Donald Trump and the Alt-Right: How Dead is That Moose?

By John Zmirak Published on October 27, 2016

As I said on a recent British Christian radio show, I would vote for a dead moose strapped to a car hood to stop Hillary Clinton. She has told the UN that Christian beliefs on abortion will have “to be changed” because they threaten the “fundamental rights” of women. That’s legal language, a promise that the U.S. will correct a human rights “violation” under international law. Her profoundly corrupt foundation has taken tens of millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia, where rape victims are tortured. Her closest aide, Huma Abedin, is a Muslim Brotherhood ally. Clinton’s policies would flood America with jihadists and “rapefugees.” Her team is trying to infiltrate and destroy my church. Do I really need to go on? Voting to stop her is an act as justified as halting a home invader.

MooseThat said, we need to know just how long the moose has been dead, since it’s oozing all over our car. Yes, there is Donald Trump’s personal squalor. But the only difference between him and John F. Kennedy is a live microphone — and the lack of reporters willing to turn aside as the president’s mistresses shuttle back between him, his brother, and various Mafia dons. Bill Clinton has credibly been accused of forcible rape. So let’s have no lectures about the “dignity” of the presidency. That beast died in the barn a long time ago. If you want a respectable head of state where grabby demagogues can’t sully that elevated office, set up a constitutional monarchy. The Brits, Swedes and Danes seem pretty fond of theirs. I bet we could snag a Habsburg.

The Alt-Right: Trump Whisperers

What really worries me about Donald Trump is what some of his most fervent Alt-Right supporters may be telling him: That Christianity is a self-destructive suicide cult that’s destroying Western society. It demands open borders, affirmative action, massive welfare programs that transfer wealth to recent immigrants, legal or not, and will end up exposing any Christian country to mass colonization by thuggish, theocratic Muslims.

Where would the neopagans and atheists of the Alt-Right get such crackpot ideas? Maybe from the words of some U.S. Catholic bishops, “progressive” evangelicals funded by George Soros, and a goodly number of orthodox evangelicals who take most or all of the stances I listed above, but who are also pro-life and pro-marriage. (That’s nice of them!)

The Alt-Right is the repulsive shadow cast by the preening of left wing Christians — the equal and opposite heresy such as Screwtape loves to gin up, to make sure that half of our ship is under water, while the other half is on fire.

The Other Faction of Margaret Sanger Fans

The Alt-Right, unhinged from real Christian doctrines — like equality before God, the brotherhood of man, and charity toward all — has proved to be a nasty reptile indeed. Let’s set aside the online trolls who send Jewish conservatives little cartoons of those writers dying inside a gas chamber. Dismiss as sociopaths those who troll National Review writer David French and his wife, referring to the child they adopted from Ethiopia as a “simian” (or worse), and calling French a “cuckold” or “race traitor.”

Let’s focus on those who want to rehabilitate “eugenics,” and rejigger our country’s welfare policies to discourage the birth of children to blacks and Latinos. Or how about those who go ever further, and wish to keep abortion legal, because they want to cut down the number of non-white children? Just reading what these people write will make you want to take a shower. If they sound like Margaret Sanger, that’s because they admire her ideas and want to carry them out, with a slightly different emphasis than Hillary Clinton.

Could the Alt-Right Lose the Election for Trump?

That we know, but could it be that the Alt-Right also is having a deeply destructive impact on the struggling Trump campaign, by blocking the candidate from genuinely appealing to conservative Christians? How else to explain his failure to highlight the frequent attacks on religious liberty, which is a burning issue for millions of Christians? How else to explain his bizarre failure to show genuine contrition when caught on tape saying grotesque things about a woman? Has he no idea what effect this has on many millions of Christian voters?

We are one of his natural constituencies, as the former majority now targeted by elites for official discrimination. But will he listen to us and shape his policies accordingly? A number of evangelical leaders have worked long hours speaking to Donald Trump, explaining our deep concerns about religious liberty, the First Amendment Defense Act, and solid protections for Christian schools, hospitals, and charities. When pressed, he has promised to support us and denounced the Johnson Amendment. But it has always seemed slightly grudging — especially compared to Hillary Clinton’s full-throated support of partial birth abortion and transgender madness. Trump has never spoken out in defense of beleaguered North Carolina, for instance, whose women and girls might lose their last shred of privacy in bathrooms and locker rooms, if the rich and haughty LGBT movement has its way.

Despite media caricatures, there’s no evidence that Trump holds Alt-Right views. He held conventional liberal views from much of his adult life. But have Alt-Right-sympathizing staffers convinced Donald Trump that Christianity really is nothing but pie-in-the-sky-when-you-die? That, say, showing contrition and asking for forgiveness is not noble and endearing, but ignoble and effeminate?

This is admittedly speculative, but how else to explain why Trump has not said and done such obvious things to appeal to Christian voters? If this is right, then it’s past time for him to correct course, shove aside the embittered tribalists, and embrace the real concerns of people of faith. If he doesn’t, millions of us might decide to sit out this ugly, embittered election.

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