Florida High School Students Forced to Remove Cross Jewelry and Participate in LGBT Activities

By Nancy Flory Published on April 21, 2017

Students in a math class at Riverview High School in Florida are being persecuted for their faith. They are punished for not removing their cross jewelry. They are harassed for not embracing the LGBT agenda pushed on them by their lesbian teacher. But one ninth-grade student is pushing back. Her attorneys filed a demand letter requiring the teacher to cease and desist by close of business Thursday.Cross.jpg - 500

Parents told Liberty Counsel that at least three students were not allowed to wear their cross necklaces. Math teacher Lora Jane Riedas claimed they were “gang symbols.” When one student asked why, Riedas told her she was disrespectful and she must take her necklace off. The necklace held a crucifix less than an inch long. The student felt she was forced to deny her faith.

Riedas is a member of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network’s Leadership Institute. She engages in blatant LGBT political activism in her classroom. Her classroom is decorated with LGBT insignia and rainbows. She decorated students’ notebooks in rainbow stickers without their permission. She singled out one student for several false “misbehavior” claims after the student removed the sticker from her notebook.

Riedas has plans to promote GLSEN’s “Day of Silence” Friday. GLSEN’s guide requires students to take part in political activism. Liberty Counsel stated that students can either “’go along to get along’ or risk being ‘outed’ as disagreeing with the teacher.” Students are encouraged to support the LGBT agenda and Day of Silence by not speaking. Those who speak will be required to answer class questions.

Liberty Counsel sent a demand letter Wednesday to the school district. It requires that Riedas stop all unconstitutional behavior in her classroom by Thursday or face litigation. “The bullying behavior of Lora Jane Riedas is outrageous and unconstitutional,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. “The classroom is for learning, not promoting the LGBT agenda.”

Hillsborough County School District in a statement to The Stream said, “We are in receipt of the letter from the Liberty Counsel. We have been in contact with the principal to initiate an investigation. However, the principal says she has not received a complaint from any student or parent regarding any claims made in the Liberty Counsel document regarding this teacher.” Riedas has not provided a statement regarding the claims.

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  • LYoung

    Ninth grade math class? Wow! Brazen behavior from this teacher.
    Hope she is told to teach the subject and drop her agenda.
    Not rocket science here.

    • Gary

      The school administration knows what is going on. They don’t stop it because they like it.

  • Aliquantillus

    Parents should make legal complaints and demand this teacher to be fired. She’s deliberatedly crossed the line.

  • Gary

    If the parents don’t care enough about their children to put a stop to this, or remove their children from that “school”, then I would assume the parents think this is fine, and they approve of their children being subjected to this treatment. Its all on the parents.

    • Andy6M

      You may be assuming too much. Perhaps these parents are involved and have chosen to fight for their student and for the future of the school. Perhaps they’re doing what they can to be salt and light.

      • Gary

        According to the article, the school principal claims she has had no objections from parents or students. Doesn’t sound like the parents are doing much.

        • Andy6M

          Right – it does say that. But that doesn’t mean that the parents are not involved. The article states that parents were in touch with Liberty Counsel, so it would seem their involvement went through different channels. Whether the school, or we, like or dislikes their means of process, I think your assumptions are still on shaky ground.

          • Gary

            Seems like the logical place to begin would be with the principal. But maybe they know the principal is a big supporter of sodomites. It seems pretty obvious she is. If she wasn’t, she would have already put a stop to this teacher. Maybe the parents are more involved than it appears. But, if I was one of the parents, I would have done things differently.

        • Liz Litts

          The pricipal is lying to cover up

  • Paul

    They can’t reproduce so they must recruit

    • OldSaltUSNR

      They DO like ’em young and smooth, no body hair like pre-puberty. If you can stomach it some time, read up on some gay erotica. They love the “Daddy .. Son”, incest, and “young girl” role playing. This stuff is no big secret, so it’s natural for gay men and woman to cycle towards the “objects” of their sexual interest in their work and hobbies, i.e. YOUR boys and girls!

  • Autrey Windle

    Why isn’t this teacher arrested for abuse of authority and child abuse? And why is this glsen group allowed to attack schools and children through their members? Where is the ACLU for the rights of the Christian and heterosexual students? (that was a rhetorical question since I have no doubt they are defending the alphabet teacher)

    • Tribtrooper

      Christians dont have rights when it comes to the ACLU, aka -AntiChrist Legions of the Underworld, they are onkhnreakiabkeonky interested in defending only left wing, atheists, pedophiles, LGBT, illegals and of course muzzies. They crossed over to the dark side long ago.

      • Autrey Windle

        Perfect AKA! I am a little amazed that this ‘teacher’ is allowed to get this far. It’s so crazy to think of letting her near anyone’s child…

        • Tribtrooper

          It gets worse. Some health and sex ed teachers fo so far as to demonstrate how to use sexual “toys” to the children, and I mean elementary kids. They teach about condom application to kindergarden and up kids in some big city schools. The public school systems, at least in bigger cities, are pushing kids toward immoral behavior, telling them to experiment with homosexuality
          Telling them, “try it, it’s fun,” like some game. I thank God my children went to smaller independent schools, and so do most of my grandkids.

          • Ravi Malka

            Utter depravity that destroys the moral foundations of a society

          • Tribtrooper

            Yes, you are absolutely right Ravi. This demoralizing of our children has been going on for generations now. I remember when MadlynO’Hara got prayer and God removed from our schools and our kid venue, and found it amusing when her son, who she sought to protect from the “ghastly frightening sight of Christ on the cross” later became a minister, but she began the satanic agenda of destroying Judeo/Christian faith and values, a process that has grown stronger and stronger in the pursuant decades till we are where we are now, embracing every abomination and denying all decency in the name of political correctness. But even before her, our moral fiber was failng. We had the speak eases of the 20’s with flappers, then along came rock & roll with Elvis the pelvis, and on and on the slide down the slippery slope has gone till we are where we are now.

      • Ryan

        Hi Trib, haven’t seen you around in a while.

        • Tribtrooper

          Hi Ryan! Glad to see you here! I’ve quit the other website.last time I looked it was basically a chat room, something that used to be kept in check, but apparently no more. I like this website, and the moderation is very good. Hope you stick around!

          • Ryan

            As I said to Kriston, I have been here for a while, I just haven’t posted as much. I see another on here that I haven’t seen in a while as well.

          • Tribtrooper

            Yes, there are a few here. I don’t know how many still post on the other blog though as a seldom if ever even go to that website since is seems to have become sorely lacking in true Christian discipleship except for one or two. It is a pity, because it was once a very good blog, spiritually uplifting,,but now there are some highly questionable posts there, even refering to occultic things and other anti Biblical nonsense. Unless they take the blog in hand with a reputable moderator, I suspect it will be no more before too long, and thand devil will have won won another round.

          • Ryan

            One thing we must always remember Trib, when we go into battle WITH the Lord, we are the victors.

          • Tribtrooper

            Yes, we do need to remember that, Ryan, but as to the other website, that moderator has taken down Scripturally correct in favor of unscriptural’posts, and I believe it is out of a vendetta he had with the poster, not the content, because a couple of posters stood their ground and proved him wrong in the past. Not month did he take posts down, but he also banned said posters out of his own derision for those people. Without unbiased management, the blog is doomed for failure.

          • Ryan

            Let us pray for change.

          • Kristin Solo

            AMEN to that!
            God vindicates His Truth and He is no respecter of persons

  • Shears-of-Atropos

    “Math teacher Lora Jane Riedas claimed they were “gang symbols.”:

    Religious harassment. If an orthodox Jew wore a yarmulke to class, who has the authority to tell him he must disobey his scripture?

    For that matter, who authorized the teacher to make policy as to what is a gang symbol and what is not? Teach, 2+2=4. See what I did there? You like “X” ? That’s the Cross of St. Andrew. Flag of Denmark? Sweden?

    If a kid came in with a smudge of ash on her forehead, would you force her to wash it off? Did you know that Obama’s wedding ring is engraved with the Shahada? That’s the Muslim profession of faith…. or, I guess, a gang symbol.

  • Kristin Solo

    It is incredulous that the principal of the school has allowed this flagrant breach of contract by a member of the teaching staff to go unchallenged, since it amounts to serious abuse of pupils’ rights to a balanced education.
    The principal is evading accountability in claiming to have been unaware of the intrusive, mind controlling tactics enforced by a teacher who is clearly pushing her own lifestyle agenda on impressionable young people, especially since the classroom concerned is displayed with LGBT symbolism !

    • Ryan

      Hey girl, thought I would say Hi, haven’t seen you around in a while.

      • Kristin Solo

        Hi Ryan~ good to see you here!
        I took strong issue with the inappropriate style of the axe weilding moderator on that other site.

        • Ryan

          I’ve been on here for quite a while, I just haven’t posted as much. There are some pretty good posters here and don’t leave much left to say.

          • Kristin Solo

            Agreed, The authors of the varied articles are commendable as are the proftable exchanges they engender between mature posters

          • Ryan


  • Carmena Hilliard

    As long as they are wearing crosses/crucifixes and not rosaries. If you are a true Catholic, you know that rosaries are not jewelry and its blasphemy to wear them as a necklace. Rosaries are worn by hispanic gangs and they differential which by the use of different color beads and if the beads are stone, plastic, cermanic or wood.

  • Guest

    GLSEN, these are the same fine folks who teach ‘fisting’ to middle school students…

  • Tom Rath

    The parents need to contact the ACLU. They’ve successfully fought restrictions on students’ wearing of crosses/crucifixes multiple times in the last few years in multiple states.

    And, unlike Liberty Counsel, they tend to win.

  • Terrence Jeffrey Johnson

    Fire her.

  • Stagester

    Color me skeptical that there have been no complaints. I imagine there were and they were dismissed because the principal condones what this pond scum is doing.

    • OldSaltUSNR

      Principal is almost certainly a lesbian, or at least a progressive activist. If this teacher is “out and proud”, and posts LGBT material all over her classroom, the principal knows, and condones, if not encourages it.

      The principal realizes that this is going national, that her job may be in jeopardy, so she’s doing what ALL progressives do when caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Lie. (The next they she’ll say is “they all do it”, or “all schools allow this …”.)

  • Deplorable Rican ☨ʳᵉᵈᵉᵉᵐᵉᵈ

    Classic homo-fascism

  • OldSaltUSNR

    “the principal says she has not received a complaint from any student or parent …”

    What the news reporter meant to say, “the lesbian principle hasn’t heard any complaints”.
    (Visualize the principal sitting with her lesbian teacher, under a rainbow banner, with her fingers in her ears and stomping her feet, screaming “… not LISTENING…not LISTENING …I don’t hear a THING you homophobic Christians are saying ….”.)

    That’s what the reporter intended to say.

  • faithful

    the students and parents must be proactive; we are called to walk by faith in HIM….

    • Ravi Malka

      Every responsible parent should remove their child from this depraved institution that condones debauchery in the classroom!

  • Olaf

    How about posting a “Genesis 9:12-16” sticker on or close to each rainbow flag? The rainbow was God’s idea and is a promise to all mankind.

    • Kristin Solo

      Precisely ~ God had the rainbow first!
      ‘I do set My bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between Me and the Earth’ ~ Genesis 19:13.
      This beautiful sign of God’s Covenant has been usurped by satan to represent sin!

    • Autrey Windle

      That’s a sweet idea, but in that school it would probably get the child posting the scripture expelled if the cross is so offensive to the teacher.

      • Nancy Flory

        Hi Autrey,
        How are you? I’ve been praying for you.

        • Autrey Windle

          Sweet Nancy! I am doing okay. Thank you for your prayers. It has been a bit like fighting my way out of a wet paper bag since getting out of hospital, but the Lord protects me and guides the hands of my doctors. Now if he would just heal my wifi so I can stay connected better all would be right with the world! Keep writing and fighting the good fights. You are my hero.

  • Patmos

    “Math teacher Lora Jane Riedas claimed they were “gang symbols.””

    She should not be teaching for this alone. No person this dumb and/or insecure should be around kids.

  • Laura Ann Register

    I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if “Judical Watch” and “ACLU” get involved in this whole entire matter. These LGBT and other groups have been accusing us Christians ” that we are forcing our beliefs and ideas on everyone, but here you have a group of people and a “teacher” that is forcing her beliefs and ideas on these teens that love the Lord and refuse to deny their faith. If they were my kids and I had a choice, I would pull my child out of that school until something is done about this situation. There is no way on this God’s green earth, a teacher of all people, lesbian or not, will force her beliefs on my child, or threaten my child as well! It’s just another one of the enemy’s attacks on our children and he CANNOT harm our children! He rebuked and bound up in the Name of Jesus and he will not harm them!!!The Lord knows all and sees all, and this teacher will not get away with what she has been doing by forcing those kids to participate in her groups.

  • samton909

    Gays are the new Nazis

  • Billy Chickens

    Oh how I wish I had a child in that classroom and he or she had been bullied by that lesbian teacher!! I would not need Liberty Counsel (although would be grateful for their help). I would dream up legal…or maybe illegal!… defenses that would make that teacher sorry she ever dealt with me….like…like…um…well…bully HER like she is bullying the students, make sure she wears no lesbian necklaces because they are obviously gang symbols, right?

    I myself would sneak into the classroom and rip all the rainbow flags or rainbow anything else off the walls because they are gay gang symbols, have my kid talk all day on the stupid Day of Silence…or maybe hum.

    The principal would never say that no parent had complained because I’d be in her office everyday complaining. I’d write to the papers, call the White House, send the teacher and the principal and every other teacher in the school district complaints, I’d start a parents outrage group, demonstrate outside of the school everyday…anything and everything to make that teacher back off from her bullying school students. Can you imaging this garbage going on in Little House on the Prairie days? In the 1920s? 30s? 50’s? This garbage has got to stop! What’s the matter with those parents that they sit back and let a mean lesbian bully their children?

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