First Look: The Abortion Victim Who World Series Fans Will See Tonight

WARNING: The image contained in this article is very graphic.

By Dustin Siggins Published on October 25, 2016

For eight days, Ohio-based Created Equal has been on a “Vote Anti-Abortion” campaign to educate voters on the realities of abortion. They started in Pennsylvania, are currently in Ohio, and will end up in Florida on November 7.

Tonight, they’re taking a pause in Cleveland to show World Series fans exactly what abortion’s all about. A banner will fly shortly before Game One, which is also when fans will be going to watch the Cleveland Cavaliers play the New York Knicks.

The graphic banner image, seen below, was first provided to The Stream.

Created Equal will fly this photo of an abortion victim shortly before the World Series game in Cleveland tonight.

Created Equal will fly this photo of an abortion victim shortly before the World Series game in Cleveland tonight.

“Progressive Field and Quicken Loans Arena hold a combined 50,000 plus fans,” Created Equal’s Mark Harrington told The Stream. “Additionally, if you add all the people downtown, there could be a close 100,000 voters reached with our VOTE ANTI ABORTION message.”

According to Harrington, “each flight costs $2400. Dollar for dollar, this kind of targeted marketing is more cost effective than tradition advertising. Most mainstream media outlets refuse to publish our campaign banners, so we have found alternative ways of reaching voters without having to go through the liberal gatekeepers that control access to traditional mass media venues.”

Harrington says the group has seen success in the first week of its election-related campaign. “We had a student at The University of Toledo say, ‘I have never seen abortion before and will consider these pictures and your information before I vote.’ We have had several conversations with voters who changed their minds while we’ve been in Pennsylvania.”

Created Equal is controversial even within the pro-life movement because of their frequent use of graphic images of abortion victims in their activism and advocacy. Harrington said they use the images because “Words fail to describe abortion adequately.”

“We are visual culture,” he continued. “Americans must see abortion in order to reject abortion. Pictures are a data compression device that distill down very complex messages and communicate them even at a glance.”

Last year, Created Equal commissioned a study that concluded graphic images of abortion victims swayed people towards supporting life. Harrington explained to The Stream that “The pictures of abortion are offensive because the act of abortion is offensive. Our message is targeted to those Americans who still have a functioning conscience. If an image of an abortion victim ‘pushes someone away’ they were not open to the issue in the first place and are not our target audience. We are attempting to purposely drive people out of the middle on abortion. Too may American voters are apathetic.'”

Harrington concluded:

Social reformers are always hated because they confront the status quo. When half of the American people support abortion-killing it is naive to think that any opposition to abortion will go unopposed. Many pro-life activists are under the false presumption that they need to be liked to be effective. Effective social reformers are never liked and liked reformers are never effective.

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