More on Moore, Yearbooks and Diving Off the Clinton Ship

By Al Perrotta Published on November 15, 2017

Let me start off with a question: Is it too much to ask for a candidate who keeps his hands off our money AND our daughters? 

Moving on. 

Roy Moore Latest

When it was announced Wednesday afternoon that Roy Moore’s lawyer and campaign manager would be holding a presser, I thought, “The way this story is going he’s probably had a heart attack.” It’d be the greatest “dive” outside the World Cup or a Don King boxing match. But no, they came up with something better.

Remember the yearbook Moore’s latest accuser showed the world? The one signed “Roy Moore, D.A.”? Moore’s attorney Phillip L. Jauregui insisted Moore doesn’t think he ever signed anything with a “D.A.” He wasn’t even a district attorney at the time. However, says Jauregui, there was a time when the initials D.A. would appear next to Moore’s name: when he was a circuit judge in Etowah County and his assistant would add her initials near his signature on filings. 

Why’s that matter? Remember Moore’s accuser saying she hadn’t had contact with Moore since his alleged assault? Well, they did have contact. In fact, Roy Moore was the judge assigned to her divorce case. She would have been in that court and copies of filings in the case would bear that same Roy Moore D.A. signature that shows up in the yearbook. 

Moore’s team wants the yearbook handed over to a “neutral custodian” so “we can determine is it genuine or is it a fraud.” 

Yup. I have to say I didn’t see that twist coming.

Perhaps I should have. With Gloria Allred involved I should have.

I was still in California for the 2010 governor’s race between Democrat Jerry Brown and Republican businesswoman Meg Whitman. Meg was running strong. Jerry couldn’t even articulate why he wanted the job. Whitman was hustling throughout the state making inroads with the Hispanic community.

But then Gloria Allred entered the picture. She dragged before the cameras Whitman’s former maid Nicky Diaz. Diaz, with the tears flowing, and Allred’s hand on her shoulder in that now familiar staging, wept about how Whitman had cruelly fired her. (Whitman had discovered she was an illegal immigrant who had given her husband false papers.) All you heard for days on end was how horribly Whitman treated Diaz, what a hater of Hispanics she was. And Diaz? She was “the courageous Rosa Parks” of the Latino community.

Even by Hollywood standards, Allred chews the scenery. 

However, the story stopped Whitman’s momentum and may well have cost her the election. L.A. Times columnist Gregory Rodriguez admitted “It was really the business with the housekeeper that hurt her.”

Point One: Allred is experienced at the cruel slurring of political foes via showy press conferences. 

Point Two:  Allred exposed Diaz as an illegal immigrant. Diaz could have been deported. She could have easily been charged with identity fraud. Gloria Allred used a woman as a weapon in a Senate campaign and didn’t care if the woman got hurt in the process. The days to come will show if she did so again.

Meanwhile, Allred responded to the request for the yearbook. She says she’ll only turn over the yearbook if the Senate agrees to hold hearings on Moore. Is that an answer that brings light to the situation or brings about more bright lights for Allred and overwhelming pressure on her client? Let’s just say the accuser would have been better off picking a lawyers name out of a phone book. 

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From the judge who allegedly chased teens to the President who rode the Lolita Express

Liberals Turning on Bill Clinton?

In the past 48 hours, several liberal writers and publications have all mysteriously and suddenly decided that Bill Clinton is, after all, a sexual predator. Just hear the headlines: The Atlantic “Reckoning with Bill Clinton’s Sex Crimes”; Vox “Bill Clinton Should Have Resigned”; and miracle of miracles from the New York Times, “I Believe Juanita.” 

Juanita Broaddrick — who said Clinton raped her when he was Arkansas Attorney General and was mocked and ignored for decades — put it well:

Hell did freeze over. But why? Only because the Clintons are over. As the Stream’s Liberty McArtor points out in her new article, if Hillary had won, these outlets wouldn’t be calling Bill a predator. In fact, writes Liberty:

Imagine if Hillary had won. The Weinsteins, Spaceys, Halperins and Louis C.K.s would not have quit their nasty habits. They’d still be celebrities at Democratic fund-raisers, posing for pictures with the new feminist president herself.

Further, not only did Hillary lose, but criminal investigations into the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton’s Uranium One paydays — or pay-to-play days — are in the wind.

Their usefulness has been expended. Their fearsome control is waning. Donna Brazile need not worry about snipers. (Just the sniping of Clinton holdouts.)

Still, there are some who haven’t gotten the message. All over Twitter today you will see tweets and articles from news organizations saying things like “Fox News Anchor Destroys Conspiracy Theory About Hillary Clinton and Uranium One.” They’re talking about a segment by Fox News anchor Shepherd Smith. Smith’s challenges the story, but his account left more holes than a drunk accupuncturist. An earlier Stream story provides some idea why. 

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