Don’t Look to Business to Protect Your True Rights

We need to set our sights higher.

By William M Briggs Published on March 4, 2018

Anybody have a count of the corporations who flew the Sodomy Standard after Anthony Kennedy foisted his fantasies on the nation?

How many minutes after the Supreme Court announced they found tucked away in a forgotten corner of the Constitution a “right” to same-sex “marriage” before major companies released perverted rainbow images superposed over their own corporate logos?

It wasn’t days, nor even hours. Meaning they had these monstrosities ready to go.

Who were they? NBC, Coca Cola, 7-11, Lyft, Facebook, American Airlines, IBM, Oreo cookies, Walmart, Doritos, Disney and on and on.

Their message to about half the country, and therefore half their customers, was Twbbpppt! Plus a big fat Whaddaya gonna do about it?

What indeed? Boycott them? Do so and lose the ability to conduct any sort of business or to buy or sell most things.

This didn’t happen just in the States, of course. When Australia had their recent referendum on same-sex “marriage”, “More than 840 corporations…registered with the Australian Marriage Equality organisation in supporting same-sex marriage including Airbnb, Apple, American Express, McDonald’s, Mirvac, Ten Network, Virgin Australia and Telstra.”

Mandatory Uniformity

I have a colleague employed by a major corporation which cannot be named. The Human Resources department mandates a certain kind of diversity training. (HR which manages people as fungible resources, like trees or fuel oil.)

In one “class” the employee is asked what he should do if were to see a cross on a fellow employee’s desk. The “right” answer is to report (rat out) the cross-bearer to HR.

Yet — and you saw this coming — this training also encourages the “celebration”, “pride” and “diversity” of various non-reproductive sexual desires and acts.

Diversity training, a.k.a. the inculcation of progressive ideology, is now commonplace at large companies, such that it’s rarer to find it missing than present.

Men Shalt Shower With Girls

Then there was that national debate over grown men suffering from the delusion they were women who wanted to slip into the same shower stalls as our young daughters.

Some municipalities and states, such as North Carolina, said enough and felt forced to create or propose legislation barring men from women’s toilets.

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The push-back from corporate American, particularly those businesses involved in frivolous entertainment, was immediate.

The pencil-necked NBA Commissioner Adam Silver threatened to move the NBA’s All-Star game from Charlotte. But also IBM, Paypal, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Salesforce condemned the law.

Guns as Virtue-Signaling Ammunition

Our latest virtue-signaling extravaganza is gun support and sales. Well, not the latest, since those who would remove our means of self defense have been vocal for decades. But anti-gun actions are now the loudest corporate cause.

We have seen in the last two weeks one major corporation after another tumble over one another to boast of their anti-gun purity.

National Car Rental, Enterprise, Alamo, and other car rental firms, with flags waving, announced their cessation of discounts for NRA members. The NRA must be the least-known-about but most-hated voluntary association in existence. But the left must have its Emmanuel Goldstein to cast as bogey man.

It wasn’t only car rental firms. First National Bank ended a relationship with the NRA. So did “Wyndham Worldwide, the parent company of Ramada, Days Inn, Super 8 and other nationwide hotel brands [as well as] insurance company MetLife and cybersecurity firm Symantec.”

If these corporations were seriously serious about their distaste of guns, let them announce a ban on conducting business with gun owners.

Fear of the Left

FedEx tried to have it both ways, releasing a whiny statement about how distraught, how terribly melancholy, they were about guns. They’d never lie or exaggerate, would they? Then they said they’d still deliver the NRA’s mail. Google as usual over-reacted and removed all gun-related terms from its Shopping results.

Dick’s Sporting Goods sells guns, and might therefore be expected to understand something about them. Alas, it isn’t so. They issued a plea to “Ban assault-style firearms.” For the good of the children, naturally, “this countries most precious gift.”

Assault-style firearms has all the same meaning as genuine imitation leather.

Dick’s will also stop selling so-called high-capacity magazines, and won’t sell to anybody under 21. Walmart thought this last almost-not-a-move a swell PR stunt, and announced the same limit. Sounds like a ploy conducted more in fear of progressives than of genuine belief.

The Corporate Cavalry Isn’t Coming

That fear explains a goodly portion of why the corporate world reflexively dodges left. But it can’t explain all. That means the obvious must hold.

Corporations after all are staffed at the top with college graduates who by necessity have become political creatures. And that culture, like the culture overall, points leftwards.

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  • Cody

    You can’t have your cake and eat it too, it’s time to call the hypocrites out, if the left truly would like to rid the country of all guns, then it’s only fair to start with them. Meaning of corse the left. Politicians should be first, then the rest of the left, also the can no longer be protected by the things they believe are pure evil meaning of corse guns.

    • Alice Cheshire

      Yes, you certainly can have your cake and eat it too, except a physical cake. Politicians do it day after day and Americans reward them with voting them in for decades. You believe in the law when it’s gay rights and ignore it when it’s illegal aliens. You can proclaim yourself a person of God and agree with abortion and gay rights. There are gay pastors out there. You certainly can have it both ways—progressives prefer it that way and there has been very, very little pushback by those on the side of good.

      • D McGovern

        Absolutely. Hypocrisy is the name of the game. Dick’s Sporting Good’s bleats about children being “our most precious gift” and who wants to bet that all bets are off that preciousness when those same children are still in the womb? Hypocrisy is everywhere and it is constant and how many people even notice and if they do how many care? Try telling your Catholic friends that Facebook funds LGBT groups and Planned Parenthood. As for the Second Amendment ignorance and hypocrisy rules the “anti-gun” lobby (more like anti-logical thought lobby) especially the mind-bogglingly santimonious section that employs bodyguards. It is truly astonishing. The NWO is steam-rolling over us just as planned and we have handed them the keys.

      • Cody

        Yes I see your point, keep up the good work.

  • Stephen D

    You know the big corporations are not democratic. There are millions of citizens employed by these giant organisations. They spend their working lives in a culture that is the opposite of democratic. They are trained to know their place and to conform in a rigid hierarchy. They are taught to obey policies and orders that filter down from the CEO through the ranks of the corporation. Eventually the corporation controls how they think.

    The corporation has no morality. The homosexual CEO of Australia’s major airline argued during the public ‘debates’ on same sex ‘marriage’ that his corporation had a conscience and it was in favour of marriage ‘equality’. He seemed to sincerely believe that his conscience was in effect that of the corporation. No doubt he was right. The policy of the corporation now is that sodomy and lesbianism are perfectly admirable life choices. The employees had better believe it.

    • Alice Cheshire

      Avoid employment among these giants as much as possible. Help small businesses grow. It’s slow, but evil is patient and works long hours for the results we see here. Shouldn’t good be at least as hard-working and patient?

  • Concerned Christian

    “That fear explains a goodly portion of why the corporate world reflexively dodges left. ”

    Seems like there’s a fundamental misunderstanding of what the mission of a corporation is. Finance 101, the job of a corporate CEO is to maximize shareholder value. It’s not to serve the public interest nor is it to set moral standards. It will only do so if it benefits shareholder value.

    Corporations are not afraid of the left. If you look at the demographic groups of the left they tend to be younger, female, LGBT, non-white and hold post graduate degrees. These are the groups with disposable income and these are the groups that are most sensitive to issues of discrimination. Therefore, corporations are careful not to offend them.

    Also, the one agency that was designed to protect consumers against corporations, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), has been allocated zero funds. During the last election, Americans made it clear that they trust corporate america more than politicians. You can vote to remove a politician, without CFPB, you have no leverage on corporations.

    • Corporations are ruled by people. In many cases, these people are Leftists. In many cases, these people know each other, having attended the same universities and moved in the same circles. In far too many cases, numerous businesses are controlled by the same people, sitting on the boards of each other’s companies.

      In-group signaling, AKA virtue signaling, is far more important than profits to the people at the top. They will always receive their magnificent salaries and bonuses. The sheep will always show up to be sheared. Why should the shepherds care when they bleat?

      • Concerned Christian

        So i’ll ask you the same thing that I asked JTLiuzza:

        So what’s the answer then?

        What’s going to change this dynamic?

        • realDEEBEE

          Lots of money for CFPB and BHO third term in the form of The Crooked Witch or the Vapid Vermonter

    • JTLiuzza

      You’re half right. The groups you mention don’t have the real numbers but they do have the loudest mouths and a complicit media. In short, the author is right and you are wrong: corporations are afraid of the left.

      • Concerned Christian

        So what’s the answer then?

        What’s going to change this dynamic?

  • Alice Cheshire

    Stop buying junk from these people and buy more guns and ammo. You might even send them a thank-you for saving you that cash to invest in your second amendment rights.

  • Alice Cheshire

    You can also donate your savings to your favorite charity. Be sure to let the seller know why your are no longer buying from them and what you are doing with your savings.

    • JTLiuzza

      Also, don’t forget to join the NRA.

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