A New Explanation for the Rise of LGBT Leads to a New Strategic Response

By Tom Gilson Published on July 11, 2018

For at least a decade now, I’ve been trying to discern the forces that advanced the LGBT movement so rapidly. I was astonished at the speed with which transgenderism was adopted — especially by American business leaders. Darel E. Paul’s First Things article on “Culture War as Class War” has helped me understand it as well as anything I’ve seen.

Entry into society’s elite has always required signing on to some set of social norms, says Paul. In early to mid 19th century in America, those norms were largely conservative Protestant and anti-Catholic. Later they shifted toward liberal Protestantism. In the early 20th century they were largely defined by acceptance of contraception.

Support for LGBT has become essential to acceptance into elite circles. Which explains a lot.

That didn’t last, though. Paul tells us, “In his popular anti-Catholic book American Freedom and Catholic Power, published in a second edition in 1958, Paul Blanshard noted that ‘birth control has won both acceptance and respectability in the United States. Almost all well-to-do people in the country practice it.'” Note: “well-to-do.” Contraception became nearly universal, however, which stripped it of its value in defining elite status.

As late as Blanshard’s 1958 book, elites supported “eugenic sterilization” of those who are “diseased, feebleminded, and a menace to normal community life.” But eugenics became disreputable and embarrassing. Hardly anyone remembers today how popular it once was.

The New Elite-Defining Value

So something else had to replace these values in defining the elite. Fast forward to today: Moral acceptance of homosexuality and transgender has become one of the clearest means to distinguish between the elites and the “deplorables.” It’s no coincidence that the first time Hillary Clinton slipped up and spoke this word in public, she was at a meeting with LGBT supporters at an elite New York restaurant.

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Support for LGBT has become essential to acceptance into elite circles. Which explains a lot.

It certainly makes sense of big business and even big sports jumping on board with it. ESPN has fired commentators who have resisted. The NCAA and dozens of other businesses cried “Boycott!” when North Carolina called for sane bathroom policies. Sports and business may both have conservative heritages, but they’re also run — in their corporate offices and perhaps especially on their boards — by people who crave elite acceptance.

The Great and Deceitful Motivator

It’s an extremely powerful motivator. As C. S. Lewis wrote in “The Inner Ring,”

I believe that in all men’s lives at certain periods, and in many men’s lives at all periods between infancy and extreme old age, one of the most dominant elements is the desire to be inside the local Ring and the terror of being left outside. … “Charles and I saw at once that you’ve got to be on this committee.” A terrible bore… ah, but how much more terrible if you were left out! It is tiring and unhealthy to lose your Saturday afternoons: but to have them free because you don’t matter, that is much worse.

It is a motivation, Lewis suggests, which leads men to become scoundrels. Not suddenly, not obviously, and certainly not from any motive to scoundrel-hood, but simply not to be excluded from the elite.

The essay is brilliant enough, but to catch the full weight of what he’s saying, you must read his novel That Hideous Strength, which portrays a young man’s struggle with the “inner ring” impulse. It should be required reading in Christian high schools and colleges, for just that reason.

So Teach Humility, Too

C. S. Lewis aside, Paul’s article suggests that we would be wise — especially with our youth — to wage our fight for true morality on two fronts, not just one. We do need to tell them what Scripture says is right and wrong. We need to explain the same thing from natural law, which is just common human experience combined with careful reflection. These two combine as one front in our battle: teaching what’s morally true and morally good.

Along with this, though, we must also teach Christian humility. The urge to join the Inner Ring is deceitful, as Lewis shows, for there is no such thing as arriving there and being satisfied. The humble know this already; if the proud ever learn it, it’s the hard way.

It’s also unloving in ways no Christian mom or dad could possibly want their child to become. For the Inner Ring cannot exist without an outer darkness for the majority who don’t quite measure up, people who “aren’t quite as good as we are,” people to look down upon. Deplorables, in a word.

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  • Ken Abbott

    Angelo Codevilla has often published on much the same perspective regarding our cultural elites, although I don’t recall if he addressed the sexual morality aspects.

  • Beth

    The elites have adopted the LGBT movement as their new pet, but the question still remains: why? What is it about this movement that has caused it to be approved by those in power?

    • Middle C

      Whichever group whines the loudest.

      • Chip Crawford

        The homosexuals have always had very aggressive leadership and backers, with an agenda. They don’t just want rights; they want to take over and enforce their lifestyle at will. The LGwhatever group has the same ruthlessness about it. They know how to lobby and how to work the system.

        • John Connor

          Homosexual leadership?? Their agenda is to have the same rights as everyone else. It’s a shame that they have to be so ruthless as it’s due to people like yourself.

          • Chip Crawford

            Leaders have agreed with those who have asserted what I have, that they indeed intend dominance. I know of violence, dogs killed in yards, other retaliation to any disagreement with them. People like yourself are like so many gnats one has to continually swat away. Your comments throughout this board are trite and present nuisance, never impression. You’ll likely eventually be blocked. I’m going to start flagging you to encourage along that outcome.

          • John Connor

            Show us any citation proving your nonsensical rant

          • Chip Crawford

            Your little twits all over this board come to nothing. It’s clear your nuisance factor has pretty much run its course. You’re not open; you offer nothing of substance. Mission failed. Best to move on. Hopefully, you will be blocked soon, as most obvious trolls are on this board. They give you a chance, but the pesky gnat factor is rightfully removed. Sincere people should not be subjected to it.

          • John Connor

            You’ve got nothing other than ad hominem. Sad.

          • Chip Crawford

            I hope your soul will be saved in the day of judgment. Being lost as a goose is really all that’s wrong with you or anyone. Jesus provided himself as our answer. I hope you receive him soon.

          • Chip Crawford

            N/A – My comments are neither nonsensical nor a rant. I am an honest person with a credible history here, who quoted from an article and something my pastor related, as it was his dog skewered with an ice pick while he was interviewing someone speaking about the homosexual agenda. There’s no “us” with you requiring these sources for articles or sound bytes from pastoral remarks, as you are obviously rather isolated here. It’s only a couple of your troll buddies who chime in with you from time to time. Hi guys. Valiant effort; no sales means no commissions. It’ll likely stay that way as you have a bogus product.

          • John Connor

            It’s quite sad that for anyone who disagrees with you is branded a troll.
            I asked for proof of what you stated. You have none. Got it. Typical.

          • Chip Crawford

            I do not brand anyone who disagrees with me a troll. You are obvious. My word is proof. Not the same for you. What proof do you provide? None. And you have much more cause to do so, being so lame in your trite and school yard rebuttals. Sad

          • John Connor

            I haven’t been asked to provide anything. I asked a simple question, and you’re still complaining multiple posts later. Smh/

          • Chip Crawford

            Aw, shut up

          • John Connor


    • JP

      They are depraved men in suits. That’s why.

    • Good question, Beth. I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with JP’s answer or Middle C’s, but I’m not satisfied with those answers, either.

      The answer has to center in men’s pride, I think. It’s our number one sin as humans, and it’s certainly prominent in the desire to be among the elite. I think it may have to do with a proud assertion, “We know better than God, and we know better than the people who believe in Him. We have to do something to prove it. What better way than through breaking sexual norms — because we also get that sexual freedom in the deal.”

      It has something to do with that. But I’d say you’re wise to ask the question, and you’d be wise to keep on asking, since this isn’t the whole answer, either.

    • Roger Gannam

      No one wants to have mean things said about them, and there is a fair amount of bullying by LGBT groups. For example, Human Rights Campaign uses their own publication, the “Equality Index,” to rank companies ostensibly by their commitments to “equality.” But in reality it’s an activism index, because you get no points for having no LGBT discrimination complaints. To get high points, you must reeducate employees, engage in direct activism for the LGBT cause, even tie the evaluations and compensation of senior executives to their own participation in LGBT causes. Even though the title is a fraud, no big company wants to have a low score on the “Equality Index.” Worse, HRC will score companies without telling them, and then use the low score to beat the companies into submission. The same type of bullying is carried out by state and local LGBT activist organizations too.

    • Chip Crawford

      Money, organizing, lobbying, working the system successfully, becoming a voting block for them.

  • Jim Walker

    I think its time to address, acknowledge and pray against the demonic forces at work. Never has there been a time like this that throws logic out of the window and twisted interpretations of the Bible.

  • G Hazel

    Name one major corporation that has not signed onto the rainbow cause.

    • John Connor

      Rainbow cause = equality

      • alistz

        defining people into special interest groups is the exact opposite of equality. equality is simply that one individual is treated no differently than another individual by the law.

      • Search on this site for “pretending it’s about equality.”

        The rainbow cause isn’t what its rhetoric claims it to be.

  • Don_in_Odessa

    Too answer the question of a few commenters here: It is the recognition that America was founded on the God given gift of freedom to choose one’s own path. As long as that choice does not infringe on another person’s freedom to do the same. This contradicts what many in our Christian circles believe. That being, America was founded as Christian nation. It was not. It was founded as nation of Christians with the freedom to choose God’s ways or our own. Sadly, mankind has not changed since the garden. He will always choose his own. We were told as much in prophesy.

  • Trilemma

    I agree with what you’re saying here, Tom. I started noticing the same thing with parents of transgender children who seem to be in a rush to transition them. It seemed like they were showing off how supportive they were of their children. It seemed like it was kind of a fad to have a transgender child.

    I think that all of this was, to some extent, a reaction to the Christian community’s treatment of the LGBT community. In the 60’s and 70’s I don’t remember the LGBT community getting much attention from the Christian community. But in the 80’s, the gay community started being infected with GRID and the Christian community said it was God pouring his wrath out on the gay community. When the general population started getting AIDS, the gay community was blamed. There were doctors who would not treat people who were gay. Then in the 90’s, the Christian community started circulating gay agenda propaganda. Then, most recently, the Christian community came with up ridiculous bathroom bills that would have required someone like Miss Universe Spain 2018 to use the men’s room. The Christian community tried to boycott Target. So, what you’ve described, to a large extent, has been a reaction to the behavior and attitude of the Christian community toward the LGBT community. Being a part of that reaction makes you one of the elite.

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