#Election2020: Clean Your Ears! Media Refuses to Report on Trump’s Rejection of Racists or Question Biden’s Record

By Al Perrotta Published on October 1, 2020

Media goes deaf, debates may go mute, and Biden campaign thinks COVID now cured. So are things in Election 2020, just 33 days out from the election that will determine … or potentially seal … America’s fate.

And now the details:

Media Refuses to Accept Yes as an Answer

How do you know internal polling is showing support for Trump soaring among black American voters? The media simply will not stop hounding President Trump and the White House to do exactly what he’s repeatedly done since even before his first election and did so just yesterday. Namely, condemn genuine white supremacists.

For some idea — and great for sharing with your liberal friends — is this montage from 2019.

Yet, despite Trump’s repeated, vocal statements, it’s never enough. It’s never enough. And thanks to debate moderator Chris Wallace, we have to go through this cruel, divisive nonsense again.

Stop Dancing Around with … Facts

Thursday saw a contemptible display by the White House Press Corps. Repeatedly, press secretary Kayleigh McEnery was asked to clearly state the president renounces white supremacists. Repeatedly, McEnery quoted the President’s numerous, categorical statements. For that, reporters accused her of “dancing around” the question.

We expect that kind of nonsense from CNN, MSNBC or CBS News. However, to see Fox News’ John Roberts join the rabid media mob was very dispiriting. Fortunately, McEnany completely leveled Roberts after the press conference with a tweet. She remind him that his very own wife, ABC News reporter Krya Phillips, had reported Wednesday she had asked Trump directly and he “denounces” White Supremacists.

Perhaps in addition to COVID testing, the White House has to offer hearing testing as well. 

David Duke’s Choice: Joe Biden

The White House has every reason to be frustrated. Start with the fact that Joe Biden is endorsed by white supremacists David Duke and Richard B. Spencer this election. Nobody hounds him about that everywhere he goes. Not that he goes anywhere. 

More crucially, Biden and Harris are refusing to condemn the left wing riot groups responsible for this summer’s violence. Harris again celebrated BLM the other day for being “brilliant” and “essential.” Just this weekend, a BLM organizer in Yorba Linda, California tried to kill a bunch of Trump supporters by ramming her vehicle into them.  BLM is the same group that shouted “We hope they die” and blocked a hospital entrance after two cops were ambushed in Compton.  Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t find cop killers and would be mass political murderers “essential.”

Has Biden or Harris been pressed on this? Of course not. 

Biden’s Old Klan Pals

Further, let’s look at some history. When Donald Trump was being hailed by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, Biden was celebrating former Klansman Robert Byrd, bragging about working with segregationists, and boasting about being from a slave state. While Trump was creating jobs for Americans of all colors, Biden was sending jobs overseas and supporting legal and illegal immigration policies that stagnated urban black wages for a generation.

And we cannot forget that Biden and his “super predators” crime bill put countless black men and women in prison. Not incidentally, it imprisoned them for the very same drug that his son Hunter should have been busted for. (He got barely a slap on the wrist.) Donald Trump got that law changed with his prison reform efforts.

Just recently, Biden asked a black journalist if he was a “junkie.” And of course, it is Joe Biden that doesn’t think you are black if you think for yourself politically. He also claimed that there is no diversity within the black community. 

Biden Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

Wouldn’t it be nice if Biden during this whole campaign can be asked about any of this? Ever? Imagine he had to answer for it as much as Trump has been asked about white supremacists the past 48 hours.

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One more point on whole faux outrage. If you do not believe Chris Wallace’s question was set up precisely to cause the reaction it has, consider he asked Trump very same question in 2016. And Trump was emphatic:

Friends, if you are buying even any of this media concoction, know that you are being played for a fool.

Muting Trump’s Microphone?

The Commission on Presidential Debates wants to change things for the next presidential debates to avoid the chaos of that first debate. They want to “ensure a more orderly discussion.”

Here’s a tip: Don’t use moderators who favor one candidate, run interference for that candidate, and decide they want to be the one debating.

In the next debate, one of the moderators is Steve Scully. He’s a former Biden intern. And in 2016, he wrote an editorial called “No, Not Trump, Not Ever.” What could possibly go wrong there? If Trump has to compete against two people again, should he get paid double for his appearance? Or just laugh it off as, “just like a golf handicap.” 

President Trump suggests he will not “allow” changes to the format for the next debate.

McEnany also weighed in. “He wants to debate, he plans on being at the debate,” she said Thursday, “but he wants the rules to be fair and wants a fair exchange and doesn’t want rules that cover for a certain candidate’s inability to perform well.”

One of the changes the Biden camp wants is for moderators to have the ability to mute a candidate. Biden said Wednesday he wanted a way “the debate commission can control the ability of us to answer the question without interruption.”  

Sounds nice. Except we know how this works. Biden could then, say, repeat the Charlottesville libel. He’d falsely accuse the President of calling white supremacists “very good people.” Trump’s mic gets turned off. Biden finishes. Before Trump can respond, the moderator says, “Moving onto another topic … .” If you don’t think that won’t happen to a Republican candidate, you haven’t watched any presidential debate the past few cycles.

Also, if Joe Biden starts going off the rails again and starts speaking gibberish, do I trust any of these moderators to not trying to help him? Deny viewers the chance to hear what he’s saying? Wallace on Tuesday night interjected when Trump was scoring points on Biden and when Biden was blanking out. Imagine the power of a mute button.

Still, maybe there’s something to be said about a muting function. But only muting both if there is unintelligible cross talk.

Biden Team Crawls Out of its Burrow

Just two weeks ago, Biden’s campaign poo-pooed the campaign tradition of going door-to-door. (While Trump volunteers and staffers and candidates like Kim Klacik have been working up a sweat.) Some Democratic officials expressed worry that the lack of ground game was going to hurt Biden in the long run. Biden’s people dismissed the significance and cited COVID, saying they wouldn’t “put people in harm’s way.” 

Suddenly, Biden’s team has changed their tune and is frantically recruiting people to go door-to-door.


And Finally, From Our “Sure the Election’s Going to Be Peachy” File

A contractor’s laptop and several encrypted USB devices were stolen from Philadelphia’s election warehouse Wednesday. Then this morning, Philly reporter Max Marin paid a visit to the warehouse and found security so lax, he was able to just walk inside via an open door and wander around for several minutes, alone. The footage of Marin with easy access to voting machines is shocking. Officials in Philadelphia insist they are boosting security. I feel so reassured. 


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream and co-author, with @JZmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl. And if you aren’t already, please follow The Stream at @Streamdotorg

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