Dear Vogue, Allow Me to Explain My Interests

By Jennifer Hartline Published on November 13, 2018

Dear Vogue,

You seem perplexed. Michelle Ruiz asks after the mid-term elections, “Why Do White Women Keep Voting for the GOP and Against Their Own Interests?

A Twitter headline for the same piece read, “Will White Women Voters Ever Be Who We Want Them to Be?”

As a white woman, allow me to shed some light.

My interests are the following:

Life: Because I Have No Need for Your “Rights”

First and foremost, my interests are in policies and laws protecting LIFE. As a woman, I find it insulting and demeaning that anyone should consider me oppressed or restricted in any way, and needing to be set free from the child in my womb.

I, as a woman, have no need to kill my own child in order to have a good and fulfilling life.

I have no need and no desire for laws that grant a so-called “right” to kill the child in the womb. Just as I have no desire and no need for laws that grant a so-called “right” to own a slave. Such laws are morally reprehensible and evil. We abolished one finally, but the other is still the flag of the modern “feminist” agenda. Well, count me out. You can have your lousy anti-woman agenda and all its man and child-hating. You do not speak for me and you never will. 

The child in the womb is a human person who has the right to live and be born. I, as a woman, have no need to kill my own child in order to have a good and fulfilling life. I will not take a child’s life for my own. That’s not what parents do. It’s what you advocate, and what you demand every woman in America advocate, but guess what? I never will.

Any candidate for any public office who advocates killing the child in the womb will never get my vote. Capiche?

As the Family Goes, So Goes Our Society

Second, my interests are in the family. As the family goes, so goes our society, and our society is going down into dark places very fast. My interests are in strong marriages between husband and wife, because marriage only exists between husband and wife. Why is that? For the benefit of children. Children are the fruit of marriage. Children deserve to be born into the foundation of a family created by their mom and dad in marriage.

My interests are in stable and loving homes for children with their mom and dad because that’s what children need and deserve, and it’s what we adults are obligated to give them. My interests are in what is truly just for children.

My interests are in policies and laws that strengthen the family unit, not tear it down or break it apart. Strong marriages = strong, healthy families. Strong, healthy families = a strong, healthy society. Got it?

Protecting Religious Freedom

Third, my interests are in laws and policies that protect religious freedom. My interests are in defeating any government measure that seeks to compel anyone to speak or act or work in a way that violates their conscience or their religious beliefs. My interests are in actual freedom. 

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I refuse to speak the language of “gender ideology” madness, and I will not consent to any law that tries to compel me to do so. I will not consent to any law that tries to compel me to act against common sense and the natural law. That means my interests are in making sure my daughters will not encounter men in their restrooms, dressing rooms, locker rooms, showers, or anywhere else that is rightfully a female-only space. It means my interests are in fighting this insane demand that boys be allowed to compete on girls’ sports teams just because said boy says he’s a girl. My interests are in what is rational, reasonable, and morally right.

Border and National Security

Fourth, my interests are in a secure nation that has sensible, fair, and humane immigration laws that are actually enforced. I don’t believe it’s intolerant to want to protect the sovereignty of my country. I don’t think borders are evil. I don’t believe it’s unwelcoming to ask immigrants to come here legally and abide by the laws of this country. 

Fifth, my interests are in a robust and up-to-date, highly-trained and fully-staffed military that is ready to defend this country against aggressors. We have great men and women serving our country, and they deserve equipment that functions, the necessary parts to repair that equipment, and the armor to defend themselves, among other things. Their families deserve clean and secure housing that isn’t filled with mold and rodents. They deserve water that isn’t the color of tea. (Oh, don’t believe that one? That’s because you’ve never lived on West Point.) 

Not Who You Want Me to Be

Those are just some of my biggest interests, off the top of my head. I hope it wasn’t hard for you to understand.

Your racist and arrogant headline betrays just how shallow and intolerant you are. White women are the problem for you because we’re not voting according to your dictates. You alone know what “women’s interests” are, and you’re here to browbeat any woman who just won’t fall in line.

Let me say as politely as I can: Dear Vogue, go sit on a tack.

My God grant me the grace to never, ever, ever be who you want me to be.

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