise in popularity of far-right groups is fostering anti-Semitism and hatred of other minorities throughout Europe.

Since 2017, the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) has been the country’s main opposition party. AfD is openly against immigration but the party denies holding anti-Semitic views.

However, a number of comments from their politicians, including remarks about the Holocaust, have drawn criticism from Jewish groups and other politicians.

Last year, a survey of thousands of European Jews revealed that many were increasingly worried about anti-Semitism.

Masking Muslim Jew-Hatred as “Far Right”

The AfD is not anti-Semitic. It has prominent Jewish members. It’s not “far right.” It stands well to the left of Konrad Adenauer. The immigration it opposes is from Muslim countries. Those are the main source of the spike in … anti-Semitism. Check out another Gatestone report. It details how German officials mask the Muslim responsibility for most anti-Jewish incidents. How? By labeling every openly anti-Semitic attack as “far-right.” No matter who commits it. Other attacks the police categorize as “anti-Israeli.” Even when they target houses of worship.

What a fantasy world European elites have made for themselves!

Why can’t the German government issue mass permits for all Jewish residents of the country? And offer free pistols, ammo, and training to any Jew who wants them? It would make for a nice historical act of repentance.

Let Jews Defend Themselves

So the German government admits it can’t protect Jews. That they should live in hiding. Does it address the source of the vast majority of the attacks? No. In fact, it demonizes Germans who dare to point it out. Angela Merkel’s government uses legal threats to silence them. In other words, it shoots the messenger.

Well I have a suggestion. The German government is too feeble to protect German Jews. Or too apathetic. This in the nation that persecuted them so viciously. So why won’t it let them protect themselves? Currently, it’s hard for Germans to own firearms. And very difficult to carry them for self-defense. The relevant laws date back to media-hyped school shootings in the early 2000s.

But the law makes exceptions for people under special threat. Clearly Jews qualify. So why can’t the German government issue mass permits for all Jewish residents of the country? And offer free pistols, ammo, and training to any Jew who wants them? That would make for a nice historical act of repentance. Especially in a country which singled out Jews for gun confiscation in the early 1930s. That prepared the way for Kristallnacht and other Nazi assaults on Jews. Now mobs of Jew-haters have made the nation unsafe again. So it’s the least the Germans could do.

Of course, I wouldn’t publish this proposal in Germany. The government would classify it (and me) as “far-right.” Then lump it in with actual Muslim hate speech aimed at Jews. And congratulate itself that by censoring the article, maybe banning me from Germany, it had battled against “anti-Semitism.”

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