France’s Final Choice: Le Pen or Vichy Sharia

By John Zmirak Published on April 23, 2017

France has voted in the first round of its elections. The candidate with the best ideas, on paper, didn’t make it to the finals. Devout, pro-market François Fillon was the closest thing to a Ronald Reagan conservative to emerge in French politics for many years. His proposals would have helped that rigidly regulated, crony-dominated economy renew itself at last. He had sane ideas on immigration.

But personal scandals crippled him. Now voters must choose between two very imperfect candidates. That feels familiar, doesn’t it? Like the worst Never-Trump Republicans, Fillon has now endorsed the open-borders socialist Macron, to avert the “threat” posed by Marine Le Pen and her party.

In American terms, it’s as if Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had just knocked out Marco Rubio and Bernie Sanders. Except things are far more desperate over there. France is much further gone down the path to national suicide. So it’s more desperately in need of a radical change. It’s less likely to take the medicine that could save it.

Sometimes a deeply flawed person leading a movement that’s morally mixed is the only hope of stopping something vastly more dangerous and evil.

Let’s get it out of the way right now: There’s a lot not to like about Marine Le Pen. Her father’s a quasi-fascist who doesn’t like Jews. Though she threw him out of the party he founded, some stalwarts with like views still linger. Her economic plans are more of the same: big government, slow growth, paternalism. She’s irreligious, and wants to keep the status quo on abortion. (With its laws made by a parliament, not courts, France is much more protective of unborn life than the U.S. But early abortions are legal, if much less common than in America.)

Flawed Figures Can Play Key Roles in God’s Plan

Great men aren’t always comprehensively “good” men. In a fallen world, we make the best choices we can. My dad’s old commander, Gen. George S. Patton, was a megalomaniac whose “prophetic dreams” told him that he was a reincarnated warrior from the past. Ulysses S. Grant was an anti-Semitic drunk. Abraham Lincoln was a quasi-Deist, who wanted to repatriate American blacks to Africa.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter. Sometimes a deeply flawed person leading a movement that’s morally mixed is the only hope of stopping something vastly more dangerous and evil.

Wait, I take that back. That isn’t true “sometimes.” It’s true almost all the time. Go back through history and analyze the characters of the men and women of destiny: those who understood what needed doing and had the guts or even shamelessness to do it. For instance:

  • To outrage “respectable” opinion, as Churchill did when he denounced the appeasement of Hitler.
  • To shrug off catcalls like “lunatic” or “witch,” as Joan of Arc did when she saved France. (The 100 Years War which she helped end had killed by some estimates one Frenchman in four.)
  • To call your colleagues cowards and ride off in some hopeless cause as they all laugh at you. That’s what Charles de Gaulle did when he committed “treason” against his nation’s legal government led by Marshal Petain, and founded the Free French movement.

The New Free French and the New Vichy Elites

The de Gaulle example rings truest. France is being occupied once again. Not just by “foreigners.” France has always welcomed, digested, and Frenchified its foreigners. No, it’s being occupied by militant, Jew-hating adherents of a totalitarian movement which Adolf Hitler admired: political Islam. Marine Le Pen has concrete, realistic plans to take back her country from Islam. These plans do not violate the natural law. In fact, they fit in with what the Catechism of the Catholic Church officially teaches on immigration.

Given the alternative, every Christian should support Marine Le Pen. When their dhimmi bishops or pastors denounce them, they should offer those pastors one-way tickets to Mosul, Iraq.

The casualties of terrorist attacks in France have climbed from the dozens into the hundreds. Large sections of French cities are off-limits to non-Muslims, just as surely as German officers’ barracks were off limits to Frenchmen in 1941. Jews are fleeing the country for safe havens abroad. Priests are being murdered at their altars. It’s all happening again.

And again, the French establishment, the comfortable men who have profited from the slow-motion conquest of their country, are rallying to the occupiers. They are smearing and denouncing the courageous souls who shame them. (Remember that the Vichy government sentenced de Gaulle to death, in absentia.) These collaborators are desperate not to see themselves exposed.

I Set Before You a Choice: Choose Life or Death

Expect the press and all the “respectable” figures in international politics to denounce Le Pen as dangerous. That’s to be expected, in an age when the pope can call safe holding facilities for Muslim refugees “concentration camps.”

But which is more dangerous: A moderate republican nationalism that insists on defending the country’s native culture and civil rights? Or a blasé multiculturalism that welcomes thousands of angry militants into a country whose citizens are disarmed? A faded post-Christianity that sentimentalizes real problems out of existence? A jaded, childless, future-forgetting secular cosmopolitanism that makes political decisions based on fashion and the fear of public shaming?

I pray that the French still have enough of a spine to reject the gray men who would sell their nation’s birthright for a falafel and a pat on the head.

Pray for France. Within our lifetimes, the whole of the West faces the same grim, fateful choice.

In his chilling, prophetic 1977 novel The Camp of the Saints, Jean Raspail tried to vaccinate readers against the moral disease that is multiculturalism: a post-Christian heresy that replaces the Church with “the global community” and the reign of Christ with omnipotent secular government. (Even the pope Raspail pictured in the novel was eerily prescient of Pope Francis.) Raspail predicted a mass invasion of France enabled by its elites — who would rather see their children or grandchildren actively persecuted than risk being shunned as “bigots.”

The much more recent novel, Submission, by Michel Houellebecq, diagnosed the soul of a modern Frenchman who lets himself be tempted into the role of collaborator with sharia. It’s not a pretty picture, and not an uplifting novel. But like the Book of Jeremiah, it tells the brutal truth.

Pray for France. Within our lifetimes, the whole of the West faces the same grim, fateful choice: Do we love life enough to pass it on and fight to live it in freedom? Or will we shrug and light a cigarette, consoled by the thought that we will be dead pretty soon, so why does it really matter?

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  • Gary

    The whole world is a mess. And getting messier every day. The stage is being set for a world leader who will promise to fix all of the problems. Of course in order to do that, he will demand complete control of everything that is important. And he’ll get it. For a short time.

    • Jones Howell

      I think what sets individuals and even a whole culture up for despotism is not spiritual powers so much as it is a failure of the people to read and educate themselves on the insidious nature of false and dangerous ideas. If we are illiterate, we cannot predict where ideas will take us down the road.

    • stan schmunk

      And evangelicals will be the first to throw down their palm branches when he comes into town. I used to think he’d have to have family values but after this last election that appears not to be necessary.

  • Char B

    oh my gosh, that last sentence

  • alive in the river

    His ways are higher than our ways. Our current administration is still causing the demon possessed to cringe at the very thought of Trump being in office. Trumps victory is nothing less than God’s hand at work. God is defeating our enemy, it’s just not the way we’re expecting it. As the brick and mortar that is Christ’s body and church and Christ as our cornerstone, we must know 100% that He IS defeating our enemy even as we speak [or type]. His resurrection is proof that He reigns above all and that death and Satan has no power over us. Let us not forget that our trust and hope is ONLY in Him, not in an elected “official”. It’s easy to lose sight of that simple yet vitally important fact during political seasons.

    • Lynette Lucas

      I am demon possessed because I don’t like Trump? You are sure it is God’s hand at work? I am at a loss at these statements.

      • alive in the river

        We are all entitled to our own opinions. And I’m not bashing anyone for whom they voted. However, I was merely commenting with respect to John’s statement:

        “Sometimes a deeply flawed person leading a movement that’s morally mixed is the only hope of stopping something vastly more dangerous and evil.”

        In the case of Trump v Clinton, both candidates are obviously flawed in their own ways. However, in my opinion, Clinton was less advocating for the church and more for the church’s enemies than Trump. So far, I have yet to really see Trump stand against Christians. Instead, it has been the opposite. Had Clinton been elected, this country and world would be a lot more different than it is now.

        And God’s hand is ALWAYS at work. Always. Sounds like you may fall into the category where when tradgedy strikes it’s “God’s hand is against me.” God is never against you if you are saved through the blood of Jesus Christ. God will ALWAYS be for you! Nothing formed against Him shall stand! Even when you think the house is stacked against you and there is a dismal future in store, God always works towards the good for those He calls His. Always.

        It just may not be the way we want it or how we thought it would go…

        • Lynette Lucas

          First of all I never insulated I felt God was against me, yikes, quite the contrary. I look at what Trump does, not what he says. Many politicians have used a faith based campaign to get votes. Just because he says he supports Christianity, his deeds need to be analyzed. I feel so sad we seem not to be able to remain objective.

          • Jim Walker

            You can see the agenda of the leader by the people he surrounds himself with. So far, Trump scores high marks for doing what he promised. So yes, I look at what he does, not what he says too.

          • stan schmunk

            Yeah, tons of ex-Goldman-Sach’s guys, the same group he excoriated Hillary for speaking to.

          • Jim Walker

            The key word is “ex”. Do you prefer to have politicians who knew close to nothing but a smooth talking puppet working for the interest of existing Wall Street guys ?
            I’d prefer ex-guys who no longer needs KPI to get their millions $ but to serve their country.

          • stan schmunk

            So did Trump change his mind?

          • Jim Walker

            I believed so, so far he is doing as much as what he promised. I wish I had him as president in my country.

      • Jim Walker

        Either you are with God or you are against, so if you are against, you are in the devil’s domain, whether you like it or not.

        • Richard Malcolm

          I hope we’re not saying that support of Trump is necessary for salvation.

          • Jim Walker

            Of course not. To me he is a pawn used by God.

          • Jones Howell

            I think God wants us to be good citizens but to apply truth and eternal principles rationally and fairly, not to give blanket spiritual statements of absolutism which the world cannot understand.

        • Lynette Lucas

          Are you saying I am in the “devils domain”, as I don’t agree with Trump? I don’t see the connection between Trump, or supporting and being a follower of Christ.

          • Jim Walker

            Nothing to do with Trump.

  • Patmos

    “I pray that the French still have enough of a spine…”

    Wait, the French had a spine?

    • Richard Malcolm

      Enough of a spine to suffer over 4% of their population in combat deaths and 11% wounded without surrendering in World War I. And there was some interesting history before that.

      The French, like much of Europe, never really recovered from the abattoir of the Great War, let alone its sequel.

    • Clark Coleman

      Serious discussion is hard, but cheap shots are easy.

    • stan schmunk

      We wouldn’t have won the Revolutionary War without them.

  • #EpluribusAwesome

    If Marine Le Pen doesn’t win this time she will win next time. Macron’s party has no answer to the problems that have fueled Le Pen’s support. When the problems don’t improve but get worse, the French will turn to Marine Le Pen, as she and her party are the only ones advocating policies that have a credible chance of helping France survive in the long run.

    • Jim Walker

      Since when did the liberal have answers to the problems ? They are progressing so far left, they are leaving a trail of problems behind.

  • Richard Malcolm

    I pray that the French still have enough of a spine to reject the gray men who would sell their nation’s birthright for a falafel and a pat on the head.

    In 2002, Marine Le Pen’s father made the runoff, and cleared 17.8% of the vote.

    She will do much better than that – more than double, easily. But it will take an unprecedented Shy Tory effect for her to make up the 20-24 point gap she trails Macron by in head to head polling. Too many French voters are still too deeply wedded to the establishment’s multicultural narrative for her to take a majority of the electorate.

    And that includes most of the hierarchy and clergy of the Catholic Church in France. But on present trends, there will actually be fewer of them than traditionalist clergy by the mid-2030’s – a stunning development. Assuming, of course, that there is still a France in which Catholicism can be practiced at all in the mid-2030’s.

  • BTP

    Yup. The failure to love your country is a sin. The de facto attempt to eliminate the French nation by simply replacing all the French is as much a sin as anything Jeremiah condemned; I suspect the fate will be the same.

  • David Barrett

    Le Pen loses because she wants to take away from overseas domiciled French persons their French citizenship along with their pensions and medical rights. The Muslim issue is secondary. Walkover for Macron! > Muslims welcome and a very pro EU involvement. The French are born losers.

  • didymus46

    France, Germany, Italy: dead meat. That “doughty isle”: not so much.

  • James

    So France gets to choose between the new Vichy and the original, then?

    • Clark Coleman

      What is the threat of the Old Vichy at this point? Will Hitler come back and take advantage?

      • James

        Let’s just say the National Front was disproportionately popular among Frenchmen who did not like the outcome of WWII.

        • Clark Coleman

          Understood. But it does not answer my question.

  • Jones Howell

    Jean Raspail’s CAMP OF THE SAINTS is difficult to read, but it is disturbing and prophetically accurate. When pity is your only weapon, you are doomed.

  • Parrish

    Never before in history have the Muslems had the support of the Pope and almost all the Church heirachy.

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