Durham’s Got a Murder Mystery on His Plate … Has He Realized It Yet?

Seth Rich

By Al Perrotta Published on October 21, 2021

On July 10, 2016, at around 4 a.m., an ambitious, gregarious, patriotic young man was murdered on the streets of the nation’s capital. This young man worked high up in the Democratic National Committe. He was a Sanders guy. He’d known the extraordinary efforts the DNC had gone to in order to undercut Bernie, and to install Hillary Clinton as the nominee. Later the nation would learn about these efforts, thanks to emails from the DNC and Hillary’s campaign chair Jon Podesta, leaked to WikiLeaks. 

Who leaked the emails? Julian Assange insisted about two weeks later the emails came from the inside. Assange then spoke of a young man working for the DNC who had been murdered. 

His name was Seth Rich.

The Trump-Russia Black Operation

Back up a few months now. According to Rich’s boss, DNC chairwoman Donna Brazille, by spring of 2016 all decisions at the DNC were being made by Hillary Clinton’s campaign in New York. 

And the campaign had a problem. Clinton was still under investigation for her illicit, national security-endangering email server, and for having erased tens of thousands of emails that were under subpoena by Congress. She also faced scrutiny for the Clinton Global Initiative’s banking millions of dollars from Russia-tied investors seeking her approval as Secretary of State for the sale of Uranium One to Vladimir Putin. The FBI got Russians involved in Putin’s uranium effort on tape, laughing about how they owned the Clintons. 

Clinton campaign official (and current National Security Advisor) Jake Sullivan had an idea. Let’s neutralize this scandal by inventing ties between Donald Trump and Russia. 

The powerful law firm of Perkins Coie was brought in to facilitate the Trump-Russia Collusion black op. Trump must be tied to Russia somehow in order for Hillary Clinton to achieve her 50-year goal of becoming president. No expense spared; no effort too over the line. 

Special Prosecutor, Real Evidence, Fake Evidence

So the nation suffered two plus years of “Trump-Russia Collusion!” as bit by bit, the truth of the dirty plot emerged. Finally, John Durham, a District Attorney in Connecticut, was assigned to investigate the black op’s origin. Late in 2020, Durham was made a special counsel, to help shield his work from interference by the incoming Biden Administration. Biden himself had been involved in perpetuating the Trump-Russia myth. In fact, Biden’s own DOJ just last week made a deal with disgraced FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to expunge his firing from his record and give back his pension. Protecting their own? Or buying his silence?

A few weeks ago, special counsel Durham dropped his first indictment. Perkins Coie lawyer Michael Sussman was charged with lying to the FBI about who asked him to push the Trump-Russia collusion story. Durham has proof Sussman billed the Russiagate hours to the Clinton Campaign.

However, in the indictment, we learn something shocking. Part of Sussman’s effort involved using Pentagon contractors to fabricate computer links between the Trump Organization and the Russia-tied Alpha Bank. 

Our crucial takeaway: Perkins Coie paid people to manufacture fake computer evidence that would connect Trump with Russia. 

That Gets Us to CrowdStrike

Back to 2016. When the DNC discovered its emails had been leaked, it didn’t call in the FBI. It didn’t call in Department of Homeland Security. It wouldn’t let the Feds anywhere near its computers. Instead, the now-indicted Michael Sussman paid a left-leaning tech firm called CrowdStrike to examine the computer system

CrowdStrike quickly declared that the emails were not “leaked.” They had been hacked by the Russians! (And remember, hadn’t Trump called on the Russians to share Hillary’s deleted emails? Never mind that these weren’t Hillary’s deleted emails. These were the DNC’s and Podesta’s.) 

We now know in 2021 that when put under oath, CrowdStrike would admit it had zero proof of Russia actually grabbing the emails. We also know that the utterly corrupt former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, was relying on what CrowdStrike had created when he made his false claim that 17 intelligence agencies agreed the Russians did the hacking. (In 2020, the same Clapper would lead dozens of former intelligence officials in claiming the Hunter Biden’s laptop story was Russian misinformation.)

We know Perkins Coie was willing to use cyber experts to manufacture evidence of Trump/Russia Collusion. Is it not reasonable to assume CrowdStrike was given the same task? That just like those Pentagon contractors, CrowdStrike was hired to help create the phony Trump-Russia narrative by linking Russia to the DNC hack? Especially knowing that WikiLeaks itself insists Russia had nothing to do with the emails? Especially knowing that what CrowdStrike was telling the public during the campaign was not what it would later say under oath? Especially since the person paying CrowdStrike was the very guy paid to help create the Trump-Russia Hoax?

The One Vulnerability to the Whole Trump-Russia Collusion Black Op

Consider where we are at this point: A massive, desperate effort to help Hillary Clinton win, that ended up involving people from FBI, DoD, DoJ, State Dept., CIA, DNS, media, and the brutal Clinton and Obama machines. The message: Trump was in bed with Putin. Russia’s “hack” of the DNC further proves it.

But like the Death Star, the killer narrative had one weakness. One vulnerability — one person — who could blow the whole narrative … and Hillary Clinton’s single-minded quest … to bits.

The person who actually downloaded the DNC/Podesta emails and would know what the Clinton Campaign/DNC/Deep State was saying was total BS.

You would have to do away with that person. You simply could not risk that insider coming forward and saying, “I did it. Not the Russians.” This person was especially dangerous when you consider his motive in the first place had been to expose the corruption of the DNC. 

This massive machine was not going to let one young goody-goody get in the way of their quest for power. 

I submit that’s how you end up with Seth Rich murdered on a DC street.

New Information on the Seth Rich Murder

Officially, the Seth Rich murder remains unsolved. The media still pushes the dubious “botched robbery” theory that was Metropolitan Police’s initial thought, based on a string of robberies in the area. (No matter that a suspect in the robbery was later caught and no ties to the Rich case were found. No matter that the question “How does a robbery get botched?” still leads you right back to his death being connected with his work.) 

But we know a lot more now than we did in 2016. Most notably, we know the FBI was lying its fanny off when it said it had no involvement in the Rich case. We now know there was massive involvement. The FBI admitted last December it not only had a huge file on the case, — some 20,000 documents — it had Seth Rich’s laptop. After four years of denying it.

The FBI was lying about Seth Rich the same time the same FBI was using the Trump-Russia hoax — knowing it was bogus — to launch its “Crossfire Hurricane” counter-intelligence operation against Trump.

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We also know that the DNC supplied the Rich family a “spokesman,” Brad Bauman. A guy who was a known “fixer,” not a simple PR type. A guy who immediately launched a coordinated propaganda machine to destroy efforts to link Seth Rich’s death to his work at DNC and the email leak. (Remember according to Donna Brazille, every DNC decision at that point in the campaign was made by Hillary’s people.)

In fact, this is what first got me suspicious about Rich’s death: when the exact same talking points showed up in five different publications. And when Rachel Alexander was hit with massive, coordinated trolling after she wrote about the case for The Stream.

Oh, there’s one other thing we know, to bring it full circle. CrowdStrike’s first (nearly) six-figure payday from the DNC? The day after Seth Rich was murdered it got a check for $98,849.84, according to the FEC. Another $133,000 would soon follow.

I don’t know the truth. I’m not saying for sure that Seth Rich was assassinated on orders from the DNC/Clinton machine. But there’s definitely reason to wonder. And plenty of motive. If Durham is really investigating the origins of the Trump Russia hoax, though, he must look into his murder.

That young man deserves it. So does his family. Honestly, the whole nation deserves it.


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, chief barista for The Morning Brew and co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl at Gab, Parler, MeWe and now GETTR.

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