Fox News Is Worse Than Bud Light or Target

By John Zmirak Published on June 15, 2023

In traditional military ethics and the accepted laws of war, defeated enemy soldiers ought to be treated humanely and with respect. These men were fighting openly, under their country’s flag, by the same rules and with the same honor as your nation’s own soldiers.

In part, you treat them decently to earn similar treatment for soldiers in your own army unlucky enough to get captured. But on a much deeper level, fair treatment of enemy captives is what they deserve, so that’s what you offer them.

Spies Get Hanged from Lamp Posts

What do we do with spies, who wear disguises, even dress in our soldiers’ own uniforms? Or traitors who lurk within, committing sabotage and espionage? They are subject to quick military justice, and the death penalty.

By taking advantage of our natural trust of our own countrymen, these infiltrators threaten to poison the body politic, and spread paranoia and chaos on the home front. So we don’t give them the respect due to soldiers, but the penalties justly earned by the lowest form of criminal.

Fox News: Deep State Collaborators Waving the Flag

With all that in mind, let’s think about Fox News. Starting with election night 2020, that operation aligned itself with the Deep State, the architects of election fraud, and those in the GOP who’d rather lose the country than lose control of the party to populist candidates … such as Donald Trump. (And Kari Lake, and Lauren Boebert, and Matt Gaetz.)

With a few honorable exceptions (soon to be purged) Fox personalities joined in the mass gaslighting of Americans, assuring them that the 2020 election was “the most secure in history,” and the January 6 protestors were dangerous “insurrectionists.”

The fix was in from the top. I remember on election night, watching Fox in horror, as if I were in some Latin American country where a military coup had taken place — and our old, trusted journalists were suddenly reading off the new junta’s scripts.

Fox Proved Itself No Lion

I never watched Fox News again, switching first to Newsmax, then to Steve Bannon’s incisive War Room — three hours a day of all the news and analysis anyone needs. With one exception, of course. I’d drop onto Fox for a single hour per day to watch Tucker Carlson’s program, which now stood out like the last show on television not taken by the body snatchers.

And we all know what happened next: the Murdoch empire decided it was worth losing tens of millions of viewers, and hundreds of millions of dollars, to stay on the right side of our new, intolerant regime. So it axed Carlson suddenly, and announced it would be holding him to his non-compete agreement.

In other words, it’s willing not only to lose all the advertising revenue he’d brought them. It’s also happy to pay him his full salary to keep him off the air till after the 2024 election. So he’s not legally free to accept any of the lucrative offers made him by OANN or The Blaze.

Tucker’s Back, and Fox Is Trying to Silence Him

So Carlson did the canny thing. He started releasing powerful commentaries on Twitter. Here’s his latest installment:

They’re actually better than his show used to be. They’re not encumbered with guests, or studded with has-been GOP analysts whom Fox keeps in its stable and forces its hosts to interview. They’re just pure Tucker, unfiltered, funny, daring, and truthful. They’re outperforming every news show on every network, combined, in viewership. As The Blaze reports: “A June 6 video Carlson posted to the platform as ‘Episode 1′ amassed more than 114.8 million views. Episode 2, released June 8, has nearly 55 million views.”

Rupert Murdoch, Enforcer for George Soros

And now we know the full extent of Fox’s commitment to helping the Biden regime, the globalists, the warmongers and the groomers. Again, from The Blaze:

Fox News has sent a cease-and-desist letter to Tucker Carlson amid the popular broadcaster releasing two monologue-type commentary videos on Twitter, Axios reported Monday.

“My friend and client @TuckerCarlson will not be silenced by the far left or Fox News,” attorney Harmeet Dhillon tweeted Monday morning, appending a link to the piece on Axios covering a cease-and-desist letter sent to Carlson by the network.

Here’s the tweet:

Why Help Fox Pay Its Lawyers to Persecute Your Friends?

So Fox is using the money you help it make when you watch its other programs — the ones it considers regime-friendly enough to air — to sue Tucker Carlson, to stop him from using his First Amendment right as an American citizen to talk about politics. It will try to argue in court that Carlson saying anything in public about America violates his non-compete contract, even though Carlson:

  • Is not being paid by anyone to appear.
  • Doesn’t advertise any products.
  • Doesn’t appear on television.

Somehow, Carlson speaking anywhere at all competes with Sean Hannity chit-chatting with Lindsey Graham, Laura Ingraham interrupting everyone, and whoever the network picks this week to fill the gaping hole that Carlson’s cancellation left behind. This is not a network doing business for money. This is a propaganda outlet that works for a new, totalitarian regime which wants to silence dissent.

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Better to Buy Bud Light at Target for Kathy Griffin

I love what Harmeet Dillon said next:

Dhillon went on to explain that Fox News is “not a place” for her until the network “stops trying to silence Tucker.” She added she has friends still under contract at Fox and that she feels for them.

“I am passionately committed to free speech and a free flow of information necessary for a free society,” Dhillon said.

The popular liberty-minded lawyer was not done there, however. She urged Congress, influencers, and GOP officials to carefully consider decisions about appearing on the network she says has “caved into pressure to silence Tucker Carlson.”

Here’s what left-wing, principled free speech advocate and journalist Glenn Greenwald has to say on the subject:


I’m more prepared to watch the open, honest leftists on MSNBC and CNN than to settle down for the drip, drip, drip of opiates that Fox is offering us, in its role as Vichy collaborator, whose job is to silence the hotheads and gaslight the rest of the rubes. I’ll take an enemy soldier over a traitor any day.

As I said to Eric Metaxas, I wouldn’t watch Fox News now if it ran a four-hour primetime retrospective on my parents.


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. He is co-author with Jason Jones of “God, Guns, & the Government.”

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