Thoughts at the Edge of Impeachment

By Al Perrotta Published on December 18, 2019

Sometime today, the House of Representatives will vote to impeach President Donald J. Trump. From the second Democrats won the House … after denying any interest in impeachment … you knew today was inevitable. Your lives, your cares, your interests didn’t matter. The business of the nation did not matter. Facts did not matter. Precedent did not matter. Process did not matter. (Heck, the planet’s ending in a dozen years anyway, might as well take Big Bad Orange down with it.) To use words like “pathetic” or “outrageous” doesn’t even capture it. Perhaps a better word for it is “boring.”

Does anything say “insipid” more the impeaching a president based on a concoction by the same guy (and party) who insisted for three years Trump was an agent of Vladimir Putin? And fully knowing that was a lie? The same party that mocked Trump when he said his campaign was spied upon? Who branded us “conspiracy theorists” when we said the FISA warrants used to spy on that campaign were shams. Well, now we have a DOJ IG Report and a blistering order from the head of the FISA court revealing just how corrupt the Obama FBI and DOJ were in obtaining those warrants.

America doesn’t need an impeachment. America needs an apology.

President Trump’s Letter

Yesterday, as The Stream reported, President Trump wrote a remarkable six-page letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi. That was no document crafted by a team of legal eagles. That was Trump at his most human. Passionate, personal, angry at what’s being done to the country. Ticked at the unfairness of it all. Normal people reading it would get it. For a world-famous billionaire, he sure sounds the way we would.

Naturally, the media is all over him for the letter. The once reasonable S.E. Cupp says the letter shows he’s “losing his mind.” The also formerly reasonable Jake Tapper says it’s like something “Kim Jong Un wrote.” CNN’s John Avlon calls it “unhinged.” Speaker Nancy Pelosi said “It’s really sick.” She hadn’t even read the letter.

And so it goes, predictably. The impeachment is fizzling. The Dem and media meme “He’s conspiring with foreign governments to impact an election” is failing. Again. So it’s back to the “He’s nuts, let’s try the 25th Amendment route.” Again. And when the American people fluff that aside like snowflakes off their shoulder, the media will be back to “He’s a racist!” Again. Man, their act is so old.

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But here’s the funny thing about Trump’s letter. Read it again. You notice anything missing? Think of it. It’s Donald Trump. He’s faced three years of unending slurs, slanders, false charges, threats to his family, to say nothing of being targeted with black op by seditious players in Obama’s FBI/DOJ/CIA. He’s being impeached without anybody actually naming a crime, via an historically corrupt process. He writes a letter about it.

And no four-letter words? From a NY construction guy?

Proof right there, folks. All the prayers for the president are working!

Speaking of Prayer

Seriously, we do need to keep praying for the president and the nation. He himself is asking for it.

This morning, President Trump tweeted about today’s impeachment vote. “This should never happen to another President again,” he said, “Say a PRAYER!”

I don’t think he’s asking for prayer for himself. Not when he can consider the phrase “7,000,000 to 1.” His policies have helped create 7 million new jobs while Democrats have been obsessed with taking his job.” Consider the lowest unemployment since the ’60s. The millions lifted out of poverty. The new trade deals. The rebuilt military. Heck, he just got a bunch more money for the Wall. (Oops. Missed that one, didn’t you?) Trump’s doing the job he was hired to do. And if Congress kicks him out or the voters do, he goes back to building exquisite resorts with his supermodel wife. (Put it that way, and maybe he should urge the Senate to convict.)

No, when Trump says “Say a Prayer,” he’s talking about for the country. For you and me. For America’s future generations. For future presidents. Turning impeachment into a cheap partisan exercise is putting a mortal blow to the sacred idea of “peaceful transfer of power.” We can’t even begin to measure the cost of treating due process and “innocent until proven guilty” like something you scrape off your shoe after walking through Pelosi’s district.

So at some point today, House Democrats will cast their lot for future chaos. Their rabid base will be happy. (Until tomorrow, when again will rise the thirst for blood. Lessons from the French Revolution should not go unheeded.) Americans will go about their Christmas shopping, clearly over the whole business. (Including Democrats, who’ve dropped from 90% support of impeachment to 77% in just a few weeks, according to CNN.)

However, even though the Senate will quickly acquit or dismiss, there is no dismissing the cost. There’s no dismissing the urgent need to pray that this cost can be minimized. Pray that future presidents will be allowed to do their job. Pray that those of good will can come together, can say “enough” with this madness. Let’s celebrate the holidays and get to work.

In the shadow of the Capitol, while the Democrats fiddle inside, someone is hungry. Someone is homeless. Someone is hurting. Someone is addicted. Someone is assaulted. Someone is yearning for a chance to prove themselves. Someone dreams.

To ignore those people simply to exact revenge for a political loss means we all lose. Not just Big Bad Orange.


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream and co-author, with @JZmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl. And if you aren’t already, please follow The Stream at @Streamdotorg.

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