Former DOJ Official: Allies of Obama ‘Don’t Face Justice’

By Dustin Siggins Published on October 23, 2016

A former Department of Justice (DOJ) official says that “you don’t face justice” if you’re an ally of President Barack Obama’s.

“Look, if this was a tea party group coordinating with the Trump campaign to incite violence at Clinton real or NAACP events or whatever, we know exactly what would be happening,” J. Christian Adams told Fox News after the release of a Project Veritas video showing former Democratic operative Bob Creamer allegedly talking about inciting violence at GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s rallies. “This would be Justice Department fully investigating this for civil rights violations and all sorts of things.”

Adams, who is one of two DOJ officials to resign in protect after the Obama Administration did not press charges against the New Black Panthers over allegations of armed voter intimidation in 2008, continued:

This is a Justice Department and an FBI that is dolling out justice based on your politics. If you support Clinton, if you are Clinton, you can engage in all sorts of misbehavior without consequence. If you are the IRS commissioner or an attorney general who is held in criminal contempt, he would give you a pass. You don’t face justice under this administration.

Conservatives and the Trump campaign have touted two recent Project Veritas videos as evidence of both voter fraud and operative-incited violence at Trump rallies, and point to the resignation of Creamer and the firing of field operative Scott Foval from their respective Democratic-aligned groups. One target of the Veritas videos, however, is refusing to back down on what he says was a dishonest representation of his tactics to help minorities vote.

In real life, I was explaining what the outcome of the presidential election will mean for the future of voter-ID laws, which have prevented thousands of Americans from voting; the role of civil disobedience in politics; and the role of activists in planning those protests,” wrote Dream Action Coalition co-director Cesar Vargas at the far-left publication The Nation. Creamer and Foval have also claimed innocence, as have the groups with which they were formerly affiliated.

Like Vargas, Think Progress and some other liberal publications noted a $10,000 donation to Project Veritas reported in disclosure forms provided to The Washington Post by Trump earlier this year. The donation took place in early 2015.

Adams’ reference to various past controversies involving includes the current U.S. Attorney General meeting with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, a week before the FBI declined to charge Hillary for breaking federal law. FBI Director James Comey said when announcing the decision that Hillary did break the law when using e-mails as U.S. Secretary of State, but as it wasn’t done on purpose, he wouldn’t charge her.

Likewise, Republicans in the House have accused IRS Commissioner John Koskinen of misleading Congress related to the IRS’ targeting of Tea Party groups leading up to the 2012 elections. Some Republicans are pushing for Koskinen to be impeached. And House Republicans held former Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt over his refusal to cooperate regarding the Obama administration’s gun operation Fast & Furious operation that ended in the loss of thousands of firearms to Mexican drug dealers, and the death of a U.S. border agent in addition to hundreds of Mexicans.

The Stream and other outlets have also contrasted the mild treatment of federal officials to pipeline protesters in North Dakota with the aggressive treatment given to ranchers in Oregon last year.

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe has long been controversial in political circles. Credited for shutting down the activist group ACORN in 2008 after releasing videos allegedly showing members engaging in voter fraud, he was arrested in 2010 after impersonating a telephone repairman in an office of then-Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA). O’Keefe pled guilty to misdemeanor charges. Additionally, while some of his past videos have drawn resignations and been praised for drawing attention to underreported issues, TheBlaze’s Glenn Beck criticized an O’Keefe video going after NPR in 2011. Earlier this year, a sting attempt by O’Keefe fell flat when he forgot to hang up his phone after making a call to a targeted group.

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  • Gary

    The legal system is corrupt. There is nothing about it that has anything to do with justice. As much as possible, stay out of court. Settle your differences with people outside of the legal system. If you are made to serve on a jury, vote against the government. Never trust law enforcement people, judges, attorneys, or anyone working in the judicial system.

    • susandanielspi

      Vote against for anyone who is now holding an office in the federal government.

  • This article shows the critical value of alternative media. Without it, the veil that mainstream media places over the public would go unexposed, unexamined and unimpeded. For this very reason, if Clinton gets in expect an unprecedented attack on freedom of speech in the new media, on campuses, etc.

    • Nunyadambizness

      Not just on speech, but all of the 1st Amendment enumerated rights–speech, religion, assembly, press (for those not already in the bag for Hitlary), and redress of grievances. Say goodbye to the 2nd Amendment as well.

  • Keninmo

    Here we go again — “Who you gonna believe, me when I tell you I’m innocent, or some slimy dude that has me on video freely admitting, even bragging, that I’m guilty?” LOL — Progressives literally lie while breathing.

  • Robert Doell

    I just reread Corinthians and Thessalonians. GOD says that the people face the Tribulation and Judgement because they ABANDON Reason and Truth and because they love their unrighteousness(wrongdoing, sins, sexual depravity) more than truth.
    Therefore GOD will send them a strong delusion so that they can no longer recognize Truth and GOD will let them face the consequences of their actions without any limitations.
    These millennial years have been the most insane in my life. I think we are at the precipice of complete insanity. When TRUE Christians are taken away in the Rapture (restrainers), as GOD promises, BEFORE the Lawless One is revealed and Unleashed on the World because the World chooses lawlessness instead of truth.

    • Scott Todd

      We haven’t been able to restrain abortion. What makes you think we’re the restrainers against the rest of this insanity? I’ve read the Bible cover to cover and I find this whole pre-trib rapture interpretation to be unsound. Even if you are right (and it would be great if you were) there could be a lot more hell to go through in this world until we get to that point.

      • Robert Doell

        The Holy Spirit in us is the restrainer. What world would you live in without us? Careful, I know your thoughts went to ‘life would be better without Christians to kill your buzz’ . Christianity was the foundation of Western Civilization and Development.
        I have studied the BIBLE all my life and I am still seeing new ideas from different perspectives. I let GOD be GOD and try not to impose my understanding on HIM. I read the BIBLE with an open mind and IF GOD says it, it is true from whatever perspective HE means.
        That is the difference between Christians and those called intelligent who read to exclude understanding and context.
        Why was Salvation spread to the Gentiles? GOD tells us in Romans it was to provoke the Jews to Jealousy. Have we provoked them? Yes but to anger and resentment. The Rapture will PROVE to the Jews and No one else that they were wrong to crucify JESUS. Jews will then be jealous of the gift freely offered to all.
        The Holy Spirit is NOT a jail cell door. The Holy Spirit does not move from side to side He lives within those who have accepted JESUS as Lord and Saviour. We are the temple of the Holy Spirit.
        GOD in Thessalonians specifically says “that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the Man of LawLessness is revealed…. but the one who now holds him back will continue to do so till he is taken out of the way.” That is only one prophecy from one book of the BIBLE. Put all the prophecies together including the prophecies told by JESUS himself, and it will show you the time is near. The Church has fallen away from the truth and most christians are lukewarm at best etc. Israel is reborn etc.
        Why is it imminent? Because USA was Israel’s last defender and they are falling so fast they will not be able to defend themselves soon. On the brink of economic doomsday NO MORE WORLD”s CURRENCY.

        • Scott Todd

          How can I trust you to accurately interpret the Bible if you can’t accurately interpret my post? Unless you’re over 45, I’ve been a Christian longer than you’ve been alive and am well aware of Christianity’s underpinnings of this nation. In no way did I suggest the world would be better without Christians. I did say that the Holy Spirit may indeed be the restrainer, but your insistence that He, and thus we who are sealed by Him, have to be taken out of the world for the great deception to take place is patently untrue. There was no pre-trib rapture before 1820.

          • Robert Doell

            I am a good deal older than your 45 years. I quoted scripture, the Word of GOD John 1:1. ” Holy Spirit MAY indeed be the restrainer” Do you believe the BIBLE or Not?
            It is irrelevant that history has No Pre-Trib rapture before 1820, true or not. History does not determine truth, GOD’s word prophecies what will be and just because there was little relevance to an 1820 society does not make it untrue. Other prophecies tell us knowledge will increase which was true for our scriptural understanding of prophecy and the End times. JESUS tells us ISRAEL ushers in the end time Generation which all prophecy will be fulfilled by the time that generation dies.
            It seems to me that you are looking for any reason to dismiss what the BIBLE SAYS AND I REPEAT.
            Non Christians and certainly celebrities and government officials in the USA and in Canada, Calgary and Prince George I think where almost every city official made statements that Christians should be eliminated and prevented from any Public forum in their cities. Some have gone as far to say we should be killed, as in Roseann Barr and many others. I have witnessed the decline in morality in society through the 60’s, 70’s and onward but precipitously since 2000. It is also true the prophecy of Christians falling away from the truth is very true as surveys prove dramatically.
            I am sorry I am so stupid that I can not interpret your post. Why do you tell me specifically what I have misinterpreted.

          • Scott Todd

            That you would have lumped me in with those who wish to eliminate Christians when I merely pointed out a flaw in your logic. I DO believe the Bible, which is why I DON’T believe in a pre-trib rapture.

          • Robert Doell

            I did NOT lump you in with the rest!!! You said this world would have to go through a lot more hell before anything would happen.
            I merely quoted the BIBLE and what is occurring in the world that says it could come at any moment. If you choose not to believe in the pre tribe rapture or anything else, that is on you. Take it easy.

  • bluidevil

    Barry Obama has run the USA exactly as an African tribal fifedom, where the tribe in power eliminates, prosecutes
    tortures any rivals. The tribal chief ( President) always loots the nations treasury for himself and family so when their time to flee the nation arrives , the stolen revenue is already in European account. They keep people and followers in ignorance as to rule and control everything. Kenya is known for this type behavior as are most every sub-saharan sewer nation.

    He was never ever qualifed or worthy of leading the United States, it was not in his DNA.

  • Robert Doell

    Obama openly and repeatedly LIED and significantly Lied to the American public, and you reelected him. The difference between being mistaken and ignorant and evil/reprobate is Openly Disregarding Obama’s Lies, Hillary’s lies over and over again, where people are killed, National Security is compromised and intelligent operatives were killed as a result, Benghazi litany of lies, Clinton Racketeering Foundation selling access, and YET in the FACE OF ALL EVIDENCE, emails under Congressional Subpoena are permanently destroyed, etcetera interference in opponents campaigns, AMERICANS VOTE AND DEFEND DEMONCRATS …. that is Evil and morally depraved and reprobate. Americans who hate other Americans so completely that they will countenance/support ANY act or Criminal action to destroy the other side. The Demoncrats get on their High horse to denounce actions of NIXON but Hide, support, and Vote for far worse .. even against their own values .. like Obama’s crackdown on journalists and prying into journalists private Constitutionally protected reports Nothing mattered to Demoncrats except the right’s for LGBTQ and women and greater access to marijuana and drugs.
    As long as Obama and Hillary support extremist left wing policies, criminal behaviour goes unnoticed.

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