Gay Man Speaks Out: Gay Scene in Beauty and the Beast Too Mature for Kids

By Nancy Flory Published on March 14, 2017

A conservative gay man has taken issue with Disney’s “gay scene” in the newest Beauty and the Beast film, saying that interjecting mature themes in children’s movies robs them of their innocence.

The movie includes one character, Le Fou, dancing with another male character. The director, Bill Condon, calls the brief scene “a nice, exclusively gay moment in a Disney movie.” Condon is gay.

Joseph R. Murray II, LGBTrump administrator and former Pat Buchanan campaign official, writes in the Orlando Sentinel that pushing the gay lifestyle on kids makes them grow up much too soon. Describing himself as “a proud member of the LGBT community,” he writes: “Why do we have to expose our kids to such mature themes?” Murray asked. “Do they not have plenty of time to grow up? Or maybe the point is to make them grow up too soon and that is where I part ways with my community.”

Disney a Conduit to Social Change

While Walt Disney wanted to entertain children, this generation of Disney leaders has veered sharply off course, Murray said. “No longer did it see itself as a defender of children’s innocence. Instead, it saw itself as a conduit to social change. Walt Disney became Harvey Milk.” Milk, a San Francisco supervisor, was one of the first openly gay politicians in America and known for his advocacy of gay causes.

Others are excited by the scene. Editor-in-Chief of English gay magazine Attitude Matt Cain hopes that the social change message will impact adults and children, calling the implications of the scene in the movie a “watershed moment” for Disney. “By representing same-sex attraction in this short but explicitly gay scene, the studio is sending out a message that this is normal and natural — and this is a message that will be heard in every country of the world, even countries where it’s still socially unacceptable or even illegal to be gay.”

For those who believe gays need approval for their homosexual lifestyle, Murray has an answer for them, too. “As for the argument LGBT kids need reaffirmation, I was gay and grew up without gay Disney and made it just fine. I bet the fact I was able to keep my childhood innocence played a part.”

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  • Knowledge Transfer

    It is likely that never before in human history has a puny 1.6% of the general population caused so much convolutional confusion and chaos led by premeditated and orchestrated pampering of perversion and pacifying of perverts under cover of bought and paid for laws and paying homage to feeling full yet fact free pretense and propaganda.

    Stop playing nice with evil!

  • DCM7

    It’s not “too mature” for kids to have such a scene. Rather, it’s inappropriate to present something, especially to kids, as being OK when it’s actually not.

  • Dawn Wright

    Look I don’t think we should judge homosexuals or mistreat them because if we claim to be Christians we know it’s not our job to judge or try to change anyone but to simply pray for them and let god do his job. That said, it’s very naive to believe that it’s normal to feel attraction to the same sex or to feel like you were born the wrong sex and mutilate your body with surgery and hormones to change your sex to match your mental gender. If it were normal there would be a much larger population of people who felt this way. If it were normal they wouldn’t be so depressed. 4 out of every ten transgenders attempts suicide. All members of LGBT community have higher rates of depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, other mental disabilities or personality disorders. The theory that this is caused by not being accepted or bullied is untrue. First of all if it were the reason than these numbers would have started decreasing as acceptance and LGBT rights has grown, but they haven’t. They have actually increased. Plus they ate not the only minority group that deals with not being accepted or bullied. Blacks were treated a lot worse than LGBT. They were beaten, killed, made to work as slaves and even after being freed were living in segregation being treated like animals. To this day they still suffer with not being accepted and being bullied yet they don’t have anywhere near as high of suicidal attempts or tendencies, depression and anxiety rates, or other mental disorders as the LGBT community does. So sorry wet should not blame them or treat them badly for feeling the way they do we should not ignore that it’s caused by something. Whether that cause is mental or physical we don’t know, but it needs to be researched more to find out a root cause for their own physical and mental well being. It’s certainly not healthy to have surgeries to remove sexual organs or to take hormones your body is not made to produce. This can cause serious health and mental problems. So making this into a normal behavior by inserting it into children’s movies is absurd.

    • Timothy Horton

      Don’t confuse “majority” with “normal.” Non-hetero orientation occurs in a minority of the population but it’s still a normally occurring, non consciously chosen, harmless variation in the spectrum of sexual development. The majority of humans in the world are brown eyed but blue eyes and hazel eyes aren’t considered abnormal. The majority of humans in the world are right handed but being left handed isn’t considered abnormal.

      You statement that LGBT depression related disorders have increased as more LGBT rights are granted is simply false. For example there is solid evidence the rate of suicide attempts by LGBT teenagers has decreased significantly in states where same-sex marriage has been made legal. Your claim because Blacks have fewer depression related illnesses than the LGBT population so therefore LGBT depression is not due mainly to discrimination is also nonsense. Laws against racial discrimination were passed 50 years ago yet blacks still suffer discrimination. It may take another 100 for all the discrimination to end if it ever does. LGBT folks haven’t even achieved full equal civil rights yet.

      • eddiestardust

        I will pray for you Tim but children have THE RIGHT TO THEIR INNOCENCE!

        • Timothy Horton

          They also have a right to not be lied to my narrow-minded overly protective parents.

  • Gary

    This would never be a problem if human governments went by God’s law (see Leviticus 20:13).

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