George Soros is Trying to Hijack Christian Churches

By John Zmirak Published on June 12, 2017

The story of secret Russian agents effectively swaying the U.S. election, or colluding with Donald Trump, has petered out into nothingness. For months we heard dark suspicions recklessly spread by news organizations. We learned of selective leaks from inside the Deep State — Obama holdovers or NeverTrumpers determined to wreck his presidency.

Now there’s almost nothing left. Democrats hope to impeach the president for procedural improprieties. For clumsily firing a waffling and partisan FBI director. Still have Putin on the brain? You’ll have to settle for fevered claims by the likes of Louise Mensch that the Russian president, not ISIS, is behind the London terror attacks.

But that doesn’t mean there are no international conspiracies. There are global actors with billions of dollars and vast webs of connections. They are trying to sway U.S. elections. Even worse, some want to hijack Christian churches. Their goal: to dismantle traditional Christian teaching, practice, or prudence on critical public issues:

  • Sexuality. Does “male” and “female” refer to a fact of mammalian biology? Or are those fleeting preferences with which we can “identify” during the work week? (Then we can switch off on the weekends.) Are there two genders or forty? Should parents lose custody of their children if they won’t dose their pre-adolescents with the opposite sex’s hormones?
  • Marriage. Is this a primordial human institution, the bedrock of society? Is it the union of man and woman for the sake of rearing children? Or is it a temporary sex contract that can include two men, two women, or multiple members of shifting, temporary genders? Should Christians at least be free to cleave to the traditional and rational definition? Or must the state punish them and close down their businesses?
  • Immigration. Jesus told us to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. Beyond just minting coins and collecting taxes, does that also include securing a nation’s borders? Selecting the best number and mix of immigrants for the sake of a country’s common good? Or are wealthier nations obliged to accept all comers — even those who break the law or favor sharia? This issue isn’t going anywhere. As CNS News just reported, “Nearly 710 million adults worldwide want to migrate to another country and 147 million of those specifically want to come to the United States, according to a newly released survey by Gallup.” Does the Gospel requires us to stand back and wave all those people in? Or are we obliged as citizens to do what is best for our neighbors and our families, here at home?
  • Is it the role of government to protect our rights, including property rights, and punish fraudulent businessmen? To foster growth, innovation, and prosperity? Or must we employ appointed bureaucrats to manage our every business relationship? Should the state make eliminating economic inequality the first goal of public policy? Sure, socialism has failed spectacularly everywhere it has been tried. But is that just because we weren’t trying hard enough? Because the state didn’t have enough power, and didn’t work together with other states through globalist institutions?

How to Rent an Evangelical “Mascot”

George Soros thinks he knows the answers to all those questions. A financial speculator who has made billions in part by gaming currency markets, he has embraced radical politics. He supports using global institutions, such as the United Nations, the European Union, and “non-profit” pressure groups to override the votes of citizens in nations around the world. He spent big to influence the U.S. election in 2016. And where he can’t win elections, he pours money into organizations that try to delegitimize and destabilize those regimes that resist him — for instance, the conservative government in his native Hungary.

Even more troubling are Soros’ efforts to infiltrate, hijack, and control Christian churches. Soros’ army of employees is expert at identifying allies within those churches, and pouring money into them to increase their influence and reach. His employees are on record (see video below) as calling these allies “mascots,” part of their program to “rent-an-evangelical.”

The Bishops Who Want to “Disrupt Trump”

Soros spent $400,000 to help Latin American Marxist Catholic groups spin Pope Francis’ U.S. visit as a campaign tour for pro-abortion Democrats. More recently, one of Soros’ pet groups, PICO, helped organize the event at which 24 U.S. Catholic bishops and a cardinal close to Pope Francis (Peter Turkson) pledged to “disrupt Trump,” and to use Catholic church facilities to thwart U.S. immigration laws.

In Protestant circles, Soros has funded the pacifist, anti-borders activism of Sojourners magazine, and the Evangelical Immigration Table.

Soros’ other money fills the coffers of pro-abortion, LGBT, and pro-Islamist activists. The long list of radical groups he funds could fill up this article.

Almost Half-Billion-Dollar Slush Fund

As Capital Research just reported, “In 2015 alone, Soros’s Foundation to Promote Open Society made a total of $431 million in contributions and grants to far-left groups and causes around the world.”

No surprise, one of the main focus of Soros’ efforts has been to exploit and distort Christian charity and hospitality. The goal? Open-borders policies. To flood European countries with aggressive, pro-sharia Muslims. To flood the U.S. with poor, strongly Democrat-leaning Latin Americans. By these means Soros hopes to overwhelm conservative politicians. He came within a hairsbreadth of having as U.S. president his ally Hillary Clinton.

The Video Liberal Pastors Don’t Want You to Watch

I urge you to watch the following eye-opening video. It’s from the American Association of Evangelicals. It exposes Soros’ efforts to undermine national sovereignty, Christian morals, and the market economy around the world. It lists the dozens of front organizations that serve the same radical agenda that has already prevailed in Western Europe.

Please watch and share. Wait for the next time you hear a Christian leader attack almost 2,000 years of church teaching, or wise Christian statesmanship, on a crucial public issue. Then go ahead and ask him, in public: “Do you take money from any organization funded by George Soros? If so, I can’t really hear you over the jingling of those 30 pieces of silver.”


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  • Oh, brother.

  • Gary

    Soros will be 87 years old in a couple of months. He’ll soon be incapable of doing much. Someone will inherit his money. We’ll see if they will follow in his footsteps.

    • eddiestardust

      He could easily last another few years….but he won’t last 20

      • Jim Walker

        Look at his face.. a man at that age should just use his money to do good. Yet he use it to gain more power and wealth.
        Remember, Mr George Soros, money not spent is never yours.

    • MiaBelle

      His evil spawn is ready to take over.

    • Carol Davenport

      His son Andrew has already stepped in his place and is handling his fathers affairs. Death is the only thing that will stop any of them. He has numerous sons that work with in his organizations. There is NO END IN SIGHT.

    • Emmie Odrowski

      I hear his son is worse than him
      I also believe Chesley Cinton has married into the Soros family

      • Skay

        Apparently that is not true, but Soros certainly was behind her mother
        in her campaign for president. It is clear he is not happy that he is not
        still in the oval office like he was during the Obama administration.

    • Skay

      Children: Alexander Soros, Jonathan Soros, Robert Soros, Andrea Soros, Gregory Soros

  • Patmos

    Soros epitomizes the modern tyrant: Someone who does not directly sit in a political position of power, but who tries to rule like a king nonetheless, through his wealth and ego. He is an enemy of America.

    • Skay


  • Wayne Cook

    Amen, John!

  • Laura Ann Register

    All I have to say about Soros is that I feel pity for him. He will not hijack any of the churches who are filled with the Holy Spirit! The GIANT is AWAKE and there is no power on earth that will or can stop the GIANT! He might fool some but he doesn’t fool us all!

  • Linda

    Republicans are in power and a “Republican” President is in the White House. Why are you so paranoid and afraid?

    • Jim Walker

      Many can be bought. Lately Dems are cheaper.

    • SophieA

      God has not given us a spirit of fear. You must be projecting your own fear and paranoia.

      • Laura Ann Register

        You are so right. That is one man that I Am Not afraid of! I have the Spirit of the Living God and His Son and the Holy Spirit living in me, so when God is for me, No One can be against me! I have no Fear!

    • James

      Because they need a new scapegoat.

      Soros is to the right what Putin is to the left: The big bad bogeyman who is ruining all their perfect and noble plans.

      The left and the right are mirror images of each other.

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    George ( Washington ) Soros – the father of sponsored globalism, elitism & radical political extremism. About the only “ism” he’s not paying for is patriotism. Seems like when Mr Soros talks about “getting religion” he’s only asking how much will it cost . This guy thinks his money can buy almost anything . Too bad the Catholic church no longer is selling indulgences. Though on second thought seems like some of them still are. They’re not alone. The lukewarm church apparently embraces Soros money from both sides of the theologically challenged isle. When Hollywood decides to produce a film about this guy ,
    perhaps a sequel to an earlier Hungarian version of “Rosemary’s Baby ” would be a good place to start ….

  • Paul Erwin

    without money this communist fool would be NOTHING,if authorities would follow the money trail back to either george soros or the clinton foundation,freeze the money and deport them out of America

    • James

      Soros played a major role in bringing down communism in Eastern Europe. He’s no communist.

  • James

    We’re all pawns of one billionaire or another.

  • J. Boanerges

    Soros is but one of many Jewish oligarchs that have only one thing in their way for total economic enslavement of the world’s population. The Catholic Church. But even the structure of the Church and traitorous churchmen have been compromised. Rothschilds have largely been in control of the western world policies since before the Bolshevik revolution. What we’re seeing now is the end game.

  • Emmie Odrowski


  • Faith of Our Fathers

    I wonder how many Transplants this Guy will get ?

  • Paul Fishman

    George Soros and False Prophet Pope Francis know who the Antichrist is and when he will rise up. Both those men understand in depth the Mystery Babylon and The Mystery of Iniquity the Bible says.

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