First They Came for the NRA …

By John Zmirak Published on August 6, 2020

Do you remember when state attorneys general learned about Planned Parenthood selling baby parts for profit, in violation of multiple laws? So a coordinated group of big-state AGs filed suit to dissolve the organization?

Or that time when the FBI, learning of various mosques’ links to the terror-funding Muslim Brotherhood, sought to close those mosques?

Or when the U.S. Attorney General responded to bishops shuffling pedophile priests by suing to dissolve the Catholic Church in America?

A Bizarre, Political Prosecution

No, of course not. Because such things never happened. Nor should they. It’s not normal for prosecutors to react that way. If the state finds legal irregularities on the part of a private organization’s leaders, its job is clear. It’s supposed to protect the organization’s members, just as the SEC protects stockholders from CEOs who steal from the company.

Imagine that your Methodist or Southern Baptist pastor got accused of using your tithe money for trips to Nevada brothels. Would you expect your district attorney to try to dissolve your church? Is that a fair response?

The Attorneys General of New York State and the District of Columbia are suing the NRA. They’re seeking to dissolve the organization, nationally.

No, but he might try to do it, if your church opposed his politics. And if he had the legal ethics of a drug cartel’s in-house attorney.

Banning the NRA?

On a grand scale, that’s what happening now to the National Rifle Association. Using some (unproven) charges of sleazy insider dealing among a few NRA executives, the Attorneys General of New York State, and the District of Columbia are suing the NRA. They’re not seeking to remove its chief executive, Wayne LaPierre. Nor to force reforms. No, they’re seeking to dissolve the organization, nationally. Less than three months before a historic election.

Does this sound like crass political gamesmanship with the rule of law to you? The NY AG won her last election in part on a promise to “take on” the NRA. And that gun rights organization is fighting hard to preserve our constitutional rights in 2020. As a keen observer on Twitter noted:

So the NRA is using its money to defend its members’ rights. And Democrat prosecutors are trying to shut it down.

They Want to Render Us Helpless 

The Democrats are nothing if not consistent in their worldview. They want to take away our right to defend ourselves. Yes, our guns, but not just our guns. They want to abuse the law to take away even our means to fight politically, in defense of God-given rights literally guaranteed by one of the Bill of Rights. They want to disarm us, silence us, prohibit us from associating freely.

These people have problems with more amendments than the Second. And that’s no surprise. As Jason Jones and I showed in our in-depth, scholarly article, “God, Guns, & the Government,” these rights stand or fall together. Morally, because the Christian vision of the human person includes his right of self-defense.

The Most Dangerous Predator: The Modern State

Practically, because without an armed citizenry, a nation’s people are always at the mercy of those in power, who wield a “monopoly of violence.” As I never tire of pointing out, the modern state used that monopoly to murder 170 million civilians in 90 years. Not just in “remote” places like the Gulag, but in cities like Paris, Brussels, Munich and Venice. What insane, God-mocking hubris would Americans have to indulge in to imagine that such things can’t happen here?

Indeed, they’re already starting to happen here. The tragic explosion in Beirut seems likely the fault of Hezbollah, an extremist militia group that has allied with (and hijacked) mainstream political parties in Lebanon. Right here in the U.S., Antifa and Black Lives Matter are serving as the street-fighting wing of the Democratic party. They’re burning bibles in the streets, and terrorizing citizens. They’re even attacking homes.

They’re Swarming People’s Homes

I want you to watch the video below. But please sit down first.

It was taken by an onlooker whom Antifa didn’t catch recording its thuggish behavior. (The group habitually beats down such citizen journalists and steals their phones.) This isn’t footage from Lebanon or Afghanistan, but Seattle, Washington. An Antifa mob attacks the home of a political enemy, trying to blind her with lasers. 

Should any American citizen have to put up with such treatment? Shouldn’t any of us, inside our homes, have the means to defend himself against a gang of political thugs?

What If They Deem You a “Nazi” Next?

At this point, some helpful soul in the Comments will chime in, “She was a Nazi!” And indeed, it appears that the misguided woman under assault here had taunted the (openly Communist) Antifa members by sporting a swastika. That’s crass, provocative and wrong. But not illegal, and certainly no reason for a political gang to appoint itself judge, jury and executioner. Would we approve of a gang in Miami that invaded the home of a Fidel Castro supporter? The difference of course: Castro’s dictatorship is still in place, killing and torturing.

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Since Antifa burns bibles — here emulating the Nazis — it clearly thinks faithful Christians are little better than fascists. Mobs have already torn down statues of Catholic saints, and vandalized churches nationwide. If America endorsed this reign of terror by voting for Zombie Biden and the secret committee which will actually govern instead of him, why wouldn’t they come for us next? I mean literally come for us, in churches and in our homes. If the Democrats have their way, we’ll be as helpless as lambs at the slaughter.

Antifa: The Democrats’ Hezbollah

The Democrats won’t denounce this kind of violence. In fact, they’re trying to strip you and me of any protection against it. They want to dissolve or disband the police, and confiscate our weapons of self-defense.

Then who will have the monopoly of violence in America? Thugs like the ones in this video. As I observed earlier on Twitter:

Vote carefully, my friends.


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream, and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. He is co-author with Jason Jones of “God, Guns, & the Government.” 

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