EXCLUSIVE: Killing Africa: Stop Taxpayer Funding of Illegal Abortions in Africa

Africans overwhelmingly reject abortion, and its presence on the continent is entirely imposed by — and receives funding from — the West.

By Stephen Herreid Published on January 10, 2017

In an explosive new video entitled Killing Africa: Exposing the MSI Mission in Africa, Nigerian pro-life advocate Obianuju Ekeocha shows that Planned Parenthood is not the only ethical problem pro-life American taxpayers face.

Ekeocha, president of the pro-life organization “Culture of Life Africa,” interviewed a former employee of Marie Stopes International (MSI). The whistleblower testifies that countless illegal abortions were performed at an MSI center in Uganda, a country where abortion is banned. She also reports underage clients, the desecration of human remains, and the deliberate deception of U.S.-taxpayer-funded donors.

Desire Kirabo is a former MSI Center Manager who operated a clinic in Hoima, Uganda. “I entered thinking it was a family planning organization,” Kirabo says to Ekeocha at the beginning of her interview. But it was “all about abortions.”

As Ekeocha points out in Killing Africa, MSI assures the public that its activities are all within the law. However, it is already a matter of public record that MSI has not always lived up to its public promise. As recently as 2012, MSI was banned from operating in Zambia after performing nearly 500 illegal abortions there.

Abortion is also illegal in Uganda, where Kirabo operated her MSI center. “It was a busy center,” she tells Ekeocha, and “most clients that came in were abortion clients really … mostly young women — young girls, actually….”

When Ekeocha asks if any abortion clients were underage, Kirabo answers, “Sometimes, yes.” Since girls who are pregnant at such a young age could very well be victims of sexual abuse by older men, Ekeocha asks if anyone at the MSI center asked after the youngest clients’ safety? “No. The main motive was doing the act — the abortion,” Kirabo says. “The service was an abortion.”

“Abortion is the core business,” Kirabo explains. “It’s more important to them” than family planning. “At the end of the month there was a projection for how many abortions has the center had done. So the client has to be convinced, and you make sure the abortion is done.”

As if MSI routinely breaking Ugandan law to perform abortions on underage girls were not egregious enough, perhaps the most disturbing moment in the interview is when Ekeocha asks what the MSI staff did with the remains of the aborted fetuses.

“They are disposed of,” Kirabo says. How? “Before 14 weeks, flushed in toilet. After 14 weeks, pit latrine.” Here Ekeocha’s team provides an important clarifying note: a pit latrine is open sewage.

“Every time?” Ekeocha asks in disbelief. “This is like routine?”


United States Agency for International Development

MSI receives funding both from the U.K. government’s Department of International Development (DFID) and from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), which has a strict policy against funding abortion. USAID states on its website: “No foreign assistance funds may be used to pay for the performance of abortion as a method of family planning or to motivate or coerce any person to practice abortions.”

“Every time we would have donors coming from USAID,” Kirabo recalls, MSI officials “would tell us to hide abortion equipment, because USAID did not deal with abortions. So we would clear up the center of anything that would look like non-family planning.”

Asked if USAID ever inspected the MSI center, Kirabo says “Yes they did. They came for inspections but they couldn’t tell [that abortions were performed there].”

Regarding the funding MSI receives from the U.K.’s DFID, Kirabo adds that she was told MSI is paid for “every abortion” it performs.

The Pro-Life Generation: The Abortion Industry’s Days are Numbered

In an interview I conducted on Saturday, January 7th, I asked Obianuju Ekeocha about what she hopes Killing Africa will achieve, and what American viewers can do to help.

“Seeing and hearing of some of the horrific practices of Marie Stopes International in Africa,” she explained, “and knowing that their sustenance and strength comes from the massive funds they receive from mostly Western donors, my hope is that they will be defunded by these Western governments and also have their activities suspended by the African governments who most likely do not know much about MSI illegal activities in their countries.”

A growing number of Americans want to strip Planned Parenthood of taxpayer funding. The public is increasingly aware of the “eugenic” racism of the abortion giant’s foundress, Margaret Sanger. In addition, exposés by whistleblowers like David Daleiden and Lila Rose have revealed the organization’s proclivity for grossly unethical and even illegal practices.

Much like Planned Parenthood, Marie Stopes International was founded by a radical eugenicist who saw abortion as a means of limiting the “breeding” of “low-grade race[s]” to ensure that the future would belong to “superior” whites. Today, again not unlike Planned Parenthood, MSI is accepted as a mainstream, international provider of “reproductive health” and “family planning” services, and even receives U.K. and U.S. taxpayer funding.

But the barbaric practices of the abortion industry are even more outrageous in the African nations where MSI operates. Africans overwhelmingly reject abortion, and its presence on the continent is entirely imposed by the West.

“The cultural attitudes towards abortion is demonstrably obvious by the fact that in almost 80% of African countries abortion is illegal,” Ekeocha told me. “The government policies protect the life of the unborn but even more than that, the overwhelming majority of the people consider abortion to be morally unacceptable.”

Ekeocha pointed out that in 2014, the Pew Research Institute found that in “African countries like Ghana and Uganda … 92% and 88% respectively of the populations considered abortion to be morally unacceptable.”

“So for Marie Stopes International to be running illegal abortion clinics in these countries with impunity” shows “their complete disregard and disrespect for the cultural views and values of the people.”

According to Ekeocha, this is not “aid” to poor Africans. “This is extreme interventionism, and also a form of cultural imperialism. This is why Marie Stopes International should be stopped.”

If you are an American taxpayer and want to put a stop to U.S. funding of Marie Stopes International’s illegal activity in Africa, contact USAID to complain:

USAID - 500

Graphic by USAID


Culture of Life Africa has created a petition to end taxpayer funding illegal abortions in Africa. To sign the petition, click here.


Click here to watch Killing Africa.

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