First 4 Episodes of The Chosen TV Series About Jesus Available to Watch; Full First Season Out by End of Year

By Nancy Flory Published on May 27, 2019

The first four episodes of The Chosen, the television series about the life of Jesus seen through those who encountered him, are now available to watch on VidAngel. Pre-production on the remaining episodes begins in July.

Dallas Jenkins, son of Left Behind author Jerry Jenkins, is the co-writer and executive director for the show. He told The Stream that the entire first season — eight episodes — will be available to watch before the end of the year. Jenkins anticipates that the show will extend to seven seasons.

Overwhelmingly Positive Responses

The Chosen is about the life and ministry of Jesus from the perspective of those who knew Him best. That’s important for a couple of reasons, in Jenkins’ view. First, a series with Jesus as a main character, told from the perspective of others, hasn’t been done before. Second, audiences can get to know multiple characters over the course of time through a multi-season show. As Jenkins explained:

Time can be taken to explore their lives and really create a world you can feel a part of. That’s what we want to do with this show. We want to go deeper into the stories and the characters who encountered Jesus. And we believe that if you can see Jesus through the eyes of those who actually met him, you can be changed in the same way they were.

Those who have seen the first four episodes have been overwhelmingly positive about it. “We’re hearing from many people who’ve seen all four episodes multiple times, others who are hosting watch parties at their homes. We’ve heard from so many people whose lives have been impacted. The most rewarding responses are the ones we were really hoping for: those people who are saying Scripture has come alive for them in unprecedented ways.”

Culturally and Scripturally Accurate

The Chosen is a culturally accurate series — from the buildings to the marketplace to the costumes. Which is both important and intentional, he said. Jenkins wanted to put audiences in the world of first-century Capernaum, for example. “We really want it to be an immersive experience,” said Jenkins. “Another reason we want to be historically and culturally authentic is because, quite simply, it’s interesting. When you learn those little details that you may not have known before, it just makes the show more rich and entertaining and then brings fresh life to the Scriptures when you read them.”

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Jenkins isn’t changing anything from the Bible, he says. The story lines that come from the Bible are true to the Bible. But other moments were important to include as well. “There were obviously thousands of hours and moments that weren’t recorded [in the Bible], and we believe it’s fair to attempt to portray that as well, as long as the moments are plausible and fit within the intention of Scripture. We take that very seriously. … I’m a lifelong believer who loves God’s word, and … we’re utilizing Biblical and historical experts who can help ensure we’re honoring Scripture properly.”

Support for The Chosen

Jenkins has sought investors and donors to help fund Season One’s production, marketing and legal fees. As he said a year and a half ago, however, “We’re not a charity. I’m not asking people to donate to a cause. We’re saying, instead of the usual kick-starter campaign where you donate and you get a t-shirt or tickets to the premiere, you’re investing.”

At that time he also pointed out how investors can benefit others as well as themselves: “You not only get to experience watching something you’ve wanted to see for a long time, or something you can share with the world, something that can impact people’s lives, but if you want, it can also be beneficial financially.”

“We’re not asking you to do something we’re not willing to do,” he added. “And so we’re all kind of putting our blood, sweat, tears and cash into this thing because we want everyone to benefit.”

The Chosen raised over $10 million from 15,000 people for Season One.

Watch the trailer:


The Stream will attend pre-production in July for the remaining four episodes of The Chosen’s first season. Check back for updates.

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