The Fox Business/WSJ Debate in Tweets

By Amelia Hamilton Published on November 10, 2015

Here we are, the 4th main stage debate of the cycle! Here was the view from Twitter.

The biggest shocker, before it even started, was that Kasich is still running.

They started with real questions right off the bat:

Asked about the minimum wage, Donald Trump’s answer was…strange:

Ben Carson thoughtfully explained why the minimum wage doesn’t need to be raised:

Rubio spoke about the American dream and higher education, asking why vocational schools are stigmatized. The crowd went wild!

When asked about scrutiny over his background, Dr. Carson answered the question with grace and wit.

When asked a bizarre question about what Jesus would implement as a tax plan, Carson spoke in favor of a flat tax, to increase generosity.

Ted Cruz said that he would get rid of 5 government departments, then listed The Department of Commerce twice.

Rubio talked about his pro-family tax code, and the crowd approved.

A skirmish broke out between Rand Paul and Marco Rubio over the cost of defense. Twitter gave the win to Rubio.

The most exciting thing? It was an actual debate!

When the moderators referred to Hillary Clinton’s impressive resume, the crowd chimed in:

Nearing the end, here’s how it was looking:

Closing statements!

(and, on a hot mic, the moderators appreciated Rubio)

And, on to the next candidate:

Twitter wasn’t so sure Trump was being honest in his closing statement:

Here’s how Twitter users felt it all shook out:

Did the debate change your opinion on any of the candidates?

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