Defunding Planned Parenthood Will Never Be Enough: Roe Must Go

By Jennifer Hartline Published on August 5, 2015

The fifth gruesome video, released Tuesday, features the largest abortion facility in the Western Hemisphere, Planned Parenthood of Houston, Texas.

The abortionists at this facility say they do as many as 50 late-term abortions every month. They talk rather flatly about what’s involved in getting an “intact specimen,” They brag about the fact that their abortionists have been doing their own research for many years, and how they get the first pick of the best intact specimens, as well as individual organs and parts.

The women in the lab stare into the dish full of bloody baby parts without flinching, pick through the remains with tweezers, and talk about “fetal tissue” and “products of conception.” Meanwhile, severed arms and legs, and a face with “firm orbits” staring out beg for their humanity to be seen.

Senate Democrats failed this week to acknowledge the babies’ humanity and defund Planned Parenthood. But if the Senate had succeeded in doing the right thing? It still wouldn’t be enough.

Don’t misunderstand — I don’t want PP ever receiving another red cent of American taxpayer dollars. But I’m not stupid enough to believe that crashing the government gravy train will be enough to put PP out of business. It will not bring an end to this ghoulish business of selling the body parts of aborted babies to people who consider them “tissue” for scientific research.

There’s a huge demand (even beyond their own research department). Who’s demanding the hearts, livers, brains, and kidneys of aborted babies? Universities everywhere. Researchers in labs everywhere .

This isn’t even anything new. This has been going on for decades, right under our noses; our clueless, too-trusting, oblivious noses. The scientific community has been using the pieces and parts of butchered babies for research longer than I’ve been alive.

Why Aren’t We Screaming?

We can scream about the callousness of PP’s abortionists, and the unethical, gruesome business of tearing tiny babies into pieces, strategically crushing them in the right spot to preserve the real money-making organs, and then shipping those organs off for a “donation,” but what about the folks on the other end? Why aren’t we screaming about the buyers?

Dr. Stacy Trasancos has begun connecting the dots for us in her article, “The Trail of Fetal Body Parts in Scientific Papers.” I strongly recommend everyone read the whole thing. “There will need to be pleas from us for the harvesting of fetal organs to stop, pleas to stop the research, pleas to stop funding the research, pleas to stop publishing the research,” she writes,

but the pleas will be ineffective if a case is not made that the knowledge gained from the research about human origins and human development is not worth donated fetal human lives. The people engaged in research using fetal body parts for decades think it is perfectly ethical. They have based entire careers on it. They are probably wondering why pro-life advocates are just now acting like they care because of the sensationalism of a few videos. I imagine their reaction is to shrug and get back to work.

The demand for fetal “tissue” is not going away. We have a society that is fully invested in the belief that for the sake of finding a cure for a dread disease; for the sake of saving lives in the future, we are entirely justified in using our “unwanted” preborn children for research. From this day forward, this is how society will make abortion seem noble again: It’s for the good of all humanity. These babies’ lives are not wasted after all — they’re serving a higher purpose. We’d be idiots not to take advantage of the “gift” they offer us in their “tissue.” We’d actually be stealing from them the meaning of their short lives if we simply buried them.

This is now the twisted, macabre rallying cry of the abortion industry and all its sycophants. It isn’t killing — it’s humanitarian service.

The Real Horror

And our society will buy this perverted reasoning because we still refuse to acknowledge the real horror: we are a nation that has legalized infanticide. We are not becoming a nation that accepts and condones the murder of preborn babies, we already are that nation. We have been for over four decades.

In fact, we are already the nation that sees no evil when presented with the reality that abortionists sometimes murder the child after delivery. They have to in order to preserve those valuable organs for research.[i]

As long as abortion remains legal, the demand for “fetal tissue” will continue. We’re trying to whack off the leafy branches while ignoring the trunk of this insidious tree.

That’s the bottom line. Being appalled at Planned Parenthood is not enough. Roe must go.

It’s so easy to send the child in the womb to the slaughter — they can’t even scream. We tell ourselves they aren’t human, at least not fully. We tell ourselves they are only a “potential” life. We ignore whatever conscience we may still have because the powerful are in a ruckus about “reproductive rights” and “women’s health care” and they target anyone who dissents as an “extremist.”

That is America 2015. Abortion is our Moloch, our Baal. How long, America, are we going to keep worshiping?

(Warning: The latter half of this video is graphic and disturbing.)


[i] “In vivo” is Latin for “within the living.”

Quoting: “For ‘in vivo’ experiments, each fetus immediately after removal from the uterus was injected with approximately 100 uCi of either 35S-L-methionine (specific activity 515 mCi/mmole) or 35S-L-cysteine (specific activity 31.3 mCi/mmole) contained in 0.5 ml of a 0.9% solution of NaCl at pH 7.0. In some experiments, unlabeled cysteine (2.0 /xmoles L-cysteine in 0.2 ml 0.9% NaCl, pH 7.0) as well as 35S-L-methionine were injected. All injections were made into the umbilical vein through a short Teflon catheter which was then rinsed with 0.2 ml 0.9% NaCl; the whole cord was clamped on the fetal side of the point of entry of the catheter to prevent blood loss during the experiment. After 10 min, the cord was severed close to the fetus, and as much blood as possible was collected into a tube which contained heparin as anticoagulant. The fetal organs were quickly removed and dropped into liquid nitrogen. The plasma and organs were prepared for amino acid analysis as described previously.”

This is a 1972 paper. Researchers at the Department of Pediatric Research, New York State coordinated with researchers in Finland where the abortions occurred. 


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